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Dolphins fire back on idea of structure problems

When Stephen Ross outlined the characteristics he wanted in his next general manager, high on the list was he wanted someone who would collaborate with coach Joe Philbin in helping the franchise move toward better days.

The reason the Dolphins general manager today is Dennis Hickey and neither Nick Caserio nor Lake Dawson is because Hickey met that criteria. And both Caserio and Dawson weren't prepared to keep Philbin as Miami's coach thus did not meet the criteria.

A team source is telling me Caserio, who was highly impressive in his interviews on Friday and Saturday, wanted to become the Dolphins general manager and then start by cleaning house throughout the organization. He wanted to hire a new head coach.

Dawson was willing to keep Philbin for a time -- probably the 2014 season -- but eventually wanted the ability to keep or dismiss Philbin after the season was over.

That was the problem both men had with the Dolphins structure.

And it was a problem because both men were told by owner Stephen Ross he is completely committed to Philbin as the Dolphins head coach this year and beyond. 

The Dolphins are pushing back hard on the idea Miami's GM will have to share power on the roster with Philbin. An NFL source told me earlier today Dawson didn't like the idea that Philbin would have some say -- not full say, but some say -- on the 53-man roster.

The issue, the Dolphins say, came up in practically every single interview including finalist interviews. Each candidate was asked what he would do if he and Philbin disagree on a decision over a player or the 53-man roster.

Some candidates said they would go with the player they want anyway. Some candidates said they would try to convince Philbin to join their opinion but would not take the player if no consensus could be reached. Another candidate said he would move on to another player because he figured Philbin would ultimately not play someone he didn't initially like.

But none of those answers were wrong because, the team repeated to me strongly, the general manager has the final say over the draft, free agency, and the 53-man roster.

Dennis Hickey will have final say over the draft, free agency and the 53-man roster.

The general manager can overrule Philbin on those matters.

The general manager reports only to Ross.

"It's up to Dennis," a club source insisted.

The one thing not up to Hickey will be having a say over Philbin's future. On that, only Ross has that say. And clearly right now he's committed to the head coach.


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Well, show's over. I can see that the fans on this blog are spent by the anticlimactic ending to this drama. Seriously need to rethink why I continue to support this clusterf*ck.

Should of kept gaine in current position and entitled philbin the power to draft who he wants like belicick- if there's that much faith in his future outlook with the team

Yeah, show's over indeed. Free agency and then the draft. We shall find out soon enough what we have in Hickey.

Ross is a moron he might be rich but does not know how to run a pro team. He likes to play safe which is bland and dull. We are not be a 1-15 team or even a 4-12 team were in the middle. Our coach is bland and dull even the dolphins new uniforms are bland and dull. As for our new Gm I wish him all the best but fear hes just a puppet, that likes collecting a fat pay check. If Ross with his play it safe being bland and dull this is what this team will be for years to come nothing more than play it safe and be bland and dull at best.

Ross has so much money he thinks hes a god with his its my or the highway. Even his butt buddy Carl Peterson gives him advice but hes so bent on his own way of winning. Thomas Edison said he found nearly ten thousand ways a light bulb won't work and one way it does. Ross seems to think one of those failures that won't work does and is so bent on it. We all know you idiot its not going to work, you ever heard the saying no guts no glory. I only wish I had the money to buy this team. I would turn it around anyway possible. I would give them 3 years for results if they could not goodbye don't let the door hit ya in the rear. Then re hire and try again over and over till it works its that simple trial and error. If your stuck in your own failure ways this team will never win another Super Bowl again.

Ross with all the money you have its no doubt all your front office will kiss your rear to get there paychecks. I do not blame them for providing for there families and there well being. You have to know the difference, if there telling you want you want to hear, but really do not care if this team wins or fails. Its that simple, bring people in that want to win first and there paychecks second. Your so loyal to your front office its like D if they do and D if the don't. Its not going to make us contenders anytime soon, realize this or you will not be remembered for how rich you are, but a failure you are at running a pro team.

It makes sense,
You suck long enough you get a Hickey...

The fact that we were able to beat not one, but several playoff teams (Colts, Bengals, Chargers and Patriots) during the season tells me we are not far away. The fact that our offense fell flat on it's face at the end of the season against inferior teams tells me we made the adjustments we needed to make. We need to quit playing to our opponents level and playing a consistently high level of football week in and week out.

All you morons don't realize that the only way this team will be 2-14 or get to a loosing season is on the players. Just being able to play in the NFL should be motivation enough not to mention getting paid boat loads of money to do what they love. So the Gm,Ross and the coaches are not on the field. All the players that want to jump ship should be allowed to get the hell out. They are the reason they didn't go to play offs anyways.another thing if you guys are un happy then go root for the Jets no one forces anyone to be a dolphin fan.
If you are a fan then support the team. Let it play out. Obviously you're not a Gm or a coach or the owner because you don't qualify. And if you are and do qualify then why didn't YOU apply and make things better??!!!!

