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Dolphins fire back on idea of structure problems

When Stephen Ross outlined the characteristics he wanted in his next general manager, high on the list was he wanted someone who would collaborate with coach Joe Philbin in helping the franchise move toward better days.

The reason the Dolphins general manager today is Dennis Hickey and neither Nick Caserio nor Lake Dawson is because Hickey met that criteria. And both Caserio and Dawson weren't prepared to keep Philbin as Miami's coach thus did not meet the criteria.

A team source is telling me Caserio, who was highly impressive in his interviews on Friday and Saturday, wanted to become the Dolphins general manager and then start by cleaning house throughout the organization. He wanted to hire a new head coach.

Dawson was willing to keep Philbin for a time -- probably the 2014 season -- but eventually wanted the ability to keep or dismiss Philbin after the season was over.

That was the problem both men had with the Dolphins structure.

And it was a problem because both men were told by owner Stephen Ross he is completely committed to Philbin as the Dolphins head coach this year and beyond. 

The Dolphins are pushing back hard on the idea Miami's GM will have to share power on the roster with Philbin. An NFL source told me earlier today Dawson didn't like the idea that Philbin would have some say -- not full say, but some say -- on the 53-man roster.

The issue, the Dolphins say, came up in practically every single interview including finalist interviews. Each candidate was asked what he would do if he and Philbin disagree on a decision over a player or the 53-man roster.

Some candidates said they would go with the player they want anyway. Some candidates said they would try to convince Philbin to join their opinion but would not take the player if no consensus could be reached. Another candidate said he would move on to another player because he figured Philbin would ultimately not play someone he didn't initially like.

But none of those answers were wrong because, the team repeated to me strongly, the general manager has the final say over the draft, free agency, and the 53-man roster.

Dennis Hickey will have final say over the draft, free agency and the 53-man roster.

The general manager can overrule Philbin on those matters.

The general manager reports only to Ross.

"It's up to Dennis," a club source insisted.

The one thing not up to Hickey will be having a say over Philbin's future. On that, only Ross has that say. And clearly right now he's committed to the head coach.


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Posted by: dstock36 | January 26, 2014 at 04:42 PM

You can trade ANY player currently under contract. Remember, we could have gotten Branden Albert?

Chief's franchised him last season.

come on coward, what are you

The fins are just trying to get down to bedrock, cuz that's where the real gold is....


To those that post here singing nothing but positives about a team without a playoff win in 14 years, consider the following:

The team has a subpar coach and coaching staff. The players lack talent. There are ten free agents who would be projected to be starters in 2014. There is not enough cap space and draft picks to replace all of them. The new GM has never even run a draft, was about to be fired, comes from a losing organization (even worse than the Dolphins) and was the LAST candidate available not named Gaines.

He gets along well with others. Wonderful. When the losing starts again, he, Philbin and Aponte will blame...Ireland.

& now his players see that their doubts are prevalent in League.
How can he & Hickey look each other, or their players, in the eye.
No way Failbin can lead nxt yr.
Don't sign anything Ross! Beg for a do over.

decisions by committee, just like the jets!

It's a country, Greg. It's found on these items called "maps."

I have tried my best to believe that a man that is a self made multi-billionaire and owns a private jet and helicopter can not be stupid. But like Momma Gump said,"stupid is as stupid does".WTF? Philbin has his job next season and beyond,are you kidding me? What games are Ross watching? This team with the right coaching,game planning,and the right game day adjustments could have gone 12-4 last year,but with this staff of bafoons,we were 8-8,and no play-offs once again. And Philbin has Ross'support. I give up.

This was just another huge mistake on Ross' part, and again shows why we will stay an under achieving franchise seemingly for years to come!

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A. The least hairy of the three.

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now we know why fisher,manning and harbaugh ran from ross. the owner is senile.

I have been saying it all along Joe Philbin is not cut out to be a HC. Caserio has confirmed that by saying the only way he takes the job is if he can fire Philbin. Philbin proved his worth at the end of the year by getting blown out at home by Geno Smith and the deplorable jets in a must win playoff game.

I now think that Philbin is the reason the Dolphins had this much trouble hiring a GM. Is it possible that this was the reason Farmer, Licht, and others wanted no part of joining the Dolphins? Philbin is a terrible HC and the league knows it. If all of you recall Armando said that a source indicated that it was really Sherman that was running the Dolphins the last 2 years. This is also probably the reason that Ireland walked away. Ireland knew that if he was stuck with Philbin he was doomed to fail again this season.

"The 12th Man" is the new nickname of our GM

First GM is only a word in reality ROSS hire a Player Evaluator, this team like Dallas both has the same problem OWNERS. Caseiro, Dawson and the rest because they are not a ROSS TOYS.

Greg, I don't think I'd give up the janitorial gig for a job in comedy writing anytime soon.

In the meantime,

Q. Why do Puerto Ricans throw their trash away in clear plastic bags?

A. So Italians can go window shopping.

Will Hickey get paid like a GM?

