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Dennis Hickey introduction live blog

The Dolphins will introduce new general manager Dennis Hickey at 4 p.m Tuesday. That calls for a live blog!

As I have not been here with you in a very long time and as there is a live event, I believe this would be a good time to share thoughts, analysis, opinions, insights as the new Dolphins GM makes his Dolphins debut.

I will be in the comments section for the start of the presser. Join me there.


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I think the John Benton hiring is more exciting... D Hickey will have to prove himself.

Turner dead man walking....

What is there to talk about? This team will only go as far as the QB will take them. Which won't be any further than it has been the past 2 seasons.

Posted by: Marc | January 28, 2014 at 12:43 PM

try to be positive..

Lazor is a huge upgrade over Sherman..he will help Tannehill become a good QB

Is Lazor going to pass the ball?

He did bring them further than the year before - if he continues to improve, he will bring them further still.

Then Marc will have to bring out his Miami Dolphins dress in support...

Tell them about the dress, Marc.

Wally, Bills will ahve the cap space to sign Byrd because of the $17M rolled forward from this year, bringing the cap space to $19M. However, it doesnt seem like he wants to be there... stay tuned...

It was just a regular dress MarK. I'll gladly tell them. That's what I got for betting FOR the Dolphin's against the Cowboys with a co-worker. I had to wear a dress to work.

I like the moves we are making Ross is doing the best he can do remember we are a tabu franchise people avoid us like the Black Plague unless of corse they want a bump in salaries in their present job GO Dolphins

Lazor can coach him up, design plays that fit Tannehills strengths, and move the offense unlike Sherman who was :its his way or the highway type of guy"

agree. the best thing about Texans was there dominant zone-block O-Line. hoping for some of that.

main reason I wanted Kubiak. But combine Benton w/ Lazor, I think I really like it...

now, just need some O-Line talent...ha (sob sob)

Marc from nj,
how much of the taboo did Ross create though?

Tannehill will be like the gimp from Game of Thrones if the O-line isn't completely overhauled before next season

Benton was hired as the assist o line coach? hahaha student teaching the teacher scenario here. Good hire though

Lets give Philbin his damn props

He has upgraded our coaches pretty well this offseason. Good coaches see something in him, us average fans dont!

I guess I won't be using Marc for betting tips...I would probably rather wear the dress than lose to the Cowboys though.

Why can't Philbin just grow some balls and fire Turner? Seriously, look at what he didnt do last year. That should be plenty enough.

Tannehill is what he is. A short field passer who may develop into a decent game manager. The X factor is his running ability. If Lazor turns him loose with that, it is a whole 'nother matter. Except the long ball. That doesn't look like it'll be there. Best case? Pennington 2. Worst? Henne 2. In between? Dilfer 2. The running thing could make a world of difference. But... He will never be Wilson, Kaepernick, Steve Young... Because they can/could throw a very nice long ball.

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be about... Wait... Who was this column supposed to be about? Nobody that matters anyway.

Thud teams sole hope is Lazor, Rizzi and Benton. The rest amount to less than zero.

Armando I know it's early but I can not be here at 4pm so I'm hoping you see this question.

You eluded to the fact Dawn Aponte has had problems with her last two GMS. I was wondering in your opinion is it a Dawn Aponte thing, or is it the fact that the men involved are old school and are threatened by a woman?

Shrikhand, a sweet dish made of strained yogurt, is a main dessert of Maharashtrian cuisine.


there isn't a gimp in Game of Thrones... there's an Imp though. Are the continued hits going to make him shorter?

Just finished reading the third book by the way .. magnificent.

Started the fourth, I heard it's a little slower, more storybuilding...

Thud = This

Ross did create this mess and we all have to live with it . Until we start winning this will continue

Armando, second question.

"what kind of backward set-up allows a subordinate to interview a potential supervisor?"

Do you have information that would make this a fact and can you share it with us? Was Dawn Aponte interviewing candidates or just sitting in on interviews in order to answer questions about the salary cap?

If there reports are true on Philbin wanting to trade for Albert and JI saying that they would be fine with Martin, Philbin is prob in the mindset Turner didnt get a fair shot as he was working with c level talent. Thats my guess as to why he wont fire him

It was during the 1-15 season. The following year I bet another colleague, a Ravens fan a jersey and had to wear a Flacco jersey all day and then give it to him. The dress I only wore to work and then changed!

I do like the o line hire - like someone mentioned above, Houston ran the dam ball well for years and had excellent balance.

Like someone mentioned above, accomplishes some of the same things a Kubiak hire would've made.

Turner will be playing online canasta all year long as benton does the work.

Philly, Houston, excellent running teams ... Philbin got the hint on needed balance.

Marc, tell us, was it some strapless number or perhaps a chiffon number with a bow on the shoulder?

Hope you shaved ur dam legs...

