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Dolphins finished with three more secondary interviews

The Dolphins today confirmed they interviewed Lake Dawson, Nick Caserio and Dennis Hickey for the second time as they continue their search for a new general manager. The team interviewed in-house candidate Brian Gaine on Friday.

It's fair to believe these are the Dolphins four finalists.

The Dolphins next general manager will come from this group.

Caserio stayed in town Friday evening after interviewing in the morning and afternoon and got a second look today. Dawson and Hickey had their first interviews earlier and were brought in as finalists from Tennessee and Tampa Bay respectively.

The Dolphins are expected to pick a GM by Monday or Tuesday.

That means there will likely be a lot of soul searching and debating and discussing each candidate's strengths and weaknesses within the team's hierarchy on Sunday.

Ultimately, however, owner Stephen Ross will make this hire.



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first lol

Well finally almost over. I cannot chose who I want. I just don't know.

I might put Hickey or Gaine last but who knows?

Caserio. Why not. From Patriots. You got to take em. Good track record

Caserio hands down! Do it Ross!!!

Ross and his advisors are are now going through a thorough and methodical process of elimination in order to select the new GM.

It's a process that in layman's terms is known as coin tossing.

Why not Caserio as GM and Gaine stays on as VP player personal like Caserio had in NE. Keep the scout's eye in house and add Caserio. Money talks. I am sure Gaine would stay if they pay him enough. That way you have 2 of your finalists hired on. If they hire Gaine as new GM - qualified or not this will come off as a brutal off season after the meltdown this team had. That would say Ross got rid of Ireland and Sherman to try and make fans happy but did he really change much? Not that way! A new GM team will allow them to learn the landscape this year so they will be in a better position next year when Ross HAS to finally blow out the coaching staff. As much as I want to like Philbin his game management stinks and his team did not play hard for him when it counted. That spells a long season next year. I wouldn't be surprised if we lose out on FA's that get anything comparable with other teams just because of our coaching staff.

Could Caserio be a Belichick spy?

will all 4 of these guys still want the job on Monday?

ya I think Caserio is the favorite.

Hope they announce it tonight.

Dave Hyde.....

"This is Ross' big decision. It's his draft day. He's on the clock. The last 5 years has run from disappointing to disastrous under him. This decision, more then anything else, dictates how the next 5 will go."

Ain't that the truth!!

C'mon Fins...agree. Who knows if any of the three (not including Gaine in the mix since he is in house) wont get cold feet and just thanks but know thanks. Hopefully Cesario was the last interview and they offerred him the job, but asked him to keep it under wraps for a day or so until an official announcement is made.

Caserío! We need a top GM for achieving titles. We don't like patriots but it's good having a guy who get us into playoffs.
I hope Philbin can work and win with him and not needing a new head coach after next season

Caserio > Hickey > Gaine > Dawson

Well, if it is Cesario he better come clean. He's coming from our greatest division rival, and who knows? He better pick winners in Rds 1 and 2. In any case, if selected, he's going to be under the scope here.

No matter what; from here on out this teams success rides on the shoulders of Stephen Ross. He is going to hand pick the new GM, he hand picked Joe Philbin & he chose to keep the coaching staff & front office in tact. Therefor what ever Miami does from here on out, you will either cherish Stephen Ross or fault him for being wrong.

The sure fire, immediate starters/impact Players come in Rds 1 and 2. You miss on one of those, the whole draft can go down the drain as Rds 3-7 are mainly a crapshoot, a lottery.

My biggest potential problem with Caserio is that Kraft (who doesn't have any use for Ross and the contempt is returned) and Belichick don't give up anything of value without getting something in return.

So the big question is....'are they giving up anything of value' (the 'Pats)???? And the follow up question, 'are the Dolphins giving up anything of value'????

Dawn Aponte is scaring away GM candidates. The back stabbing Aponte ratted out Ireland with Philbin causing a rift between the two. Philbin's staff deserved criticism, Coyle and Sherman both did a horrible job with their units last year. This woman makes me sick. I hate to see anyone man or woman resort to this conniving style just to get what she wants. She divides parties against each other in her quest to climb the corporate ladder. Apparently, she has a history of this. She did the same thing to one of the Cleveland Browns GMs.

