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Dolphins coaches home while rest of AFC East in Mobile

The Dolphins had a former head coach in Mobile, Ala. during the Senior Bowl practices on Tuesday. Nick Saban attended the practices as he often does and did when he was the Dolphins coach.

The Dolphins did not, however, have a current coach in Mobile for practices or the interviews with players that happen afterward. Head coach Joe Philbin stayed in South Florida as did all his coaches.

Philbin was the only AFC East coach not attending.

New England's Bill Belichick, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and Buffalo coach Doug Marrone were all at the Senior Bowl. Marrone took his entire staff. Ryan gave his assistants the option of attending or taking a vacation week. And Belichick did not have his assistants attend.

Those are the facts.

So is this troubling?

Is it worrisome that the other AFC East teams -- the Patriots and Jets which finished ahead of the Dolphins and the Bills which swept the Dolphins -- have coaches on the ground at these practices and for the meetings and the Dolphins are the only one that does not?

Is it worrisome the Dolphins are the only NFL team that has neither their head coach nor general manager in Mobile -- an outgrowth of the fact the Dolphins have yet to hire their next general manager?

Well, let me be honest: I'm not in a position to know for sure.

I know the optics of it are bad. It looks terrible for the Dolphins. But that's public relations. That's perception.

Whether indeed it actually is bad is another story. I don't know if the three other AFC East head coaches are picking up nuggets on players that Philbin is missing by not being there. We're not talking just information from practice tape, by the way. Everyone can get the practice tapes and review those if they missed the practice.

I'm talking about nuggets from the face-to-face conversations and interviews with the players.

Maybe those offer nothing. And maybe they offer something tangible and worthwhile. We simply do not know.

It is known Philbin has prioritized his time this week and the Senior Bowl is not the priority. I asked the Dolphins why the head coach didn't attend while all his rivals did.

Philbin's answer through a club spokesman is he did not attend the Senior Bowl because he decided his priority this week was meeting with Bill Lazor and getting  the new offensive coordinator acclimated and up to speed with what the Dolphins are going to run offensively in 2014.

(I'm not sure if that means Lazor is telling Philbin what offense he wants to run or Philbin is telling Lazor what offense he wants).

Philbin also said the secondary reason he did not attend the Senior Bowl was because he was finalizing the hiring of new linebacker coach Mark Duffner.

And obviously Philbin has a strong conviction about his approach because Duffner was in Mobile along with all the other Jacksonville Jaguars coaches Monday morning, but once his hiring was solidified Monday afternoon, Duffner returned to Jacksonville Tuesday and will join the rest of the Miami staff in South Florida Wednesday.

"Anytime you can take advantage of all the opportunities you have to evaluate a player, and certainly if you can see them in person that's a help -- you can see and observe their ability to follow directions in drills and practice -- that's all good," Duffner said. "But with the way technology is now with the video all that is filmed. With proper study of the practice, of the individual sessions, the drills and so forth, you get a great evaluation. It's hard not to."

Look, these are hard times to be a Dolphins fan. The Dolphins stunk at the end of the season. They were shown to be dysfunctional internally. The head coach didn't want to fire an assistant that absolutely had to go and was pressured to do so by the owner. Some assistants that probably needed to go as well -- ahem, 58 sacks allowed -- are still on staff. And the GM search is proceeding at a snail's pace as Miami is the only NFL team without a GM.

Amid all that, is Philbin being in South Florida while Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick and Doug Marrone are in Mobile going to determine the course of 2014?

I'd say there are bigger worries.


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MIT, I believe the Senior is where you look for your mid to late rd nuggets.

If you're going there to try and build the 1st 3 rds of your draft board. There may be a serious problem with your scouting department. By now, it should be pretty obvious who the 1st 3 rds of talent are.

If I were a gm, I would go to assist myself in building the mid to late rds of my draftboard.

The Browns have their HC already: the Broncos OC. We too have our GM in place: Gaines. Why else would he be in Mobile? It is utterly stupid however; how this farce of an organization is being ran.

Several reports about the dysfunction at Davie, and the team's reputation mopping tbe floor with Bullygate, DawnJoe, and trickng the Browns into getting damaged goods. You can argue the latter did the same with Indy but at least Richardson can suit up for play even if mediocre.

