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Dolphins interviewing Nick Caserio today

While the Dolphins have already identified at least two finalists for their general manager job, they are still doing first-round interviews with one candidate today:

Nick Caserio, the top personnel department man in the New England Patriots organization is on deck for this afternoon, according to a team source.

I told you earlier the Dolphins might do more interviews this week before doing their finalist interviews. It seems at the time they were working on getting permission to talk to Caserio.

The idea of interviewing Caserio for the first time, a day before finalist interviews begin, is not exactly the most elegant way to conduct business. The Dolphins recognize this. But they figure you cannot always look beautiful while winning.

Winning ugly is good.

And talking to Caserio is a win.

This is how this is going to work, as explained to me by the team:

Caserio, 38, will interview today and if he is impressive to the point where he belongs among the finalists, he will move to that group this weekend for a second interview. If he is not worthy, in the team's eyes, then the club will move to its finalists interviews without Caserio.

[Update: The Dolphins announced around 1:30 p.m. that Caserio's interview had been completed].


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When the Dolphins chased Jeff Fisher, the power structure thing wasn't discussed until Fisher was ready to take the job.

Ryan Leaf > Ryan TannePuke


Who is your choice for QB of the dolphins?

Is it still "humiliation" if a guy from the Browns turns us down, while a guy from the Patriots takes the interview?--just curious…..

that actually doesnt sound like humiliation at all…..it sounds like what we'd expect from a guy that works for the Browns…..and a guy that works for the Patriots….playing us for a raise or not (good for him if so……happens all the time, the American way)

so shouldnt this column read "Anti-Humiliation-Dolphins interviewing Nick Caserio today"?

Interview done at 130,man seen running from Davie Facility laughing.

Who is your choice for QB of the dolphins?
Posted by: dolfan29 | January 24, 2014 at 07:26 PM

Well, I think Matt Moore is better than Tannehill but I'd like to see them draft or trade for something better.

You really need a top 6-8 QB to be good every year and that needs to be THE all out priority. Unfortunately, I dont see that being the case. They seem to be ok with muddling along with Tannehill like they did with Henne. There is no one in charge that is demanding excellence.

They have the perfect QB for the WCO, extremely accurate, better than Flacco at Delaware.

They have the perfect QB for the WCO, extremely accurate, better than Flacco at Delaware.
Posted by: oscar canosa | January 24, 2014 at 08:30 PM


When you see Ross leave 30 million in cap space he isnt even trying. Thats a stab to the heart of any Dolphin fan that wants a top team.


You are clueless dude. Absolutely clueless. They have 30 million in salary cap this season you moron! Last season they basically spent their entire cap. You obviously dont pay attention (big f-cking surprise). And start Matt Moore over Tannehill? Ryan leaf better than Ryan Tannehill? Are you jealous of Tannehills smoking hot wife bc you can only get 300lb women? I sense some resentment in your posts. Sounds like some mental issues.

Seriously dude, are you a Jets fan or something? You are literally f-cking clueless. At least show me you have some intelligence. Your posts are more pathetic than most everyone on these blogs, man. I wouldnt call yourself Cadillac- Cadillac is suppose to represent luxury and refinement. I would call yourself Pinto or better yet- your Delta TaoChi name is Yugo.

Seriously.... The Bills Jetz debacles standing alone were just cause to clean house. Now a weeks-long charade just to hire FIRELAND'S Butt-boy! "our man all along"
Fan since 1968,but NOW I'M GETTING Pi##ed f'real.

You can bet your a-s that Matt Moore will be traded this off-season and with that pick we are going to draft Mike Evans.

Nothing wrong with trading up to grab 2 #1 draft picks, is there?

Draftnik Mania now? Who's making the hypothesized decision;what if Dawn sez no can do under our salary structure;what if Failbin sez Evans doesn't fit scheme?

The Cadillacs that are coming out now are supposed to be great.

Moore brings back a one.
You pranked me good!

