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Dolphins announce three interviews of the day

The Dolphins today interviewed Jason Licht, Omar Khan and Brian Gaine for their vacant general manager job, the club announced.

You already know about Licht. As I told you earlier he is the Arizona Cardinals vice president of player personnel. I tweeted about Khan earler today as well:


Khan is interesting because unlike the other names that have either been released or leaked, he is not necessarily a talent evaluator. Yes, he has some talent evaluation experience. But the whole league knows Kevin Colbert is the man behind the Steelers talent evaluation.

Khan has at times assisted Colbert but his expertise is the cap and dealing with the league. He is a close and trusted advisor to the Rooney family, which owns the Steelers.

So why is the fact Khan is fluent in Spanish important? It is not lost on Stephen Ross that the Dolphins have a major public relations issue with their fans locally. It is not lost on Ross that Khan, despite the fact he's not from South Florida, could connect with some of those South Floridians as the majority of residents in Miami-Dade are Spanish speakers.

Gaine is the in-house candidate. He is considered a strong candidate because of his familiarity with the Dolphins and the roster. He has a good working relationship with both coach Joe Philbin and executive vice president for football administration Dawn Aponte.

My concern with Gaine?

While he is obviously not Jeff Ireland, he's been here for what transpired during the Jeff Ireland era. So if 7-9, 6-10, 7-9 and 8-8 wasn't good enough to keep one guy employed why is it good enough to promote another?

Perhaps Gaine can convince Ross that his ideas were different than Ireland's.

I will say this: In 2003 the Miami Dolphins, under then owner Wayne Huizenga, conducted a national search for a general manager. Among the men they interviewed were Ted Thompson and Jerry Reese. Neither got the job. The job was given to in-house candidate Rick Spielman.

Two years later Spielman was fired. Thompson went on to win a Super Bowl as Green Bay's general manager and Reese went on to win two Super Bowls as the New York Giants general manager.

I'm not saying Gaine is Spielman. I'm saying the Dolphins need to be very careful.

One more thing: The Dolphins will take as long as this process requires but would, in a perfect world, like to have a GM in place in time for the Senior Bowl. Senior Bowl bowl practices start January 20. At the rate of three interviews per day, it is easily possible the Dolphins can have a GM in place by late next week.


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Go. Team. Go.

Khan and Gaine make no sense. I would see Gaine as being kept on IF the new GM wants. But he was part of the problem in Miami so if you are going to blow out your GM for not doing a good job in talent evaluation how do you promote his right hand man?? That would be the true definition of dysfunctional!

Gamble makes a lot of sense. I would also hope they would at least interview Pioli. Seems like he has the best credentials. Might be a bit rough around the edges but so is a Belicheat. Wins cure everything.

And please DON'T hire Shanahan for OC! They were a mess in DC - why would you bring the OC of one of the most dysfunctional teams in to right your mess?

vince older shanahan ruined that team kyle would be solid hire

Khan did more than just keep track of the cap, he was instrumental in keeping a Super Bowl winning team together for another run. That involved convincing the vets that it was better to be in Pitt than to leave and test the market.

Part of being GM is creating the culture of the team, understanding the market, and providing the coach the players he needs to win. If Philbin is the primary voice on talent then Khan could fit in nicely.

So far I love the candidates for both gm and oc let's see how it falls out

All of you are suddenly experts on these GM's after reading 7 minutes of web blurbs about them.

Without interviewing them you have no idea which of them you would like better.

We are gonna do this rights I can see the light

Anybody that knows anything about the NFL knows the Steelers do not keep their best and brightest stars, darkoak. Players leave Pittsburgh for the most part and they are replaced by players they drafted.

So your comment is ridiculous.

I am very curious about Marc Ross and Tom gamble both are very impressive

Let's just forget about Ireland we are on to something here

Redskins offense was not the issue this season, their defense was. Shannahan did a great job as OC for the Texans, and last year for the Skins as well. I wouldn't have any issues with him as our new OC.

Belicheat can be rough around edges because he has Kraft in his pocket, rightly so, and is his own GM. Oh, he also has Brady!

As far as Shanahan is concerned he had to play an injured QB all year. Who was but a shadow of his 2012 self. Also he was saddled with a defense that made him play catch up all year with the gimpy QB. Finally set him down for the last three. Very hard to judge him for this past year.

