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Dennis Hickey introduction live blog

The Dolphins will introduce new general manager Dennis Hickey at 4 p.m Tuesday. That calls for a live blog!

As I have not been here with you in a very long time and as there is a live event, I believe this would be a good time to share thoughts, analysis, opinions, insights as the new Dolphins GM makes his Dolphins debut.

I will be in the comments section for the start of the presser. Join me there.


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Armando, not sure you need to do a blow by blow. Miami Dolphins.com airing this live.

Dennis Hickey is introducing his family.

The Dolphins hired the Hickey family!

He is nervous, big time.

He said he found out he got the job as he was leaving church on Sunday.

Haha, Italy as a country goes all the way back to 1861....and gave us all that???

And known for aligning itself with Hitler...

So Dawn Aponte is the real GM.

You fukking idiots! Marino, no Super Bowl wins, average or less QB? You sound stupid when trying to compare two completely different QB's in completely different situations! Ridiculous!!!

already like Dennis, love the tie. I think he will do a great job and will stabalize this franchise. Thank you to the rest of the people who bailed out. It's your loss.

Wow, we have a GM who actually knows who Larry Csonka is. :)

Hickey says he's about "bringing ... about winning."

Important that bit of news as it was left in the air. Aponte to report to the GM

I never cared for Hickeys

He seems nice- reminds me of Cam Cameron.

Dennis Hickey says he met Joe Philbin when he was an area scout in the midwest and Philbin was at Iowa.

Scout Hickey will report directly to Aponte.

You wear that dress and you are exposing yourself to them....

Dennis Hickey says the Dolphins have a good nucleus of young players that "can develop into a championship quality roster."

Mr Garrison comes to Miami.

Uh..... Uh...... Uh...... OK ?

I went to NFL Stats selected by position and select QB. There was not another way to sort as if I picked WR both THill and Wilson would not be listed, "mate".

10 Ryan Tannehill
11 Joe Flacco
12 Tony Romo
13 Andrew Luck
14 Eli Manning
15 Cam Newton
16 Russell Wilson

BUT my point that you missed is about the different teams. Seattle has the best D in the league and one of the top running games. Comparing THill to Wilson is about as fair as comparing E. Smith to B.Sanders. They both had different olines and different OC's.

GM symposium?

He's really kissing Aponte's ass right now. :)

Hickey says he attended the Wharton School over summer in which Dawn Aponte had a presentation on salary cap.

"She can really work numbers."

The press conference is being broadcast on the Dolphins website.

...Like he just went to GM school this summer?

If someone is giving a symposium at the Wharton School... that's pretty impressive...

Beginning to feel his job description most identifies with "ass kisser" than GM.

Hickey says "resources and commitment" are there.

If this team has such a great nucleus of good players! Why didn't they see the field last year?

At least he is somewhat familiar with Aponte!!

Nice guy Hickey, makes a lovely cafe latte I hear.

When we played YOU guys.... someone tell him he has left the Bucs !!!

Dennis Hickey: "We played us twice and have knowledge of them." Obviously needs to get comfortable knowing he now works for Dolphins not TB

yeah, but some of us would look unprofessional if we stream live ... this format is just fine...

Sorry, I meant whenever you have a chance, ask Lazor about the play calling.

Ok now where is the firing squad ?

Spell checker Armando!!

I just hope he picks players better than he speaks in public.

Awkwardly stiff photo session.

That photo session looked like the making of a movie called:

"You're Not The Boss Of Me"

Wow. look at him jump on Ross's command. Here Boy !!!

"we played us.." ... did he actually say that? He's drawing two pay cheques? Nice...

Hickey asked himself "is this a place I can win championships?"

Up to now, 2 important things in the presser. Aponte to work under Hickey and confirmation that there was disharmony under Ireland(what else is new?)

on draft: "I'm a firm believer in proactive decision making"

Mando, has he met any of the players yet (Tannehill, Grimes, etc.)?

Hickey says he has an idea of his draft board.

wow. That was fast.

Draft... He needs to hit one out of the park right away.

In over his sweet little head. Nice guy will be mince meat against DawnJoe.

Armando , ask him what his draft philosophy is

"the structure was completely clear...that was a draw to me"

Had the resources.... read had the money to pay me as the Bucs were due to dump me.

Teachers and leaders... why mention DawnJoe ?

"The structure was a definite positive to the situation"

Dennis Hickey says Dolphins structure was "completely clear to me."

Did Dawn prepare the cue cards?

Exactly, how does he have an "idea" of the draft board if he doesn't even know what the needs of the team are (especially since FA hasn't started).

Follow Winston's suggestion, Armando.

Best dolphins QB was Chad Pennington in 2008, Marino or Griese were never that accurate.


Not being dense. At this point in my career, I can choose where I go. A mix of being fortunate and working hard. If there were an organization to which I could go that would pay me more but was a sh$$tshow versus others that understood the business I'm in and weren't afraid to do things right, I would go to the other for less money.

Players come to Miami when either nobody else will have them, the money is way out of proportion to other offers, or the player places money over winning, and being used correctly.

I have no idea how any of this works out. Philbin is one if the most boring human beings I've ever seen on TV who is stupidly loyal. That said, Lazor and Benton appear to be good hires. Hopefully Philbin will let Lazor manage the clock and make the halftime speeches - and hopefully, adjustments.

We will see. I am not going to get all lit up over next year. Taking a wait and see attitude. Been burned way too much to get suckered in by my homerism anymore.

@ 4:21 as it was to all of us. Somehow a few genius football minds didn't understand...

I guess by "proactive" he means a needs based Draft.

Hickey said Bucs were on the cutting edge of technology so I assume he intends to bring that approach to Miami.

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