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Bill Lazor: Assistants, offense to be determined

Bill Lazor is excited. He's eager to get to work as the Dolphins new offensive coordinator. Although he has known coach Joe Philbin only casually he says, "he's a winner ... the work coach has done is lay the foundation."

Indeed Lazor says the reason he took the job with the Dolphins was "about coach Philbin himself."

"It's about people," he said today. "It's about trusting the person you're working for and working with. You want to be around people with character and who are committed in doing things the right way. I want to be around football people, which is what coach Philbin is ..."

Lazor was vague about several topics. He declined to comment whether he was indeed on his way to Detroit as was reported Tuesday by ESPN. More importantly he couldn't give specifics about what type of offense the Dolphins would run -- although it's believed it will be mostly a West Coast attack with other elements of other schemes peppered in as well.

"The clearest way to say it and it's probably disappointing is this will be the Miami Dolphins offense," Lazor said. "The one factor in how we do it, specifically how it works is the ability of the players we have. I've done a little bit of research ... but I haven't done nearly enough to be able to answer that question."

Lazor said he is not certain if he'll be able to bring coaches he's familiar with to the Dolphins.

"Coach Philbin is charge of the structure of the staff and he and I have not had all our conversations about the structure of the staff. What I do know, and I did my research, is I know we have good coaches on the staff and they have great reputations. I'm excited to get to know them and that's something that will be handled going forward."

(So Philbin and Lazor interviewed and they didn't talk about offensive assistants? The offensive line gave up a franchise record 58 sacks and the OL coach was not discussed?)

Lazor, the Eagles QB coach in 2013, did not call plays for the Eagles. He confirmed he will call the plays for the Dolphins.

Before the 2013, former offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill would be the most improved second-year quarterback in the NFL. He wasn't. The most improved second-year QB in the NFL was Nick Foles in Philadelphia.

The quarterback Lazor coached.

So what does Lazor think of Tannehill?

"I see a lot of ability. Physical ability. The ability to play the game," Lazor said. "It would be premature to say what he can do and what he can't do because I haven't been around him much. But I think there's a nucleus here in a lot of way with the staff and the talent I've seen so far to work with these players."


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Well, not that ANYTHING will relieve the permanent grumpiness of this blog (which is really getting stale, truth be told) but I live in Philly and can say without an ounce of doubt that Lazor was EXTREMELY well-regarded here and a guy that Kelly definitely didn't want to lose from his staff even if he would have never stood in his way as he advances his own career.

You will find nobody here not praising the work he did with Foles and describing him as an exceptionally bright young football coach on the rise.

It think it was a superb hire and what's more Lazor also sent the message that he believes in Tannehill. If he didn't, he would be the Lions OC right now.

I'm still trying to understand how the HC is retained , and the OC is hired BEFORE the team has a GM in place......
Posted by: Buster | January 15, 2014 at 10:52 PM

Totally dysfunctional franchise. Ross has made this team a laughingstock.

Too bad Lazor will be leaving actual, passionate fans for this bunch of whiny crybabies.

Can someone explain to me why at 7am in Miami it is only 4am in California? Does the sun rise that early there? I don't get it.

Posted by: Buster | January 15, 2014 at 11:03 PM



Stillhardcore....just a matter of observation....the knock on Carpenter was lack of leg strength....in pre-season Sturgis was kicking the ball beyond the back line of the end zone....and during the season, some kicks went there as well...so he wasn't injured at any point...

....so then , it begs the question, why not force everyone to start at the 20, and have to gain 80 yards for a score?
I didn't have any inside information...it was just obvious , the speed with which the gunnners were getting downfield, they were trying to pin the returner...however, speed is one thing, but control, breaking down and tackling is another thing all together...and it didn't appear to be working very well

..yet, the ST coverage remained the same on kickoffs most of the time...

....and while I'm on kick coverages and scheme....we have one of the best unters in the League....from the other side of the fifty, he is deadly...gets hang time and distance...hard combination to master....but when he was kicking closer to the end zone, on the 45 eg...he consistently over kicked the goal line, causing a touchback..

...why didn't the ST Coach ave him try to angle the ball to go out inside the 20?....worst case would be a touchback, which he got when kicking straight on anyway....but yet, the ingenuity just wasn't there....

..gee...I wonder who led everyone down that street....oh yeah, Pilgrim Philbin....

Lazor is another guy put in a position he's never done before. He's never called plays. Or been an OC. A surefire way to lose.

Well, there is no question about it, the son of Bruce Matthews is the pick in the Draft.

Matt...this has become the apprenticeship team of the NFL.......everyone starts here, including players, then goes someplace else and does better....

..and please don't make me say the dreaded name Sporano to prove the point.....


