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Dennis Hickey introduction live blog

The Dolphins will introduce new general manager Dennis Hickey at 4 p.m Tuesday. That calls for a live blog!

As I have not been here with you in a very long time and as there is a live event, I believe this would be a good time to share thoughts, analysis, opinions, insights as the new Dolphins GM makes his Dolphins debut.

I will be in the comments section for the start of the presser. Join me there.


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Posted by: watched | January 28, 2014 at 05:02 PM


what role did hickey have with revis deal? on board 100% or not


I'm going to assume that when you said that you were going to answer some questions that it was a juvenile using your name? Can't wait, out....!

Mando, what is your favorite John Waters film? I like 'Desperate Living' and 'Mondo Trasho' even though most people think of 'Pink Flamingos' first.

I'd love to see us bring in Vick as the back-up. He has the ability to help the other players understand the Lazor system and is a leader. Hell he will push the starter to the max, even good old Thill. Hell he may even beat out Thill, although that puts the brakes on his development, so its not my first wish.

Vick would come chaep and still has some gas left in the tank as a back-up and mentor.

Philbin won't be touched by the Wells report, Marco, isn't that obvious? Others will though.

- When I asked Steve Ross why he won't give up control of hiring/firing the head coach, his response was "I own the team."

-- Steve Ross said the Ted Wells report will come out after the Super Bowl. He has an understanding of what's in it.

-- "I felt there was a real compatibility there," Steve Ross said of Dennis Hickey and Joe Philbin.

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First look at Dolphins new GM
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New Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey

-- "I feel comfortable that we're headed in the right direction," Steve Ross said.

-- "Just talking to outsiders, we're not that far away. I have a lot of confidence in Joe Philbin," Ross said.

-- "I feel as bad as anybody that we didn't make the playoffs. But there's such a fine line between winning and losing," Ross said.

-- "When the game doesn't go your way you just don't replace everybody," Steve Ross said.

Top 25 players in Miami Heat history

-- Picking up small things...Dennis Hickey is pretty nervous. Articulate, but nervous. A rambler.

-- Steve Ross pretty much made it clear Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland weren't on the same page. Not sure they have ever been.

-- "Unless you have an organization pulling toward the same goal you're not going to succeed," Steve Ross said.

-- "I've been pretty clear on the structure. It is not an unusual structure. The GM reports to me. The coach reports to me," Steve Ross said.

-- "We're one organization. We all work together. The basis of any organization is the one that's able to communicate," Ross said.

-- "The structure was a definite positive for me," Dennis Hickey said of Dolphins circle of trust.

-- "The structure was completely clear, laid out, and that was a draw to me," Dennis Hickey said of working with Joe Philbin and Dawn Aponte.

-- Dennis Hickey said "he's a firm believer in proactive decision making....We don't make decisions on draft day."

-- "At every point I continually asked myself, 'Is this a place I can win championships,'" Dennis Hickey. "It was a fit all the way through."

-- "This is a passionate fan base. And it is passionate based on a history of success," Dennis Hickey said of the Dolphins.

From the SS....

-- Dennis Hickey listened to Dawn Aponte do a presentation at the Wharton School of business recently.

-- Dennis Hickey said Dawn Aponte's knowledge of the cap and her ability to work with numbers have always impressed him.

-- Dennis Hickey said the Dolphins have a good nucleus of talent that can be built into a winner.

Philbin won't be touched by the Wells report, Marco, isn't that obvious? Others will though.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 28, 2014 at 05:08 PM

I am not so sure. Philbin may well have been the one that ordered Turner to get Ritchie to put the hard word on Martin. Its still to play out. Martin is like Gollum, lurking in the caves, he still has his part to play in this mess.

Armando, based on what you saw and heard, is Hickey a needs first or BPA Drafter?

Philbin absolutely will not be in any hot water from the Wells report regardless of how much you may desire otherwise.

Ross has made it clear he already knows hat the report contains. He would NOT have displayed such loyalty to him if he was implicated. That' just simple common sense.

