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Dolphins coaches home while rest of AFC East in Mobile

The Dolphins had a former head coach in Mobile, Ala. during the Senior Bowl practices on Tuesday. Nick Saban attended the practices as he often does and did when he was the Dolphins coach.

The Dolphins did not, however, have a current coach in Mobile for practices or the interviews with players that happen afterward. Head coach Joe Philbin stayed in South Florida as did all his coaches.

Philbin was the only AFC East coach not attending.

New England's Bill Belichick, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and Buffalo coach Doug Marrone were all at the Senior Bowl. Marrone took his entire staff. Ryan gave his assistants the option of attending or taking a vacation week. And Belichick did not have his assistants attend.

Those are the facts.

So is this troubling?

Is it worrisome that the other AFC East teams -- the Patriots and Jets which finished ahead of the Dolphins and the Bills which swept the Dolphins -- have coaches on the ground at these practices and for the meetings and the Dolphins are the only one that does not?

Is it worrisome the Dolphins are the only NFL team that has neither their head coach nor general manager in Mobile -- an outgrowth of the fact the Dolphins have yet to hire their next general manager?

Well, let me be honest: I'm not in a position to know for sure.

I know the optics of it are bad. It looks terrible for the Dolphins. But that's public relations. That's perception.

Whether indeed it actually is bad is another story. I don't know if the three other AFC East head coaches are picking up nuggets on players that Philbin is missing by not being there. We're not talking just information from practice tape, by the way. Everyone can get the practice tapes and review those if they missed the practice.

I'm talking about nuggets from the face-to-face conversations and interviews with the players.

Maybe those offer nothing. And maybe they offer something tangible and worthwhile. We simply do not know.

It is known Philbin has prioritized his time this week and the Senior Bowl is not the priority. I asked the Dolphins why the head coach didn't attend while all his rivals did.

Philbin's answer through a club spokesman is he did not attend the Senior Bowl because he decided his priority this week was meeting with Bill Lazor and getting  the new offensive coordinator acclimated and up to speed with what the Dolphins are going to run offensively in 2014.

(I'm not sure if that means Lazor is telling Philbin what offense he wants to run or Philbin is telling Lazor what offense he wants).

Philbin also said the secondary reason he did not attend the Senior Bowl was because he was finalizing the hiring of new linebacker coach Mark Duffner.

And obviously Philbin has a strong conviction about his approach because Duffner was in Mobile along with all the other Jacksonville Jaguars coaches Monday morning, but once his hiring was solidified Monday afternoon, Duffner returned to Jacksonville Tuesday and will join the rest of the Miami staff in South Florida Wednesday.

"Anytime you can take advantage of all the opportunities you have to evaluate a player, and certainly if you can see them in person that's a help -- you can see and observe their ability to follow directions in drills and practice -- that's all good," Duffner said. "But with the way technology is now with the video all that is filmed. With proper study of the practice, of the individual sessions, the drills and so forth, you get a great evaluation. It's hard not to."

Look, these are hard times to be a Dolphins fan. The Dolphins stunk at the end of the season. They were shown to be dysfunctional internally. The head coach didn't want to fire an assistant that absolutely had to go and was pressured to do so by the owner. Some assistants that probably needed to go as well -- ahem, 58 sacks allowed -- are still on staff. And the GM search is proceeding at a snail's pace as Miami is the only NFL team without a GM.

Amid all that, is Philbin being in South Florida while Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick and Doug Marrone are in Mobile going to determine the course of 2014?

I'd say there are bigger worries.


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Failbin said "I'm not picking the talent so who gives a crap about the senior bowl, let the new GM worry about it, I'm taking my family to the Wax Museum

Posted by: Frank (the ultimate moron) | January 21, 2014 at 09:26 PM

Did Philbin really say that?? Why is he still employed

Cue Ball Failbin is clueless about scouting so why woul he go?

good point JJ

Dolfans will be wearing paper bags over their head on game days at Joe Robbie before the end of Ross' tenure as owner. Visionaries can already see this.

Wow! Mind-boggling! Some of the best players are at the Senior Bowl and Philbin is the only coach not there. Ross should be forced to sell the team due to conduct detrimental to the league.

how can anyone seriously talk about the draft or free agency with these clowns at the helm?? it is an exercise in futility.

how can anyone seriously talk about the draft or free agency with these clowns at the helm?? it is an exercise in futility.

Posted by: Missing GM | January 21, 2014 at 10:47 PM


Dolphins coaches home while rest of AFC East in Mobile?? WTF?? ARE U F'N KIDDING ME??

How bout Armando for GM? He knows his football.

