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Bill Lazor: Assistants, offense to be determined

Bill Lazor is excited. He's eager to get to work as the Dolphins new offensive coordinator. Although he has known coach Joe Philbin only casually he says, "he's a winner ... the work coach has done is lay the foundation."

Indeed Lazor says the reason he took the job with the Dolphins was "about coach Philbin himself."

"It's about people," he said today. "It's about trusting the person you're working for and working with. You want to be around people with character and who are committed in doing things the right way. I want to be around football people, which is what coach Philbin is ..."

Lazor was vague about several topics. He declined to comment whether he was indeed on his way to Detroit as was reported Tuesday by ESPN. More importantly he couldn't give specifics about what type of offense the Dolphins would run -- although it's believed it will be mostly a West Coast attack with other elements of other schemes peppered in as well.

"The clearest way to say it and it's probably disappointing is this will be the Miami Dolphins offense," Lazor said. "The one factor in how we do it, specifically how it works is the ability of the players we have. I've done a little bit of research ... but I haven't done nearly enough to be able to answer that question."

Lazor said he is not certain if he'll be able to bring coaches he's familiar with to the Dolphins.

"Coach Philbin is charge of the structure of the staff and he and I have not had all our conversations about the structure of the staff. What I do know, and I did my research, is I know we have good coaches on the staff and they have great reputations. I'm excited to get to know them and that's something that will be handled going forward."

(So Philbin and Lazor interviewed and they didn't talk about offensive assistants? The offensive line gave up a franchise record 58 sacks and the OL coach was not discussed?)

Lazor, the Eagles QB coach in 2013, did not call plays for the Eagles. He confirmed he will call the plays for the Dolphins.

Before the 2013, former offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill would be the most improved second-year quarterback in the NFL. He wasn't. The most improved second-year QB in the NFL was Nick Foles in Philadelphia.

The quarterback Lazor coached.

So what does Lazor think of Tannehill?

"I see a lot of ability. Physical ability. The ability to play the game," Lazor said. "It would be premature to say what he can do and what he can't do because I haven't been around him much. But I think there's a nucleus here in a lot of way with the staff and the talent I've seen so far to work with these players."


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Not wanting to take anything away from Lazor but didn't Foles play fairly well when he got the opportunity last year too?

not really rick, chip kelly turned him around

Dusty...I thoroughly agree that he's a joke...but can Lazor say that?..or course not...

...I'm not criticizing him, I don't know anything about him except what I read...I hope he's the re-incarnation of a football strategist like Vince Lombardi (yes, Lombardi was Head Coach, but back then the HC's did there own coordinating)...

...and if he proves to be a football genius, that's great..but please already, when he tells us that Coach Philbin is in charge of the structure of the staff....

....I am still amazed that the staff he has assembled is still collecting a pay check...unbelievable !!!!

Case in point...we cut Carpenter in favor of Sturgis for 2 reasons...ONE money, and TWO...Carpenter couldn't kick touchbacks.....so what does ST Rizzo devise.? a scheme that has Sturgis, the strong kicker, high apex the ball so it falls at the minus 3 yard line to entice a run back....and then the Special Team guys miss tackles and the runbacks CONSISTENTLY reached beyond the 20 yard line, sometimes to near midfield...

and this is the kind of performance that Coach Philbin endorsed for SIXTEEN GAMES !!!!! Really !!!

I could go on, but to no avail, because in the end, it appears that Aponte and Philbin have won over the owner, Ross, and they can do no wrong.....end of story.

Brady is a hit away from being done. The AFC east can change fast next season. I give Philbin 50/50 at making it.

Foles would be in intensive care right now behind that O-Line Ireland gave Turner and Mando knows it.

BusterIdiotHead. Lazer chose Philbin over Caldwell and Detroit with Megatron and an awesome defense. You are not part of the blog dumb fk club.

pleebus lazor choose mia 8-8 over 7-9 detroit

Buster, Snap out of Mando's trance will you.He has turned the mob against Philbin and Aponte just when everyone was starting to feel better when Ireland and Sherman got canned. This is now a HATE blog.