If yes, what should he care if he has less power?

So why was the job offered to Caserio, if he was going to fire Philbin, and Ross wouldn't allow it? Did you get a littled confu-sed Armando?

For those who believe that all New England personal are a gold standard just remember these names.... Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, Nick Saban, Scott Pioli. Really people haven't we learned anything. Not saying that this guy Hicky is the answer, but why would we bring expel like Caserio, Lake Dawson or Farmer who haven't done she'it anywhere and give them complete control. Get ride of some of the building blocks and bring in who knows what. I say they earn that right first. Bring in the bacon and if the current coaching staff can't cut it, it will be obvious. But to just give it away like that, who does that, not in the real world, where you usually have to earn it.

Only Ross and DawnJoe could make Ireland look better. And they have.

Don't give up guys. Let's wait until the Ted Wells report comes in and made public. I am sure that some wrong is going to result touching the coaches. We re not done yet.
Ross will have to shuttle once again in his helicopter to solve all the sh*t that is going to come out of Wells' report. Within a couple of weeks we will know.


Good point.

I wonder if they Phins sent him a contract saying they'd allow him to fire Philbin or if they left the clause out.

Or if Caserio was just playing the Phins to squeeze the Pats for more money like other articles have stated.

Why didn't Ross just tell Caserio that if Philbin has a bad season then you have the ability to do whatever you want and then we get our man. Not Dennis Hickey who wasn't even going to be with the Buccaneers after the draft!!!!!

Everybody knows that Philbin will be gone in 2015, Armando, including Ross. So what's the big mystery?

This so ends like a bunch of you know what. How can anyone be offered the job then tell your future employer that "oh by the way I want to fire the head coach" How was that not discussed in the beginning and if it was why were these canidiates even offered the job? Something smells fishy with the Dolphins.

Philbin showed a lack of commitment by not even attending the senior bowl practices or the game. All of the other AFC East coaches were there including Bellichick who had just finished playing that weekend. I think that these top candidates saw this also as a lack of dedication by Philbin.

Think about it who are the Dolphins going to get their information from about that important week? Gaines and the personnel staff their were all lame duck. These guys may be headed to other organizations, why would they give this information to the Dolphins or at least all of their nuggets?

How does Ross not see that? Does he not see what these experienced NFL lifers are telling him? They are saying it is either Philbin or us? Ross picked Philbin over them and I am sure that he will pay the price this year for that decision.

The Dolphins' public relations damage control effort is oddly the most unintentionally transparent this organization has been in a while.

Offering both Caserio and Dawson the job must have meant that Ross was somewhat satisfied with their positions on retaining/firing Philbin. Otherwise, why offer them the job when Ross knows that they are not willing to accept any less authority over the staff.

Only established, reputable head coaches have authority over or shared authority with GMs. I feel like by piecemealing the corrective action with the coaches and staff, Ross is only holding the team back from experiencing real development.

Next time the fins fo thru this process fire everyone then you will get the guy you want.

A team source is telling me Caserio, who was highly impressive in his interviews on Friday and Saturday, wanted to become the Dolphins general manager and then start by cleaning house throughout the organization. He wanted to hire a new head coach.

if that is the case then why offer him the job?

Miami's free agents:

G Richie Incognito - Gone anyway
OT Tyson Clabo - might stay bc nobody else will want him
G John Jerry - see Clabo
*OT Will Yeatman - knee bad, not very good anyway, thus he will remain
*G Danny Watkins - Ireland guy, Gone
TE Dustin Keller - even if he gets back from injury, Philbin thinks Clay is enough and Keller won't want to be a part of this craptasma anyway
WR Marlon Moore - it's either here or Walmart greeter
DT Randy Starks - the middle finger said it all... Gone
DT Paul Soliai - we want him but so will a better team (of which there are 31), Franchised or Gone
LB Austin Spitler - nobody else wants him, Stays
CB Brent Grimes - Franchised or Gone. No way he wants to be here
*CB RJ Stanford - nobody wants our garbage, stays
CB Nolan Carroll - see Stanford, plus Coyle thinks he's starter material, Stays
*CB Justin Rogers - who?
S Chris Clemons - average but not stupid, works hard... and someone will want him; Gone

Free Agents Miami pursues? Undrafted will sign if no other team in the NFL wants them. Veteran FAs will stay away unless no other team is interested. All veterans know what a Sh/ttShow it is here. They'll only show interest to get a better offer from another team, a la Ryan Clark.

Draft picks will be hoping and praying Miami doesn't pick them. Well, except maybe in the seventh round.

So, Miami loses its good FAs (except for the one they Franchise (Grimes or Soliai)), and cannot attract other good FAs, except by ridiculously overpaying.

Why? Because the coach is awful, the owner is an embarrassment, the GM is neutered and the last kid picked, and the Queen won't pay the FAs the GM wants but Lurch doesn't.

The good players who are stuck (I.e. Under contract) must be severely depressed.

This team won't even sniff .500.

Hey, im Italian and quite hairy i may add.

