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Dolphins finished with three more secondary interviews

The Dolphins today confirmed they interviewed Lake Dawson, Nick Caserio and Dennis Hickey for the second time as they continue their search for a new general manager. The team interviewed in-house candidate Brian Gaine on Friday.

It's fair to believe these are the Dolphins four finalists.

The Dolphins next general manager will come from this group.

Caserio stayed in town Friday evening after interviewing in the morning and afternoon and got a second look today. Dawson and Hickey had their first interviews earlier and were brought in as finalists from Tennessee and Tampa Bay respectively.

The Dolphins are expected to pick a GM by Monday or Tuesday.

That means there will likely be a lot of soul searching and debating and discussing each candidate's strengths and weaknesses within the team's hierarchy on Sunday.

Ultimately, however, owner Stephen Ross will make this hire.



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Brian Gaine, having learned the ropes from the chess master Jeff Ireland, is the obvious best choice.

My sources in the Dolphins organisation just called and said that the Caserio deal is done. He has accepted the position and they are working out the details of the contract. News Conference to be held Monday. Tuesday at latest.

Good deal Marco

Posted by: hollywood-Rick | January 25, 2014 at 09:35 PM

The key work is respect which he has.

Whats that 16 interviews?

Ross is mixing up the candidates names!

I agree with you on that point. But this team needs a good draft or it will certainly catch up to this team in the short term. Another like last year (which appears as a bust, I know it's too early to tell) but when Kiper says we had the worst draft in the league, in hindsight, it can't be discounted out of hand. After all none of the players selected ever found the field.

After all none of the players selected ever found the field.
Posted by: signal | January 25, 2014 at 10:13 PM

Thats a typical Irescum draft.

New Blog

Neither this paper or the SS has declared any such thing. Perhaps their trying to get confirmation or maybe, just maybe it's all b^^&&**t!

Don't be fooled his Rick Caserio dude is a Patriot spy working undercover however i don't know why since the dolphins are their own worst enemy.
Doomed i tell you!

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