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Bill Lazor is Dolphins new OC

The Dolphins have hired Philadelphia Eagles quarterback coach Bill Lazor, The Miami Herald has confirmed.

Lazor, 41, has been well traveled during his 10-year coaching career but the only time he has called plays for an offense was in 2010-12 when he was the offensive coordinator at the University of Virginia.

The Dolphins are getting a coach who likes to run and wants to run the West Coast offense. Lazor got his background running the offense when he served as the Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks coach under Mike Holmgren.

But Lazor can be something of a chameleon as well. He cut his teeth under Joe Gibbs system which was an offshoot of the Don "Air" Coryell system. That is a vertical passing attack. He also spent the last year under Chip Kelly and his fast attacking style.

Lazor has work to do. The Dolphins are tied for last in the NFL with the fewest games scoring 30 points or more the last two years. The team they're tied with? The Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Dolphins have not yet made the announcement of the hiring.

ESPN was the first to report the news. On Tuesday, ESPN reported Lazor was on his way to Detroit to become the Lions offensive coordinator. But the network is correct this time. Lazor has agreed to join the Dolphins.


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LOL @ Armando!

For a first timer, that is indeed a nice pedigree.

Should bring some much needed balance to this offense with the help of the new GM, whoever he may be.

You have to admit Mando, Slo Uncle Jo got u here...

Another newbie..sweet

Why does Armando never break any news? Oh that's right, his source Jeff Ireland got fired.

u and the other dumb
homerz shot man jiz
all over u'r
key boards when Sherman was hired as
oc 2 seasons ago
how'd that work out 4 ya?

And your apology to the Dolphins and its fans that you never give.

It must be nice to write whatever asinine and erroneous thing you can come up with and not have to worry about being called on it or asked to give a reprieve.

The advantage of "rolling" with the Nursing Home Crew. They forget whatever you told them yesterday.

Makes you wonder what the Dolphins added as sweetener.

did you see the worst two teams at scoring are, is it a coincidence the QB's are Tanny and Henne, hahahaha

Was that 2 years ago or in your dream last night?

And it wasn't a keyboard, it was your face

I was at UVA from 10-12 as a grad student. Went to a lot of games. UVA doesn't draw top offensive talent often so I'm not sure how much stock you can put in his time there.

Welcome aboard Coach Lazor! This team needs some fresh ideas.

I am just an ex-con warehouse worker so don't know the intimate details but how does ESPN scoop this before you Armando?

mark, and the other dumb homerz
until the talent level on o is raised 4 levels above bums
where it is now
lazor ain't gonna do chat
just like Sherman that ya'll waxed off for 2 seasons ago
how'd that work out 4 ya?

Hopefully he works out. Has to be an improvement over Sherman.

Don't blame Armando and the Herald too much for being a bit 'behind the curve' on stories like this. They simply do not have nearly the resources they once had and cannot compete with a media giant like ESPN in terms of contacts.

Either way, impressive hire.

Go go-go Omaha!

Interesting background, I will agree to that.

I also think he's got work to do -- but that's the job of the new GM to provide for a new OL, a RB, a TE, and, perhaps, a WR.


That would be funny if it was true but was Houston and Jacksonville that were the worst.

Don't let it stop u from being hilarious though.....

Armando, please report that Gamble's been hired by the Lions.

Mark, is this your true self coming out??(yes) you are acting juvenile, I had thought better of you. Got a cigarette??

Again, Salguero circumventing his argument to try and make his point. Talk about a real specific stat that is useless. How can you even consider yourself a respected journalist when all you write is sensational propaganda.

Can we now get the OMAHA-OMAHA style offense? Right now we're go go-go without the gadgets.

Ok Mark, how's this:

Lazor has work to do. The Dolphins are tied for last in the NFL with the fewest games scoring 30 points or more the last two years. The team they're tied with? The Jacksonville Jaguars.

Haste was made :)

I like the hire. Fits the current system, has a good resume, and got great production out of Foles.

Hope he works out well. Now get a solid GM.


Posted by: 2 watt | January 15, 2014 at 11:40 AM

Pretty much agree. Sherman played no oline positions, underthrew no Wallace deepballs, and played neither run nor pass defense. Yet, many think we would be in the playoffs if not for Sherman.

I wonder if Henne went 8 straight games without a 4th quarter TD, and then he would be THill clone

So, are the Dolphins winning the offseason again like they did in 2013?

Ahhh, Wahoo ties just like me (I like that). Even though they weren't great those years (but admittedly he didn't have much to work with). I like his pedigree though, coached under very good HCs (sure he's picked up things from all of them).

I like the choice. Of course, the proof is in the pudding. Gotta show instant results in this town.

If Lazor likes the run, he's going to be frustrated with the Dolphins. We don't have a solid RB, and our offensive line is in shambles.

I also think he's got work to do -- but that's the job of the new GM to provide for a new OL, a RB, a TE, and, perhaps, a WR.

Posted by: Sigh | January 15, 2014 at 11:41 AM

Yet, Sherman was vilified by dolfans, when this was the crap he had to work with. It's miracle any play he called worked.

Do you honestly think Salguero has any sources within the Fins with the way he is constantly bashing the team.

Do you think anyone in Ross, Philbin, or Apontes office will talk to Armando.

They rather talk to A.Beasley than to Salguero. And they rather talk to ESPN than the Herald.

