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Dolphins coaches home while rest of AFC East in Mobile

The Dolphins had a former head coach in Mobile, Ala. during the Senior Bowl practices on Tuesday. Nick Saban attended the practices as he often does and did when he was the Dolphins coach.

The Dolphins did not, however, have a current coach in Mobile for practices or the interviews with players that happen afterward. Head coach Joe Philbin stayed in South Florida as did all his coaches.

Philbin was the only AFC East coach not attending.

New England's Bill Belichick, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and Buffalo coach Doug Marrone were all at the Senior Bowl. Marrone took his entire staff. Ryan gave his assistants the option of attending or taking a vacation week. And Belichick did not have his assistants attend.

Those are the facts.

So is this troubling?

Is it worrisome that the other AFC East teams -- the Patriots and Jets which finished ahead of the Dolphins and the Bills which swept the Dolphins -- have coaches on the ground at these practices and for the meetings and the Dolphins are the only one that does not?

Is it worrisome the Dolphins are the only NFL team that has neither their head coach nor general manager in Mobile -- an outgrowth of the fact the Dolphins have yet to hire their next general manager?

Well, let me be honest: I'm not in a position to know for sure.

I know the optics of it are bad. It looks terrible for the Dolphins. But that's public relations. That's perception.

Whether indeed it actually is bad is another story. I don't know if the three other AFC East head coaches are picking up nuggets on players that Philbin is missing by not being there. We're not talking just information from practice tape, by the way. Everyone can get the practice tapes and review those if they missed the practice.

I'm talking about nuggets from the face-to-face conversations and interviews with the players.

Maybe those offer nothing. And maybe they offer something tangible and worthwhile. We simply do not know.

It is known Philbin has prioritized his time this week and the Senior Bowl is not the priority. I asked the Dolphins why the head coach didn't attend while all his rivals did.

Philbin's answer through a club spokesman is he did not attend the Senior Bowl because he decided his priority this week was meeting with Bill Lazor and getting  the new offensive coordinator acclimated and up to speed with what the Dolphins are going to run offensively in 2014.

(I'm not sure if that means Lazor is telling Philbin what offense he wants to run or Philbin is telling Lazor what offense he wants).

Philbin also said the secondary reason he did not attend the Senior Bowl was because he was finalizing the hiring of new linebacker coach Mark Duffner.

And obviously Philbin has a strong conviction about his approach because Duffner was in Mobile along with all the other Jacksonville Jaguars coaches Monday morning, but once his hiring was solidified Monday afternoon, Duffner returned to Jacksonville Tuesday and will join the rest of the Miami staff in South Florida Wednesday.

"Anytime you can take advantage of all the opportunities you have to evaluate a player, and certainly if you can see them in person that's a help -- you can see and observe their ability to follow directions in drills and practice -- that's all good," Duffner said. "But with the way technology is now with the video all that is filmed. With proper study of the practice, of the individual sessions, the drills and so forth, you get a great evaluation. It's hard not to."

Look, these are hard times to be a Dolphins fan. The Dolphins stunk at the end of the season. They were shown to be dysfunctional internally. The head coach didn't want to fire an assistant that absolutely had to go and was pressured to do so by the owner. Some assistants that probably needed to go as well -- ahem, 58 sacks allowed -- are still on staff. And the GM search is proceeding at a snail's pace as Miami is the only NFL team without a GM.

Amid all that, is Philbin being in South Florida while Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick and Doug Marrone are in Mobile going to determine the course of 2014?

I'd say there are bigger worries.


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You idiots,and I'm only talking to the little girls who are wetting their pants over the fact Philbin isn't at the senior bowl. The Dolphins have their talent evaluators their, Gains heads the department,interviewed to be GM, and is there. The coach is in the process of going over the offense with Lazor so they can marry their philosophies and work with the new GM to find the right pieces. He is also involved in talking to all of these GM candidates coming in and had to hire a linebackers coach. Bill Parcells went to one senior bowl in three years here and ONLY took Pat White. Get a clue.

Obese Ken - That bike ride should be interesting with a foot of snow on the ground and a wind chill of -10 as I type this

If its not important why is every other team at the senior bowl?

Ryan Tannehill #17 Dolphins jersey was the ninth highest selling jersey in the NFL last year.

The Dolphins are at the senior bowl. To keep ignoring this fact makes one an idiot.


I agree, these chumps on here are so dumb! I really wonder if they are actual fans at all. People want to bring up that Belicheck is at the senior bowl, um doesnt he have final say over all personnel? People are just looking for a reason to pile on this team or Ross or Philbin or whoever strikes their fancy at the moment.

What part do you numbnutz not understand about the structure of this team?

