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Dolphins fire back on idea of structure problems

When Stephen Ross outlined the characteristics he wanted in his next general manager, high on the list was he wanted someone who would collaborate with coach Joe Philbin in helping the franchise move toward better days.

The reason the Dolphins general manager today is Dennis Hickey and neither Nick Caserio nor Lake Dawson is because Hickey met that criteria. And both Caserio and Dawson weren't prepared to keep Philbin as Miami's coach thus did not meet the criteria.

A team source is telling me Caserio, who was highly impressive in his interviews on Friday and Saturday, wanted to become the Dolphins general manager and then start by cleaning house throughout the organization. He wanted to hire a new head coach.

Dawson was willing to keep Philbin for a time -- probably the 2014 season -- but eventually wanted the ability to keep or dismiss Philbin after the season was over.

That was the problem both men had with the Dolphins structure.

And it was a problem because both men were told by owner Stephen Ross he is completely committed to Philbin as the Dolphins head coach this year and beyond. 

The Dolphins are pushing back hard on the idea Miami's GM will have to share power on the roster with Philbin. An NFL source told me earlier today Dawson didn't like the idea that Philbin would have some say -- not full say, but some say -- on the 53-man roster.

The issue, the Dolphins say, came up in practically every single interview including finalist interviews. Each candidate was asked what he would do if he and Philbin disagree on a decision over a player or the 53-man roster.

Some candidates said they would go with the player they want anyway. Some candidates said they would try to convince Philbin to join their opinion but would not take the player if no consensus could be reached. Another candidate said he would move on to another player because he figured Philbin would ultimately not play someone he didn't initially like.

But none of those answers were wrong because, the team repeated to me strongly, the general manager has the final say over the draft, free agency, and the 53-man roster.

Dennis Hickey will have final say over the draft, free agency and the 53-man roster.

The general manager can overrule Philbin on those matters.

The general manager reports only to Ross.

"It's up to Dennis," a club source insisted.

The one thing not up to Hickey will be having a say over Philbin's future. On that, only Ross has that say. And clearly right now he's committed to the head coach.


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when Philbin decided he didn't want Bush Long and Dansby he move in favor of mediocrity. Ross should have sent that deer in the headlights Philbin packing too

After reading all this about power, control and who wants to do what with football operations for the Miami Dolphins;

I think if I spent 1.1 billion dollars on a franchise I would want some control over my franchise and not care what the media wrote or said. Ross wants control over hiring and firing even though most franchises are not run that way. He has watched celebrity NFL people like Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban and Bill Parcells take the money and run without doing the job. Therefore he will do things his way. He has paid for the right.

Posted by: promichael | January 26, 2014 at 05:57 PM

True, but hard working fans dont need to support his incompetence and purchase his terrible on the field product with little talent.

When will the insanity end?
When do we get our Miami Dolphins back?
I don't even want to root for this team (players only a small part). I feel sorry for any players brought into this mess - it'll be interesting to see the ramifications of this latest Ross bumble/stumble/DROP, likely won't be pretty.
Iv'e said it before....ever since Huizenga sold the franchise' soul to the devil - JJ...been Hell ever since.

Amazing. He let a good one get away.

Posted by: Maria | January 26, 2014 at 04:34 PM

wake up he was using us. He knew by wanting to fire Philbin he had a way out. He must not have said anything about that until after they offered him the job or they wouldn't have offered it to him.

Posted by: promichael | January 26, 2014 at 05:57 PM

He has the right to turn this team into a mud wrestling dwarf rodeo if he wants, it still doesn't make us happy.

Sorry but stating he can do what he wants because its his team equates to nothing to Dolphin fans.

Its his store, we are the customers. Would you like a chef/owner to lay a turd in your salad on Monday ?