The GM is a complete farce and the entire league had learned so and this here we are with a franchise that will perennially be looked down as long as Ross owns it.

I have been trying to remain positive but it is almost impossible. I loved the hiring of Lazor but if both Turner and Taylor remain how could one keep being upbeat about this team's chances. Those two are not going to figure it out overnight. Same with Coyle. Everyone knows with this personnel is a no brainer to switch back to a 3-4, but Coyle only knows 4-3 and we will repeat a 2013 performance guaranteed. Belichick as much as he was molded as a 3-4 guy learnd to adapt to his personnel and switches schemes accordingly.

This is indeed an utter mess. Best case scenario we make the playoffs, a possible scenario in the weaker AFC and be one and done. No way this team contends unless there is CULTURE CHANGE like Sam I Am commented. To get there we needed nothing short of cleaning house, and I mean everyone.

Realistically this team will miss the playoffs and Philbin should be fired then. And then what? Cleaning house, right? So why the F delaying it for one more year? I''m rally hoping for:

1. Wells report condemns Philbin and the entire FO and Ross has no choice but to clean house, OR

2. Gaines gets the nod. At least that way he will be shown the door in a complete clean house move -Aponte included goes without saying.

"are you starting to understand why I exist? this team has been a joke for a while, I've been a Phins fan fan for a long time. The Super P!ssed off fans have every right to be.

Miami Dolphins are the biggest embarrassment in Major League sports, and have been for years, I"

So you don't watch "major league sports" is what that statement says. Annndddd.....

LOL! Starting to understand why you exist? We figured that out the first time you posted here. Factors involved in your existence, the ingredients if you will - One seedy bar on the wrong end of town + one desperate lonely lady at last call + some unsuspecting drunken idiot in flannel= you were born.

As a fan, it does not give me a ringing endorsement for anyone in charge of this organization that they are not in Mobile. It certainly looks bad, but more so because our competition is there.

In the end however, its all about reviewing tapes of players, and not the ones that are on Youtube. As far as getting valuable "face time" with the players, there are plenty of extensive interviews before the draft to determine if a players mom is a ho.

I remember when Scam Cameron started he was on a family vacation during senior week, and the Dolphins allowed this. No wonder we go nowhere each year. NO ONE ever lays down the law for the coach. Attention Mr. Ross !!!!!


If the internet and sportswriters make you feel this way and you believe all this. Then I am sorry, but you are gullible!

I love my Dolphins, regardless with these jackazz reporters say. They can kick rocks

Some of you "homers" need to get a dose of reality its very bad that the Dolphins dont have anyone representing the orgaization at the Senior Bowl.

Posted by: Ray McDonald | January 22, 2014 at 10:29 AM

See what I mean, what an idiot right? To make a false statement and then attack the team under the lie? Crazy stupid right? Like super idiotic? Complete moron? Embarrassment to the fan base? I believe all of the above apply.

So before Ireland was fired, the structure was never mentioned once on this blog EVER.

Everyone in all their genius here said Ireland was the problem.

Sherman was the problem.

Not one mention ever about the hierarchy.

Ross gets Sherman and Ireland out.

Philbin replaces Sherman with a guy from a similar system background who also worked wonders with a green qb - fine - most seem placated.

We don't even replace the Gm yet who will step into the exact same hierarchy - yet whoever we hire will nto succeed - imppossible - nobody wants this job even though 7 very qualified candidates have interviewed for it.

Some people decide not to interview for the job because they want total control - like it's the way it's always been done in the NFL. Matt DeCosta, I would give total control to since he's helped build a winner. Gamble though? I must have missed his super bowl rings. McLoghlan? His rings are nowhere to be found either and that doesn't even take into account that the Miami gm will have more autonomy than the Seattle position.

Most people just try to find something new to complain about ....

Maybe Philbin and Lazor are interviewing a QB coach and OL coach...this could be happening I am speculating it....

Sam, this structure is found on 1/3 of NFl teams.

And if a neutered Gm is not the problem why is it on your list?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 22, 2014 at 12:14 PM

Besides the way Ross is handling this gm process, the 2nd worst thing to happen thus far, layers criticizing "lack of coaching". This I also expect to bite us in the ass 2014 too.

The way Ross is "publically blundering" the gm search is further mud in the face of this franchise. GM candidates now publically stating Ross still hasn't made clear the "power structure" in their 1st interview. They state, "hopefully, maybe he does it in the 2nd interview.