Reports are that it is possible that Aponte scared of Farmer from coming here. I thought that Farmer was the best candidate that showed interest in the Dolphins' GM job. Aponte is going to cause the Dolphins to hire a lower tier GM as no respected and honorable GM is going to want to work with this back stabbing rat. Aponte is yet another bad side effect of the Bill Parcells era as he is the one that brought her here.

signal what in the hell are you talking about ?

@ signal : For your information Miami didn't need to get permission from New England to interview him. Once a team is bumped from the playoffs everyone can be interviewed as long as the job is a promotion.

@ Orlando Dolphan : None of that matters anymore. Stephen Ross has just put his own stamp on this team by picking the GM, Philbin & the front office. So if anything else goes wrong with this team OR they miss the playoffs next year, the only person you can blame is Stephen Ross for getting it wrong.

Everyone has ideas about each guy, so here goes, he came from John Carroll, perhaps the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, guess who else came from there. Bill p.s, his name is Don S

Caserio might be the best fit as he was always working for an HC with power (BB GM) and an really involved owner. Get to pad his resume make big $ and fits into a system that is not as foreign to him as others? just a guess but hoping he can bring some credibility due to his pedigree.


Ask yourself why, out of the blue, that Caserio has a desire to better himself by bolting for the 'Phins and out of the protective shell of his mentor? Two years ago he said that he was happy with the Pats. Last year he didn't purposely interview for any GM openings. The question I ask myself is why Belichick would allow him to interview with the enemy? Apparently it's a known fact that neither Kraft nor Ross has any use for each other.

So this leaves two questions.....1) Has the time at New England run out for Caserio? And if so would Belichick get off on seeing the Dolpins get a weak GM? Why is he allowed to interview? 2) It wouldn't be the first time that if Caserio were to be hired that compensation would go to the giving team (Pats)!!

Interesting questions if your not the type to take everything passed to you at face value!

@ william : You are right, Don Shula did go to John Carroll college, just like Nick Caserio.

Hollywood....if what you say is correct, and I will take your word on it, that no permission was needed. Then if Caserio were to fail in his attempt to become GM, then how warm would his welcome be when he heads home?

Belichick doesn't have a history of giving up what he wants. Can we agree on that point or his he turning over a new leaf?

@ Granite State Phin Fan : The person can be the best talent evaluater on earth, but the new GM MUST have continuity with the rest of the organization in order for this hire to be successful. You can't have one without the other. The GM, the coaching staff & the entire front office MUST ALL be on the same page, in order to build a championship caliber football team.

Belichick won't have any problem with it, he would only be happy to get him back & laugh at us for not hiring him.

I hope it nick caserio for the gm

Maybe Caserio see's that Miami is on the verge of overtaking New England & he wants to get on board while he can ? Who knows !

Also it would near impossible for Ross to turn away an insider in the Patriots organization. And one who's mentor was Belichick. Not to mention getting something to rub into the face of Kraft.

Seems too perfect.....or it could be my natural tendency of not believing something to good to be true! That's if he has something in the vicinity of the wisdom of Belichick.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 25, 2014 at 08:51 PM

Maybe Farmer wasn't the favorite. Maybe he had an outside shot.

And it seems that he might not be that secure in his manhood if he is afraid of Aponte.

Farmer don't let the door hit ya fool.

All I know is that if Stephen Ross doesn't pick the right GM (& I think Caserio is the guy) & this team misses the playoffs again next year, the only person you can blame is Stephen Ross for getting it wrong.

from the Boston herald:

"After Floyd Reese left the organization last year, Caserio took over more responsibilities in dealing with agents, so he is still raw from that perspective. Caserio is considered bright, full of potential and straightforward, which people respect, but the 38-year-old has shown his inexperience compared to seasoned veterans."

hollywood...your dead on right. But, as always, this organization still have Ross calling the 'next' shots!!!

Stephen Ross has hired every important figure in this organization, except for Dawn Aponte (who the whole league swears by). So Stephen Ross will finally be totally responsible for the outcome of the Miami Dolphins. Before it was Jeff Ireland (granted with a hand tied behind his back & for good reason), but now it's solely on Ross.

See. that Boston Herald article are things that I'm always looking to find. Not that that particular report can't be wrong but it is food for thought!

