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Ben McAdoo a possibility for OC but not yet

The moment news of Mike Sherman's firing as Dolphins offensive coordinator became public, speculation about his successor started. The name most tied to the vacancy is that of Ben McAdoo, the Green Bay Packers quarterback coach.

And while it makes sense based on ties you'll soon understand, one cannot accuse the Dolphins of acting fast if they have interest. The Dolphins as of this writing had not sought permission to interview McAdoo.

Therefore there is no interview scheduled with McAdoo.

The Cleveland Browns, meanwhile, have received permission to interview McAdoo for their open head coach job, according to the NFL Network and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. That will happen Wednesday.

(Yes, McAdoo is out of contract after this season. But as contracts don't expire until March, teams have to get permission to interview McAdoo anyway).

So why has McAdoo's name come up?

Well, he worked with Joe Philbin in Green Bay. He was the tight ends coach while Philbin was on that staff as the offensive coordinator. When Philbin came to the Dolphins to turn the Dolphins into a playoff team around, McAdoo became the quarterback coach for the Packers.

Interestingly, McAdoo, 36, has never been an offensive coordinator. He's never called plays.

So why is he so hot?

He's been compared to Kansas City coach Andy Reid, who rose from Green Bay tight ends coach, to quarterback coach to head coach in Philadelphia.


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2 watt, you forgot to say CLUELESS AND DELUSIONAL as well to the out of state MORONS.LMAO

lol. ok m = moron

How about 3rd and 18. Tannehill scambles and if he dove could of had a first down but nope he decides to slide. I can only hope this kid gets better with experience.. 3rd year WILL be telling..

Who else blogs naked here? Highly recommended!

Posted by: Phins78 | January 07, 2014 at 03:20 PM


I'm wearing a shirt today if it makes you feel better Phins. It's a little chilly down here. Soon as I get home from work the flip flops are going on though.

hanging ,mark 78 craig odin and all of the other homers Skype naked while they blog
get there isp's

Phins78, who pissed in your cornflakes? I know "where coaches come from". Just asking a question. And BTW, who are these people who are comparing McAdoo to a "young Andy Reid"? And what the hell does that really mean?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 03:19 PM

I'm now beginning to see evidence of the statement Philbin made when first becoming hc. His style of offense has no real #1 wr. It's wr by committee with each having varying traits.

That's fine in moving between the 20's or having guys specializing in picking up yacs. But, this group of receivers are very limited in that. Having an impotent oline and running game, only exposes it even more.

Even "as is" its paramount to build a dominating run game around it. However, this is more easily said than done. This receiving corp is not close to dominant enough to win games by passing alone.

We're still far from Duper and Clayton.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 03:23 PM

Thank you Mark, you have a lot more patience than I do.
I've been waiting along time for this team to excel above mediocrity. I know you can't win if you can't score in the fourth quarter

Mark, rdubs was here voching for Mason. Yea Mason looks decen remind me of Bernard a short sturdy RB whos hard to bring down. Actually a later round pick would be Freeman as well hea short and stocky i dont hink hes that fast tho

Anyway I like Kelvin B too he only caught the winning TD on a high pass. Hes a go get it type of WR whos tall. I question his ability to get seperation from the DB. Remembee Tommy Streeter dude ran the worse routes ever... I take Benjamin or Mike Evans with the first pick

Rick, you are wrong, without his runnign ability, Kaepernick would be horrible, not average, haha, seriously though - he is not what he was made out to be last year - this is a firm example of a guy who needs a serious supporting cast to be successful.

Glad to know it, 2 watt!

Naked blogging is awesome. I think Armando should rename this blog "Dolphins In The Buff."

One thing I've been thinking about today as I sit here naked as the day I was born is whether Keller will be able to come back and contribute next year. He'd really give them a potent TE combo with Clay in some situations.