Joe Philbin is going coach the team in 2014, Marco. Period.

-- Steve Ross pretty much made it clear Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland weren't on the same page. Not sure they have ever been.


Ross must have some pretty good info regarding which of the two were on the right page, or at least the page that made much more sense...

Ireland gone, Philbin still here.


Ah, well. Just can't wait any longer for Salguero. Talk to you all soon.

Posted by: The Signal | January 28, 2014 at 05:15 PM

Yeah but consider the sources

Mando, Do you still stand behind the statements you made to Ross Tucker on NFL radio that if the GM does not have full control that this franchise will tank ????

Here's why Philbin ain't going anywhere soon, that and Ross's man love....

-- Steve Ross said the Ted Wells report will come out after the Super Bowl. He has an understanding of what's in it.'t going anywhere soon....

Go phins !

Brickhouse, I stand by it.

But the GM does have full control so your point is moot.

F&cking computer...you get the gist

New blog up. Armando must have decided "screw it" with the live blog.

This was pretty pointless, anyway, since the presser was streamed live.

Oscar, I do not know that ANYONE, with the exception of the best two or three teams, draft BAP consistently.

EVERYONE addresses needs. And the Dolphins will address OL. No doubt.

Mando, what do you think of Benton working for Turner?

Marco, the GM has final say on UFA.

One of the biggest reasons Ross liked Hickey was because he felt "real compatibility" with Philbin.

You know who else were compatible? Llyod Christmas and Harry Dunne.
So to be clear - hickey is also stubborn, uninspiring, no leadership skills, and painfully slow to recognize change and adapt?

This should make for quite a tag-team then. I'd like to remind Ross that compatibility isn't a good thing when both guys are morons. I have no idea whether hickey is inept, but Philbin provides a decent-sized body of proof. Compatibility scares me in this case.

Cocojoe, I get the feeling Benton won't be working for Turner for long. I cannot say I'm reporting this as certainty. Just my gut.

Agree Mando

I'll say it. Turner is going to get hit in that report and be 'relieved' of his duties.

Mando, Correct me if you will but didnt you say if the GM couldn't pick his own head coach or be able to hire and fire the coach it would be a disaster ??????

Hickey will make Jeff Ireland look like Bill Polian when all is said and done.
Mr. Ireland needed only 3 more years to get this team above 500, enjoy 2-14 next year suckers.

Brick, I don't believe I said the GM has to pick his own coach. I believe I said he has to pick his players.

there are plenty of NFL GMs that are successful who did not pick the coach. One is John Schneider in SEattle.

Marco, the GM has final say on UFA.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 28, 2014 at 05:29 PM

Great so we sign Albert from the Chiefs and maybe Brian Orakpo. Even Aqib Talib as he has Bucs ties and would give us a nice CB duo for the next 2-3 years.

Armando, knowing they like Pat Devlin's potential do you think they would entertain trading Moore for either picks or players?

Backup is hugely important BUT if they feel Devlin is ready perhaps more to be gained or the overall team by trading Moore? Or Devlin for that matter?

I'll say it. Turner is going to get hit in that report and be 'relieved' of his duties.

Posted by: Near 100% | January 28, 2014 at 05:33 PM

I'd say bless you if you are correct sir, bless you !!!

Mando that may be a point if the team is winning but if not...It doesn't make sense for a GM to not want his own coach. Eventually that GM will take the blame for the team if it is not playing well. Trust me if Philbin is losing next year Hickey is going to want his own coach.

Care to join us on the new blog gentlemen ?

Mando, it wouldn't surprise me that due to Turner's background, jot might have been HE who issued the "toughen him up" orders to Richie.
Also, If what you say is verifiable regarding Ireland v Philbin, The drafting of Dion Jordan might be one of the things that exacerbated the riff?

I think unless the team is just devastated by injures (like, say, the Falcons last year)that Philbin will have to produce a playoff berth to retain the job.

