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Dolphins coaches home while rest of AFC East in Mobile

The Dolphins had a former head coach in Mobile, Ala. during the Senior Bowl practices on Tuesday. Nick Saban attended the practices as he often does and did when he was the Dolphins coach.

The Dolphins did not, however, have a current coach in Mobile for practices or the interviews with players that happen afterward. Head coach Joe Philbin stayed in South Florida as did all his coaches.

Philbin was the only AFC East coach not attending.

New England's Bill Belichick, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and Buffalo coach Doug Marrone were all at the Senior Bowl. Marrone took his entire staff. Ryan gave his assistants the option of attending or taking a vacation week. And Belichick did not have his assistants attend.

Those are the facts.

So is this troubling?

Is it worrisome that the other AFC East teams -- the Patriots and Jets which finished ahead of the Dolphins and the Bills which swept the Dolphins -- have coaches on the ground at these practices and for the meetings and the Dolphins are the only one that does not?

Is it worrisome the Dolphins are the only NFL team that has neither their head coach nor general manager in Mobile -- an outgrowth of the fact the Dolphins have yet to hire their next general manager?

Well, let me be honest: I'm not in a position to know for sure.

I know the optics of it are bad. It looks terrible for the Dolphins. But that's public relations. That's perception.

Whether indeed it actually is bad is another story. I don't know if the three other AFC East head coaches are picking up nuggets on players that Philbin is missing by not being there. We're not talking just information from practice tape, by the way. Everyone can get the practice tapes and review those if they missed the practice.

I'm talking about nuggets from the face-to-face conversations and interviews with the players.

Maybe those offer nothing. And maybe they offer something tangible and worthwhile. We simply do not know.

It is known Philbin has prioritized his time this week and the Senior Bowl is not the priority. I asked the Dolphins why the head coach didn't attend while all his rivals did.

Philbin's answer through a club spokesman is he did not attend the Senior Bowl because he decided his priority this week was meeting with Bill Lazor and getting  the new offensive coordinator acclimated and up to speed with what the Dolphins are going to run offensively in 2014.

(I'm not sure if that means Lazor is telling Philbin what offense he wants to run or Philbin is telling Lazor what offense he wants).

Philbin also said the secondary reason he did not attend the Senior Bowl was because he was finalizing the hiring of new linebacker coach Mark Duffner.

And obviously Philbin has a strong conviction about his approach because Duffner was in Mobile along with all the other Jacksonville Jaguars coaches Monday morning, but once his hiring was solidified Monday afternoon, Duffner returned to Jacksonville Tuesday and will join the rest of the Miami staff in South Florida Wednesday.

"Anytime you can take advantage of all the opportunities you have to evaluate a player, and certainly if you can see them in person that's a help -- you can see and observe their ability to follow directions in drills and practice -- that's all good," Duffner said. "But with the way technology is now with the video all that is filmed. With proper study of the practice, of the individual sessions, the drills and so forth, you get a great evaluation. It's hard not to."

Look, these are hard times to be a Dolphins fan. The Dolphins stunk at the end of the season. They were shown to be dysfunctional internally. The head coach didn't want to fire an assistant that absolutely had to go and was pressured to do so by the owner. Some assistants that probably needed to go as well -- ahem, 58 sacks allowed -- are still on staff. And the GM search is proceeding at a snail's pace as Miami is the only NFL team without a GM.

Amid all that, is Philbin being in South Florida while Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick and Doug Marrone are in Mobile going to determine the course of 2014?

I'd say there are bigger worries.


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Yeah we should be there. Might get another John Jerry.

We are in big trouble time to take up another hobby

I agree Mando. The one time our coaches actually went to Senior Bowl they picked up the great John Jerry. Maybe staying back is not a bad thing.

Even the Superbowl teams have a head coach or GM there, but the Dolphins? No.

The optics are horrible. The fact that this team collapsed this year is worse. The fact that top GM talent will not even interview is even worst too.

The Dolphins are very broken as a team from the capologist to the Head Coach and his assistants to the players. If the GM can only pick players but the coaches are incompetent and the capologist is a back stabber, then how could even the best GM fix the team? The best will not put themselves in a lose-lose situation if it can be helped.

The reality is drafting an OT and an OG is not going to fix this team.

The reality is that there is such a lack of coaching an player talent that it will be a big fix (not an impossible one) for a powerful GM/Coach. A lame duck coach and a weak GM -- very long odds of success.