-Philbin coaches, he isnt the talent evaluator and is respecting the process and operating procedures Ross wants for his team.

-All our scouts are at the Senior Bowl. Would Philbin being there hurt, probably not.

-Why are people crapping on the fact that Philbin would rather use his time to get his new coaches up to speed? Because you people are idiots, thats why.

-Please stop posting PFT articles, FLorio is constantly crapping on the Dolphins and constantly has to change his story, when he posts before checking his facts. His site just regurgitates articles from local beat writers and then adds his paragraph of negativity, while putting in his 2 cents(Which is all his opinion is worth)

I have one finger for yall, I will let you decipher which one it is....

Cue Ball Failbin isnt a scout. What good would it be if he went?

The Jets,Bills,and Pats will not find better players because their coaches are there. The Dolphins have their talent evaluators there. It is their job to evaluate talent. There is nothing to see here.

yea Dolphins stunk in Dec Beating Pitt in a snowstorm and the Pats. If Tanni hits Wallace on that deep ball in the Jets game we are not even having this conversation.

The NFL boys club is said to dislike Ross because he is his own man and won't bow down to them.

The national media picks up on this through bad mouthing of the team through "sources" within the NFL.

They write absurd stories bashing the team for anything they can think of.

Gullable, naive, ignorant fans swallow and regurgitate the opinions of these people on a daily basis on internet fan sites.

This describes the origin of at least fifty percent of the posts on this blog.

Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 27s

Former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is joining Falcons' front office.

Perhaps a Xander & Farmer team isnt that much of a stretch

Agreed rdubs


Remember when people were saying we couldnt get Lazor because no one liked Ross or the Phins? Um..yeah baout that LMAO

If we land Xanders and or Farmer. Ross has accomplished his mission this offseason. People will still be talking crap about him

I don't think the Seahawks or the Broncos coaches are at the senior bowl either ... DOOM

And if I remember correctly, the last time we had a coach in tight at the senior bowl, it caused us to pick John Jerry ahead of Jimmy Graham ...haha, stay home and coach Philbin.


If you could skullfuq any sportswriter,who would it be?

I pick FLorio, that stupid bas-turd!

Phins, MIT, Rdubs,

I agree folks are getting over the top but I wish they would crap or get off the pot already.

Not sure what they they're going to find with these extra interviews. If they like Xanders and / or Farmer make a decision.

I guess it doesn't matter but they are allowing all this second guessing to happen by prolonging the process.

Miss me yet?


I feel ya. I think Ross doesnt feel rushed. He is a real estate mogul and has learned.Dont rush something.

Rick, if you were in his shoes. You want people thinking you panicked and hired the first person you interviewed or do you want the fans to think you put alot of thought and effort in luring the best candidate?

Ross clearly cant win in most peoples eyes.

Like busting on him for going to London and China. he is one of the richest men in America and is the head of multiple businesses. As much as we want the him to focus on this only, it is a small part of the bigger picture. With saying that, he deserves to be an owner and thats why you hire people to run your organization..

Ironically, it's probably better not to have Philbin or any of his coaching staff there. Kinda like it would be better if the Florida Panthers could decline power play "opportunities".

The problem is that Dawn Aponte is attending and she is making THE draft list ...

are you starting to understand why I exist? this team has been a joke for a while, I've been a Phins fan fan for a long time. The Super P!ssed off fans have every right to be.

Miami Dolphins are the biggest embarrassment in Major League sports, and have been for years, I can't believe I still care about this team, I am tired of rooting for the highest draft pick after the middle of every season

I'm making a list too. I'm calling it the Koolaid list :D

Philbin and THill tried really really hard, but's it's everybody else's fault. THill had 230,000 yards passing and 437 TD's this year. He only ran into opposing Dlineman a few times ( maybe once) Thill has improved so much this year over last.

Please, don't worry that he can't score in the 4th quarter (8 games in a row without 4th quarter TD), and look how awesome he ended the season in those last two games.

There are alot of great franchise QB's that can't score in the 4th quarter. Thill is so awesome in the first 3 quarters he doesn't need the 4th quarter

When you sre planning to hire an emasculated GM then yes you need to be there. I still think Philbin and his staff had a lot to do with the draft selections last year. Perhaps not all the picks but a handful for sure.

Are you gonna tell me Dallas Thomas was an Ireland pick?! No way in hell. So yes the coaching staff in some sort of representation has to be present at the Senior Bowl. There is a loooong time from here til action starts so do not tell me Philbin can not find the time to be there, to see these kids LIVE not on some tape. I'm gonna quote someone else: if BB is there then you have to.