Ross makes this entire franchise seem a bungling mess and it seems everything he does comes back to bite this franchise in the ass. So, why be blindly deceived anything will change now?

Brian gaine is our gm

Mark, you actually frightened me with a post (the one wondering if Philbin has something against rookies). Think about it, how do most teams improve and remain elite? They develop their own drafted players. Improvement via free agency is an uncertain process (rarely successful). I would be quite fearful if Philbin really was anti-rookie (but I'm not sure we can read that from Dion Jordan or not going to the Senior Bowl).

Me, I'm GLAD Philbin isn't there. I think he'd be the LAST person a college kid going into the Draft would want to meet. A bland, robotic, boring Opie Cunningham HC. He'd probably tell them to tie their shoes and make sure they wear a tie to Draft Day. I'm fine with Gaine being there.

What I don't like is the "whispers" of players saying there's no coaching going on. How can that be? You'd think if Philbin would love anything it would be coaching guys up, giving them lessons on the fundamentals. Let's hope that's not true, that it's just some discontented players. If it is true, it's going to be a LONG 2014.

Oh.....and Belicheat....he is at the bowl....business as usual....

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | January 22, 2014 at 11:01 AM

Kris, I would be worried if Belichick was actually good in the draft. He is not. He is a hall of fame coach and brilliant mind who has one of the best QBs of all time leading his team. But his drafts have been mediocre to poor since Pioli left.

So Sam, if that is tru about the senior bowl - personally I haven't even checked the rosters to see who's there - and historically any pick after the third round has less than a 10% chance of ever becoming even a three year starter - we should crap on the entire franchise because a coach isn't there to see these longshots even though all our scouts are?

Ideally yes, I'd like to see the coach there - but if he beieves his time is better served on system planning and filling otu the staff - then by all emans let him do that.

I mean 90% of the people with beef here had it ebcause our offense was predicatble and repetitive - well let the coach and the OC work on improving that then.. no? Better than playing powerball at the senior bowl.

And at any rate, it is way too early to come to any kind of consensus on the first three rounds - heck nobody even knows who will be the first pick overall let alone the 19th. You find out way more between late Febraury and early April than at any other time of the year combined.

Real men are out working and doing important and noteworthy things right now.

They are running businesses, planning for the future, ensuring the future security of their family.

You are sitting behind a keyboard obsessing about a children's game.

the clueless out of touch
out of towner

Mark, on the Tanaka signing. I guarantee you the guy in here always calling Ross cheap and wanting him to spend more money will be the same person burning a Yankees jersey if they win the series because, "they bought their team".

Not one mention ever about the hierarchy.

Some people decide not to interview for the job because they want total control - like it's the way it's always been done in the NFL.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 22, 2014 at 12:23 PM

The attention was focused towards Ireland because the hierarchy(Ross) kept him long past his expiration date. Should have dumped him with Sparano.

Making matters worse, as we have learned, oss also made the final decision to bring in Philbin. Ireland wanted the hc now in San Diego. This only birth DawnJo.

Just one mess after another with Ross. Sees he never learns. Then the way this gm process is being bungled. Saddest part of all, the owner can not be fired or replaced. These are now sad, sad times for all things Dolphins football.


You must admit that the coaching staff not being at the senior bowl practices is a major problem. How does a guy like Ross allow this to happen. Basically shows he doesn't care what goes on during the offseason and I would question how badly he wants to really win.

He does half assed jobs when total house cleaning is necessary. I've never seen a franchise so unorganized with bafoon type characters at the top running things

I am glad it will be again dropping into the 30's and 40's in South Florida this week so that tourists "escaping the cold" will still need jackets and sweaters and be unable to go to the beach.

I hate them.

Finally an article I like.Haters dont waste your precious time

by Chris Shashaty, Phins.com Columnist

This is the first offseason I can truly say that I have confidence in Stephen Ross as Miami Dolphins owner. I just like how he is going about his own business, and the team’s business.

Here are three things that inspire confidence.

1) He spends money: players, staff, facilities... you name it. Ross wants a first class, winning franchise in all aspects and isn’t afraid to open his wallet to make that happen.

2) He doesn’t meddle: Ross prefers to hire good people and let them do the jobs they are being paid to do well.

