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Dolphins interviewing Nick Caserio today

While the Dolphins have already identified at least two finalists for their general manager job, they are still doing first-round interviews with one candidate today:

Nick Caserio, the top personnel department man in the New England Patriots organization is on deck for this afternoon, according to a team source.

I told you earlier the Dolphins might do more interviews this week before doing their finalist interviews. It seems at the time they were working on getting permission to talk to Caserio.

The idea of interviewing Caserio for the first time, a day before finalist interviews begin, is not exactly the most elegant way to conduct business. The Dolphins recognize this. But they figure you cannot always look beautiful while winning.

Winning ugly is good.

And talking to Caserio is a win.

This is how this is going to work, as explained to me by the team:

Caserio, 38, will interview today and if he is impressive to the point where he belongs among the finalists, he will move to that group this weekend for a second interview. If he is not worthy, in the team's eyes, then the club will move to its finalists interviews without Caserio.

[Update: The Dolphins announced around 1:30 p.m. that Caserio's interview had been completed].


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By any chance are you a prince?

I doubt the new GM will keep TannePuke.

The rumor has it that Dolphin president Garfunkel, an ex baseball guy, wants to hire Ozzie Guillen as AM.

Is Ross demanding that any new GM is required to allow Aponte to fart in their face at least three times a week?


Only when I go to the bathroom and sit on the throne.

Thomas Dimitroff of the Falcons has done a very decent job and he's from the Patriots. Of course, the Falcons did not do well in 2013. But overall, he's had a better than average run so far. MUCH better than the Parcells/Ireland duo.

So, not all former Patriots have struggled in new roles after departing NE.

I have heard of "prince Albert in a can" but not "prince Albert on the can" LOL


Close enough.

Why not just make Dawn Aponte the GM?

Waiting for Mangini to suddenly appear at Dolphins HQ riding a white horse in full Roman Empereor attire throwing olive brances along his path. Hail Caesar! The Great ManGenius!


That is what Caserio brings to the table.

Does Cesario wear glasses, because he cant find contact lenses big enough?

That is what Caserio brings to the table.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | January 24, 2014 at 02:53 PM


Italians are black??

@ 2:51, that would be one strong horse,

I thought Evans got rid of all the Italians???


Just the Sicilians LOL

That is true on the Sicilians ... like Mario Balotelli..

Haven't had time to read many of the posts but the first thing that comes to mind, considering the time element, is that if we hire him do we give the Pats a draft choice?

He knows how to draft down, which I like. The holes that this team has can't be all filled with 3 draft picks and the odd FA. Also the Pats apparently played a good portion of the year with six rookies. The Dolphins played the whole year with .......?


Does Joe Philbin congratulate all the applicants after their interview? " I want to congratulate so and so. He had a great interview. He interviewed better than we did and deserved to turn down the job"

Fraud...that Cuban janitor is a good source. He actaully turned down a second interview as well.

Walker reporting Hickey and Gaine are finalists.....what happened to Dawson? Mando said he was a finalist too....?


Ahhhh The Pink Stingray

Ross called Lake Dawson - River Dawson after watching Stand By Me on his ipad during the first interview.


We have enough Lakes in Florida. Don't need another.

Having huge ears is like walking around with your thumb covering half the lens on a camera.

If Cesario gets hired. They can give him his own segment on the show called "The Cesario Section"

I hear that most candidates are turned off when they meet Philbin cause he has his questions written on 3X5 cards.

Don't get too excited about hiring a Pats personnel guy - Bellicheat makes all the decisions there. He's a total control freak who's turned into a crybaby everytime the refs don't cheat for them.
But if they do hire him, that is fine. He can't be worse that Ireland.

Rumour has it Ross kept calling Caserio 'Benito' and 'Mr. Mussolini' during the interview.

rdubs, I thought that was going to be the new discount seating section in the stdium... targetting Italian car detailers and janitors... marketing plan brought to you by Evans...

yeah albert, but he does always mention "all 3 phases"....even if 1 or 2 of them sucked

you guys will change your opinion of me when we go 13-3 next year.

If he is such a good candidate, then why did they wait until the last minute to bring him in for an interview? Desperate Ross. Might as well let aponte run the team. she cant do any worse than ireland. maybe she can give some "special" incentives to top free agents in order for them to sign with Miami.


Probably because his team was in the playoffs...derrrr

Sources tell me that the first Italian that Ross approached for the job as Dan Marino but got turned down.



Ross also told Caserio how much he liked him in 'The Godfather'.

"Shotgun" Ross is all over the place. Im surprised NE would let this guy interview. This is probably the best prospect yet, but will he sign on the dotted line when he finds out the pecking order? In order for Ross to find a good GM wether strong or weak, this guy has to be his own man. His goal is to find talent and to make Ross happy, and no one else. Dawnhoejoe needs to take a deep breath and grab a seat.

haha, Shartnado, hahahaa

this place seems like a real dirty place, and I know dirty places


Know who my favorite rapper is?

Too Shart

Rumor has it that Joe Philbin wakes up every morning at the crack of Dawn.

If this guy basically breath, HIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!!

Knowing nothing about Caserio other than who he works for, I still can state w/ confidence & enthusiasm, that this is the first ray of hope in this ongoing debacle.
Please, Dear Lord, let the Fins hire him;Make it so.
But they'll Eff it up somehow, doncha know.
Lordy please let him be the One!

Mine is

Skid Lo



My son has also given the Phins 2013 draft class a failing grade and he's 5. Even he knows that draft sucked.


These last few days hasn't made you go back to cutting yourself again, has it?

albert @ 3:26

I've seen pictures of Dawn therefore I do not believe your statement is true.

Your son doesn't know what he's talking about!


I bet she he has a rocking body though. She cant be walking around all the meat hangers in the locker room, being all flabby and sheet

I googled images of dawn Aponte, somehow I don't think this is her???


Ross has to see this is his last shot at credibility.
Otherwise, it's the loser franchise guys (including Gaines) being introduced as "our man from the start"
Pray, cross your fingers, sacrifice an animal,build a shrine. Break DawnJoes evil power to nix viable candidates, who they view as Threats to their Cult of Mediocrity.

She's all right looking.

Have you seen Philbin?

Dawn Aponte will be the new GM. Moving forward, all players will be assessed not on football talent, but rather on the shape of their rears and the length of their manhood.

Rdubs.... funny. Not quite yet, but it's on the horizon, esp. if they flub a candidate from a stable, well structured, winning organization, like Caserio.
I might start w/forearm this time.


Ross chance at credibility sailed a lont time ago,

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