Jordan is good in coverage. Why not move him to outside linebacker still leaving us with 3 DE's and upgrading our outside LB core. re-sign Starks and dump Solia (overrated since he got here). Draft a DT in the middle rounds and put him and our other DT in the mix to gain experience. That leaves us with possily 2 OL in the draft and 1 RB and TE to pickup too. Another non injurey prone DB would be good too. That gives us a good foundation for the next 5 years. What do you think?

This receiving corp is not close to dominant enough to win games by passing alone.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 07, 2014 at 03:40 PM


Truth ya, Mike Evans at this stage seems to be the guy we need most - think he also got a year with Tannehill at A&M for what it's worth.

Ryan Tannehill = Another Irescum bust

Sam, yeah Philbin did say that and with GB's WR crew I can see it - they are all over 6.1 and 205lbs except for Cobb as aI posted earlier - that's a big difference. All of their receivers work the middle of the fiedl without worry and don;t go down with the sheer force of the pass like hartline does.


Posted by: CA Phin Fan | January 07, 2014 at 03:44 PM

After moving up to the #3 spot, Jordan has to have a starting spot 2014, or this move could be labeled failure. This is far to high to draft a "decent" or "situational player". now 2yrs in.

He has to definitively be either a starting olb or starting de. No if. ands, or buts about it.

It's so awesome to read so many pessamistic people on here everyday. Already pissing away 2014 and crapping on an owner who's been here 6 years. Give Ross a chance and stop crying all the time. If you're so fed up then stop following the team and blasting them on blogs. All you do is show just how petty you are in real life. Spen much time in your mommas basement?

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 07, 2014 at 03:40 PM

Sam, Philbin isn't the first WCO coach to say that.

What they want is to be able to throw wear the defense dictates without having to worry about a guy demanding the ball.

Thats where Keyshawn Johsnson's "get me the ball" came from with John Gruden.

I think the issue with that plan is that you still need a guy thats good enough to get open, makes the catch, and does something with it afterwards.

Posted by: Scott | January 07, 2014 at 03:20 PM

Good post Scott. Here's another thing that will help.

Get a running back or two that can block AND actually run the ball efficiently and an nfl caliber oline. Seriously, the fact few people see how this handcuffs an entire offense amazes me. Henne had a way better oline, solid wrs, AND a running game. And still didn't look as good as Tannehill did with none of that this year.


Tour cmment about Hartling going down is funny. He does fall all the time, I have a sneaky suspicion he is trying to extend his playing career. I AINT MAD AT YA DOG!

Truth ya, Mike Evans at this stage seems to be the guy we need most - think he also got a year with Tannehill at A&M for what it's worth.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 03:45 PM

One Parcellian trait Ireland seems will ever shake, is drafting a wr 1st rd.

Plus, for someone reason Hartline is a pro bowler in their eyes, and we're stuck with Wallace for at least another year.

They couldn't trade Wallace for a McDonald's mcnugget at the $17 million salary he commands in 2014. So if we draft another wr, I'm afraid it will be another McAcorn.

Please tell Ireland got fired also. The only consistent variable the last 6 years is Ireland. Ross can't fire himself

please tell me*

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | January 07, 2014 at 03:52 PM

I'll accept if we could find a McAcorn wr that catches the ball and is a yac nightmare.

Sam we had one in B Marshall and gave him away for a bag of peanuts

YO Jimmy, did you know that as you gets betterer youse cans move up an gets a better jobs, some guy named jizz87 or sometin like toll us dat. I dink he mad cause he has frozen nutz

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 07, 2014 at 03:58 PM

Yeah the corps of Harline, Bess, Nanae, and Binn worked out well for them last year.

No WR we have 3 solid ones and one developing already!
That would be like drafting a strength(2012 draft anyone)
We need some OL in the couple of round to protect thil
Greg robinson cam irving and zach martin are my bets for our first rounder!
I would only consider another position if miracoulously a top 10 LB falls to 19

Michael Vick got Andy Reid fired, smell the irony

rdubs, if his last play of the year is what happens when he gets tackled then yes, he should go down every time he catches the ball.