I am an expert


Where are all the good GM candidates? And Shanahan for OC would be a disaster.

Farmer’s mentor is former Browns guard John Wooten, now chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which advocates the hiring and promotion of minority candidates in the NFL.

Now we know why the FPA was $hitting on the Dolphins' power structure and not interviewing without knowing who's is who.

Steve Ross is being a great owner listening to king Carl Peterson his top advisor

The only thing I know about the GM search is that I don't know anything! But if you bring up Gamble's name you can look at the 4 rookies that started for the Eagles this past playoff year. Can't say that about any of our draftees' this year. Granted he wasn't calling the shots but I suspect he had a hand in it.

I gotta say I have no clue who the best fit would be but at the moment I feel a lot better about the whole process than I did yesterday when all the drama was being reported.

All the candidates for both positions look to have potential.

Gaine is even a better candidate than some are giving him credit for. He will probably get a GM somewhere eventually. His mentor getting fired isn't helping him any though.

Tony all these guys have great resumes and shanny knows his stuff but keep in mind this is the beginning of the process Gamble is the front runner he drafted for the 49ers for 8 years and the eagles last year I think that's the guy we want

The First 48/Miami on at 8pm.

I invite everyone to experience our diversity and civility.

I also believe bob macadoo is the guy philbin would love to have as oc he is the green bay connection

Gaine, probably not his fault, but he has the stench of Ireland all over him. Interviewing him can only be a curtesy to a loyal employee.

Rock on brothers

So Ape guy let me get this straight. Your saying that the problem is the QB? First we've heard of this.

You need to get the word out. I suggest repeating it over and over again just in case someone misses it.

"...the stench of Ireland..." - signal


Is an extraordinary disaster.

7 counties can't use or drink the water, restaurants can't open, it will be a struggle for civilization to endure there in the near future.

Hmm...gamble and lazor are my bets!
Im ok with shanahan though! He could do some damage with thill(imo better than rg3).
Other than gamble they got farmer who is up and coming(not sure what hes made of ) and khan who has helped build a past contender in pitsburgh!

As long as the GM has experience promise and came from a wining team they are good on my books!!!

It would be a little hard for me to believe that a first time OC (McAdoo) who's never called a play in the NFL would be allowed by Ross/Peterson. Now this team would have the HC AND the OC having never called a play at any time. Dynamite!!

Posted by: Vince | January 10, 2014 at 07:14 PM

problem in DC was the defense.

they had a great running game, TE and qb play at times.

ETF.....it's going to take longer then 48. They might make it into a mini-series.

The reasoning by Armando for hiring Gaine based on the fact that he speaks Spanish and can connect with the Hispanic community makes no sense. Hispanics that do not speak English that don't like football are not going to like it now because Gaines is going to be hired as a GM. What is Gaines going to do talk Hispanics into watching football?

Most of the latinos that I know that love football grew up here or at least went to school here. Now perhaps if you had a latin QB that could pull in some casual fans to the stands to watch him play. The only QB that I know that is Hispanic is Sanchez from the Jets and he would turn Hispanics and non-Hispanics off.

You have been outstanding this week with your articles Armando but that argument on Gaines for GM is way off. And if that is major factor in Ross' decision then I hope that he sells the team because he is lost. Build a consistent winner and it won't matter what race or origin the executives are from, fans will come and be happy.

It would be a little hard for me to believe that a first time OC (McAdoo) who's never called a play in the NFL would be allowed by Ross/Peterson. Now this team would have the HC AND the OC having never called a play at any time. Dynamite!!

Posted by: signal | January 10, 2014 at 07:48 PM

God no.....

I hope Lazor who was a qb coach but not sure he fits Philbins west coast system or Shanahan experienced and successful OC.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 10, 2014 at 07:58 PM

Sorry I meant Khan not Gaine.

But heck no to Gaine. Why would you hire Gaines if you fired Ireland? He was part of the staff that constructed the current team.


It was actually Khan that Armando was talking about but your right it is stupid.

Start winning football games and fans will come regardless of how many languages the GM speaks.

Who interviewed them? Was Ross there, Armando? Higgins?

