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Dolphins interviewing Nick Caserio today

While the Dolphins have already identified at least two finalists for their general manager job, they are still doing first-round interviews with one candidate today:

Nick Caserio, the top personnel department man in the New England Patriots organization is on deck for this afternoon, according to a team source.

I told you earlier the Dolphins might do more interviews this week before doing their finalist interviews. It seems at the time they were working on getting permission to talk to Caserio.

The idea of interviewing Caserio for the first time, a day before finalist interviews begin, is not exactly the most elegant way to conduct business. The Dolphins recognize this. But they figure you cannot always look beautiful while winning.

Winning ugly is good.

And talking to Caserio is a win.

This is how this is going to work, as explained to me by the team:

Caserio, 38, will interview today and if he is impressive to the point where he belongs among the finalists, he will move to that group this weekend for a second interview. If he is not worthy, in the team's eyes, then the club will move to its finalists interviews without Caserio.

[Update: The Dolphins announced around 1:30 p.m. that Caserio's interview had been completed].


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I don't care who he is. Throw some money at him quick before he gets away!


I thought Ireland was a Patriot employee too. Just kidding.

Maybe Ross is deciding, after all the setbacks, to hire a GM with authority over Aponte and Philbin after all?

I beat Armando with the scoop again.

I win LOL

Just kidding Armando, I have twitter and didnt have to type anything

gm debacle

ross is flying in for this one. we got a shot if owner misses the flight.

a Patriots personnel guy? Unless he's got a terminal disease, hire him NOW!!

i got a woody

someone pinch me...

ok Sam, I'll move on....plus it must be time for you to get back to your high school.....5th period starts soon!


You know what sucks? I cant get excited for this guy. Because my ranting and raving about Belly's bad drafts, would make me look like an idiot and double talker LOL

soon...The great hoodied one will come.

Looks like we'll have a GM by early next week.

Caserio is known as a selfless worker who has earned his position and is a good guy. He's also said to be a bit weird. He did a very good job with NE's OL. Not as good at WR. It helps to have Brady, of course. Seems like NE has a decent HC too.

maybe Dubs, I can see that.....dont know how long this guy has been with the Pats but the personnel moves overall, including free agency, have been pretty solid--geez, if nothing else he's learned within a winning organization....cant hurt on its own

Did he draft Tom Brady? Oh crap, he was still getting carded for alcohol when that happened.

wow, you mean a guy from the Pats actually thinks the Dolphins are worthy of an interview?--shocking (only to everyone here...not to everybody else)

Sigh....."a bit weird"?--c'mon, like Belichik and Harbaugh, and Gruden (and plenty of others) seem normal to you?

Benz, last nite you were talking crap to Mando asking where the other candidate interviews where. Remember that?

Ready to apologize now?

No Italians. We already endured their incompetence with Tony Sparano and Tom Olivadotti. Not smart enough people.

It seems a plus to interview someone who is coming from a functional organization. I hate NE when we play them but I admire their consistent excellence over time - not too different from Miami during the golden era of Joe Robbie, Bobby Beathard, and Don Shula in their dedication to excellence (and in their tight fistedness).

scourt....duly noted, and correct (but it was a fair question, no?)--apologies Mando....and glad you were correct

and scourt...."monitor of the blog"....was it not a fair question?


the only hope we have is Stephen Ross decides to sell the team he's a problem he's the root of all our problems here's an idea Steven hire a football mind to run the team let him higher the general manager let him do everything just step away and watch from the background

This is a question to all including haters?

Do the events of the last 24 hours lead you to believe Ross might change his structure and allow Cesario to do his job how he wants to. In order to bring a candidate from a winning organization with a proven track record?

Pray for new ownership.

If coming from the Pats organization is such a big deal then please explain why Scott Pioli, Josh McDaniels, Charlie Weis and Romeo Crenell all failed big time elsewhere.

It means virtually nothing. Their success is all tied to Belichick and Brady. As individuals, none of them are anything remarkable---it's been proven over and over.

This guy may be a great candidate on his own merits. If he's hired simply because of the Pats connection, though, it would be moronic.

Benz, it was a fair question. But I find it interesting you call me monitor of the blog and you hold Mando to standard where you point out things you believe he might be wrong ... but you monitor Mando and don't exactly step up and say you were wrong until you are called out.

Double standard.

Caserio would be a homerun hire.

This is a question to all including haters?

Do the events of the last 24 hours lead you to believe Ross might change his structure and allow Cesario to do his job how he wants to. In order to bring a candidate from a winning organization with a proven track record?