What a great coach Philbin is. What a great organization we have with the Dolphins. We are such a great outfit that we dont need to scout live practices of players about to enter the NFL. Its no wonder a solid GM candidate wants nothing to do with Ross and his baffoons in Davie Fla.

This has to be the darkest moment in Dolphins history. Can it get any worst

Fire Ross!

So what?
The dolphins GM and their coaches have gone to the senior bowl in masse for years and still 95% of their draft picks are out of the NFL by year 3 anyway..hehehe

Anyone else realize today is the 35th anniversary of the 1979 Super Bowl, the last one played at the Orange Bowl.
Super Bowl XIII Steelers 35 Cowboys 31
I was there section 32 row 9 seat 12.

Terry Bradshaw

Steve Ross is the worse thing that has ever happened to the Miami Dolphins.

Worse than Field Goals for FistPumps, worse than Saban, worse than Olivadotti.

You are correct FOTF, and to think i was mostly upset at the horrible new logo (the sperm whale) way before the abortion season of 2013 began.
Ross has completely destroyed a once proud franchise, completely ruined it with every single thing he does.

They are already picking n.e. to go to another AFC championship game. SHOCKING. They are already picking the dulphins to be at home again next year. SHOCKING!

By mid to late October 2014 Philbin will be fired we all know its coming and yes Patriots will easily win the division as always.

Don't worry guys, Ross is going to London and China for a reason. Say hello to the soon-to-be London Dolphins or Shanghai Dolphins.

FOTF, Tim Robbie I fear you both are all to correct.

Everything Ross touches Dolphins related turnstoshit.

List of Ross' Great Dolphins Accomplishments

Uh.... and Uh.... Ahem... and uh...

Gimme' a second here guys. Am I on the clock?

Cool dixie i'll say a fortune on tickets and won't be aggravated anymore in the fall, what a win win!!

Sam, the sad part is Ross really wants to win but is so far over his head, he's around 75 and owning this team was on his bucket list, unfortunately the bucket is full of shite.

its probably a good thing philbins not there he'd only fall in love with the first player that picked up a gum wrapper or had his shoelaces tied to the exact same length on each foot or something idiotic and then push to draft him whether he could play or not

Posted by: not good | January 22, 2014 at 12:32 AM

Naw...... Philbin would knock on room doors with Armando and draft the first guy he caught reading the hotel bible. He would sign Tim Tebow if he could get away with it.

Fa and draft is useless. No one any longer wants to play for the Mioami Dolphins, except for pay days.

Can you really blame them?

If Tannehill isn't Dan Marino in 2014 it will be time for dolfans to begin cutting out their paper bags.

Just an idea to think about, chill out fans, next week will come and we will know more then we know tonight, and that may be nothing new. Sleep tight, help is on the way, I hope. Bill

I'm all for Philbin having success here but if he continues with his steadfast stubborness and does not surround himself with the best, like Belichick does, then if he fails he should hear all of the criticism and comparisons to the Hoodie.

It is January, teams are still playing but Philbin can not find the time and space to attend the Senior Bowl? How utterly idiotic is that? How is it possible that Belichick is there and Philbin is MIA?! Especially after Philbin and his BFF Aponte just orchestrated the outing of Ireland who, suppossedly was the one who made all the draft moves last year. BTW how do we know he picked the players Philbin and his staff wanted? If you ask me DJ and Dallas Thomas for example are very far from the prototypical Ireland pick, and Tannehill was a Philbin/Sherman pick, guaranteed.

No matter how you cut it, like him or not PHILBIN's team did not show up for games 15 & 16 against garbage opponents, what other proof does anyone need to see he is a complete disaster and should have been fired the night of December 29th??

It may not be necessary to be there, but when you finish 8-8 you should be looking to gain any advantage you can and since it is apparent and unfortunate that Philbin will still be the head coach he should be there to get a head start and keep pace with the rest of the division that has their head coaches in attendance. My thinking is if BB is there then you need to be. If this team of clowns wants to wait until the day before the draft to hire a GM so we can fit all of the 168 interviews in between Ross' trips then so be it.

I just hope we draft another outside pass rusher can never have enough!
The o-line is fine and maturing.

Per Pro Football Talk:

Via Jordan Ranaan of NJ.com, the chatter at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama is that candidates are being steered away from the job.

If true, it’s not a surprise. Multiple candidates have rebuffed the Dolphins, amid persistent talk of dysfunction and competing agendas. The handling of the Davone Bess situation potentially makes the job even less attractive, since the new G.M. will have to change an apparent hardball “gotcha” culture that resulted in the Dolphins reportedly snookering the Browns.