Same guy, gutless wrench. Posts blog after blog with new names, some he keeps, some he drops. Worthless speciman of a human being. Life would get better for him if he aspired to move out of
his Mom's house,

And to you, TRUE ANSWER...you are a frikin jagazz

Beginning to check out Walter Football to get familiar with the Players in the Draft.

Jim Turner the OL coach is not looking good to the average fan. However, he has a very good resume from his college experience where he had one of the best OLs in all college football.

Consider what Ireland gave him to work with: 1 big weirdo draft bust, 1 a-hole, 3 old used up re-treads, 3 other draft busts, and 1 decent center.

On the other hand I can't find anything good to say or in defense of Zac Taylor, Sherman's son-in-law the QB coach.

You know what?, I'm going to stick with Manziel over all those other goodies QBs. Way too many intangibles.

Be giving me your feedback also on the coming Draftees, odin and YG.

funniest post. a 49ers fan thinking they are going the reverse the 29-3 score the last time they went north. they needed a last second score to win at home. seahawks go to Super Bowl and cause brady's 3rd super bowl loss.

One thing Johnny Football can't do in the NFL is to make fun of his opponents as I've seen him do. They will blow his head off whenever possible.

ever notice how marco never goes out on a limb about anything. just shows up and talks smack. but disappears for weeks when the dolphins wins or tannehill plays great? hard to be wrong when you stand for nothing. now he will be here all the time sniping until the season starts. and he'll be here after losses.

Just like Chad Henne, Tannehill seems to always be "developing" LOL

Hell, the only TV I watch besides Football Games, if any, are the PBS stations around here. WhoTH is Mel Kiper?

Jesus was not the "son of god" for the simple reason that no such superstitious nonsense even exists in the first place.

Jesus was a Middle-Eastern socialist hippie who had a catchier message than all the other "messiahs" walking around in his time.

Mel Kiper is the Fins next GM.

White Men are just not intuitive enough. Brown is best.

Yeah, but if he was all they said he was, he was some kind of Dude.

I attended today my first Mass(funereal) in 20 Years. I know those rituals by memory, as I grew under them, but they are becoming stranger and stranger to me.

Actually, Jesus was more of a communist than a socialist. His remarks about the accumulation of wealth and the rich place him squarely in the Marxist orbit of thought.

Socialists are generally open to free enterprise and the accumulation of wealth, albeit strongly in favor of a robust social welfare system that relies on a heavier tax burden to support the state's role in providing for the public good.

Jesus had far more in common with the Marxist/Leninist ideology that capitalism was a societal cancer that existed solely to prey on the weak.

You think Jesus, if he ever existed was White with an aquiline nose?. What color are the Palestinians now, what is the shape of their noses? Puhleeessse

Lazor HAS been an OC before. God I wish people would have a clue what they are talking about before commenting.

Well, of course the entire concept of the "white Jesus" is an absurdity that only a fool would believe.

He was a middle eastern Semite, same as the Arabs and Jews native to that region and as such had darker features and more than likely kinky/curly hair.

The language he spoke, Aramaic, is most closely related to Arabic.

You are wrong. Jesus was a white man who spoke English, drove a station wagon, and voted Republican!

Pat Robertson told me so!!


Lazor has never called plays in the NFL before. It takes years to become good at it.

In his pre-human existence Jesus said, "you inexperienced ones, learn shrewdness, you stupid ones, acquire an understanding heart. Listen, for what I say is important, I speak what is right, I utter truth. My sayings are righteous. None are twisted or crooked. They are all straightforward to the discerning and right to those who have found knowledge."

A lot of good football here tonight. NOT! Bill

I've never understood this Middle Eastern conflict between Arabs and Jews. They look alike, they eat the same crap there, all for a belief in a God that has not been proven to exist or not yet? Don't give me none of that faith sh-t, give me facts. To me, those there(and many here) are Crazy as hell.

I should know.

He's got to better than Sherman. Even with Sherman and Ireland's crappy line we were one win away from playoffs and beT 4 of the 6 AFC playoff teams. Cautiously optimistic. Still concerned the D coordinator should have been replaced. Too much talent to play that bad against the run.

Oscar, no doubt you have heard the term "familiarity breeds contempt."

In terms of the absurd animosities between Arabs and Jews it applies.

They are first cousins. Ethnically related, culturally related, and--yes--spiritually related as well.

It is scantly different than the ancient animosities among the Balkan people who also share so much more in common than any other people on Earth yet have an enduring blood feud.

Mahatma, as you call him, was a fine Man, but I always preferred my Friend Gautama.

Jim Turner? 58 sacks. Incognito/Martin scandal. Dallas Thomas can't see the field? Philbin has final say on assistants so is he's staying? So next years OL is
LT McKinnie LG Watkins former 1st Round pick C Pouncey RG Jerry likely gone? RT? Clabo. What's the plan?