Well all we can do is assume they are doing their due dilligence and turning over every stone and hope that the negatative stuff like people not wanting to come is just that, negative crap.
In the end we just gotta hope that the new guy can work with Philbin and bring in the talent he needs. Then hope Mr. Philbin can make it produce on the field.
Just another off season in Dolphinville. Hopefully we'll get it figured out one of these days.
One thing I'll say about Ross though, I think he has made it abundantly clear that there is a sense of urgency to win here.
If I were Philbin I would be crossing all my T's and dotting my I's because I don't believe 8-8 will save his job next year.

rdubs, easy Omar Kelly.

When is that damn Wells report due? I wish it happens tomorrow -unlikely bc of the Super Bowl- and brings down Philbin and co for good. Can it be more evident this franchise needs a complete do over!

230,000 yards passing is pretty good..


Would you go fast or slow? Would you grab on to the dreads? LMAO

Grab him by the ears and thrust deep and hard...

yea Dolphins stunk in Dec Beating Pitt in a snowstorm and the Pats. If Tanni hits Wallace on that deep ball in the Jets game we are not even having this conversation.

Posted by: AJ | January 22, 2014 at 09:12 AM


If you want to be fair about it, Tannehill did hit Wallace in the end zone. Milliner got away with pass interference. It was a good pass but a blown call. Next play, Tannehill made a poor decision on a throw to Wallace that Milliner picked off. That TD would have tied the game at 14. Not throwing the pick on the next play would have allowed Miami to still have a chance to score on that drive.

Nobody can say for sure if that TD would have given Miami some momentum to go on a win the game. Or, if the bad interception on the next play finished the Dolphins off. But I personally believe that those two plays effectively ended the game and season for Miami. I don't know if you are blaming Tannehill or if you are just trying to claim that Miami had a good December. End results rely on the bigger picture. Nothing happens in a bubble. Miami played those 2 good games in December but followed them up with two stinkers when they really needed the win.

IF doesn't matter. You are right, we wouldn't be talking about this if it did. It didn't, it doesn't and we are talking about this.


Thats hot and romantic. I havent been is turned on since I saw that Brazilli....um wait nevermind


is = this

Some of you "homers" need to get a dose of reality its very bad that the Dolphins dont have anyone representing the orgaization at the Senior Bowl. All these players are potential draft picks and if you dont have evailuators personally meeting with them and watching them play how can you. properly asesses there draft status??

Just another reason we remain mediocre and will remains so in 2014. Some of you really need to take off your rose colored homer glassess!

There is nothing about Philbin I like!

I think the Dolphins coaching staff not attending shows that Philbin is not as involved with talent evaluation on this team as people like to think. I'm thinking more and more Philbin is purely an organizational coach, he doesn't innovate, he doesn't assess the college players, he doesn't assess his current players. He can't game plan in the game because he is only capable of organizing team affairs.

This ties into the talk that Sherman was really running the team. And the cue cards OMG the cue cards. If you have to have an executive write down what to say after a win.........I mean come on guys.

Didn't Wallace slip and fall on that INT?

But Ray, they do have representation at the game, just not Philbin and his coaching staff.

Whats the hell is the point of interviewing 12 candidates?? Ross wants to see if Philbin and Aponte likes him? GTFOH.

Philbin may be organized color coding his game tapes and all that crap but we need a coach that will inspire 53 men, make good coaching decesions on the fly and make good adjustments not stand there with his mouth half with his mouth half ajar in awe.

So Mark, going over the playbook with Lazor and figurinig out the details of the Lb coach contract is more important than analzying and talking to potential draft picks that Philbin will have a say so in??


The J.Martin scandal never existed. The Fins got catfished. That is what the Wells report is going to show.

The Dolphins will not be penalized cause a player has a mental breakdown cause he misses his home.

Dubs and Phins78,


It isn't time to panic. It is the F'ing Senior bowl!! Are you guys honestly going to believe the hype the Senior Bowl is Super Important!! I watch the Senior bowl every year because it is the second to last football you will see for a while. And Honestly, you can count the guys with 1 hand who became high pick cause of the senior bowl.

The HS under Armor game has about the same impact as the senior bowl. And those guys already know where they are going.

Again, They want to make the Senior Bowl a showcase for talent!! Make it the Senior vs Junior Bowl!! And Invite the Top Prospects!!

About Half the Draft can't go to the senior bowl!! And the Senior prospects that are rated high don't go because it can affect their draft stock in a negative way. They are actually training for the Combine and their pro days.

And as a Dolphin fan I actually am happy that Philbin is in Davie with Lazor and his coaches getting on the same page for the off season. It let's you know Philbin listens to his coaches. The more input Lazor can have in this offense the better.