The job of G.M. is hard enough when the organization doesn’t need to be fixed. The degree of difficulty with the Dolphins could make any viable candidates with options opt to do something else.

Per Sports Buzz by Barry Jackson:

"Dolphins owner Stephen Ross already has said that the new GM, whenever hired, will report to him. But an unnamed candidate for the job told The National Football Post: "Maybe they’re waiting for the second interview to lay it all out, but they were completely non-committal about how it was going to work. I honestly don’t know if you answer to the owner or to (vice president of football administration) Dawn Aponte. It’s all really unclear.”

The GM, Aponte and Joe Philbin might all report to Ross.

"If you have three people all at the same level, you’re going to have one taking sides and that’s going to create problems,” a candidate told The National Football Post. “You just don’t know what you’re walking into at this point.

"If you’re going to take that job, you’re going to want some protection because if they fire Philbin after next season, they could bring in some experienced head coach or a guy from college and they’re going to want a lot of control."

So, talented GM prospects are being steered away from the Dolphin GM job. About what many here suspected.

Even worse, an actual candidate for the job doesn't know the reporting/authority structure of the job even after an interview.

Keeping Philbin and Aponte is looking like more and more of a mistake. What a complete train wreck of a team. Disgusting really given the near total failure of the past two years.

Per National Football Post (Jason Cole):

Two candidates for the Miami Dolphins general manager job said they remain confused about exactly how the power structure within the team will work after going through initial interviews. Despite a public statement from owner Stephen Ross that the new GM will report to him, the private view during interviews was not so clear, the candidates said.

That has led to uneasiness among those candidates, who say that other candidates they have talked to expressed the same feeling."
So, those who worried about DawnJoe were probably right. Perhaps it should be DAWNjoe.

This is no longer amusing or funny. At some point Roger Goodell himself will have to step in to relieve Ross of this franchise.

Never in the history of the NFL has so much ineptitude exposed itself in such a short period of time.

Sigh, Ross may as well end the dog and pony show and promote Brian Gaine to GM. At least he's already familiar with all of performers in this circus.

At the end of the day, it may only be Brian Gaine who's willing to even accept this neutered gm job.

Phibin should first and last thought of the day should ALWAYS be this....


What Would Belicheat Do......

If Belicheat is there....then Philbin should be close enough to grab his pocket....

and not the back pocket....the front pocket...the inside flap of the front pocket.....when Belicheat is wearing Kanye West type Skinny jeans....

That is how close our coach should be to Bill Belicheat......

Sigh what the heck or you talking bout?

They've interviewed tons of people. Anyone who knows anything knows all candidates aren't released the same information.
The conversation varies per candidate.

And who's the idiot that said players only come here for $$$ after Mike Wallace turned down Minnesota who offered more money?

What person in their right mind wouldn't want to live in South Florida as a Millionaire
and be a GM when all the talent is from here??


Where are my black leather boots and whip?
On your knees Joe, on your knees!

Ok, I just smoked. My fault Sigh. I'm better now, lol

I want to go to Sarasota and purchase chewing gum.

Kris, Sigh, Sam lets analyze...

Philbin didn't go because he's working with the new OC but its only January?


Scenario 1: We finally getting rid of the Texas A&M playbook, new offense implemented.

2. We don't plan on drafting any seniors
3. Philbin's an idiot
4. Ross don't care enough to stay.
5. Ross already knows who the GM will be
6. open to suggestion


LOVE scenario #1....lets hope its that one....

I believe #5 is also a real possibility....

Time to get my nephew to school.....

You bonesmokers

This is so Dolphins, starting with the of course, Mr Ross himself. Yo Stevie, get your ass back in town and go to work and get that "do nothing" head coach off his skinny ass and make him do his job,,,if he knows how. Enough is enough!!!

Go Jets!

Ok guys. You do realize that pretty much all the gm candidates the dolphins interviewed or will interview are at the senior bowl practices. You do realize these guys will pass their notes along to the dolphins when they get the job right? Lol

Typical over reaction by the fans.

Posted by: Frank from PA | January 21, 2014 at 08:29 PM

Only half right Frank... Obviously a GM scouting the Senior Bowl would be much more efficient if he's focusing on his own teams needs. Instead of having to evaluate every player because he's concerned with the needs of two teams.

It is as good as it is going to get. While I believe a coach can get a better sense of any player by not only watching him in person and on tape, but can learn much by speaking with said player. Discussing football things. Yes, Gaine is in Mobile and good on him. He may end up being the last man standing in this shit storm called the Fins hiring and manangement vortex. No one knows who will be in charge, who reports to whom, what roles each of the unholy two play in the hiring decison, and are keeping candidates thinking, really! Perhaps Philbin and Aponte dont want a GM. Gaine is an underling and not much of a threat. If Gaine does survive this cesspool sucking whirlpool, he will be a candidate for a higher position for another NFL team.