3) He learns from his mistakes: Ross is not afraid to confront issues, even if they are of his own making. Each year since buying the team from Wayne Huizenga, he has improved his acumen as an NFL owner.

From these behaviors, we are seeing a well thought out purpose and method in Ross’s offseason actions thus far which are reassuring.

Ross appreciates and values head coach Joe Philbin for his organizational and leadership talents, and his dogged determination to change the culture of the Dolphins. But when Ross sat down with Philbin at season’s end, Ross was also armed with facts that suggested a coaching change on offense was in order. While Ross couldn’t order Philbin to fire Mike Sherman (Philbin’s contract gives him sole authority on those decisions), he let the facts, rather than emotion, make the case. Philbin, a very smart man, looked at the situation objectively. He saw the position that Ross artfully and rightfully put him in, balanced his loyalty to Sherman with reality, and made the right move.

Ross also met with General Manager Jeff Ireland. It’s no secret that Ross admired Ireland’s scouting talents, but he also put indisputable facts on the table: the GM’s moves (and non-moves) hadn’t produced a winner for the fifth consecutive season, and he’d lost the confidence of Philbin and Senior Vice President of Football Operations Dawn Aponte. In short, Ireland had put himself in an untenable position and Ross tactfully pointed it out to him. This compelled Ireland to essentially resign.

Again, the right move.

The search for a new offensive coordinator (Philadelphia Eagles QB coach Bill Lazor) was solely Philbin’s choice. Early returns on the Lazor hire are positive, though the on-field production is what will really matter. For now, another good move.

Of course the big move will be the choice of the next GM. He knows it has been the weak link in the team’s front office over the last decade. He also knows his faith in Ireland was misplaced, and has owned up to that by running Ireland off.

Choosing a new GM is a decision that will define Ross, and he seems determined and purposeful in meeting this challenge. He could have rushed it, could have hired a ‘right now man’ instead of the ‘right man’ (as a team source told The Herald’s Armando Salguero this week). Ross knows that he needs to get the ‘right man’ if his Dolphins are to get right.

Many in the local media are impatient. They interpret Ross’s delay to mean he has no plan. They are irritated by their lack of inside perspective, so they create their own stories rather than report the truth. It’s curious and irritating all at once.

Folks, Ross didn’t become a billionaire by listening to media wags. He smartly recognizes that there is no rush. He knows he isn’t competing with any other team for candidates, and that the scouting combine is still weeks away. And Ross does know what he wants, which isn’t necessarily an experienced or overrated GM that local media types clamor for, and the ego that comes with such a man.

What the Dolphins need is simple, really: a man who can make consistently good decisions and who can work collaboratively with his colleagues (i.e. teamwork).

The trick here is in evaluating the decision making. In other words, when presented with reams of good data from a very competent scouting staff, which the Dolphins have, can a guy consistently make good decisions?

This is no easy trait to judge. Even a Hall of Famer like Bill Parcells got it wrong when he brought Ireland over from Dallas. And experienced candidates out there, like Scott Pioli and Bill Polian, have a long list of dogs that tarnish the good they have achieved. What to believe? And their egos demand a hierarchical, rather than a collaborative structure.

It takes a very special candidate, someone like Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, or Parcells to justify that sort of organizational structure. In my opinion, there isn’t a man out there who deserves that sort of power. And it isn’t necessary.

So it says here that Ross is doing the right thing by looking for a hungry up-and-comer, someone who can grow with the organization. If I were to offer him any advice, it would be to love the candidate you hire. Don’t settle.


Where has it been reported that Gaines is at the Senior Bowl?

Posted by: Mando's Cue Card | January 22, 2014 at 11:12 AM

Everywhere except this blog. They don't print facts sometimes because the two to three idiots that give them 90% of their hits get off on rumor, speculation and lies. They need to keep their hits up therefore you get a story about how the coaches aren't at the senior bowl while no word is spoken about how the entire scouting department has been their since day one.

Yes Brian Gaine will be the new GM. So much for change from Ireland. He learned all that he knows from Jeff Ireland. At least we will have continuity.

DC, I actually don't know if that is Philbin's idea or not - but it sure looks that way. I mean the talent on Dion jordan for example is self evident - it's eye popping really.

Yet nobody came up with an idea to get him in teh games more because Vernon was playing a good DE.

