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Dolphins interviewing Nick Caserio today

While the Dolphins have already identified at least two finalists for their general manager job, they are still doing first-round interviews with one candidate today:

Nick Caserio, the top personnel department man in the New England Patriots organization is on deck for this afternoon, according to a team source.

I told you earlier the Dolphins might do more interviews this week before doing their finalist interviews. It seems at the time they were working on getting permission to talk to Caserio.

The idea of interviewing Caserio for the first time, a day before finalist interviews begin, is not exactly the most elegant way to conduct business. The Dolphins recognize this. But they figure you cannot always look beautiful while winning.

Winning ugly is good.

And talking to Caserio is a win.

This is how this is going to work, as explained to me by the team:

Caserio, 38, will interview today and if he is impressive to the point where he belongs among the finalists, he will move to that group this weekend for a second interview. If he is not worthy, in the team's eyes, then the club will move to its finalists interviews without Caserio.

[Update: The Dolphins announced around 1:30 p.m. that Caserio's interview had been completed].


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MIT, how does it feel to be dumber than a 5 year old?

We'll see who's smarter than who... but by then your kid will be 6 or 7, then what?

Good coffee and gelato around the dolphins headquarters next year. Little espresso might give Philbin a pulse.


If that was her all these applicants would be working for free.

(To Ross)"Put the Coffee down. Cofee is for closers only."

I checked out photos of Aponte. Average looking at best. Actually, her skin looks kinda leathery, like a saddle bag with eyes.
My wife is much hotter than that, but then again does not make that kind of money.

Dawn can waxs my top anytime she wants. Something about a women in powerful posisition within an orgainzation does it to me

I Had never seen a billionaire speak saying "you know" every 5 seconds. Then I saw Stephen Ross.

Cseisro or however you spell it is the closest thing to smelling of winning that has entered the Davie faciltiy in the past 10 years. On that alone Ross should hire him. I can just imagine the interview:

Ross: how did you all win so much up there.

C: well we played to our players strengths and adjusted our systems to fit the roster.

Dawn: well we do things differently down here, Joe

Joe: yea thats right. I have a system...wait I dropped my index card.

Dawn: under her breath, dumb sheetz.

Joe: here it is. We run a basic three play offense. No need for adjustments.

New guy: thanks for the interview. Bill, I will never leave again. I promise!


As far a Philbin's future...he can get a job as Gov Rick Scott's double.



haha, that ain't Dawn.

When Caserio entered the interview room Ross asked him to leave the pizzas on the table and gave him a tip.

They probably can offer him less money too, since he'll still be on the pats payroll...so there's that.

This should test the statement that the new GM couldn't draft worse, EVEN IF HE TRIED.

When was the last time an Italian delivered a pizza?

That joke is so 1986...

Wow. Did Caserio do an 8 ball before his photo shoot? That dude looks like he is TWEEKING!

I love 1986. Dan Marino. NY Mets. I was young, and actually had dreams before they were all destroyed by reality.

If it can be screwed up they will screw it up.

yeah ... sigh

I would like to stay away from the Patriots, The Dolphins probably have more overall talent than the pats, but the pats have an alltime great coach like Shula was an all time great qb in Brady like Marino was.
This does not mean this guy would be a good fit here or knows how to pick players. Our biggest problem is the owner not making the right decisions over the past five years, sticking with Philbin was probably a big mistake as well, it is like some else said on this blog bring in a proven football man and let him dp his thing whether that is to keep Philbin or not, this is a business and Philbins record is 15-17 there is nothing to like about that MR. ROSS

Albert.... True.
I'm just giddy that anyone with even the faintest odor of winning has been spotted at the Davie facility.
That'll make the forthcoming 'no more interviews with Caserio' announcement all the more deflating.

Caserio is just Bellichick's errand boy. I'd be surprised if he got the job.

miss me yet?

Breaking news. Dawn Aponte has been at the Senior Bowl all week scouting players. To the shock and surpise of many, she did all her scouting in men's locker room shower.

If Ross is looking to hire someone to make decent lasagna or do a passable job of keeping the men's room clean, then go and get this Italian.

Anything above that, though, forget it. These are people who think New Jersey is the Promised Land.

how can u not give the gm power over the awful head coach, please wake up ross, u have one more chance before the franchise is dead

Finally someone from a winning FRANCHISE Eh?
Bring Mallet with you or this move with TPUKE at QB will be career SUICIDE Eh?.IT'S THE QB STUPID Eh?

How many Italian astronauts can you name?

Unless Tom Brady is coming with him, it won't matter.

Phins 3-13 next year.

Check out @ckparrot Twitter, recommended by proper journalist Ethan Skolnick, re GM generally, and specifically what an EXCELLENT candidate Caserio is.