Stafford has a bad attitude

safford a turnover machine, couple that with bush fumbling every week. disaster with no fire caldwell there

Well I think it's going to ride on the o-line and rather or not Coyle figures out a way to stop the run.

We've seen before you can spend a ton of money on offensive lineman and it doesn't guarantee anything.

If it were me I'd get two in free agency and two in the draft and put them in the line-up first day of camp.

dusty he chose Philbins reputation over Caldwells, disciple of Dungy. These guys all know who is who and what is what. Tight knit circle.

Detroit is BROKE Eh$

yeah rick oline by far biggest thing. coyle is complete garbage, zero agressive d

Pleebus...your comment makes no sense to me....I am an idiot head, because Lazor made the wrong choice, and I am neutral toward him, therefore...what? unless you intended to type now instead of not..which makes even less sense...

..my only conclusion is that you are Sinda by any other name a real rose...

pleebus, prob right knowing philbin huge push over he can do what he wants

Aponte's in heat eh?

We are on track

All the T-Hill haters on here. Everybody knew he was a raw QB coming out of college and would take time to develope. It didn't help this year either that he had no running game and running backs who couldn't pick up a blitzer to save their lives. Not to mention the O-Line problems. What young raw QB would prosper in that enviroment??? Let's be honest.

Yeah, well..... I think the Lazor hire was a well thought out and nicely done move. Having a guy with PROVEN QB development experience will be to the benefit of the entire franchise. From the most experience to the most novice analysts give Ryan Tannehill the edge in physical and mental skills. It's clear he has stalled with Sherman. Just by working on the O-line and getting players comfortable with each other. Using RB's correctly and acquiring a Full Back, with the added benefit of what Lazor could do with Tannehill Miami will be a much better team.
I very sad to see how Armando has created such a "Hate Blog" here. I've done a bit of looking and I've found that over half the GM's in the NFL have ZERO say so over the coaching staff... Five of those teams were in the playoffs and three still are.
I don't care how you whack it up of throw mud at it... This team was one win from the playoffs... And they are doing what they feel they should to make up not only that game but two or three more.

I just don't waste my time with teams I don't like or cannot get behind. Not my nature... My time is too valuable to find so much fault in something that I have nothing good to say... I'm gone long before that... Although I do keep poking my head into this blog hoping the adults have restored sanity. And that the Miami Herald really is a MIAMI DOLPHINS BLOG again..... Maybe someday..? Likely when the team gives the front runners what they need... A reason to live.

WELCOME TO MIAMI, Coach Lazor...... Great to have you and I cannot wait to see you get to work....

BRICKHOUSE....I'm in no trance....Steve Ross has no clue about football...I said it from the start...I stand by it...

He has made the Dolphins the inside joke among football writers, and they take the lead from the football personnel from around the League....

I am not a defender of Mando...don't make it seem I am...he is not the only reporter questioning the Dolphin owner and his organization...

...the whole football population knows Ross is trying to piecemeal the changes when a complete change is required....

...and , in my opinion, meager as it is, Joe Philbin is out of touch with today's NFL player, he will continue to chase away good, talented players simply because they don't where his label of what a "character" player is supposed to be...

....he fills the locker room with players he feels good about, regardless if some of those players reflect the same lifeless, unemotional, haven't got a clue what's going on expression...

..he likes them...that's what counts....just be sure they pick up any crumpled paper off the ground...you know, just like guys like Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice always did....

..I gave him the leeway...two seasons is enough for me...he's not winning...and he won't be winning for quite a while...maybe never...

..maybe time proves me wrong...but until such time, I've come to expect just more of the same from him,
sorry to say...

It doesn't matter who the OC is or O-line coach is Or the QB. No good O-LINE talent no win period. That is the most important off season objective period is for the first time in Years is to find and feild a good O-LINE.