How nice would of caserio been. Smart young guy knowing they had to clean house. And idiot ross wouldn't let him. Unreal that this fool is sinking hos investment with moron philbin

Shula 73,

My guess is if the Dolphins have a winning product then the fans will be there to support it. Jeff Ireland was not the kind of GM that this owner could trust anymore. One year not enough quality receivers then blunders that allowed not enough quality offensive lineman. Enough is enough! The incompetence is more from the people hired who are football experts like Ireland who are lacking.

Hehehe ....helps to be the owners pet, doesn't it?
Be back in a few, gotta finish washing Dawn's Lexus.

I hope the players lay down and won't play hard for the Bald Young Frankenstein. I want the first overall pick next year. There's more chance rooting for that than for going to the playoffs

Posted by: promichael | January 26, 2014 at 06:09 PM

Ross Petersen and Aponte hired Philbin, Ireland was not into the hire at all.

I think if I spent 1.1 Billion on an excavator, I would want to be on paydirt, not tailings...

Adam Beasley ‏@AdamHBeasley 2h
I've been told that several Dolphins players have already privately expressed that they want out of this situation. Real consequences coming

Yeah, I read it too. I posted a couple of blogs ago....wonder what the players think about this mess?

Yeah Ireland was horrible but it was Ross that kept him for 6 years. Ross hasnt made one good hire. He's clueless.

Well only 6 more years of futility.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 26, 2014 at 05:16 PM

was Hickey there?

I hope the players lay down and won't play hard for the Bald Young Frankenstein. I want the first overall pick next year. There's more chance rooting for that than for going to the playoffs

Posted by: Big Eared Retard | January 26, 2014 at 06:10 PM

Kinda looks like at least a few players already have.


Winning will cure everything for the customers (fan). Hickey is an upgrade to Ireland, Lazor is an upgrade to Sherman. The Dolphins needed a talent evaluator rather than an acorn developer like Ireland.

How about we all just cancel our season tickets until a new owner, coach and gm is in place?

Ireland wanted McCoy and Chuck Pagano. Philbin I don't think even interviewed anywhere else other than here. Truly Pathetic.

This is not the entire story about the inner workings of the dolphins front office. But leaving it as reported, why would a gm worth a crap take the job if the owner is telling him, that he is committed to the HC short and LONG term and the GM has nothing to say about it? You already have Aponte aligned with Philbin that contributed to the ouster of Ireland. Ireland, reportedly, was to be answering to Aponte if he wished to stay. The new Gm would be on an island with no control of anything but player personell. He could conduct brilliant drafts and fa signings and Philbin could screw the pooch and get a pass. Gm would be a lame duck. Also seems apparent that there was concern among all 3 candidates that said no regarding Philbin as hc and very possibly some of the coaching staff as well. I think that most of us here would, in the least, have Philbin on a short leash. It all adds up to a recipe for a potentially short tenure as neutered GM in Miami. It seems pretty damned logical that a candidate would be uncomfortable with this. I'm seeing nothing in the reported story that actually makes the candidates look unreasonable and Miami wise.

All said and done ... Hickey is not the BEST man, he is the YES man that Ross wanted. And, I'm sure that Philbin and Aponte appreciate it greatly.

Play-offs or Else.....NO one is Safe....

Lacanfora reports if the suckphins falter next season then failbin is gone. Ross wants a big time coach. He can't even get a gm. Comedy.

Wow if we had fired Philbin we could have had a leader to work with a great young GM like Xander or Gamble. Lovie Smith has an incredible coaching record and the Bucs have got a great coach. Miami stuck with its Philbin and will go down again missing out on the talented people out there.

Play-offs or Else.....NO one is Safe....

Posted by: zonk39 | January 26, 2014 at 06:18 PM

Playoffs.... playoffs.... don't talk about playoffs.... playoffs.... I just hope we can win a game.

You Play to WIN


I hate to ever defend Fireland, but it wasn't his fault our team played like zombies in those last two games and missed the playoffs. Teflon Joe owns that one. I think Hickey MAY be an upgrade over Ireland, but when you look at the way the process was managed, and all he candidates that said no, and refused interviews there is no way you can defend Ross unless you are his nephew.

