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Dennis Hickey introduction live blog

The Dolphins will introduce new general manager Dennis Hickey at 4 p.m Tuesday. That calls for a live blog!

As I have not been here with you in a very long time and as there is a live event, I believe this would be a good time to share thoughts, analysis, opinions, insights as the new Dolphins GM makes his Dolphins debut.

I will be in the comments section for the start of the presser. Join me there.


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Jimmy, almost all free agent deals are overpays.

Point is to think nobody will want to sign is a bit of an over-reaction.

The team will be fine. Probably not winning any super bowls any time soon but they will be far from an embarassment and will be able to field a decent team.

DC, I would think he meant how the draft board is setup not who goes in what round yet. At least I don't know how he could know that yet.

Hickey: "still in evaluation process" regarding current roster

Hickey scouted for a Cover 2.

Coyle coaches a Cover 2.

Hickey scouted for a WCO.

Philbin runs a Spread WCO.

Hickey said he wathced three or four games so he has more evaluation of the roster to do. Will meet with coaches in coming days.

You would think with computers scouts would be mostly obsolete

Ross: "you just don't replace everybody"

We didn't make the playoffs... no big deal.

I'd actually like to go on record with liking the Hickey hire. Honestly, I'm no homer, but out of all the candidates that took the interview Hickey seemed to be the most qualified when it came to evaluating players. He whiffed when he took Josh Freeman (who actually made it to a pro bowl), but as the process has proven, true franchise QBs are not low hanging fruit.

Ross on talking to outsiders "we're not that far away...no reason to make wholesale changes"

Marino could never call a series of plays in a drive. His Wonderlic score didn't allow him to do so.

Oscar, change your tune bro!

Hickey says he already met Brian Hartline and AJ Francis and both already welcomed him.

I bet Francis welcomed him.

Hickey has met with Hartline already...more player one on ones coming.

I think Freeman would've been ok - Schiano ruined him - biggest reason why Schiano was gone.

Freeman was pretty good in 2012... then Schiano proceeded to mess him up...

Ross: organization must have "one mindset"

Francis signed a new deal on Jan 26, that's why they met I assume...

Sure Ross, DawnJoe worked together well, shame Ireland wasn't in the club.

OK... Philbin and Hickey are compatible. They like each other. Great. But are these guys capable of building a championship caliber team?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 28, 2014 at 04:31 PM


I hope our new OC has met with Tanny and Wallace!!!!

U know maybe tannehill not the answer but my god he's played 2 seasons that's it and showed improvement on a line that allowed 58 sacks I mean give it a chance yes he has to improve on the deep ball but once upon a time people thought brees was a bust to just say he sucks after 2 yrs is unreal to me

Ross: "you don't micromanage" people

"one mindset" no "acorns".

Working Together.... thats really vanilla and weak, tells us NIL.

Ha ha bring in the best people..... or the 7th best Steve.

Wells report to be released after Super Bowl...Ross already aware of what is in it.

Working on the same page is very important and this seems now like agreat working atmosphere. Glad they hired this guy and not some of the others.

Work sucks when you hate your co-workers.

Ross on Peterson---talked to him "but you can't just rely on one person."

Seems like Ross is answering questions.

Really how many QBs 'took off' after a few years of being average? People who cite manning are crazy. Sure he threw a bunch of picks, but he also threw a bunch of TDs. It is usually pretty obvious early if a QB will be great

Hickey. Good luck my friend. You seem to be a nice guy and probably a cool neighbour. However you don't look like a leader that can make decisions and fit the DawnJoe whipping boy mould perfectly.

Tannehill throws more TD's than INT's

Doesn't HOF Brett Farve hold some kind of record for INT's?

Marc, he improved in touchdowns and yardage from year one to year two. All of the best qbs actually evolved and were not born. marino is the only one ever to be as good as he was ever going to be - in a positive sense - right out of the gates. The rest took time to evolve and got progressively better.