There are whispeers that the Rams would consider taking Clowney even though they have Quinn and Long. I guarantee they won't play Clowney 15 plays a game if this happens.

Anyway, I think it's an area that needs improvement with Philbin - it seems that we have to wait until year two to see anything from these kids.

Wow, Scott Pioli would rather be an assistant GM with Detroit than be the GM for the Dolphins. That is embarrassing.

Philbin stayed behind to make sure Lazor knew they were not to run a high power offense. This is not philly son, here we keep things mediocre at best, so get any thoughts out of your head about teaching Tannehill how to throw deep. By the way your socks are not pulled all the way up.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 22, 2014 at 12:28 PM

If appearing at the Senior Bowl was not part of our normal offseason routine, then no problem not being there. More importantly its why we are not there, over we're just not there.

It just taps into the way this gm search is seemingly being bungled. Neutered gm, Senior Bowl, what have you. Its all secondary and seemingly a bi-product of the same kind of dysfunction plaguing this franchise the entire Ross era.

D29, why is it a major problem?

Gaines is at the Senior Bowl as has been reported numerous OTHER places.

If this is your main source of Dolphins news you are woefully uniformed.

Sam, I for one like the job overall Ireland did the last two years. He made one fatal error and that was overestimating the talent he had on the o-line. Other than that I think he did a very good job upgrading the talent level. however other issues outside of roster management probably cost him his job. Just goes to show you - doesn't pay to be a jerk...

Daytona, again, we are there. And there is no neutered GM.

Orlando, he was never asked to interview...

Sam, I for one like the job overall Ireland did the last two years. He made one fatal error and that was overestimating the talent he had on the o-line.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 22, 2014 at 12:43

Fatal Error? Isnt this what gets anyone fired, no matter their profession?

Atlanta not Detroit.

IMO, the Senior Bowl is over rated much like the combine is. HOWEVER, they are useful just like interviews and individual workouts later on in the process are. Pieces of info put together to hopefully make up the whole picture.

So, yes it's important to have 'feet on the ground'. Do we have someone there that matters? I don't know.


I agree with you. I have always said that Ireland was not appreciated here. He was a victim of the poor coaching the dolphins have. They were in position to make the playoffs this year with the talent that Ireland put on the field. I think that the team underperformed under the coaching staff and players were not put in a position to succeed.

Take the linebacker situation. Dansby and Burnett were average last year under Coyle and this year with new teams they had great seasons. Dansby was a defensive player of the year candidate. Ellerbe and Wheeler had great years with their teams last year and now are horrible with the dolphins. That is on the coaching staff. I would not be surprised if John Jerry goes to another team an becomes a pro bowl guard.

Sam, yes it is, and that is what got him fired - that plus making moves on the jobs of Mike Sherman and Dawn Aponte - which he had no jurisdiction.

Atlanta not Detroit.

Posted by: scott lemire | January 22, 2014 at 12:49 PM

Thanks it is Atlanta.


It's a major problem because as a coach these players will be the next generation of talent coming to help the team win and make the franchise a success. If we are going to trust him in coaching these guys should he atleast attend in person to get an idea of each player the team may have interest in.

I realize he can watch tape and give input on players he sees, but actually being there can provide things that a tape won't show.

Obviously it's important to the other three coaches in our division that they attend. Even if philbin is getting lazor up to speed with the offense. He can't multitask and do this at what is like a scouting combine. Will it become an issue if philbin doesn't go to the combine in Indy. Will he be too busy grocery shopping to attend.

cocoajoe - we do have someone of importance there in that our scouts and top remaining player personnel exec is there as well.

If our new GM comes from the outside - he is there too. All our candidates are presently working for other teams so yes we do have a tonne of people there that matter.


I am actually not a Pioli fan but I think that he is probably much more experienced than some of the candidates being interviewed. I am guessing Ross did not even bother asking because Pioli would have said no to the current structure. Again, Pioli would rather be an assistant GM for another team than work in the structure that Ross is offering for the GM.

D29, then you should be appeased that the players that matter will be at the combine, they will have pro days. The scouts will do their jobs and whittle down teh information for the coach. Yes there is some benefit for being there - but let's stop acting like this is the one and only opportunity to assess these guys and let's stop pretending that scouting is Philbin's job.