Ross is becoming a disruptive owner in the NFL.Thats it amputate Bellichicks right hand and hope the disarray gets worse for the bluecoats next year.
Aponte acts like Philbins friend when she is actually hiding in the weeds hoping he fails next season so she can continue to gain power by taking plane rides with a rapidly aging owner and basically kissing the old Farts a.s.
Look Ross is no dummy nomatter what the us economic picture is looking a lot better and can you say FRANCHISE APPRECIATES no matter what the scrubs do below the KING.

So the interview ended at 1:30. I think that's less time than some of the other candidates. Either Ross and co. have honed in on the interview process or the meeting didn't go well.

yes fritz most likely caserio got up and left laughing after hearing philbin would be equal with him

Roofie Dawn before she nixes Caserio, jangle something sparkly to distract Failbin, and HIRE HIM before the Evil Twins cast their spell on Ross/Peto.

All day I've had my jock itch flaring up.

Damn Dolphins powder.

Just a wild guess that the internal candidate gets the job.

at this point careless who gets job now knowing that they dont have any power anyways. so no matter who it is it wont help us

BCS claimed that Dolphins stadium is a quality facility.
Pledged to have more games in South Florida.
Goodell wears panties.

Yo Ross,

Move your circus to London and stop embarrassing S Fla.

thats his plan mel

When was the last time an Italian delivered a pizza ?
Last night.
I deliver pizzas.

In 1986 I was pleasuring myself to Circus magazine.

Klaus Maine is my fave.

The London Shaggers.

To be a GM of an NFL team is an honor. There are only 32 suck positions in the league. All this talk of guys not interviewing bc they "don't understand the structure of the dolphins" is a bunch of shite. Ray farmer was convinced by the browns owner or maybe even the new coach to stay. Mcgloghan and Gamble and Decosta are all content where they are. Caserio tuned down Indy last year when he could have come to an organization that was obviously going to draft Andrew luck bc he was content in NE. Sometimes guys are happier where they at.

So can anyone confirm who the finalists are not including caserio? Dawson, gaine, hickey?

Suck= such LOL

Dawn Aponte is Suzi Amis's doppelganger.

Listen, we are getting afraid of these People here. Up to now, whatever they touch turns to sh-t. Beware!

Bag on Dead

He is not the only one D. Caponte to.

All these Italians want to do is talk way too loudly to each other, pretend like they're tough guys straight out of Central Casting, and obsess over their hair.

You hire them to clean your pool or move furniture, NOT run a football team.

Yo, Ross Rocky here. Now that Apollo is dead I hear you is looking for a manager or a knee breaker. I cans do both. I got Paulie here. He is a gooda with meat and can run a defense.

Remember when everyone was trashing the Phins and talking crap on Ross, Ireland and Philbin when they did not sign Orton, Flynn, Fisher. How'd those things work out? Pretty good huh? The list goes on as well. So maybe, just maybe, you dimwits don't know what you're talking about. That goes for the leader of you dimwits, Armanda.

You guys trash Italians on a blog lol but when you are around them you're all agreeable and nice so you won't get your ARSES kicked!

I'm only "nice" to them in the same way you're nice to a dog or a parakeet. Nothing wrong with being nice to animals.

Remember when everyone was trashing the Phins and talking crap on Ross, Ireland and Philbin when they did not sign Orton, Flynn, Fisher. How'd those things work out? Posted by: deity | January 24, 2014 at 06:18 PM

Any one of those three would've been far better than the crap we have.

I want to thank Don Vito Corlene for buying the Miami Dolphins. I have approved his coaching staff starting with his son Michael as head coach, Mr Sal Tessio as his offensive coordinator, and Mr Pete Clemenza as his defensive coordinator. Mr Tom Hagen will serve as the team attroney and chief contractor negotiator. He will ensure the players agent are out playing cards during contract negotions. Mr Luca Brasi will serve as special assistant to the head coach in a capacity the team has yet to release.

The NFL owners committee has decided to award the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the start of the 2014 to the Dolphins ahead of the season. It is a wise decision as Mr Coreleone made us an offer we could not refuse.

Come on Stephen Ross hire this guy !

More idiocy by Salcrappo. WORST REPORTER EVER.

11 interviews for a scout job has to be a record!! LOL

Have been following this Soap Opera on Sports Radio (LeBatard on 790) and they were informing that in one of the initial interviews Ross repeatedly kept refering to one of the candidates by the wrong name! They further said that the issue with Farmer was indeed about his un-easiness about the total control Dawn Aponte wields inside the proposed structure of the Org. and last but not least that those that declined to interview did this because of the talk around League meetings of how lost Ross is and what a joke the franchise has become.

Clearly, Ross regrets choosing Jeff Ireland for power over Jeff Fisher.

Philbin wanted Matt Flynn for his QB but Ross was too cheap to pay him so he had to settle for TannePuke lol


That would be the best move ross would have made in his time here if its true. Matt Flynn sucks. I'd rather have Ryan Leaf over Flynn

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