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Dolphins interviewing Nick Caserio today

While the Dolphins have already identified at least two finalists for their general manager job, they are still doing first-round interviews with one candidate today:

Nick Caserio, the top personnel department man in the New England Patriots organization is on deck for this afternoon, according to a team source.

I told you earlier the Dolphins might do more interviews this week before doing their finalist interviews. It seems at the time they were working on getting permission to talk to Caserio.

The idea of interviewing Caserio for the first time, a day before finalist interviews begin, is not exactly the most elegant way to conduct business. The Dolphins recognize this. But they figure you cannot always look beautiful while winning.

Winning ugly is good.

And talking to Caserio is a win.

This is how this is going to work, as explained to me by the team:

Caserio, 38, will interview today and if he is impressive to the point where he belongs among the finalists, he will move to that group this weekend for a second interview. If he is not worthy, in the team's eyes, then the club will move to its finalists interviews without Caserio.

[Update: The Dolphins announced around 1:30 p.m. that Caserio's interview had been completed].


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no, there is no perfume here Sam, thats the point....only decision is which turd to choose

Than Ross looks down as he pulls on his ear

My grandmother needs a job. Mr. Ross can you fit her into today's gm schedule too.

Do not let her little forgetfulness get to you. It's something you both can do together.

Maybe in May instead of drafting a player they can draft a GM. Wait. yeah, our picks usually fail too.

At The End Of GM Meetings:


Who was that guy and what were we talking about again?


That was Bobby Beathard Mr. Ross


Yes, he was my favorite. What was his name and what were we talking about again?


You just approved our raise boss.


Oh yeah, that's right!

Please please hire this guy

I just saw NE's official team photo of him.

Caserio looks like a bug-eyed freak.

I wonder if he's been bullied... If so, he might try to bully Philbin.

Ian Rapoport said Caserio is "Very Black and White". I guess he likes both Rap and Country music.

Posted by: albert | January 24, 2014 at 01:00 PM


Maybe we can hire Richie Incognito as GM and Jonathon Martin as his assistant.

I would take each of these candidates out and get roaring drunk with them so that their true thoughts and emotions would emerge--instead of the phony politeness that is the case when everyone is sober.

It might get awkward, sure, especially if these guys begin vomiting uncontrollably or turn violent but there remains NO better way to really get to know someone.

Get them DRUNK, Ross.

Dolphin anti Italian rants? lol

Dan Marino and Jimmy Cefalo! Maybe the italian players have played better for the dolphins than the italian coaches coached lol

Incognito! Another dumb Italian. You cannot put those people in any position where they can influence a team. Italians should only be janitors or car detailers.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Caserio looks like a bully. Probably won't work out...

Of course, Philbin could always grow a set.

Who the hell knows? Who the hell knows?

Bill- Great idea.

Get him liquored up and then have him sign before he sobers up!

If he didn't wwant the job then why would he interview?

I don't miss Ireland yet.

He seemed to have some kind of philisophical disconect inside of his own brain. He excelled at drafting injured players and long shots.

He did **SOME** marginal work. But the past draft class really sunk him. He had multiple picks in the top rounds and basically squandered them.

I have no problems with the people that were getting on board after the 2012 draft. Ireland seemed poised to turn the corner in 2013. But, as we all know, he Blew It!

The very First thing that is said in these GM meetings is Failbin saying:

"You're not the boss of me"

Posted by: Bag on Head (Phins Fan) | January 24, 2014 at 12:51 PM


Denver by 10 to 20 points favorite over Seattle. Defense wins Championships? Not in this case.

Evans, they build pretty good houses, too.

I would be shocked if they land this guy,expecting another disappointment.

I fear that none of you are young and attractive with fruitful loins. How I wish things were different but I cannot work up any enthusiasm for you fatties.

Blimey !! is this Benz guy everywhere???? Methinks he has too much time on his hands in the asylum.


OMG, i could not sit in a meeting with this guy. he creeps me out...i hope this is not a good picture...

In other news, I hope Seattle goes down in a ball of flames.

Reaching for straws. This guy is no draft guru or great talent evaluator. Look at the Patriots drafts, and free agent signings the last 10 years. If we had missed on as many of early round picks and free agents they had there would be an uproar.

No GM candidate worth anything would want to step into this situation.

Hahaha, that picture is too funny. I wouldn't be able to look at him if he looked like that all the time either.

Well if nothing else he knows how a team should be run.

Have no clue who would be better than others really. Thought Farmer had a decent resume, and for some reason I am not big on Dawson.

Honestly Ireland did a decent job, maybe some of that was Gaine? Really hard to tell when everything is a team effort who should get credit for what. Gaine has a good rep in the league though and has held other scouting positions. Was also in the running for the Jets GM job last year.

What a bunch of Chicken Shyts on this board.

Oh no, let me guess, the sky is falling again......?


Ross is a self made billionaire. But one particular person here advocates for a new owner search. Why? So we can find the next Jerry Jones or Al Davis?

If this team is a circus, the owner sucks and the coaches and front office bound to fail, do us all a favor, yourself included and just GET THE FVCK OUT OF HERE!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Fvcking Dorks-LOL!