Wake up dolphin fans you'll be lucky to go 5-11 in 2014, you have no...QB TE RB O-line LB, you can't stop the run either, besides all this "Fins Up!"

Time will tell as always but I think it was probably a good hire now if he could just bring Shady McCoy with him that would help even more.We need somebody young and upcoming and not afraid to take chances or is too conservative like Sherman or runs the same 5 or 6 plays all the time like Sherman oh and how did i forget I am sure we will have the snap count thing figured out by then as well go DOLPHINS !!!

Shula must be getting soft if he endorsed philbin, since when is 15-17 the right man for the Job? having said this I wish philbin the best this upcoming season since i love my Dolphins but maybe somebody could put something in Joes breakfast on game day to get him fired along with the team Go Dolphins

Has anyone seen pictures of Tannehill's wife in a bikini posing with her AR-15?

The Fins may have been one win from the playoffs, but we are, by comparison to those in the tournament, LIGHTYEARS away from playing competitively in post-season with teams like Denver, San Fran, Seattle, and yes the Patriots...

and before you ump on your keyboard to crucify me for that statement, hear m out..

sure, we beat NE , in a close game....and could have easily lost at the end...

.but then we stunk up the field two weeks in a row against Division rivals of lesser accomplishment than the Pats..

..to win the Super Bowl, 3 or 4 weeks in arrow, we would be facing the TOP 3 or 4 teams in the entire league..with no room for error..

..does anyone hear honestly believe we are just ONE win away from being that kind of team??

I , for one, refuse to be that delusional....

..I'm a fan, albeit disappointed; I want to see the team win, but I'm not going to talk myself into believing they are something more than what the record says....8 and 8...just average...and to win the Lombardi Trophy, average is just not good enough....

Of all the loses this year the last one to the Jets was the worst because they stink, I mean Buffalo is scrappy and the Bucs do have some talent but the Jets they stink how did they ever win 8 games ? Jeez

Scott...the Jets stink, by your admission, and they were 8-8...

...so what does that say for us?

She will go postal with her AR-15 if hubby is benched next year.

Buster, It all starts up front. Ireland had six years here to put together an O-Line. There is not a coach in the league or OC that could win with that O-Line. Regardless of the skill players you have. They ran a west coast offense with no athletic linemen other than pouncey.

Sherman was criticized for not running screens when T-Hill was getting killed. Fact is he couln't. The O-linemen couldn't get out there to make blocks. I saw Wallace get blown up on WR screens.

I give Philbin one more year before i make to much of a judgment.

I will give Philbin one more year as it useually

Brickhouse, you make a valid point about the line....so then wasn't it time to change something...use the 2 TE set more often?...that's the HC responsibility to bring to the attention of the OC..

but when the OC is your mentor since HS, it's improbable to expect...

...so the line could not zone block...so why not revert to a power blocking scheme...protect the gaps...force the blitzers outside ...use the TE's to keep them wide...?

I'm not a football coach, but I'm a realist...when something is not working...try something different..

..in my assessment , the HC did not encourage any change, the OC kept things vanilla and the same for virtually the entire 16 games...

...in over their heads is conclusion I have drawn...

And BTW...the lineman don't have to do anything more than block what's in front of them for a middle screen, and I NEVER saw one of them..the whole season !!!!

..nor , for that matter, designed swing passes to Miller, maybe a couple to C lay....but far too little innovation for a team in the NFL....

This team will be way different next year maybe just maybe we can average more than 20 points a game and maybe we can protect our quarterback and maybe we can open holes for a running back is that too much to ask for hmmmmm maybe

with philbin, most likely yes to much to ask for

Philbo baggins..., thats hysterical..

I think it would be hilarious at the interviews for OC if every one of them said to Ross, "the o-line must really suck here since they gave up so many damn sacks".

All I want is dolphins with fricking Lazors on their heads is that too much to ask?

A running game would be T-Hill best friend next season

I'm excited about having Lazor but Tannehill needs an Offensive line, a running back, a fullback, and a blocking Tight end.

