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Dolphins interviewing Jason Licht today

The Dolphins made no secret of the fact they were starting their general manager searches today (Friday, for the drunk among you). They did not say specifically who they were interviewing today.

(Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said he would release the names of the candidates interviewed -- probably on a daily basis as the interviews happen).

Well the first interview is Arizona vice president of player personnel Jason Licht, according to multiple NFL source.

Does the name sound familiar? It could.

Licht is a former Dolphins scouting assistant (1995) and offensive quality control coach (1996). He's been a college and national scout for the New England Patriots and then became the assistant director of player personnel -- a total Patriots run from 1999-2003.

After stints in Philadelphia and Arizona, Licht went back to New England to be the director of pro personnel. He had that job from 2009-11.

In 2012, Licht went back to Arizona to become the director of player personnel and is now the vice president of player personnel.

As you know, it's hard to pinpoint who drafted or signed whom. Take all that with a grain of salt when people get blamed or get credit on that front. But I know Licht in his interview today can say this:

You, the Miami Dolphins, last year cut a big salaried but underperforming Karlos Dansby. We, the Arizona Cardinals, signed him for a relatively cheap deal and he had a monster year.


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Does Licht meet Ross's strict requirements of having mega experience?

mark....from before....c'mon, Goldie hawn?--she's almost 70 (ok, I'm getting queasy)--yeah, you'd give it to the "Goldie Hawn of the 80's, that you remember"--thats fine....but now?--68, bro....you'd be giving it to your mother (sorry)....and could be not far from your grandmother, if you stretched (ok, really sorry)-it aint 1988....

Oh yea....FIRST!

And he would want to come here?

mando....are we STILL doing the dansby gig?--yeah, he had a good year....great....but it was totally unexpected, based on his play here (which was solid but far from spectacular)--and again, LBs slow down/get injured once they hit 30 or so....move on.

This time yesterday Tom Gamble was a shoe-in, what the heck happened?


Filed to ESPN: Dolphins and Buccaneers have requested permission to interview Eagles VP of player personnel Tom Gamble for their GM opening.

The senior bowl is Jan 25th so we'll have our new GM by this time next week...it's going to be a long interview process gents.

Wasn't Ireland vice president of player personnel for the Cowboys before being named GM here?

Pioli has his warts, but, personally I would feel more comfortable with a GM that actually has gm experience before coming here. Most times the devil you know I better than the devil you don't know.

Last thing I want is another green horn gm making green horn moves Ireland made. Bad thing about green horns are you never know what the dinner will taste like until sitting down eating the meal.

At least with a former gm, you already have a handle on his strengths and weaknesses, and so does he.

This guy smells like a winner. The smell emanating from our facility may drive him away.

WOW... sounds like a monster of a GM, (or scout)....

The once great franchise continues to get more embarrassing and worse each year. Ross.......get your hands off it, and hire a real football man to oversee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like a strong list of candidates. I get the impression the best resume with a combination of "people" skills are going to win this one. I just hope it isn't a retread. IMO Polian and Pioli shouldn't even get a look.

I know there is a lot of hate for Ross in the fan base. Not really sure why, guy wants to win and isn't worried about spending to accomplish it.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"(Friday, for the drunk among you)"

I myself (does bong hit) no longer drink.

Soiled :)

Dansby's performance shows what happens when the DC knows how to use their personnel, knows how to scheme and make adjustments. Lastly Dansby is also a product of the players around him. Don't get me wrong Dansby is good. He was one of the best LB's out their prior coming to the fins. Most fans and analysts applauded the signing, but we now see he was good before and after he came to the fin. You make your own conclusion.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 10, 2014 at 03:19 PM


Sam, I think that would depend on the person, and on how much of a greenhorn they happen to be, and how much responsibility they had in an asst role.

Gaine for example has been under Ireland for several years. He has saw the process and watched Irelands mistakes and his failures. Who know how he would respond with the ball in his hands. Nothing is a guarantee.

I'm not advocating Gaine btw. Just using it as an example.

Soiled, the man knows his audience. Or at least 85% of it (which is probably one person).

Mando going back to your comments about weak or strong GM;s. Ross's statement last night said the GM will have autonomous authority over personnel. So that may have answered. Since we have not heard about interviews with OC's, I think it is safe to assume that GM comes first and that GM will have input into the OC, despite Philbin's authority to do it himself. If that is the case then I personally think the GM will be told by Ross that if things don't pan out next year, the GM will be allowed to seek a new HC and Ross will fire Philbin. Also knowing corporate politics the way I do, if a strong GM comes in, do not think for a moment that Aponte will change her allegiance, especially if the fins start off poorly. In the end everyone is out to save their own rear end. So don't read too much in to the Aponte/Philbin allegiance.

benz, my momma is 81 - she was almost 44 when i was born - so not quite.

haven't seen here recently but one broad I would've taken for a stroll down mammory lane when she was about 70 was Sophia Lauren... eternal beauty. She got me going in Grumpier Old Men..

Don't judge me!! It takes all kinds, man!!!

I used to say say the same thing about Ross but his hands are all over this mess, which comes on the coat tails of the other mess he created, and the one before that.

Sure he's got money and want's to win. That's great. I like it. But it's looking to the rest of the league like he can't get out of his own blundering way.

I'd love it if he hired the right guy and got out of the way. But when is that going to happen?

I meant to say "do not think for a moment Aponte won't change here allegiance"

We'll see what happens. Could be worse you could be a Cowboys fan. Then you are just waiting for Jerry to die.

Posted by: dolfnman | January 10, 2014 at 03:35 PM


Like Philbin or not the coach should be able to choose his own staff. Ross said the GM had control over the roster not the coaching staff.

I do get the feeling that after Sherman almost cost Philbin his job, he's getting advice on the new OC.

The Dolphins and Bucs have both requested permission to interview Eagles exec TOM GAMBLE for their GM vacancies.
The Dolphins are also now in pursuit of Patriots exec Jason Licht. Both Licht and Gamble have generated general manager interest the past few offseasons, but failed to land a job. Miami's GM opening is not particularly appealing due to coach Joe Philbin's lame-duck status. New general managers typically want to appoint their own head coach and staff.

Come in an inherit Philbin and a polical office lady, Yeah...

So most here wanted to get rid of Jeff Ireland, huh.

Let's see we got rid of Jeff Ireland and the leading candidate for GM is Farmer. He has helped build the loser Cleveland Browns who have less talent than the Dolphins. Why would we want anyone that is responsible for the Cleveland Browns roster. hmmm!

I cannot believe that there are bloggers excited about Farmer becoming the GM.

Until Philbin learns how to be a GREAT game day coach. Nothing will change with this team. Just a revolving door of player's unprepared to play against their opponents tendencies and beaten by weaker teams because they get out coached by teams like Tampa Bay, Buffalo, the Jets and the like. We don't need to change QB cadance? Snap counts? Backfield blocking? scheems? We don't worry or care about what other teams do? We bring our game and don't care if our franchise QB get flattened a zilloin times? We're not changing. The players have to get better? OMG He's clueless!!!!

Speaking of allegiance with dawn Aponte I don't blame her after Ireland tried to get her fired, however her and Joe Philbin will part ways if there job is in trouble and they think that the other one is carrying the long knife. I will wait and see how it all turns out. Bill

Anyone not named Ginn leaves the Phins and has a monster year wherever they go. If Long did not get hurt (again)he would have graded out top 5.

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