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Ben McAdoo a possibility for OC but not yet

The moment news of Mike Sherman's firing as Dolphins offensive coordinator became public, speculation about his successor started. The name most tied to the vacancy is that of Ben McAdoo, the Green Bay Packers quarterback coach.

And while it makes sense based on ties you'll soon understand, one cannot accuse the Dolphins of acting fast if they have interest. The Dolphins as of this writing had not sought permission to interview McAdoo.

Therefore there is no interview scheduled with McAdoo.

The Cleveland Browns, meanwhile, have received permission to interview McAdoo for their open head coach job, according to the NFL Network and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. That will happen Wednesday.

(Yes, McAdoo is out of contract after this season. But as contracts don't expire until March, teams have to get permission to interview McAdoo anyway).

So why has McAdoo's name come up?

Well, he worked with Joe Philbin in Green Bay. He was the tight ends coach while Philbin was on that staff as the offensive coordinator. When Philbin came to the Dolphins to turn the Dolphins into a playoff team around, McAdoo became the quarterback coach for the Packers.

Interestingly, McAdoo, 36, has never been an offensive coordinator. He's never called plays.

So why is he so hot?

He's been compared to Kansas City coach Andy Reid, who rose from Green Bay tight ends coach, to quarterback coach to head coach in Philadelphia.


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Ireland drafts up to number 3 over all in the draft
to get a skinny kid with a bad shoulder - permanent injury w little or no hope of a full recovery

The a couple of injured DBs a TE that does nothing and a o-linemen that should not even make the practice squad

Why is Ireland here again?

I know where you stand Phins78. You are one of the educated ones here. I bleed aqua and orange but I am an objective fan. I applaud the successes but criticize the failures. Unfortantely, the failures have outweighed the successes under Ireland's tenure. 6 years, with 4 solo years, has told me all I need to know about Ireland. And it is very frustrating that Ross's loyalty is clouding his thoughts. That's not how you run a franchise

Great Mr Magoo (Ross) w McAdoo-doo

Nothing funny about that, right?!

Thad Lewis could tutor awful Tannefail in the off season

by the way
Mike Wallace is still open ...

Philbin wants to pile on another 5yrs of .500 ball.

Posted by: DragonFly34 | January 07, 2014 at 05:21 PM

5yrs of .500 ball would be a huge upgrade for the hapless Fins. lol

Go Panthers!

Go Patriots!

Ben McA-Who??? This kinda reminds me of this years draft when Ireland moved up and picked Dion Jordan.

Next season will be the worst attendance in Miami Dolphin history

Think about all the working class tortured Dolfans that reached into their wallets and gave Ross $500.00 -$1000.00 or much more to watch Tannefail posing as a QB, score nothing and then go home disgusted and broke


It's a shame only two years into the new regime we are breaking it up. Not a good sign. It sure looks like it will be clean house after next season.

Why not do it now?

NY JETS Rex Ryan bietch slapped coach Baldy and Tannefail

The NY JETS Geno Smith finished better than Tannefail

... so did practice QB Thad Lewis shutting out n sweeping Tannehill

copy & paste in search engine

These four little old ladies would be better than Irelands new LBs


Too funny. lol

Its going to take 4 years after Ireland is fired to fix his mess.


These four old ladies are better than Ireland's LBS

I JUST read that Ireland and the Dolphins have agreed to part ways. Seems most on here are getting their wish.

Don't know what that means going forward.now what? Will Philbin be safe when the new guy comes in.....we'll see.

Treading water for another season.

Bring back Bill Parcells.

Ireland resigned

IS Gaine in or someone new?

Mando, To answer your question. The coach won! You hate him. Your stuck with him. For now anyway.

Coyle is the one that should have gone FIRST.




5-11 NEXT YEAR !

Wow now things get interesting. Well maybe at least some people will give Ross a break.

At least until he hires someone.

There must be some happy campers up in here...


Ireland is gone. Is Philbin still safe is my question. I honestly prefer that Ross just cleans house, but he is just going to do half the job again.

Hope the new GM can get us an Oline...

Guys will see this as a celebration. Whatever.....lets see how GREAT the next guy is.

Far as I remember Craig the GM and HC both are equal in the current model and report straight to Ross. WHo knows what the model will look like in 2 weeks.

Odin and Dashi douche have egg on their faces !!!

Ireland is OUT!!!!!!!
Go hire a real GM.
Get Bill Polian to run the football program.

Good by Jeffy!!!!!!



Guys will see this as a celebration. Whatever.....lets see how GREAT the next guy is.

Posted by: Craig M | January 07, 2014 at 06:13 PM

The fans here will be calling for his head within 18 months.

I would have liked Ireland to stay. He was more competant than Philbin and his staff.

How does Coyle stay? He goes into the prevent defense in the 2nd quarter.

Dont forget people, When Moss and Brady had that remarkable season..... most of the time brady was just throwing the ball deep, and moss was out jumping, and out fighting for the ball... Brady wasent hitting Moss constantly in stride either... But Moss, new how to get the ball, like Fitzgerald, Boldin, Johnson's etc... A good
WR like Wallace would keep blowing past his defender, and catch the ball if its on target... A great WR, understands and adjusts to there QB, and either slows down, stops route short, or expects that it might be under thrown... and fights for ball... happens all the time... except with wallace... Not saying all wallace's fault, that would be stupid.... but making point that he is not a true 1 WR....