I just get so jealous when I see other teams lining up these monster WRS. I want one too!!!

theres no need of a pass catching TE we have Keller and Clay... A big Target is necessary 6'6 or 6'7 Fauria last year would have worked better than Sims but as of now theres no glaring need. They need to get a big target for the end zone... Mike Evans or Watkins a guy that goes after the ball in the air like fitz.

Out of touch out of towner? lmao.

2watt you just gave away 2 of your other characters. You say that same exact line under other names. Now I'm starting to see you truly are a troll who is here using multiple personalities and names.

In other words, typical loser mentality. And you are also from Florida, Daytona perhaps? Hmmmmmm

You're definitely from FLA or you wouldn't have cared what I said about your state and the uneducated toothless rednecks that live there. Hahahaha Worst state in the country. Looks like a limp penis dribbling into the Atlantic, perfectly fitting.

That's true, it has a limpdick likeness. P78, this cold is making you angry - angry, but funny.

2 watt is a lesbian.

Mark they fired me. They said I wasn't representing Florida properly. They said I was being too honest and they wanted me to sugarcoat my words when coming up with advertising slogans and the like, they wanted me to key in on the good things about the state. I looked high and low, couldn't find a one. The best I could come up with was, "Come visit Florida, stand your ground on our ground, the only state with legalized murder". It was either that or, "Florida a great place to vacation, and don't worry our stupidity won't rub off on you".

Just a total garbage franchise from top to bottom. Its no wonder Paul Dee quit the team.

Posted by: cocoajoe | January 07, 2014 at 03:38 PM

Armando wrote it, who knows who they are. I'm certain though that they are people in the know and not people speculating from their office chair in a fan blog. None of us know them. But there is a reason a few teams are lining him up for head coaching interviews right?

The people who are constantly negative in here, the glass is half empty crowd, that's who soiled my cornflakes.

I can't stand people who aren't objective. They ruin everything. They have ruined the political landscape and now they are ruining the sporting world for the rest of us.

If people can't see good AND bad than I simply have no use for them other than to make fun of their ignorance.

If someone's opinion is everything Dolphins is bad, and they can't ever find any silver linings than they are brain dead. That's just the way it is.

It's the people in here who complain AND congratulate that I relate to. Because that's a sane way for a human being to behave. It's rationale and objective.

The reason the irrational and non objective find us annoying is simple. THEY ARE CRAZY. They don't know how to behave in society. They are cancers who bring people down and create a wealth of problems for others around them.

That describes the moronic trolls who hang in this blog. That is all. That's my opinion, it's always been my opinion and I have stated it on multiple occasions.

If people can't see good AND bad than I simply have no use for them other than to make fun of their ignorance.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 07, 2014 at 04:38 PM

There aint much good about no winning years in the last 6. Get a clue, homer.

P78, this is true. the internet has made the entire world into douchebags with keyboards. There is no such thing as some good with some bad or I can see someone's thought process. It's all about anyone with a keyboard chiming in about how stupid everyone else is and how totally garbage something is and they could do better.

Today alone I took too much time straightening some of these perceptions out. A few more days like today and I'm going to demand a paycheck from the Herald.

I mean there are examples every where in here. Everyone was all high and mighty on our team before the last two games. Talking about Clay, Tannehill, Hartline, Moore, McKinney, Ellerbe and on and on. "These players are really stepping up, wow, looks like we have a bright future. The coach really got these guys to play well even though this national scandal was going on".

Then they lose two games and those same people are saying everyone is garbage and the team needs to start over.

You see? F$#@ing idiots right? Like a big bowl full of urine soaked cornflakes cocoajoe. LOL

still lacking a playmaker for Tannehill. You don't get a number 1 QB and disregard building around him. Go get a 3 down back and a true #1 WR Mike Walllace isn't a #1 He's a really good speed#2 and Hartline is a really good #2 as well. But where's our AJ Green or Megatron? I'd settle for a VJAX or Nicks. Fitzgerald Thomas... PLAYMAKERS. Atleast try and find one through draft rather than a disgruntled money hungry WO that has a sense of entitlement from delusions based off of greedy agents pillow talk

Posted by: Ron Son | January 07, 2014 at 04:46 PM

Perfect example of brain dead. Good job and thanks for helping prove my point.