I caution people to not jump to conclusions. There were no guarantees on those who passed on the job that they would become successful GM any more than Hickey. And, there are no guarantees on Philbin either. If Dolphins have another year like this year I am sure Philbin will not survive. If there is improvement....well isn't that what everyone wants. I am not sure Philbin is the right coach. But, I had the same doubts on Bellichick as well after the Cleveland fiasco.

Mr Ross, do you hate this team? do you find it entertaining to watch us beg for a winning team? Sir with you at the head of this ship we are going straight down to the bottom. It's not hard to admit when your not good at something people admit failure all the time. Your money doesn't make you smart it makes you a awful owner.I can't believe there was somebody out there who wanted this GM job? The people who said no did themselves a favor. Dumb, just plain out dumb!

Ross agreeing on allowing a new GM to clean house and fire Philbin would be admitting that he never should have fired Ireland (or forced his hand so he would resign). No doubt now that Ireland wanted Philbin gone. I figured that Miami would be somewhat "normal" in that a new GM would be allowed, at least, input into the head coach situation after next season. I thought, and still do, that the house cleaning needed to be done and a talented GM would be the best man to lead the way in doing it. It's no wonder why good candidates didn't even want to interview and others turned down the job, flat.

It made no sense for Ross to offer the position to two men who clearly did not believe in the head coach. Even given the restrictions set forth by Ross, it is idiotic to make the offer and it would have been stupid for those candidates to accept it. The "structure" is a negative reflection on Ross, not on those candidates who had the smarts to know it was a disaster in the making to accept under his terms.

Last thought ... Hickey has worked for the Bucs for 2 decades. He may not be a genius but you aren't retained, in his capacity, with an NFL team for that long if you aren't at least contributing in some way. Even a mostly bad NFL team. Hickey has to know that this would be his only offer to be a GM in the NFL. Even with the Miami position being a neutered one, and knowing that he is in a very difficult situation if he cant get on the same page as and work with Philbin. But I'd bet that he took the job, in no small part, because it allows him to remain in Florida. Much easier transition for himself and the family taking a GM position, even a neutered one, only 200 miles south than it would be moving half way, or further, across the country for a scouting position. And that assumes he would even be offered that. He probably figures that he lucked into the Miami job, depite the neuter.

Caserio wanted to bring in Josh McDaniel as his head coach...anyone remember Denver....Are you kidding me?
We have become a joke but Caserio.. Come on....

i was for cleaning house. but that's over. it's ross's team. if the team performs well next season then he will be vindicated, but if the do poorly hopefully he will see the error in his ways and clean house. he needs to do what denver did. hire a guy to run his football team. they in turn will hire a GM and those 2 can look for a coach. coach coaches and answers to the GM, GM answers to president of football operations. he answers to ross. ross is a spectator.

I can't see how a GM would have Carte Blanch on hiring whomever he wants without the HC input. The HC sets the type of offense or defense the team will play so he has to have the type of personnel that fits the concept. If you are going to have a pulling line you better have people that are agile and versatile.If you are putting in a blitzing defense you got to have the correct personnel. So the HC has to have input on draft as well as free agency. Who or how to break up an impasse should be determined prior to getting there. The hiring of a HC is a mutual decision between the Owner & the GM not solely the GM.

I am not a big Philbin fan after last season ended but we were close to the playoffs if we can retain some of our good players like Solia and Stakrs and Grimes and of course get help for the offensive line we could be a playoff team next year.

I know that is a lot of ifs but remember the offense got better as soon as Sherman walked out the door.I think Tannehill has a high ceiling he was pretty good last year playing behind the worst offensive line in football, what would he be like behind a good line or with a playmaking running back?

This guy Hickey may not be the greatest who knows until you give him a chance but Tampa had talented players on their team but their problem was coaching like us and the inconsistent play from their QB.

I am willing to optimistic at this point but then again we don't play a game for 8 months

I think Philbin and Ryan "Mr Interception" Tannehill should be fired and sent ice fishing in Canada. May be there they can get some real experience in the CFL. The Toronto Argonauts would be a great start in the development of learning how to play the game & coaching the game . Just letting someone like Reggie Bush just walk away last season. Not only should he be fired but given the Denver boot out of Miami with a life time supply of worms & fishing poles. Mr. Ross your the Boss open your eyes and look at the make it or break game. The one Ryan "Mr. Interception" Tannehill threw the ball to various targets on the opposite team that being the New York Jets what a loser throwing 17 Int's on Da year the same number he wears on his back. Now since you hired the new GM.GO GET MICHAEL VICK TO RESCUE THE DOLPHIN SHIP!!