Two years would have been too soon. You have to keep in mind that POTENTIAL candidates take a long, hard look at stability and job security. Dumping Philbin now would have sent precisely the opposite message...and these guys have other options!

Brick, Joe PHilbin does not like to play young guys. He's obsessive about not putting a player on the field unless he feels that guy is completely ready to go. Obviously, situations sometimes dictate you have to go with what you got. But I'm talking best case scenarios.

Ireland, being a GM on the line and whose rep was at stake, wanted his rooks playing.

He also didn't have a very high opinion of Sherman's play-calling and situational football skills.

That's where the sides fractured.


I think the shine is off Pat Devlin. Philbin loved him, then liked him a lot ... You don't show something in like four years, why are you taking a roster spot?

Armando, what's your 2014 season record prediction, please?

He may have a history of not wanting to play young guys but he also put a VERY raw Tannehill out there as a rookie at the most important position on the field.

I wouldn't say Philbin is totally married to that ethos, even if he is most of the time.

Benton's here because Turner will get bounced when "bullygate" investigation findings come out after the Super Bowl. Turner will be implicated as complicit and Benson will move up to OL coach. You heard it here first...


Do you think Vick or Freeman will be brought in to push and or compete with Tannehill?

Turner will be implicated as complicit and Benson will move up to OL coach. You heard it here first...

Posted by: phinzsinz66 | January 28, 2014 at 05:55 PM


No we didn't. Another poster wrote the same thing 30 minutes ago.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 28, 2014 at 05:47 PM
Mando, I accidentally posted as "Brickhouse." I guess I hit a key, my user ID erased and somehow "brick house"...no caps got there.
Apologies to both y'all!

But thanks for the comments.

Just watched Hickey describe his vision for the team and I'm psyched that his philosophy is one that I like. Hickey talked about building a physical football team that can win at the line of scrimmage. Creating a competitive environment with competitive players. Now if Philbin truly believes in that formula and work towards that goal that's the identity I strongly feel I want the Dolphins to have.

I'm looking forward to having the Wells report and all this GM search craziness in the rear view mirror.

It'll be good to get back to the football side of football.

I miss football. This other stuff is not football.

Can't wait until 5-11 so the group of clowns, Ross, Philbin, Aponte and Hickey can be put on display yet again.

Last year I said The Dolphins would start 1-5 and I was right.

Except the 1-5 record didn't begin until the team was 3-0.

Phins get pushed around next year same as they did in their last two games. Philbin's vision for a team is one that is soft, and Tannehill's not the quarterback to outscore anyone.

Defense continues to get worse and next year Coyle takes the fall, possibly the OL coach too.

Ireland made his excuses, now it's Philbin's turn.

The fact that Aponte is taking pictures with the team's brass is certainly an indication that she is more than just an accounting person at this point.

I just can't believe that she allowed Garfinkle's tie to clash with his shirt.

Maybe her hubby who takes orders from her is better suited to handle such matters. Ross should give him a job and allow him to interview future employment prospects.

Stands will be empty next year like never before.

Just the sound of Gloria Estephan's nasal out of tune voice attempting to sing her forgettable hit(s) from the 80's that were out of her very limited singing range will be filling the stadium.

That and the sound of cheering and laughter from the opposing teams fans.

"Come on shake it baby let me do the conga"

"Y'know I can't stand this illegal alien song any longa"

Can we deport someone who was born here ?

Losing era of football on the horizon.

Everyone knows it around the country.

Only the delusional homers and those within The Phins organization believe otherwise.

Maybe The Dolphins will surprise us all and go 0-16.

Although I don't know that 0-16 would be that much of a surprise.

Just like a scandal involving Ross and Aponte having an inappropriate lovechild wouldn't be much of a surprise either at this point.

It's not as if there isn't precedent for this type of action with a Dolphins figurehead (Marino).

Aponte's hair looks kinda stiff.

Ross likes em that way.

Is that a pearl necklace ?

Wink wink.

glad hickey had balls to actually fire someone, unlike the rest of this garbage franchise. but leave it to ross to become more bad pub by escorting him out

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