If the Dolphins want to break out of a rut and hire the right guy, and really get things turned around---they follow the lead of our brilliant writer Cote and hire Ray Farmer. A big part of the problem is the Dolphins lack identity and credibility with minorities who support the ball club.

Based on the rookie season of the entire 2013 Dolphin draft class, it seems that the Dolphins did not even attend the combine, scout a player, watch any film, or select any player other than a kicker and a part-time DE. So, why not skip the Senior Bowl.

I think I read somewhere that Brian Gaine and the scouting department are there.

I don't understand

Utterly ridiculous, don't you think so, HOME!

Small Potatoes. Mountain out of a Molehill. There are many other resources available to study players and abilities than this week offers.

I think I read the same about Gaine being in attendance as well. It's reported that Gaine is actually in a very strong position to be the next GM as well.

Yes.B.Gaine is acting Ireland now Eh?

Maybe since we are such a great team we don't need to attend

Dawn will write the names of players to draft on Philbin's note cards.

Jimmy and don always went to scout so did tuna and big tony

Dawn will measure there wieners and picked the best ones

Philbin coaches and his coaches coach. He is not a scout. He has his priorities in order. I would much rather have him getting these new coaches up to speed.I am not as worried about it as others are, so maybe that's why I am not sweating this. Our new GM Farmer is there anyways lol

they follow the lead of our brilliant writer Cote

Posted by: Rabblerouser | January 21, 2014 at 07:55 PM

"Brilliant" Writer Greg Cote????????
LMAO, You sir should not be behind a motorized vehicle ....

May be if the actually spoke to these players they might find out that the 6' 5" 320lb tackle that they are going to draft is actually a sissie.

Maybe Jeffy is passing him notes through the fence.

The big unit

There is nothing anybody can do if the Ownner of a Team is content with being mediocre.

We are a joke of a team boo on us

The optics are awful, the fact GM's are saying they don't like the structure and the players are talking bad about the coaching staff isn't inspiring.

Miami have scouts there so this story doesn't make since we gonna be ok

The farmer and the dell hi ho the merry oh the Farmer and the dell hail farmer

Yeah, I think when Sparano went there on 2009 he fell in love with Misi and Jerry. Where has that taken Us except straight into mediocrity.

Rex is a pompus ass can't wait to beat him again

There is nothing anybody can do if the Ownner of a Team is content with being mediocre.
Posted by: oscar canosa | January 21, 2014 at 08:03 PM

Not one winning season in 6 years IS NOT mediocre!!

Oh well enough for one night. We will see what tomorrow will bring. Or won't.

Good night Dolfans. All 5 of you!!

That's not really in good taste.
Please reconsider as Philbin is having a hard enough time.

The State of the Miami Dolphins

1 - They cannot draft. There has not bee a decent draft in over a decade (and they drafted nearly as bad before that as well).

2 - The coaching staff cannot teach or do in game adjustments. They also are very inexperienced in terms of NFL experience. Philbin (like Sporano) is an OL man - and apparently not a very one.

3 - Aponte's role on the team is a source of concern since the way her stabbed Ireland in the back. Leave aside the fact that Ireland did not do well at his job, the fact is that Aponte tarnished her and her team's reputation. Of course, Ireland did as well, but that's in the past since he is no longer GM.

4 - Player talent is limited. The Dolphins need several OL, a RB, another TE, two DT, two LB, a CB or two, a safety, and, quite possibly, a QB.

5 - Organizational structure and reputation is hurting ability to hire top talent at GM and Head Coach. It's also hurting the ability to develop player talent that is on the team.

All of this, and more, point to an epic fail for 2014.

Steve Ross should make a statue of himself and stick it in the bathroom at joe Robbie stadium . So we can all piss on it

He is shamefull

8-8 is the example of mediocre.



You are right.

And we are 8-8 500 imagine if we are 3-13 geez

Why does not having a coach/FO type there to at least interview? Remember when Sparano and his staff coached one of the teams in this event? They found players and they were up close and personal. It's a sorry state of affairs when this franchise may be the only one without representation.

Every day in every way they try their very best to send me down the road. Wonder how many, like myself, are beginning to say this? Most on this blog are true die hard fans! (With the notable exceptions) But don't any of you find that it's just plain embarrassing to be a fan of this circus?