Fellow Fins Fans, we need to realize that this team is no longer deserving of our money. Until we make a statement by letting them play in a completely empty stadium this clueless owner is not going to understand. We have sucked for decades, and this is going to continue under this owner. Anyone who thinks that this new GM is going to be the answer is as clueless as this owner. Instead of hiring a great young talent from the Patriots and giving him control of running the team, he hires a clueless "yes" man from another joke of a franchise Tampa. Tampa did not even consider him for their opening yet clueless Ross hires him because he will do as he is told. Our organization is a joke and a message needs to be sent to our clueless owner that we are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

The Herald Boys. You can see them at work here.

2014 Miami Dolphins:

Pissin' for Winston
Shameless for Jameis

I just changed my favorite team, seeing that I really enjoy pain, frustration an agony I chose the Cleveland Browns, They have always sucked so I feel right at home.

Ireland wanted McCoy and Chuck Pagano. Philbin I don't think even interviewed anywhere else other than here. Truly Pathetic.

Posted by: Marco | January 26, 2014 at 06:18 PM
just like our new GM...HMMMM


Winning will cure everything for the customers (fan). Hickey is an upgrade to Ireland, Lazor is an upgrade to Sherman. The Dolphins needed a talent evaluator rather than an acorn developer like Ireland.

Posted by: promichael | January 26, 2014 at 06:17 PM

Why is Hickey an upgrade to Ireland ? Also Lazor has never been a co-ordinator before, he did a nice job as a QB coach, but its a big learning curve calling your own plays.

You are hoping rather than going on any evidence it seems, though please if you have any meat to the bones of your arguement we would all love to hear it.

Posted by: last man standing | January 26, 2014 at 06:25 PM

The best hire might be Lazor who will work hard and close with Tannehill in an attempt to salvage him as a viable NFL QB. If his accuracy can not be corrected then playing like zombies as was the case in the last 2 regular season games will continue. One TD in two very important games indicates where the main issues are. The NFL today is about scoring points.

Earlier I wrote that I was glad the hire had been made and that the circus would now be folding their tents and leaving town. Well, I have to say I was completely wrong. The circus now known as the Miami Dolphins is firmly entrenched in Davie. While Mando may be spewing sheeetz more often then not, this last report of his actually makes sense. It puts what we all knew to be the primary issue, the structure and real role of the GM, in the new Philbin/Aponte era. The mere fact that any GM could not take a year, evaluate Philbin and his lousy staff (save a couple), and then go to the owner and let him know, this coach has peaked at 8-8 is simply too much. All these candidates who rejected intital interviews, declined follow up interviews lends credence to what was being reported all along.

So, get yourself a bag of popcorn, some cracker jack, get under the big top and watch the circus!

no matter who we hired Amanda was going to complain.

screw caserio. he would have hired mcdaniels and we've seen that movie before. most if not all of billi vanilli's tree has failed miserably on their own.

lake who? be happy, lake. the fritz pollard alliance will get you more interviews next year.

I remember after week 15 people were singing Regis' praises. Now not so much.

Parcells and his lackies set this franchise back 6 years. let's get reg and the huckster working together to rid the stench of the Ireland era.

Tampa Bay:
HC Lovie Smith
GM Jason Licht

HC Joe Philbin
GM Dennis Hickey

Let's see, Lovie has been to a Super Bowl while Joe has yet to have a winning season. At GM, we tried to get a second interview or maybe even offered the job to Licht and he chose TB. Hickey was about to be fired from TB and we basically saved TB from having to pay any settlement money. Hickey was there when TB won the Superbowl, but during that year he was a regional scout.

Well, the Dolphin's make a move and.......Wah-Lah!

Monkey Boy goes into Trollster OVERDRIVE!

Way to make yourself look like a complete idiot. There is one thing I can say for you.......BOY.......you're consistent ;)

Sorta like "Hog Heaven", Eh.......? HeHeHeHe!!!!