Please quit writing in the 3rd person. Totally unnecessary.

Buster @ 8:25 PM: Interesting take. How did you come up with it, or know about it?

The one statement that gave me hope was that they were going to run "The Miami Dolphins Offense". That is important because that means the WC system stays intact and that the current players come in with the same terminology.

Come on Joe smile. Act like your having some fun. Get a little excited, if signing Lazor does not do it I'm not sure what will.

stillhardcore...come up with what?...the Philbin Aponte influence?

Well....P..if that's true, you're standing right in the middle of it.....

It's amazing how people want everything both ways. Get rid of so and so, hire this or that. The team has a bad ending to a decent season considering. The evaluate what needs to be done and have decided to make some changes. Great. Now this guys is washed up, that guy doesn't have enough experience. I believe that bringing in a young guy that's been in a fast paced system, will bring a new energy to this team. Coach up Tannehill and use him to his strong points. Dolphins are not that far away from being a great team once again. The organization isn't much different than most others, they all have their troubles. Whenever an engine doesn't sound good, you don't throw it out, you tweak it until it runs smooth. Just my opinion.

Agree with the earlier posts about the next season will be determined in the oline and the run defense.

I have faith i thill and the
Offense if they can couple some nice linemen and a stud rb for lamar miller to back up i like our odds. Thill will have so many weapons and will only get better behind a improved line.

The defense however scares me a bit. In pass defense we are fine imo we have reshad jones, grimes(FA) carroll who is pretty solid, clemons(FA) and a young CB in jamar taylor. I think the oass defense is covered! What scares me is the run defense. We wer 22nd in the league against the run. Next year starks will be gone(or soliai) and the LBs will continue to play. That run defense will be a huge cripple unless coyle somehow brings the best out of ellerbee and wheeler( you never know it was there first year in the system)

Anyways point is offense will be good. And defense will be a mystery.
I can tell you one thing this is going to be a offensive team next season.

Can't be any worse than what we had.

The offensive line was indeed a meas!!
I can only imagine pouncey starting in the line.
However i would keep brenner and garner.
Get rid of jerry clabo and mckinnie.

Brenner is a undrafted rookie who did better than a boderline pro bowl in richie incognito. The guy was a solid find.
Garner is a pretty good sub that can play both guards and the center spot(proved this season)
Both these guys should be kept not to start but for depth!

2014 dont let go of the rope!!!

Lazor the Loser

Now all we need is a door knob to make draft picks and we'll be light years away from where we were last year

Not my comment at 10;28, but I'm flattered someone else aspires to being me......yeah right ! Jerk!!

#1 Texans - Teddy Bridgewater QB
#2 Rams - Jadaveon Clowney DE
#3 Jaguars - Johnny Manziel QB
#4 Browns - Sammy Watkins WR
#5 Raiders - Blake Bortles QB
#6 Falcons - Jake Matthews OT
#7 Buccaneers - CJ Mosley LB
#8 Vikings - Mike Evans WR
#9 Bills - Greg Robinson OT
#10 Lions - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix S
#11 Titans - Louis Nix III DT
#12 Giants - Anthony Barr LB
#13 Rams - Taylor Lewan OT
#14 Bears - Eric Ebron TE
#15 Steelers - Timmy Jernigan DT
#16 Ravens - Marquise Lee WR
#17 Cowboys - Calvin Pryor S
#18 Jets- Kelvin Benjamin WR
#19 Dolphins - Cyrus Kouandjio OT

The kicking scheme for Sturgis to the -3.......that is a detail I never heard.

I'd rather see more stuff from the Chinet paper plates guy than this endless stream of crap on this blog.

God what boring drips.

I heard Lazor on the radio and he didnt sound too thrilled with Tannehill. He may want to make a change at QB.

Didn't I tell you? Some will like it, most will cry. Si se la meten grita, si se la sacan llora.

We got lazor, all we need now is blade and Blazzer

I'm still trying to understand how the HC is retained , and the OC is hired BEFORE the team has a GM in place......

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