Yes I'm pissed and haven't the faintest idea what is going to save this franchise from itself!

Arent y'all happy we didnt give Ross the charity money!!

Sure it looks bad but the reality is it's a non-issue. Philbin couldn't evaluate players on his team....players he sees everyday and has miles of tape on. What makes you think he can evaluate players in one game?

Home, put me down for 1/2 dozen of, "The Philbin" football caps with the hairpiece

I want to wear one to club LIV

We lost to Tampa buffalo twice the jets that alone should have got philbins head ,we are a run away train going out of control oh yea 58 sacks hmmmmmm

That would be a Bad Team, Marc, which is not conducive to making $$$.

Philbin is pathetic... There is no excuse for an average team to not be at the senior bowl. Coaches input on player's he'd like to coach is important. My guess Philbin didn't have much say in Dion Jordan otherwise he'd have played him this season. Utterly pathetic to get paid millions and be in that position and use an excuse as poor as that. Lazor and Philbin should have flown together and killed two birds w one stone. That just seems lazy to me.

Some say Marino will be named vp lets see how that will go remember last time another huge mistake

If Miami does have scouts at the Senior Bowl, then I hope they are different scouts than the ones that gave us the 2013 draft.

In April of last year and for much of the 2013 season, there were fans (or Dolphin employees) on this board saying how excellent the Dolphins were.

We heard all about Wallace, Ellerbe, Wheeler, Dion and others being the pieces needed for a great team. A defense in the top five and an offense that could score at will.

Any fan that stated a different opinion was bullied.

The fact is that the entire 2013 offseason (except for Grimes and Gibson) was a complete waste. The run defense was horrid and the offense was even worse. The rookies (except the kicker) never played. Players with injury histories got hurt again. There was scandal and there was a collapse.

The team was revealed to have a few talented players and a lot of gapping holes throughout the roster. Worse yet, the top GM personnel with talent evaluation skills are avoiding even interviewing for the job.

Pull for the team, but it would be wise to keep a critical view on the team's true strengths and weaknesses.

The jets have players showing their penis in public all over the place and you here nothing ,they just want to ruin our image

Maybe the league is tearing us down so they can move us to London now that makes sense

Ok guys. You do realize that pretty much all the gm candidates the dolphins interviewed or will interview are at the senior bowl practices. You do realize these guys will pass their notes along to the dolphins when they get the job right? Lol

Typical over reaction by the fans.

The London monarchs reborn also known as the ex dolphins

Is it going to make or break the Fins that they don't have a coach or GM there? No!

Does it stand out yet again as suggesting this team is just "off" and unsettled? Clearly?

Why is it that my beloved team just always seems "off"?

Oh, and Ross. Nothing is taking place to placate the dwindling fan base as he's off to NY and then to China! Which wouldn't be of any concern if we had a strong GM and HC. But we have no GM and nothing has happened to indicate that Philbin has any strength. Ross isn't in any hurry to name one. So I would like to divert your attention to ring number 3, dancing bears and an elephant. Ring 2 has the bare back rider just waiting to wow you! They couldn't decide who should be in Ring #1 so that's empty! Barnum and Bailey lives and is spending the winter in the colors of the Miami Dolphins!

Wonder if he (Ross) gets the idea of on implosion when 50,000 show up for each game. Better have a good bar to go to if you want to watch home games or sigh up for Direct TV!

Ok enough , I just could not hold that back any more

Wow so all of the AFC East HCs are there. No wonder Rex Ryan and Bellichick run circles around Philbin. Lazy Philbin decided to take a vacation rather than attending the Senior Bowl. That is sad.

Ross you idiot. Do you need to know see anymore to know that this guy is not suited to be a HC. Only team with either no GM or HC at the Senior Bowl.

Philbin this is a year round job! Wake up or just quit!

Ok guys. You do realize that pretty much all the gm candidates the dolphins interviewed or will interview are at the senior bowl practices. You do realize these guys will pass their notes along to the dolphins when they get the job right? Lol
Typical over reaction by the fans.
Posted by: Frank from PA | January 21, 2014 at 08:29 PM

Yeah, everything is wonderful.

Off to the gym for some power lifting, then some hoops and 32 mile bike ride over GWB

later slackers!

You go Ken!

Probably been mentioned but Tampa Bay hired Licht as their GM.

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