By the way, hsi production was above average - his turnovers were also abover average in the end - you get an average season - let's see if he can clean up the turnovers further - that alone will make him a very good qb - even at his current level of production...

Marc, please keep in mind you are discussing a QB that was 10th in yardage and 12 in tds - not exactly bottom of the heap.

It's the same reason you probably won't find a franchise QB in free agency. Because their teams already know they are one! Brees fell through the cracks

tanne = good qb

I agree with you there Marc.. another reason why I think it's to our benefit to not cut bait too early with the qb. Nobody in free agency is going to give you that kind of production and neither will any of the rookies...

OK, folks. I'l entertain your questions, comments...

To start with, addressing the phins78 question about Aponte interviewing her boss ...

She sat in on every interview. She asked questions of the candidates. She was not there strictly for informational purposes.

You see? You see? You have to see everything even if we know what is going to be said in these pressers. For those of Us who thirst after Truth, we got some nuggets of It here. Last one of those, the Ted Wells report will come out after the SB(we knew) and Ross knows some thing about it(we weren't so sure). So -----> goodbye RI and probably Turner and perhaps JMartin.

Vida Guerra is packing some major heat...

Bear in mind Thill was 7th in attempts.

If Geno Smith had thrown as many balls as Thill he would have had more yardage.

Never forget Thill's rating in our must win games was 44, worse than both rookie QB's he faced, by a long way.

Thill just doesn't have it and never will. Some people would rather have Thill than Russell Wilson. I wonder how many Pro Bowl votes Thill compared to Wilson.

Still what do the players know, eh Mark RACIST A-hole.

Armando, quick, gives your prediction of our 2014 season record.


Due the 'perceived' dysfunction within this organization, what problems, if any will this organization have in either signing their own FAs or those from the outside?

Turner may very well take a hit from that Wells report. His replacement may have just been hired, actually.

Incognito and Martin will never play a down for the team again.

Don't really see much other fallout--maybe a fine of some sort but that's questionable.

Just not much there (as many people such as J.Taylor have already stated)

Bring in Vick. He knows the Lazor system and could bring some leadership to the team, which we sorely lack.

Yeah, no way Philbin brings him in he would have too much to say and Joe doesn't like strong men, even if they help the team. truly pathetic.

Mando, any thoughts about Benton working for Turner?

Armando, did Hickey say anything about bringing people in (I heard he might bring his old boss as his Asst)?

Yes she is

Armando, how do the reporters stay awake for pressers like this one? Lot's of caffeine?

I mean.."we want smart, tough players" yada yada yada. Gee, that's an original idea.

Was Philbin at the presser?

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 28, 2014 at 04:46 PM

I'd love the report to throw Philbin under the bus and recommend his sacking, that would get the blades on EarForce 1 spinning back into action.

DC, yes, Philbin was there. No questions directed at him, however.

Do you get the feeling Hickey will do a better job of drafting players than Ireland?

I believe I see a few of things I already like about him:

1. He seems less full of himself.

2. He seems more humble.

3. He does not act like a jerk.

As a Dolphin fan, you have to like that for a change...


Who has the finally say on FA and how much we can spend on them ?

The Wells report will probably barely even mention Philbin. He was largely blindsided by the whole thing.

If it's a FAIR report (and I have doubts about that) it will implicate Martin to some degree as well, even though I sense that's not what the NFL desires to hear---and guess who is paying for the investigation.

Mando. You were on serious NFL radio saying that in this structure with their GM without full control this team is doomed. Do you still stand by that statement ?


Did Stephen Ross actually say, "I am the owner", as an answer to a question ? I missed the question. Was it "why is Coach Philbin still the HC", I thought it was slightly strange to tell us something we already know ?

Is the QB coach important with regards to T-hills development?

Who is primarily responsible for developing T-hill?

Is Zac Taylor up for the task?

If not, is Philbins loyalty holding up progress?

His "I'm the owner" answer was in response to a question about the power structure and people ultimately answering to him. Had absolutely nothing to do with Philbin or anything else.

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