Posted by: Rdubs | January 24, 2014 at 12:25 PM

Hate to answer a question with a question, but will have jab at anyway:

Does Cesario also make halftime adjustments(both sides of the ball), is smooth with the ladies(Aponte), and has a great deep ball?

reality....is correct--not even sure Belichik should get even credit.....more, if not most....if not ALL...should go to Brady--how did BB do in Cleveland?--Pats did well in '08 when Brady went down, but didnt even win the division....the ONE year Brady was injured--hey Shula, dont pray for new ownership....pray that Brady retires--half our problems are solved when that happens

NE personnel is alot better then Clev, KC, Tenn etc... at least he has seen a winning structure in place. Thank god Farmer dropped out

What is Cesario's "proven track record?"

Unless you were in their draft room and privy to their personnel decisions you have absolutely no idea how much or how little input he had about ANYTHING.

My bad, Caserio.

Hate to be the harbinger of death...But BB makes every decsions in that organization. We have no idea what we are getting with Cesario. Also, their drafts have not been good at all lately. He could be a star or could be another Patriot mirage that numerous teams have fallen for.

we must have been disappointed in our finalists to continue the search.

And with this whole "Winning Organization" crapola as if it's the Holy Grail.

George Seifert was part of a "Winning Organization" with the 49ers, was he not?

Lot of good that did him when he was going 1-15 with Carolina a few years later.

scourt...it aint my blog, dude....none of us, including you, are or need to be accountable here unless we want to be (which I'm happy to be....ie. my apology)--but that just goes with the territory--seriously, if we all spent time calling each out for various comments/posts from a day ago, that turned out to be incorrect, we'd be here for weeks--gotta be kidding me...like everyone just posts one solid/accurate/reasonable comment after another?--are you serious?-if you're calling me out then you and many others here should get in line....

Whomever the new neutered gm will be. I hope he wears a "REALLY, REALLY" big grandfather's clock around his neck.

It will be greatly needed to awaken Ross during their administrative meetings.

miss ireland yet???

or....simple conclusion.....scourt is mando....which is fine...


Posted by: Darkoak | January 24, 2014 at 12:01 PM

What is it with you morons??

James Evans, don't forget Paul Pasqualoni...

here is the bigger problem. Tanny can't hit a wide open receiver down field. Gonna be awhile before we find our QB of future. Then our DEF will turn over. Rinse and repeat.

Ok, on this Caserio thing, does anyone here really TRUSTS ROSS to be taking the GAME WINNING shot with 3 seconds left in the game?

This is exactly what we have here.

rdubs, remember what I was saying about not getting too high or too low. The people who had us going 1-15, now have us winning the SB when in fact nothing has changed. See what I mean?

Wanny is getting back to the basics, to the most important issues....like I've said....hire any of these guys is a crapshoot.....hire one and hope he's good--thats the reality

I say hire him now just to take something away from the Pats for once.

OK, Im now all in. Instead of 0-16, we'll go 1-15 this season.

Pasqualoni, yes. Another Italian dim bulb.

"Caserio is now the biggest name in this group. But you have to wonder if he would leave a stable job in New England as Bill Belichick’s right-hand man for Miami. The Dolphins told prior candidates that the GM is not the boss over coach Joe Philbin or Vice President of Football Administration Dawn Aponte. All three would be on equal footing.

It's unknown if Miami would be willing to change that way of thinking to lure Caserio. The Dolphins don’t have a lot of time left to figure out this GM situation with the NFL combine looming."

James Walker of ESPN.

I've said....hire any of these guys is a crapshoot.....hire one and hope he's good--thats the reality

Posted by: benz | January 24, 2014 at 12:42 PM

This is almost like saying hireshit and hope it's perfume.

get it scourt? Mando's blog so he has to be accountable....has to be held to a higher standard....dude gets paid to do this! I dont....you dont....most/all here dont--thats why the double standard (actuall, "of course" theres a double standard)....do you not see the difference?, between Mando and you or me, in this context?

By the way, I don't know how any of these guys will do over the other. My goodness, everyone's drafts look exactly alike. Two or three good players of varying degrees and the rest are working at Foot Locker. Same as our drafts.

It's the roster management, not the draft record that will determine a good gm. And none of these guys have had a crack at roster management. We know Ireland was .500 at best in that regard. Improve our Wrs, lose our line, improve our pass defense, our run defense goes to crap, etc.

Like i said the other day. I hope they invited the finalist back before they told the others they are out of the running.

don't really care anymore just hire the guy who else can we lean on this is not the way a fan should spend there offseason

When do we conduct the new owner search. Anyone knows?

The very First thing that is said in these GM meetings is Failbin saying:

"You're not the boss of me"

Sounds like an intense weirdo. Might be a perfect fit for this this circus.

would like to know specifics on who and what he was responsible for bringing to NE?

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