Evans, I can tell by your posts you are a jilted lover..Your last boyfriend must have been an Italian

Mr Evans,
U are racist piece of Sheet, respectively. AS for the Hickey hire, He can't be any worse than Ireland. Hickey is the guy and I have to give him the chance to prove he was a good choice. That's me being a fan of this team. Whatever your feelings are about the hire, I don't think Caserio was the right guy for the job and his N.E. ties are meaningless because Belichick is the guy making all of the decisions In N.E.

Dawson's mindset makes the most sense...as in...if Philbin fails again in 2014, he's gone anyway...but if he is successful he should stay! Lake Dawson should have been hired withe the same power to override Regis...I mean Philbin!


How can Hickey be Mr right if he wasn't even a finalist?

What a freaken joke.. I would have let him fire everyone in the building and said the check is on the table just fill it out and lets get busy..

My Grandpa once told me...

"If you're not on paydirt, then dig somewhere else".

The man is a sage.

I've always struggled to understand why teams employ a GM to sign Free Agents and have full control over Draft picks.

You never see GM's for English football teams signing players because that's what a manager is for.

Just save money on a GM and let Philbin have complete control over Free Agency and the Draft i say.

Hickey can be worse than Ireland.

Ireland got the team to 7-9.

7-9 is bad enough but 4-12, 1-15.

I've seen that movie before and it's a horror flick.

Ross deserves 1-15.

Huizenga didn't.

He made a lot of mistakes but had a rooting interest in the team.

The Dolphins are simply a part time endeavor for Ross.

He doesn't even attend all of the games.

All you draftniks & FA Theorist better get cracking. Adam Beasley reporting several players already saying they want out. Out's hard.... FAs saying no way... Easy & likely.


Why the phuc would he want to come here?

So we don't get top tier candidates to even interview or can't get almost every 2nd tier candidate to take the job because of Ross' stubbornness over Philbin.

Philbin, the coach who refuses to play young players. Philbin, the coach who can't make an in game adjustment to save his life. Philbin who thought Sherman did a good job with one of the most simplistic offenses in modern football times. Philbin who continued to allow Coyle to start Wheeler. Philbin, who continues to allow Coyle & turner to keep their jobs.

Ross is the reason this franchise is in the toilet. He is loated league wide & everyone knows it. After what he did with the Harbaugh fiasco, the league turned their shoulder to him & the entire franchise. Expect less than stellar returns on his investment because of his investment in a loser HC.

Don't pick on James.

He probably has a reason to gripe. Considering the Romans were the greatest civilization to ever roam the earth.

They probably owned his ancestors & is harboring ill will towards all Italians as a result.

Don't make fun of him, feel sorry for him & his family who is seeking repirations from Julius Cesear.

Suck it James! Or Shall I say, ancestor of a slave?

Philbin might go to jail or be suspended along with other members Of the Miami Dolphins Football Organization,

Thankfully we can tag Grimes, tho it may be against his better judgment.
But anyone who thinks we
Can get hi-quality FAs is dreamin', dopin' or delusional.

SNAFU. Anyone forget what this means??

What is it about Philbin that Ross sees that all other candidates with far superior football knowledge don't see? Nothing. Much like everyone else saw nothing in Ireland while Ross was convince he was the man. I feel so bad being a Dolfan right now.

I wish Hickey all the best and may he overcome the flaws in Philbin and Ross.

Reports during free-agency last year was that Joe Philbin wanted to sign OT Branden Albert and cut Incognito but was over ruled by GM Jeff Ireland...

that's why coaches like Bill Belichick demand complete control over there teams and is probably why Ross doesn't want to give up full control of his team to a first year GM.

Nahhh, everybody wants to be in Miami, look at Justin Bieber.

The reason the Dolphins general manager today is Dennis Hickey and neither Nick Caserio nor Lake Dawson is because Hickey met that criteria. And both Caserio and Dawson weren't prepared to keep Philbin as Miami's coach thus did not meet the criteria.

FYI @ 5:41

The 'ancestor' is a parent or grandparent etc.

The children are the 'offspring'.

For the record I am not Italian but I still remember how pretty, tight, hot & creamy Jenny Esposito was those 25 years ago.

Ross lieing again?


By telling Ross that his first job would be to fire Philbin.

Talk about psychological warfare.

Very annoying those hovering advertisements to the right of this page. I will stay to the Left here from now on.

right on Drax.... many including me saying "afu," BUT its the "SN" that really twists the knife.
Yet I'm still shocked w/each morr absurd event


Ross is hanging on to Philbin just like he hung on to Ireland 3 years ago lol

The Romans learned everything from the Greeks, including their love affair with man/boy 'relations.'

The whole thing wound up in ruins, anyway, like everything else they touch.

You guys should get together with your Goomba paesanos Sparano, Olivadotti, and Aponte and compare viscosity levels in your hair.

In the meantime,

Q. Why do Italian men have mustaches?

A. So they can look like their mothers.

Ross likes Philbin because he works for peanuts.

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