(Disclaimer: Not all of you of course. This message was intended for those that.....well......they know who they are ;)

Denver will win. Denver's o line will hold up Seattle's pass rush and he will eventually pick apart that secondary. Sherman loves being physical with WRs - well here come the Denver Big boys ... Decker and Thomas...

I don't care what the situation is, if I'm offered a promotion and a substantial pay raise I'm at least going to the initial interview. The location shouldn't really matter. lets face it, they are all temporary jobs anyway

Seattle is in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST. I have eaten in a RESTAURANT there.

Daytona, odin is talking to you...

Also, if all else fails I'll take the job. No worries fire me next year if you want.

Caserio looks like a dark-haired Rick Spielman.

I loved Nick Caserio in Young Frankenstein...


Maybe he is an android created by Bellecheat to spy on us, his eyes are recording everything and brosdcasting back to New England.

I am not interested in your race, creed, religious beliefs, political views, or your favorite mouthwash flavor.

Only two things matter:

Can you service my needs and do you have fruitful loins.

Nobody else need apply.

No, sh*t, CommonSense, pay me the $3M teh job demands, I will do the job for a year... do whatever every GM has done here forever ... draft one or two good players, sign a good free agent, a bad one, ignore some really obvious free agents that would've improved our team, let a player or two go we should've signed ... and then get fired and retire into the sunset...

Gertrude Klein-


Ha! Guy looks like a catfish

Thats what I'm down for. Heck I'll even be your assistant :)

Posted by: Brigadier General James Stonebreaker | January 24, 2014 at 01:22 PM

This is what our once dominate military has come to. Sad but true.

Nick Caserio looks more gay than a 3 dollar bill with Liberarce's photo on it. :)

Let's do it CommonSense, we will present ourselves as a team, split the salaries, grope a few of Miami's finest chiquitas for a year and be on our way...


Your thoughts on Cesario?

Ok, so Sam seems to be a strong proponent for Caserio ... anyone else??


MIT seems hell bent on making himself look far more jerk than he really is.

See MIT, I have no problems giving you compliment. Have a great day, boy. :)

you can buy the groceries and cook the meals, just pay me big ears

Rdubs, I don't know Caserio's ability to run a team from Ireland's.

I mean we all know the Patriots have been propped up by BB and Brady forever. Everything else is a revolving door and neither of them are coming.

Every other candidate from that team has failed in an elevated role. But that doesn't necessarily mean he will fail either.

Like I said before, drafting is such a small part of a GM's success. Patriots have not drafted any better or worse than most. It's roster management that is the key. Knowing which players to re-sign and for how much. Knowing which free agents to go after. This is where a GM proves his worth and every candidate the Dolphins have is unproven in this regard.

I do know that a further Tannehill progression will make everyone look smarter than they are....

But I do like the way Caserio resembles Marty Feldman though...

haha Sam, don't be so touchy.

Buy some Barrick Gold stock today, it will make you feel a lot better in a few months...

Marty Feldman scares me more than Gene Wilder


I want him for 1 reason. Maybe everyone will lay off my team and start saying positive stuff about us? Yeah right, that wont happen LOL

Finally, someone who understands the reference... great Mel Brooks movie from back in the day....

From ESPN....

Quote on why he didn't take Colts GM job

"I have a great job here in New England, I work with a great staff, privileged to work for the head coach that I do," Caserio said at the time. "Today is no different than it was any other day. ... I love New England. I enjoy being here. I enjoy the work that I do, the people that I work with. That's not going to change."

Two years later, has it changed?

That was the first question that came to mind after ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter tweeted today that Caserio was interviewing for the Miami Dolphins' general manager job.

In the end, I'd be surprised if Caserio accepted the job in Miami should it be offered to him.

The main reason is that his task would be to build a team to dethrone the division rival he's helped build in New England, which is led by the person who gave him his start in the NFL. Caserio seems like he's too loyal to Bill Belichick for that to happen, even if the financial reward was such that it was difficult to turn down.

So if that's the case, why even interview?

A few thoughts along those lines:

It gives him a chance to develop a connection with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, similar to what Josh McDaniels just went through by interviewing with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam for Cleveland's head coaching job. Caserio and McDaniels have long careers ahead of them, and the chance to develop those connections is valuable.

Another benefit for Caserio is that it would smash the perception he wouldn't leave should another opportunity arise in the future. It also could help improve his current standing in New England.

rdubhs, this will only be a positive place if the team goes 19-0 and never allows one point and scores at least 30 in every game.

It will enver happen, so best learn to filter. Remember, it's an inherent flaw in some people to get taken way to high with the highs, and too low with teh lows...

does he know how to play horseshoes?

Caserio is a win according to Armando ... why, because he comes from the Pats org. Belichick is the Pats. Plenty of folks left the Pats for other teams and those other teams haven't magically transformed their fortunes into the Pats consistent success. But still, I can see Ross hiring Caserio over other candidates simply because he was with the Pats ...

It was a crap shoot before, it's more of a crap shoot now. Or, maybe it's just crap.


"I Dream of Jeannie" was not filmed in Cocoa Beach. Every single episode was filmed in Los Angeles.

If anyone in your city (including you) believes otherwise they are WRONG!

I have eaten at Wendy's in Cocoa Beach.

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