Philbin just does not have it. Nothing personal, as I am sure his zombie hoard will atest to. I am all for continuity, but this is not looking good. Bad continuity is well...just plain bad.

Dolphins announce the 2014 draft warroom will be moved to the Chucky Cheese loacted just off state road 84. The Chuck himself has been selected as the next Dolphins GM. Sources say that Chuck and aquatic mamals get along just fine. He was overheard saying, "no dolphin ever called me a rat" according to souces involved in the GM search. "Mr. Cheese is excited for the opportunity, and even got the chance to run up Ms Aponte's leg during ine of the interviews" according to NFL souces. Mr Cheese will spend a couple of days with Coach Philbin going over the roster and coaching staff. Philbin a bit irrate about the coaching staff review was overheard saying, "that f---king rat better watch his ass or he may find his tail in a trap!" Aponte quickly handed Philbin a card which he fead from, "I apologize for anything I may have said that disparages or show insensativity to the mouse/other vermin genus. It was not my intent and anyone who knows me I get along well with all kinds of mice." More to follow on this late breaking story....

So the reason he didn't go was because he wanted to get the OC acclimated to the Offense, Joe we don't play another game for 8 months there is plenty of time for that and also they could have done the same thing in Mobile as they are doing in Miami.Apointe or whatever her name is probably told him to say that, Pathetic

### Dolphins owner Stephen Ross already has said that the new GM, whenever hired, will report to him. But an unnamed candidate for the job told The National Football Post: "Maybe they’re waiting for the second interview to lay it all out, but they were completely non-committal about how it was going to work. I honestly don’t know if you answer to the owner or to (vice president of football administration) Dawn Aponte. It’s all really unclear.”

The GM, Aponte and Joe Philbin might all report to Ross.

"If you have three people all at the same level, you’re going to have one taking sides and that’s going to create problems,” a candidate told The National Football Post. “You just don’t know what you’re walking into at this point.

"If you’re going to take that job, you’re going to want some protection because if they fire Philbin after next season, they could bring in some experienced head coach or a guy from college and they’re going to want a lot of control."

Smart dude from yesterday, UNDERSTAND??? Idiot.

Certainly if the Senior Bowl is an attractive venue for finding NFL quality players- and by most measures it is- the absence of Dolphins GM and coaches from the Senior Bowl puts the Dolphins at a disadvantage. How much of a disadvantage though is questionable.

This year it appears that the team will place priority on an approach to have the GM actually integrate with the coaching staff and have a GM acquiring players that the team needs and are a best fit for schemes the team actually runs. That's a huge step forward all by itself and attendance at the Senior Bowl pales by comparison.

I read that last year about 25% of seniors declined invitations to attend the Senior Bowl. One might surmise that many of the best were absent because they were fully confident of their draft status and felt no need to audition. One local writer stated that Bill Parcells only attended 1 of the 3 Senior Bowls during his tenure with the Dolphins- and we all know who was picking players then. Also, coaches and other team personnel routinely come and go during Senior Bowl week.

So, how important is the Senior bowl in the grand scheme of things? Well, evaluators will get to see how players react to NFL coaching and schemes; how they react on a bigger stage. They get to see how small college players can do against their counterparts at the larger schools. There is opportunity to uncover acorns. But most of the advantages of the Senior Bowl are for the players- for their golden opportunity to shine in front of NFL types.

The Dolphins do have their FO staff present. Player evaluations will be compiled. Practice and game tapes will be available for review by the new GM and coaches. What will be missing is the interaction between players and the Dolphin staff that didn't attend. How much of a disadvantage that is remains to be seen.

That about sums up the dolphins,what a joke.Get ready for a worse 2014.

Does anyone Really think this team is on the right track and will be a Superbowl contender next year or the next several years? What a sad joke this team has become under Ross's ownership.

dolphins = browns
fax jax

Why would Dolphin fans pay 100% for ticket prices when Ross only spends 70% of the cap?

Will the new GM tie his career to a QB that was picked by his predecessors or will he want to pick one?

1) Maybe a veteran QB like Matt Shaub (if he's cut by the Texans, he beat the Phins plenty of times)?


2) a 3rd or later round pick to develop (and dump Devlin)?

ross doesn't care
why should you,the fan?

bring in vix

Everyone's at the Senior Bowl except the Dullfins? LOL

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