@ wallyfin : Have you read the article; Meet Nick Caserio, undercover architect of New England Patriots


According to everyone he's been associated with, he's expected to be a great GM when he gets the chance.

I never really could understand why Farmer was help in such esteem by the media. Armando used words like "Humiliation" to describe him staying in Cleveland. I think that is a fairly good sign he's a bit of an idiot. Who in they're right mind want to live in Cleveland? If ANYONE should feel "humiliated" it is Farmer. I think he stayed because he didn't feel like he would get the spot and was afraid Cleveland and they're new coach would replace his azzz... Thereby leaving him jobless.

As I pointed out by showing the Hyde article. Ross has one last chance to get it right. If not this organization is doomed for the next 5 years! And I'm sure that their aren't many that have any great confidence in Ross!

It would be nice if he got it right despite himself!

** held.

Ill be back in 15 I'm going to go have a smoke.

Aponte reminds me of that kid in school that comes and tells the one kid he said you are dumb. When the kid responds I will kick his butt. She then runs to the other kid and says he said he wants to kick your butt. This causes deep hate between the kids causing them to fight. That is what Aponte did to Philbin and Ireland. You wonder how much Aponte would get Ireland to talk about Ross and then she ran back to tell Ross, Ireland said this and that about you.

The word is out about this winch around the league and that is why 5 GM candidates have either refused to interview or have accepted lower positions somewhere else. You have to ask yourself why are the only guys that are still alive in this process guys that have barely been considered by any other clubs? Why are there no hot candidates for this job (no Farmer, no Gamble, McCloughan)? Farmer seemed to be the only legitimate one an now he decided to stay with the lowly Browns making less money and with a lower position. This screams of what the heck is wrong with this organization?

What's the GD difference who the new GM is of this horrible franchise with the sperm whale as a logo?
You guys are doomed, doomed i tell you!

And Hollywood.....I did qualify my misgivings regarding that article. These days 90% of what is written is b&**(&^^%t! But if you keep digging one just might find the 10%.

Gentlemen have a good night....out!

I'll be on board with who ever is hired. Right up until such time that he proves his incompetence.

Caserio has been offersd the job

It's on twitter. He has not made up his mind to take the job

Just because Caserio is the only candidate from a winning team does not mean he is the best man for the job. We really don't know what we are getting in any of these candidates. Both Dawson and Hickey have had some good drafts with their respective teams, I would even say more so than NE, even though TB and Ten have not had the results on the field. I would like to see Gaine stay in his current position and work under one of the other applicants. Someone made a good point, that all the scouting work and info would be in place for the new GM to hit the ground running. Caserio is experienced in giving control to someone else when picking personnel so that will be helpful in the power triangle that the Dolphins have. As far as him being a spy, why would the Pats need to spy on us? They routinely beat us by multiple games for the division every year. Ross, make the right choice and please don't be blinded by another patriot mirage...Hire the best man regardless of where he is coming from.

If Miami has a great off-season, a great draft & make the playoffs, all will be forgiven for this team & all the trolls will finally be gone. But if Stephen Ross gets it wrong this year, the fans will revolt & be even worse next year.

He's gonna stay in. New England with a new title and raise

NBC Washington reports the Dolphins have offered their general manager job to Patriots director of pro personnel Nick Caserio.

@ No Brain Defense : Caserio & Hickey have had good drafts, but Dawson hasn't.

Keep wishing there Mr !

NBD....no one on this blog suggested he would be a spy! What the hell is to be found out in this dysfunctional organization? If there is one thing Belichick isn't concerned about it's the Miami Dolphins!!!!!

If the report is true then it suggests that either he was the man or that Ross just couldn't pass up someone from the bowels of the Patriot's organization!

I hope to God Nick caserio take the job now i would be stunn if he takes the job.

@ signal : The Dolhpins are a lot closer to the Patriots than you think. One good off-season of free agency & a good draft & Miami can surpass New England as the best team in the division. Miami beat them once this year with absolutely no offensive line & could have beat them in both games if Miami didn't give away the first game.

My sources in the Dolphins organisation just called and said that the Caserio deal is done. He has accepted the position and they are working out the details of the contract. News Conference to be held Monday. Tuesday at latest.

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