I don't really care one way or the other. You don't win enough there will be changes. I figured Ireland would be lucky to escape this. He put the OL together.

Joe Philbin you are now on notice.....

Better hope they don't bring in the losers from the Jets...

AKA Tannenbaum...

Ireland was seen on Federal Blvd. with a sign reading

"Will draft scrubs for food"

Its on ESPN now.

Someone needs to put Orlando on suicide watch.

All joking aside. Sorry dude but it was due.

....Now Philbin can go fly a kite, and all will be fine..

But seriously. I agree with Mayson. Croyle should have been the first to go. Since it was Sherman. Ireland had to go as well. It had to go down like this.

Craig M the next guy may not be better, but Ireland had worn out his welcome some time ago.

Thanks Mayson..

Ross does not learn from his mistakes.

First he fires the coach and keeps the GM.

Next he fires the GM and keeps the coach.

He'll wish both times he made a clean sweep of both.

Im not sure if it was pioli or polian but one of those 2 said that phillip wheeler had an excelent season!
One of those 2 lost all credibility to be our next GM with that one remark!
Wow... Didn't see this coming now for sure phlibin might not be safe!
Wonder if we get a upgrade GM!

but Ireland had worn out his welcome some time ago.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | January 07, 2014 at 06:18 PM

Just like you.

Zilo is correct.

You can't get a little bit pregnant.

Ross should just blow it up.

...and change the logo back.

Wow,half the blogs troll hits will have to find new material. Mando cant be happy

Looks like Aponte will have a lot of say with who is going to be GM..


LOL at the Blog...

Next on my list id Dustin Keller
I saw him as thill best target coming into the 2013 season the guy could catch and block.
Keller was signed after being a jet. He was Sanchez most reliable target by far. He signed a year 3 million dollar contract. Keller played his first preseason and unfortunately got injured sadly for the season.
Dustin IMO should be in our team in 2014 the guy will not demand much money and our TE duo of clay and keller could be one of the best in the league!
Do you guys think keller should be give another chance?

Great news. Lets hope we get an experienced winner who recognizes the problems we have and those who need replaced. I hope we start with Philbin, a new Gm wont want a weak, clueless coach. Why risk the start of your new career with this poor a leader of men.

"The blog" is a coward for not using his real SN.

Clearly I got to him at some point.

Phins went 8-8, no playoffs again.

Know that I'm laughing at you.

The guy is making changes to try to keep us from losing our minds on Sunday.

I appreciate the effort. Hopefully whatever the new group ends up looking like it will be the one we've been hoping for 2 decades.

So basically a win win!
2014 is looking bright!
If the GM succeeds bring the oline signs Keller signs Tate and gets a decent deffense we win 10,11,or hell 12 games even.
If Philbin fails(still dislike Philbin and especially coyle) they get fired the GM gets his coaching staff.

This upcoming draft and free agency will be a nice scale to see if the GM has what it takes to get talent(more often than ireland)

Heck i will be happy if he signs Albert, Tate and drafts Zach Martin!
But thats just me!


Phins next move will be the wrong move as long as Ross in making the decisions.

So rejoice Phins fans.

The firing of the incompetent Ireland is as good as it gets.

The Heat wins championships and other NFL teams win playoff games and Super Bowls but if you're a Phins fan you get to be excited over a firing.

Loser franchise...firing the GM is reason to celebrate lmao.

Do they pass out rings for that ?

No playoff wins since the hanging chad era.


Please do not hire an old, set on his ways Offensive Coordinator. We need youth, someone not afraid to be creative. Someone who understands the game today, not someone that is stuck in 70's with his play book .

What is Norv Turner's current status?

Rob Chudzinski is also available

It will be interesting as this soap opera unfolds. So the plan going forward as reported is Dawn Aponte will oversee the GM who in turn would have limited power based on Philbin's and Aponte's say so. That should work out real well. I cant think of any current GM type who has anything on the ball coming to the Fins under those conditions. I am ok with a HC hiring his staff, but just the same a good GM would have put the kabosh on hiring a QB coach who never coached, let alone coached QBs, based on "he is the OCs son in law." That hire, prior to even a contract being placed on the table should have been picked up and deposited right into the shredder. Ross, irrespective of who he hires as a GM, should ensure that coaches are hired based on experience and a track record. If Philbin and Aponte disagree, fire them on the spot along with the other coaches and start anew. If not, Ross will end up with a GM who will likely not stay, look at self preservation, and hope another team recognizes the issues the GM had to work through. Ireland may have a been a bust, but at a minimum he recognized where this was headed. And make no mistake, in the close knit community that is the NFL, dont be surprised if other GM candinates lick up the phone and speak to Ireland.

Also, as far as using a first pick for an athelic TE, the Fins have one on their roster. Egnew is that TE. I know, I know and have read what you all have, but given this coaching staff, how much of it can you believe. I think Sherman as an ole timer got a bug up his butt about Egnew and wouldnt it let it go. Heck, even when he was used, he ran his patterns correctly and caught the ball. Too bad he has not gotten the opportunity lessor players under this regime have received. This time around hopefully whom ever is drafting will actually use the draft to plug skme holes and use FA the same way.

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