Not like Philbin is on vacation - he's doing his job - and letting player personnel do their job. If Philbin then complains that the staff doesn't get him enough talent - then he has only himself to blame for not being there.

But is it a problem - no because if we are depending on Philbin to do player personnel assessments then we should we get a GM to fill the profile the team wants him to do.

The club clearly wants the GM to draft and aseess free agents and the coach to coach these players and manage his staff.

Again, Pioli won half as many games as Ireland and thought matt Casell was a franchise Qb and wouldn't take a young Jay Cutler in a trade for Cassel in a straight up scenario.

What Pioli is doing is no conern of mine - he had his chance and blew it.

nobody wants this job even though 7 very qualified candidates have interviewed for it.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 22, 2014 at 12:23 PM


I'd question the qualifications of the few candidates who ran to the media with certain details of a private, first interview...


What details would those be?


You bring up a good points about the rookies not playing. But then I would ask you to look at our 2012 Draft. Most those guys didn't play their first year. Even Tannehill wasn't suppose to play, but M.Moore had one of the worst preseasons Ever.

I believe preexisting conditions prevented Philbin from exposing certain rookies more than they did. And the 2 CBs suffered from Veteran Depth. Coyle's strength really showed. Grimes, Patterson, N.Carroll and J.Wilson were probably the best group of CBs we have had in a while, to not say ever. Honestly, I don't remember the Dolphins ever having 4 CBs of that caliber. And in the 60s and 70s you didn't spread the ball out.

D.Jordan is a 4-3 DE in this system. I know most of us thought we drafted a Game changing OLB #3 Overall. Coyle is going to make him into a franchise DE. Whether we like it or not.

And to me D.Jordan is a J.Long type of player. Unless you screw him up by bringing him back early from injury, it will be real difficult for him to be a bust.

What I like about Jordan is that he wants to get better and learn. The plan is simple. Lift weights with Wake and O.Vernon, and be mentored by JT on how to use his length to his advantage.

D.Jordan's Shoulder should be fully healed by now. If he gets up to like 265+ like he says. Watch out!!

If I were the HC I would have brought the new OC with me to the Senior Bowl and finalized the hiring of the new LB coach remotely. It can be done, we have the technology.


This is another reason why philbin is in way over his head. Great talent was given to him and he was lost on how to use that talent. I'm not asking him to make the final day on drafted players but he should be there in mobile to provide input and talk to potential players he may be coaching.

Being a head coach just doesn't start in August at training camp and end in January. It's a full time year long grind. The season never stops and he'll even our former coach is there and he's not even in the NFL.

Sorry but this only shows that philbin needed to go and has no clue on what he's doing from a standpoint of player coach interaction and relationships from a player/coach standpoint

How about if we just wait and see how it works out what a concept

Dashi, I have no doubts about Jordan's ability and prosepcts. I jsut think they could've made more use of him especially with how poor Wheeler was.

As far as the CBs, the best rio was Surtain, Madison, and Terry Cousins - but 4 - I can't remember. I hope they keep Patterson and Grimes next year and I hope Patterson goes to a lot of rub ntugs over the winter to get his groin strong.

And I know last year's crop of rookies is a strong one - I have always praised the skills of Jordan, Taylor, Davis, and Jenkins. Those four have a chance.

And I have also always said because they didn't play last year, doesn't mean they won't be any good. Seems to be Philbin's way to make them earn it in practice before they get the job on the field.

We have very good scouts and we have brian gaine and King Carl


They couldn't do that in Mobile?


Didn't we have a secondary of Madison, surtain, Marion and walker alittle while back. Plus Buckley as the nickel guy. That secondary was head and shoulders over the one we have now

We also have clueless Joe and our staff of misfit toys

Wow, Scott Pioli would rather be an assistant GM with Detroit than be the GM for the Dolphins. That is embarrassing.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 22, 2014 at 12:39 PM

Fins didn't want him.

But D29, what is doing now is his job - he's coaching and managing his staff. Like I said before there will be plenty of time to get to know a player between now and late April.

They don't want philbin there he's a dummy

Got a question (for anyone who may have the answer). Can a GM bring his own scout team to a new job? Or are scouts under the same hiring restrictions as coaches (you can't move laterally, only up)? Just wondering, if a team doesn't think their scouting dept is effective, how they can change them (I guess hire from college)?

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