Pissin' for Winston
Shameless for Jameis

Posted by: Jon | January 26, 2014 at 06:27 PM

we draft this guy I am done!!!!!!!

"All aboard the have a go, go-go Express", gentlemen step up into the ring and welcome to the Stephen Ross EarForce 1 have a Go... have a Go-Go.

Never been a Head coach before....no ?.. Have a Go.

Never been a OC before....no ?..... Have a Go-go

Never been a GM before.... no.....? Have a Go.

Never been a QB until your last year and a half in college...... no.....? Have a Go-Go

EarForce 1 is a new training scheme sponsored by Mr Ross to help give these young men a start in the NFL community. The best news of all folks is that its cheap, fun and no-one animals are harmed in the making of the Have a Go, Have a Go-Go Express.... except one beaver !!! DawnJoe.

2 simple things need to happen and everyone can keep quiet. Hickey can get the lineman required and Lazor can buld an offense that can score points, and make Tannehill a better QB. That happens everyone will be singing what a great job Ross did.

the only thing I know is that when it rains it lands on my ear ledge, then rolls right in to my brain, woohoo, I guess I'm what they call a big eared wet brain

One TD in two very important games indicates where the main issues are. The NFL today is about scoring points.

Posted by: promichael | January 26, 2014 at 06:31 PM

Haven't you heard Pro?

The consensus here sayd Philbin was rersponsible for the one TD in those two games.

Of course, aside from "Tard Delusions", Philbin actually had this team poised to go 10-6, making the playoffs.

This idiot Troll is the same Fvck Stick that ruined the blog last year at this time with all the 2-14 predictions.

Now tell me Armando lets him stay for any other reason than Blog Hits. Because other than that, all the Cork Sucker does is ruin every legit convo **ATTEMPTED HERE**.

Posted by: Marco | January 26, 2014 at 06:30 PM

Marco, you know as well as I do that the main issue in making the playoffs in the last two games was the lack of accuracy that T-hill has, thus Lazor to help if anyone can. Change of the offense to a less predictable one. Ireland was a major issue for many years. More recently he left this team without a quality receiving group then the next season which was last he left them without an OL, no guards that could get out in front of the screen etc...He had the opportunity but instead traded up to get a P/T DE in Jordan. Acorn Ireland forgot about the positions of dire need. Pull the trigger and get Albert for a 2nd rounder. Ireland went with a DB who could not get on the field. I posted that Ross would take away Ireland's power and he did.

I am really looking forward to the press conference.

Watching Ross squirm and wriggle as he tells us all, "we got the right man for the job".... we wanted Dennis all along....its going to be comedy gold.

See DawnJoe in the wings... looking so happy and pleased they got the Gimp of their choice. See poor old Lazor on his mobile calling Chip and begging for his olf job back after spending time with Thill on the practice field.

Belichick probably only keeps that greaseball Italian around to make ziti and slip on banana peels he leaves in the hallway, anyway.

I'll bet he sends him on phantom "scouting missions" to non-existent schools like 'Western New Jersey A&M,' too, just for yuks.

Ross is a schmuck but at least he's a smart enough old Jew not to bring in another one of these Italian yo yo's.

Anyone looking for a job? Ross is opening a new car dealership in Davie. Yes you know the name GO GO MOTORS NEW AND USED AUTOS. No experience necssary. Not meeting sales goals - no problem. Causing hate and discontent amongst your co-workers...you'll fit right in. Fail as a mentor and coach...you have hit the jack pot. You get to stay and get a raise.

Posted by: dolfnman | January 26, 2014 at 06:43 PM

If if if ?

More questions than answers. No-one here has the pedigree or has shown any ability to separate themselves from the pack. The other teams in our division have progressed more than we have.

Players overall were good enough to make the playoffs. Philbin et al blew it bigtime.