Needless to say I don't bet FOR the Dolphin's anymore

Rdubs, (from last thread) yes big win. Dolphins have dealt with and (hopefully) improved 3 coaches from problematic areas: OL, LB, OC. The OL, which initially looked like a 2 yr job to fix (or longer w/Turner), might be ready this year.

Tannehill had a better year than kaep last year and a year very similar to Wilson... don't let the media sway you...

Wilson is in the super bowl and I still don;t think he's broken 300 yards passing in the offseason ...

HE is the game manager.

I'm waiting for the Movie MIT er at least the DVD. Pre purchased the next season just waiting for the release. Actually it was a gift.

I bet the book is a good one though.

It was just a regular dress. It was my exes. No, I didn't shave and I was wearing sneakers. Again, I just wore it in, let them take pictures, and changed. It wasn't a whole drag thing.

I'll bet there are Eagles players that want to follow Lazor here. The guy has a good reputation.

Go Fins....


If there reports are true on Philbin wanting to trade for Albert and JI saying that they would be fine with Martin, Philbin is prob in the mindset Turner didnt get a fair shot as he was working with c level talent. Thats my guess as to why he wont fire him

Posted by: mattybfromnc | January 28, 2014 at 12:59 PM

We don't have a choice but to sit back and hope that is true. Ross could pay Albert $20M per year now and the guy wouldn't sign with this team. I doubt any decent FAs will even deign to visit Miami. Why would they? 31 other teams are run better. Yes, 31. That includes the Browns.

Well at least you kept your word Marc.

Theyll come for money. Money speaks louder than anything else, also the OC is different and had an explosive O in Philly.
The bad thing is that theyll come here for money.

Rick, the books are much better and more intense than the series but it is a big time investment. I ride the subway for 40 mins a day. That's my time to read the books. They are long though - 1,000 pages in paperback - a couple fo months to read one.


They tend to be very good in thier 2nd year. Jamar Taylor and Will Davis will be good enough to start this season.

Marc, what kind fo pictures did they take????

hahaha, man I will never forget that one.

If they hadnt been injured i think they could have started last year. I mean Davis was a ball hawk in the preseason but somehow faded during the regular. Both were regarded from what i read high by other teams. We just ook the chance on Taylor as he was hurt.. same with Jordan

Rdubs, I've been busy today, but please update me on the quality coaching changes Philbin has made this offseason? All I see is Lazor, which I agree, seems to be a good change.

But Coyle's still the DC far as I can tell. Turner is still the OL coach. Zack is still the QB coach. I read reports saying our DL coach should really be the DC and Coyle should be the DB coach.

I'm ready to support the team for the 2014 season, but that's more me being a hopeful dumb homer fan than anything the team's done that's made me optimistic.

JJ, don't be dense. of course players will come here. Sure there are 31 other teams but how many of them go swimming in the deep waters of free agency, not many. There are maybe 4-5 teams that can spend with us and they all don't have the same needs.


Regardless of who is QB.
If Tanne were the QB of SF or SEA they would be just as successful. (IMO Kaeppe is the best player in the NFL but it is the defense that carries that team).

You know what I'm gonna find the pics damnit

DC they hired Benton as the asst. oline coach from the Texans

Posted by: Dollfan Rick | January 28, 2014 at 12:55 PM

Marc had to do both, ouch!!!

Top 10 reasons to be a fin fan?

Posted by: mattybfromnc | January 28, 2014 at 01:13 PM

Ahhh, didn't see that, thanks for the update bro.


He comes from a place that is not afraid to trade away top picks for current starters.
I would be completely happy if we traded our picks for starting OL.

I want to see what his player evaluation / draft philosophy is

Look at Mark, all caring about his environment and taking public transportation like a good Canadian. I never took you for a bleeding liberal commie softie Mark. I always picture you as a Jordan Belfort-type, selfish swindler.

You better find them ... don't want those pics getting out there...


Then that will make our pass rush deadly and force teams into long drives rather than quick strikes. That flips the script into our favor because when the game is close we can run our whole offense.

DC, you know us canadians, even when we are right wingers, compared to our american cousins, we are still pretty left...

Wilson is not a game manager, just because he hasn't thrown for over 300 yards this year. Wilson makes big time plays, he comes up clutch, he has Marshawn Lynch so he doesn't have to throw for 400 yards. Anyone who thinks Wilson is a game manager hasn't watched him play. Wilson is a dynamic QB and if anyone thinks he is not, all I can is thank god they are not in the fins organization.

Raiders have over $60M in cap space... oh my.

by definition when a guy throws for only 25 times a game, and only accounts for 245 yards of offense a game, he's a game manager. What the heck else does it mean? he may be productive but he comes nowhere near having to carry that offense.

Most NFL starters would be very successful in that offense and he's been godawful in these playoffs.

Here you go MarK, and anyone else who wants to know about the dress. So, that you can finally see for yourselves


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