Lazor is probably giving Philbin feedback on what he sees in the roster. They are probably going thru all the games that were played this year and what play Lazor would've called in certain situations. Whatever they are doing is more constructive to the team than going to watch some mid to late round picks practice for a week.

PLUS, That is the New GMs job who is at the Senior Bowl with another team.

Let's say the Fins are going after Farmer and Xanders. (My dream scenario) Wouldn't it look weird if Philbin and Co. Are caught having a good time with either of the two. I doubt the league will like that. I doubt the Lions and Browns will like that.

And Dolphins have done it to not just 2 teams but at least 7 other teams.

Why aren't the Dolphins Interviewing GMs this week. Because every personnel guy is at the Senior Bowl Scouting. Common Sense!! Doubt teams would like guys going for interviews during the senior bowl.

Gee, what is more important: 1) that the coach is watching players in person, even though most of them will not be available during the draft to the DOlphins, and whose every move is being filmed for viewing at any time; or 2) helping get a new offense installed and getting all the coaches prepared to teach it to who ever is drafted?

Mark I seriously doubt Philbin is a good judge of talent. I was a Philbin supporter because he ended the country club atmosphere in the locker room, but more and more I see him as an empty suit. There is too much evidence pointing towards his inability to be a head coach.

There no exuses!! If every team in the AFC East has their staff at the Senior Bowl you should too simple as that. Philbin can talk to Lazor and LB coach after the Senior Bowl, you want to guage mentally how serious these kids are being in the NfL things you cant tell on tape!

Grendeldad all our division rivals are there. Part of evaluating talent is seeing as much of it and as often as possible. There is tons of time before mini-camps to work the playbook, there are only so many opportunities to evaluate college talent.

There no exuses!! If every team in the AFC East has their staff at the Senior Bowl you should too simple as that. Philbin can talk to Lazor and LB coach after the Senior Bowl, you want to guage mentally how serious these kids are being in the NfL things you cant tell on tape!

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Perception is reality.

Dolphins are on vacation.

Stephen Ross is looking for the right people to lead the Dolphins, in China.

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 20m

Before #Bucs struck a deal with new GM Jason Licht, I’m told the #Dolphins found out about TB’s interest & made a late attempt to hire Licht

How long before this is on PFT, with more snide comments directed towards MY TEAM

I cant post?

Darkoak, don't get me wrong, i actually don't believe in Philbin. I hate his choice in co-ordinators (def especially) - I hate how he just red shirts his rookies.

I do like the way he's brought along the young qb and I do like the way this guy handles challenges and officials. he's as good as there is in that regard.

Also, i do believe in giving a guy three years to prove his mettle.

Just because I don't come on here every day like some and biatch and pizz and moan and complain like my 5 year old niece doesn't mean I love everything Miami Dolphins.

However, I also do know that once you give someone a job, you should give them a fair shake to do so.


Darkoak, don't get me wrong, i actually don't believe in Philbin. I hate his choice in co-ordinators (def especially) - I hate how he just red shirts his rookies.

I do like the way he's brought along the young qb and I do like the way this guy handles challenges and officials. he's as good as there is in that regard.

Also, i do believe in giving a guy three years to prove his mettle.

Just because I don't come on here every day like some and biatch and pizz and moan and complain like my 5 year old niece doesn't mean I love everything Miami Dolphins.

However, I also do know that once you give someone a job, you should give them a fair shake to do so.

Sorry Phins abd Rdubs....

but I don't see anything wrong with wanting the HC @ the Bowl....

I mean...like Mark in Toronto said...let's not get microscopic vision like Sporano.....

but let's not do a 180 for in the other direction for 180s sake....

There is a balanced medium here.....and AGAIN Mr. RDubs....nothing wrong with emulating....copying....and down right SPYING on the best coach in the NFL....Bill Belicheat himself.....
I don't care if its the way he sighs after ripping a good one.....find out what he is having for breakfast.....and dig thru his poop if you have too....

FINS...nor FIN fans need to act to proud.....

I know many on here were righting about the demise of the PATS...and how Brady was on his last legs....and how Belicheat was about to retire with Brady....

19 or 20 weeks later...the PATS are one game away from the SB.....

So much for talk.....

I said it before and i'll say it again....the FINS need to EARN the AFC EAST...not wait for Brady to get old...and Belicheat to retire...that is a loser mentality.....the PATS could have laid down....after Hernadez...and then injury after injury....

BUT...instead....they won the AFC EAST easily...and went to the AFC Championship.....losing to the record setting Broncos.....no shame in that.....

The FINS....well....were still hoping.....

Oh.....and Belicheat....he is at the bowl....business as usual....

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