Well, what should we do about that, Solomon? Ha!, keep them in check.

NOBODY is higher than myself, man.(from the Mass Today)

McKinnie is retired.

Wasn't every single coordinator in the NFL once a guy who was promoted to the position because he showed promise?

Some of you guys act as if Lazor is some bizarre anomaly---as if the Dolphins are just taking this CRAZY chance with a guy who has never done this before.

You don't have to like the hire (I do) but for crissakes stop sounding so damn dense about this stuff, people! Did you start following the NFL yesterday afternoon?


McKinnie is retired.

Posted by: dusty roads | January 16, 2014 at 12:22 AM


Looked like it to me.

Oh, wait, you meant AFTER the season.

Rookie HC and Rookie OC spell doom.

Most People don't take kindly to the criticism of the Religions.

Oscar, if I had a vote I'd put every Koran, Torah, and Bible on the first rocket to Neptune and just start over with 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.'

We are very close to finding the Nature of God. There, there, almost there, come closer People, you don't see it yet? heheheh

Very wise, Sol, very wise although impractical at the moment. Besides, those Books are full of Great Stories. I like them.

This is a football blog, so Dashi talks football. But yes, whatever you want to talk about Dashi can hold a conversation about. My favorite subject is history. Anything from the Caveman period. Forward.

Posted by: Dashi | January 15, 2014 at 06:00 PM
Well, with Google search, ANYTHING'S possible.
Sir, quite often, you make real sense, but why not dial down the braggadocio a tad.
We get it. You're smarter than the average guava.

Me!, me!, I'm from the Caveman Period(and before). So are You, He, She, Them They Were.

Yeah, the really nasty old testament stuff like "Leviticus" certainly has a cinematic and comedic value.

Plus, it's always good ammunition when someone piously claims to be a "good" Christian, obediently "following the Word of God."

Well, unless they are stoning their sisters to death for adultery or eating very specific types of non-scaly fish on certain days then I'm afraid God is really pissed and will sentence them to eternal damnation.

Yeah, Sol, like the guy in front on me at Mass today reciting and doing all those genuflexions, I know, he swallows them Whole.

Religion, Sex and Politics, with some Football interspersed, that's what Armando likes. GN

Armando has expressed his religious beliefs here on a few occasions. I'm fine with it. His blog/his rules.

I would only hope that he has the same tolerance for those who find it all to be superstitious nonsense, as I do.

Those of us who reject organized religion have only recently (in terms of history) been able to openly speak about our disdain for it without fear of persecution or societal repercussions---at least to a degree where those repercussions no longer have enough gravitas to matter.

This is healthy for society, even if it may terrify those who endorse the concept of sameness and "Group Think" to borrow a phrase from George Orwell.

I wanted Young Shanny....

But I was OK with ANYBODY that made chicken salad out of chicken SH@T...and Lazor (IMO) was one of those guys....

he was one of the two guys I thought did a really great job with less than Ideal QBs....

BOB 3 was garbage due to his injury....and Young Shanny still managed to have a better offense than ours.....

and Lazor made the playoffs with his back-up QB throwing something like 4 picks.....

both are better than getting a an OC who is working with a perrenial top 5 QB....

I like the pick....now Lazor can decide once and for all....is Tanne a keeper...or is he garbage.....

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a Dolphins fan, not from their on field efforts but the fans! I know it's been a rough stretch but fck give this guy a chance quit being so negative about everything! Some of you if wouldn't matter who we picked up as OC you will still find a way to btch about it. These types of fans make us and the team look bad! I can already see all the negative posts coming when we get a new GM could be the greatest GM ever but not in your eyes! Stfu already Lazpr hasn't even made it to miami yet!!


Just b/c Philbin had to fire his friend doesnt show bad character. So keeping a friend around even though his plays were terrible gives him good character? Its a business. If he wants to be around friends, he can go coach at the ymca.

"We really don't focus on the stats. Ever" "We focus on, How did you play? We grade on accuracy, not on if it was a completion but if it was in exactly the right spot."
"We focus on: Was the ball one foot in front of the numbers on a crossing route so we can catch it on the move? On a screen pass, was it right on the running back's front shoulder pad, so he can catch it and turn it right up?"

I love those quotes from Lazor. Want to see if he can work with Tannehill on his accuracy because exactly what Lazor said I feel is one of Tannehill's biggest weaknesses. You have to be able to get the ball to the receivers, ends and backs in a position that they can keep moving in stride.

We got different perspectives Mark. I am a Mando fan. He knows his chit. The other papers report there were code reds and Mando finds out the truth that there were not. The other paper reports henne is headed to IR and Mando writes he is not and he played two weeks later. Mando told us Jake Long is an injury waiting to happen like two years ago and guy has been on IR three straight years now. I remember stuff like that. He has EARNED my loyalty.

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