Yeah, gosh, I wish we had Cesario. A guy who twiddled his thumbs behind Bellicheat and BradyCheat.

Ray Farmer? Are you kidding me? Look at his body of work.

I don't blame Ross at all, I wouldn't give any of the so-called candidates the kind of power and control they were shooting for.

I mean, it's not like we were choosing from a group of proven, elite GM candidates. WTF People(this excludes Troll Boy. He's going for blog hits and being negative is kind of his thing. After all, Armando is his Hero and we ALL know he would drop down on his knees to......ah......"Worship" and........um Emulate him). A little perspective would go a long way here.

All Hickey has to do is fix the O-Line and find a sleeper or two along the way. Something Ireland obviously could not manage. Hickey should be able to shame Ireland and quick!

Marco, you are correct sir.

Posted by: promichael | January 26, 2014 at 06:46 PM

I hope you are right my friend. Yes Thill inaccurate arm over 10 yards was a major reason we had such a poor year on offense, maybe the worst in recent history. Ok we agree on Mr Thill. Philbin was truly pathetic to stick with Sherman and make ZERO changes to the schemes, or get his players ready in clutch time.

Philbin also stats at the end of the year that Sherman was an excellent coach, sure Joe if you are talking 10-15 years ago then your on the money. However the 2013 offense was pathetic and Philbin wanted more of Sherman.

Look he is sticking by his BS team of coaching staff that no-one else wanted. Hill went to the Vikings but was already here. Dan Campbell looks to be a good coach and I'd like to see him stay here, but after that no way. Coyle stays as Philbin loves him. Turner is the same, I mean come on !!!

Ireland and Sherman were arguably our number 1 and 2 problems this past season.

Knowing how close we were to 10-6 and now knowing we've upgraded both positions, I feel pretty good about things.

You cry like a little be-atch because Philbin comes off as stoic. You cried like a little be-atch when Spazano spazed out with fist pumps for field goals.

Why don't you just send Ross a memo outlining just what it would take in a HC to keep you from crying like the little be-atch, we ALL know you are......? Eh........?


Why does odin always think he's in a conversation with the rest of us here?

Marco, you are correct sir.

Posted by: Ross is clueless | January 26, 2014 at 06:58 PM

Right on !!!

Odin and I are one. We are one dumb igget. And we stink, but we are respectful. We like to be entered respectfully, I like to yell "hit me boy" on impact

All Hickey has to do is fix the O-Line and find a sleeper or two along the way. Something Ireland obviously could not manage. Hickey should be able to shame Ireland and quick!

Posted by: odinseye | January 26, 2014 at 06:54 PM

Well if all thats Hickey has to do, then Ireland did the rest of the work to get to this stage then ? Your points are weak mate. You complain because the fans are unhappy with the 7th guy on the list and the rest can't stand they mess they see here. No we should shut up and take it up the pipe like you would ? No way.

Whataya expect from Ross a billionaire who watches reruns of HEE HAW he would naturally hire Philbin and now HICKey.

Odin, Have you not noticed that every good candidate turned us down, so we had to take this guy because he would accept Ross' ridiculous plan of everyone sharing decision making power. Since you are asking what Ross should have done let me explain it again. Hire the Patriot's guy and let him run the football side including deciding who our coach should be. It is not that difficult.

A published report suggests Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio had visions of making some big changes in the Dolphins’ organization if hired as General Manager.

Via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Caserio wanted to “start by cleaning house,” including the ability to replace Joe Philbin as head coach right off the bat.

However, Salguero reports that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is firmly in Philbin’s corner — and that new G.M. Dennis Hickey’s willingness to work with Philbin worked in his favor.

Salguero also reported that Titans vice president of player personnel Lake Dawson was more willing to give Philbin a season before making a call on the head coach.

Really thats it folks. Ross is head over heels in love with feckin Failbin. Nice to miss out on the young talent in the NFL. Now we all know, as if we doubted.

Instead we got a guy Tampa did not even want! We will continue to suck!

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