I am so tired of hearing that the players are soooo upset and that hc is this or that hey your finished 8-8 that mens your just a so so team players get to camp ad earn your paycheck and become the best at what you PLAY, COACHES teach the GAME and EARN your paychecks LET the MAN who signs the FRONT of the CHECKS BE THE BOSS and until you sign the checks shut up and do your job!!

Know one wanted this job because of fans like the bloggers here!!!!!!!!!!!!! You piss and mown to get rid of one person then complain about everything including the new guy (double for players)! Sad and Pathetic!!! It's amazing anyone wants to come here with fans like you all.

@James Evans--I'm thinking you're joking, so why not pile on?? Why not say the black guy would be busy making fried chicken, the Irish guy would be drinking all the time, and the Polish guy would be screwing in the lightbulb with 999 friends by turning the building?
I like a good joke as much as anybody.
But if you're serious....
Re: Cleaning toilets, huh??
Ever see what Rome looked like 2000 years ago?
Ever hear of The Renaissance??

Super happy that caserio wasn't chosen. Can't stand the stinking cheating Patsies and I'd rather loose then smell the stinch on my beloved Dolphins...

Generally speaking I like keeping a coach around atleast 3 years to give him a fair chance but Philbin would probably be my exception to that rule. Philbin seems to have a huge ego for a guy who hasn't won anything on his own. cleaning house last season of proven leaders last year, not just for the Dolphins but for teams before and after the Dolphins. Not playing the third overall pick in the draft last year was obviously more a statement about whos in charge rather than Dion Jordans abillity to play. It was Philbin phylosophy that Shermin followed to a T and got fired for. How does Philbin not know his O-line has personal issues? I believe he sanctioned it. Philbin I beleive is a jerk. Ireland was jerk and the whole house should gotten cleaned out.

But I'm willing to give Hickey a chance and hope that Philbin can put his ego aside a grow up this year.

The only proper choice for the job stood no chance(Caserio). You suck balls Ross.

Which GM candiate earned the power to restructure the franchise?
We got rid of two major contributors to mediocrity last year. Mike Sherman and Jeff Ireland. We went 8-8 last year despite terrible play calling and horrible personal decisions. We have some great talent. We have roster flexibility. We have a new promising O.C. We bring in one of these candidates such as Caserio and he wipes everything out to start new. And the first guy he brings in, his coach. His buddy Josh McDaniels. New offense, New Defense. New QB -- everything. Like he did with the Broncos. And what exactly has he done to earn that responsibility? Who do you think made all of the decisions for that PATS? And why did KRAFT not want to give Caserio a raise until Billichick had to press Kraft. And remember this... The Dolphins beat the Pats this year in one game and blew a 17 point lead to lose another. We had 6 sacks against us in the second half that led to us losing that game and our OC did nothing to change strategy to create relief. We fired our OC and got rid of the guy who stuck us with a bad O-Line. So why are we crying over a guy who is unproven and who wants us to let him restructure our franchise?

Mr. Evans:

Who's talking about you?

At least last year we didn't have to say "maybe next year" until the end of week 16.

I feel so sad that we will probably say "maybe next year" after the pre-season. LOL

Philbert just can't get a team motivated at all, makes no adjustments at half time and has the traditional Philbert "deer in the headlights" look constantly!

I can't wait for the Dolphins season ticket folks to call me and ask if I am buying tickets for the 2014 season. After my ranting and raving and asking the person the last two years if they were insane, I may be on their "do not call list". I dropped my season tickets 3 years ago and have no intention of buying them again until we finally get it right. That will probably be when Ross sells the Fins for a huge loss...hey maybe a few more years of mismanagement and I can afford to buy the team. LOL

Pretty sad when all the visiting teams consider Miami a home game.

I have got two words for Mr Ross; CAM CAMERON! (Joe is in over his head,as is Jason Garrett ) Dont be Jerry Jones!

Armando keeps stirring up the $h!T pot. None of this would of happened had Fireland been gone with Sparano! All this Philbin bashing should be given another season. If the fins produce with what they have assembled then all the complaining goes away! If they choke then all are fired and we can start over AGAIN!!! The situation just can't just start over and over. Maybe Ross sells the team and we get a football owner

Personally, I feel it's a pretty good idea. One thing this keeps from happening is the GM bringing in a friend as the head coach simply because they are good friends. And as long as the GM has final say, he still has control. My opinion is that no matter what profession you're in, the top dogs need to communicate. The head coach should have a handle on the type of players and the positions he needs filled. The GM should know those things too. But he should be better at salary cap issues and the trade and draft game. And me? If all I own is a snow cone stand, I want to be kept up to speed on all things HIS team. Funny, Jerry Jones doesn't look like such a bad guy does he? Go Dolphins.

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