Whoever the coordinator is will not be someone that can overshadow Philbin. Philbin seems to be a control freak. At this point of his HC career, he is not secure enough to hire a former HC like Kubiak. So my bet is on a first time OC like McAdoo. I am not saying he would be a bad or good hire but just what I think Philbin will do. None of us are experts enough to know who will be the best fit.

I would love Kubiak based on his track record as an offensive coordinator but I cannot see Philbin brining Kubiaks shadow to the locker room. Philbin likes to be the only voice.

Ross has alienated the Latin community and the Black community.

Tom Gamble, none of the others come close. Pay the man Ross.

Me, I like to learn things.

Maybe Garfinkle Oscar?

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | January 10, 2014 at 08:07 PM

Thanks Rick Khan is who I meant. I have been trying to get my dad to like football for years. He loves baseball and we will watch a whole game together but when he comes to the house for Thanksgiving he is the only one that is not interested in football. Football is my favorite sport but I cannot get him interested.

There is no way that Khan is going to come here and my dad is going to say wow I did not know what I was missing, I think that I am going to become a die hard football fan now.

Gamble and Farmer. End of list.

The first thing his OC has to do is change the way we use Mike Wallace. He needs to line up all over the field just like TY Hilton. Defenses have a very hard time defending him because he could line up anywhere or be in motion. Sherman could not figure that out.

Start winning football games and fans will come regardless of how many languages the GM speaks.
Posted by: Dolfan Rick | January 10, 2014 at 08:07 PM

Winning games does not come easy for Ross. Hiring a Latin or Black could increase profits win or lose.

Gamble yes! Farmer hell no! I do not want anyone associated with the Cleveland Browns to come here.

Did you tweet JMartin with a classless comment, Armando? Shame on you.

Posted by: wallyfin | January 10, 2014 at 08:19 PM

Tanny isnt accurate enough. Its back to the draft for a QB.

Anybody that knows anything about the NFL knows the Steelers do not keep their best and brightest stars, darkoak. Players leave Pittsburgh for the most part and they are replaced by players they drafted.

So your comment is ridiculous.

Posted by: FLPD | January 10, 2014 at 07:29 PM

You aren't familiar with the post SB winning Steelers obviously. You are discussing only the recent incarnation.

Farmer....tend to agree without knowing all the variables.

Kubiak or Shanahan. End of list.

You mean, you mean, he can't take a joke?

How can you anticipate somebody that is on the Offensive? That's why Bill Belichick wins so many Games a year.

Orlando.....many say that the Browns' have a bunch of talent. Especially on the D. But with NO QB you really can't show what talent you might have on offense. With the D on the field for 60% of the time the yardage and pts. can get a bit screwed. ( They do have one h** of a young WR)


That falls on Sherman as well and the o-line did not give him much room to step into throws. When you have OC like Lazor or Shanahan that know how to improve QB play. A good running game will help as well. Sherman just became stagnant.

Licht coming from the cardinals is interesting. That team has been doing a great job with personnel in the last few years. They are an up and coming team and Licht is part of that personnel group. I want someone that comes from a successful organization. That is why I don't want Farmer (the Browns don't make good decisions on executives, coaches, or personnel, bad franchise).

Josh Gordon.....87 receptions, 1646 yds., 18.9 yds/catch and 9 TDs. Now that's a find! 22 years old in his 2nd year. Find us a player like that, at any position, and he gets my vote!

Again Farmer only ONE YEAR with the Browns as asst GM.

6 years with Chiefs as Director of Pro Personnel.

4 years with Falcons as scout.

ok…..lets relax…..who knows if this field of candidates is truly good, or average, or great--they seem qualified, I'm sure they're ambitious, eager….bright--all good things--bottom line is that nobody really knows how this plays out, of if these candidates pan out…..but I think we can all agree that it feels a little better today than a week or so ago….some optimism, the reality that plenty of talented bright dudes do in fact want to be the Fins GM…..would sell their mother, in fact, to be the Fins GM…..contrary to some reports (here…..Mando)……we are not outcasts, or dysfunctional (and if we are, these guys dont care)--hopefully we find a solid dude, and he puts us on a better track…..cautiously…..optimistic

Posted by: signal | January 10, 2014 at 08:34 PM

Farmer had nothing to do with that.

I also don't hold it against him that he was hired by the Browns. I don't think he is the number 1 choice though.

I wonder if any of these guys are…..really organized?

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