Sing it Beerphin, that's what I've been talking about!!!

Phins78. I hear ya. No consistency with some here.
My opinion has never changed. Subpar coaching, subpar talent in many areas. The Fins went on a nice little run. Big deal.

Is Ireland fired yet btw?

They never learn Mark. You made some excellent points today defending Tannehill's upside. Your opponents repeated the same bs, the same points they repeat every day that don't hold water. One guy is in here screaming that QBS don't become more accurate. He insists this to be true.

Except one short trip to any stats site will prove that false. You can see where qbs started their career in completion and accuracy percentage, and where they ended. And there are VERY FEW QBs who ended their careers worse than they started in this category. Which means most improved.

Yet this dips$#t is in here acting like he knows something when he's just writing nonsense in order to come off looking like he gets it. He's hoping everyone else in here is as ignorant as he is, that way he comes off looking like he knows somnething.

Then you teach him something he was wrong about. And instead of saying, "hmmmm that's interesting I didn't know that", he ignores the post and moves on to his next gigantic fail.

I hope Tannehill hires Jeff Blake in the offseason to teach him to throw those deep passes.

Tannehill is good at throwing ropes but needs to get that deep rainbow pass the Blake had.

We get that, a different Oline a power back and we are a playoff team. Provided we don't rehire Sherman.

Didnt we just know Ireland would bring us another Chad Henne? lol

Yo Phins78, not sure why you like urine soaked cornflakes so much, but to each his own. Enjoy your holier than thou attitude with your dumbass commentary,

tvegas, unfortunately no. The same guy who had two offseasons to get a mediocre offensive line together for Philbin and failed is still here. The same guy who can't recognize offensive line talent, lbers, OR, WRs in the draft is still somehow making decisions for the Miami Dolphins.

But don't let me go on and on, I'm such a homer right? Pffffft

Mike Wallace is still open

Tannefail still throwing 5 YDs behind Wallace to the wrong colored jerseys

assburgers anyone? lol

Tannefail is deadly accurate hitting a hot dog vendor in the stands in perfect stride

franchise qb = lol

Ross to give away free Happy Meals to all in attendance to see Ronald McDonald coach Baldy and Tannehill pass as accurate as Pat White w his gloves off, new throwing motion - compliments of the Big Tuna and after the infamous Steelers hit

Go Tanny!


Nope, Only holier than you because you're a f$#@ing dips$#t. There are many posters in here who I respect and learn from. You're obviously not one of them.

Enjoy your ignorance. And nice try on the cornflakes joke (crickets)

Worst draft in NFL history

2012 Jeff Ireland

1)college WR posing as QB - only problem is he cannot throw the football on target after 20 YDs and cannot get out of his own way

2) weaker than a WR - Stay Puft Marshmallow Martin- the liability

3)Egnew - worst trade compensation in NFL history. Traded for Pro Bowl WR B- Marsh

Home was the only one who reported "awful" draft by Ireland and gave the stank fish a "D"

Walkaah and Mike E were holding each other and crying w excitement and tears of joy



Ross has certainly succeeded in alienating the fan base. I've never seen a more hated franchise.

So now instead of poaching "has-been" players and coaches from the Dallas Cowboys, we are now poaching from the Packers. Does anyone remember how the Cowboy connection turned out? Why can't Philbin find someone who's a good young aggressive OC? Philbin wants to bring on board another of his buddys, well how did the last buddy turn out? Ross hire someone with NFL experience other then submitting plays for approval. 15 yrs of being mediocre should be enough for Dolfans, now Philbin wants to pile on another 5yrs of .500 ball.

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