But Salguero and his fans still can't comprehend basic human behavior. Even with a so called head doctor in his fold.

Dashi, is it possible mando fumbled the whole situation and McAdoo leaving yesterday to take the Giants job was because he lost out in Miami and Miami had it's man in Lazor?

And he had no clue?

Possible? maybe??


Very happy with this pick!!

Tano, somewhere in your analysis you may want to include that Tannehill was the 12th highest scoring QB in the NFL last year...

Posted by: Statler | January 15, 2014 at 11:49 AM

That's what I was thinking. Easy to like the run when you have the best RB in the league. Shady McCoy makes Dan Marino like the run too. After a couple Miller runs for negative yardage, you start like the pass more and more!

Unlike you instant critics who will begin ripping Lazor in 3,2...

I am intrigued by his background, impressed by his work w/Foles, and hope he succeeds with the Fins.

Now dump the QB and OL coaches.

Come on Sigh, smile, just once???

And what's wrong with Fernanda Lima? That is one smoking 30 something woman....

Lazor. Nice, now Gamble as GM gives us an auld alliance that has seen some success. These guys know each other nad this will slow down the DawnJoe effect on this club.

Maybe the new GM, will get Joe to find his balls and ditch the index cards.

Im really impressed with the job Lazor did with Foles, its hard not to be. If Thill can't work well with this QB coach then there is no hope for him. It will be interestingto see where this leaves Zac Taylor, hopefully shown the nearest door.

Mark, maybe, wanna be, should be, let's be, pretend to be, wildebeest see a priest

Sure I admit that McCoy is the ultimate back and it's eassy to be #2 in the NFL rushing when you have that option. But we don't need to be #2 - our offense would've been just fine if the run game was average - I'm sure we can work our way up from 25 to 15 or so...

Well lets see if they can spend some time working on deep throws with Tannehill, otherwise this hire means nothing.

12th in scoring, near the bottom in QBR, and a total collapse the last 2 games of the season. Kinda makes those yards and TD's meaningless

We'll also learn pretty quickly about our new gm. My barometer says he has to at least make enough personnel changes and tweaks to finish 8-8. If we finish better than 8-8, I may consider the new gm to be in direct bloodlines to Jesus Christ himself.

Yes, people. We need a "MIRACLE WORKER" not a gm, to overhaul this roster enough to win more than 8 games. We go 8-8 and I'll consider the new gm did a great job!

Marco, "reports" were saying Gamble has chosen to stay put in Philly. But we see how reliable reports can be. You're right though, Gamble Lazor would be a good counterbalance to Aponte/Philbin. This guy has worked with a lot of coaches though (old and new). So I think he'll be able to acclimate fine to the team structure no matter who's involved.


After all the name smearing, petty remarks, Airing dirty laundry and disrespectful comments Mando has been doing ........ and using this blog to perpetuate it.


Mark, with a solid OL, that's not an unrealistic goal.

All I know he is a younger hungry guy.


I'm one to believe Sally wasn't even at the facility yesterday. He was speculating from the comfort of his own home. As usual.

The guy constantly rags the team then wonders why anybody in the organization doesn't want to talk to him.

Here is a hint it is you Sally Kelly not them. Or is it Kelly Sally? I don't know who is on top or his on the bottom.

"Now dump the QB and OL coaches."


I do not mean to sound negative, but the past fourteen seasons have been awful (except for one).

Last April, nearly 90 % of this blog LOVED what the Dolphins did in free agency and the draft.

If anyone dared to sound a note of caution or a different opinion, then they were roundly attacked.

Some pointed out that Keller and Louis had injury concerns (as did Jordon, Taylor, and Thomas). Such an opinion was roundly condemned as ignorant or worse.

The 'consensus' was that Wheeler, Ellerbe, Wallace, and Jordon were the pieces of a powerhouse in the making. At least, in 2013 it did not turn out that way. It was an 8-8 season that showed the team was very mis-built and lacked talent nearly everywhere.

Even with a new OC (and a new GM), there is a LOT that needs to change for the Dolphins to turn things around.

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding Tannehill. The OL, RB, WR, and TE positions need upgrades. The LBs are awful. That's a lot to fix given the draft position the Dolphins are in.

Dashi, I'm starting to get the sense you don't like Mando, say it ain't so man


We shall see. I did make the point a couple days ago how L.Miller can be Lazors poor man McCoy.

Also, L.McCoy wasn't tearing up the league when he first came out. L.Miller actually gained more yards than McCoy his first season starting.

Great hire! Young, diverse experience, a QB friendly coordinator. There is a lot to like. He will be dynamic.

Well wonders never cease- we hired somebody!

If this guy can develop T-hill and bring some creativity, which would appear to be the plan, well then I like the hire very much!

Dashi, why are you so full of hate and rage. Resentment and hate hurt no one but the hater. So I watch your demise in anonymous amusement.

If the Jaguars hire Ireland, maye we'll break the tie with the Jaguars and finish alone in the second worst place. That would be an improvement.

Posted by: Sigh | January 15, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Correct, we'll find out fairly quickly about our new gm, whomever that may be. The oc is only as good as the talent he has to work with on the playing field.

Wait, how can this be, the Dolphins organization is in disarray?

The pick is obviously for Tannehill's progression.

2 watt u idiot. We fired the GM just to upgrade the talent.

You running out of ammo...

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