They might complain, We might complain, but everybody is going to report only to Ross & friends. That has been written. We'll see.

You are clueless dude. Absolutely clueless. Posted by: Frank from PA | January 24, 2014 at 08:45 PM

The feeling is absolutely mutual, idiot.

Please hire Gaine. This is a no win situation here. Gaine will benefit from a year's experience in his resume and would probably be successful elsewhere.

A wqam listener had a great insight about this poorly ran organization. The common denominator since JJ left: perennial mediocrity AND never cleaning house. There has been always key personnel and front office staff that was inherited by the next adminstration. And there you have a continuing culture of losing and being ok with the status quo.

JJ failed because he and Danny never hit it off but he left the Stache in charge and since then we always had this passing of the torch sort of speak and even when the HC changed, the essential guards of that losing culture remained. The only two times when things appeared to go in the right path were when Parcells was the man -really for a year only- and when Saban was here. Had the latter stayed it would have been a different story here.

This is a lame duck season folks thanks to an owner who appears to be well intentioned at times but puts his faith in the hands of the wrong people (Peterson). I said it before they even hired Philbin that having Carl Peterson around so much without being part of the organization in an official capacity is just terrible. It is way easier to be in his shoes with no accountability for his mistakes. He is part of that horrible good ol boy network model that no longer works.

In a nutshell, with Ross at the helm we are doomed until he cleand house and hires a czar figure with credentials like Tony Dungy. Ross may not be as flamboyant as Jerry Jones but he is equally disastrous to the team. I really wonder how much can fans endure until they seriously start abandoning the brand for good, a process that has already began for sure but could very quickly accelerate into the LA Dolphins.

I would agree with Frank from PA about the Yugo posing as a Caddilac.


If you can type one intelligent thing, I will listen and debate. But when you say some of the shite you do, there's no basis for it. You're not a dolphin fan if you say those things. You don't pay attention.

If it makes you feel better to call me an idiot, that's fine. It further lends to my theory that I stated in my last post that you are a jets fan who is insanely jealous of my team and has mental issues. What basis do you have for calling me an idiot? You gave me a reason with your posts that lack any semblance of intelligence. If you want to debate the dolphins with factual information, I'm all for it. But saying things like the dolphins are too cheap to sign Flynn or Matt Moore should be the starter or Ryan leaf is better than Ryan Tannehill makes you a certifiable f-cking simpleton. Do you understand what some of my bigger words mean?

Frank from PA,

You are an out of touch out of towner who cant handle the truth. Keep your rose colored glasses on and keep drinking that kool aid. You are truly delusioned.

Matt Flynn..ROFLMAO
Talk about getting so much money for doing nothing and being completely incompetent.
Hey just like Parcells 2 year take the money and run deal with the fins.

Tuna should be in the dock at The Hague, standing trial for crimes against humanity.
Fraudulent conduct on an unprecedented scale. Enabled by Huizenga's no-work-required take the money and run contract.

I have never understood the Parcells love affair, everything he ever won was because of Belechick defenses pure and simple.
Without Belechick Parcells never won a postseason game or much anything else, those are facts.

The guy that can come in here with everything that is wrong with this team, and turn it around could wright his own ticket with any team he wanted.
It is the perfect opprotunity for someone who is hungry to establish a reputation for being the best in the buisiness

The Dolphins were 29 mill under the cap last season.

CadillacDeVille = 2 Watts = Ape Tamer

He is the only one that calls Thill Tpuke

2 watts is mentally ill, he has a lot of hate and not much intelligence. 2 watt/Ape Tamer/ CadillacDeville is always on this blog because he has nothing else going on in his life

And what's our excuse?? :-!

It's TurnoverHill.
He should own a bakery with all the turnovers he produces.

FYI- they were not 29 mill under the cap bc signing And trading for Albert would have a required a $9 mill commitment which was going to put the dolphins close to being over the salary cap..... That was also an issue with signing and not just trading for him.

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