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Dolphins, Ireland go separate ways

Jeff Ireland is no longer the Dolphins general manager.

The Dolphins just announced Ireland and club owner Stephen Ross "have mutually agreed to part ways" after six seasons.

The team will conduct an immediate search to bring new leadership to head the team’s football operations. 

“I want to personally thank Jeff for his hard work and dedication in building the team over the past six years,” said Ross. “After a series of discussions, we both felt that it was in our mutual best interest to part ways. Jeff was a loyal and dedicated member of the Dolphins and we wish him and his family nothing but the best."

Ireland was obviously not safe after the end-of-season collapse by the team that saw consecutive losses to last-place Buffalo and the New York Jets. Ireland and the personnel department argued the problem was primarily in that the talent was not maximized.

Coach Joe Philbin argued he needed more talent to get better results.

Ross obviously has sided with Philbin.

A club source said Ireland was going to lose much if not all his decision-making power on personnel. Ross intended to bring in someone with personnel powers over Ireland. That was not acceptable to Ireland.

The parting of way is a courtesy to Ireland.

“I’ve spent the last six years with the best organization in football,” Ireland said.  “Steve and I came to an agreement that the best thing moving forward for all parties would be to part ways.  I’d like to thank Steve for all his support and kindness. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people during this time and I’d like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart."

The Dolphins have not parted ways with assistant GM Brian Gaine. But even if Gaine remains the team is very likely to bring in someone over him.


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Aponte is not going to be GM...

It's being reported that the biggest conga line that stretches from the Florida keys to Gainesville Florida has shut down traffic and created gridlock.

Fans have taken to the streets in droves chanting. The empire has been put down.

Casserly stated Ireland was to be demoted...

i have 0 faith they will make the right hire.and you?

Mr Ross Please Hire me...

I will fire mr magoo, hire mike nolan as HC, Chud to run offense and Dan Quinn as DC...then we hold up the lombardi next year.

And I will work for free.

it's a win win.

Sorry to not join the masses and celebrate Ireland's exit...I agree with atlfinfan...we had enough talent to beat playoff caliber teams,tey when the season was on the line, we lay, not one, but two stinker games to melt down and miss the playoffs...Now how exactly was this Ireland's fault? And if i were Ross I wouldv'e axed the entire coaching staff after that debacle....Ireland was a rookie GM when he was hired and like rookies at any position it took him a few years to grow into it...I think the roster is loaded with talent, o-line aside obviously, but this move is diconcerting if we retain Philbin and not give a true GM the opportunity to hire his coach...Philbin never looks confident or in control on the side lines...nor do index cards give off that persona...be careful for what you wished for.....

Casserly stated Oline was the issue...

Ding Dong the Witch is dead!!!

I'd go party in the streets if it wasn't -35 degrees.

Finally, an off season move I can agree with. Dolphins should go after Bill Polian. Buffalo when they were good, Carolina who nearly went to the superbowl as an expansion team and the Peyton Manning Colts... Everywhere he has been he has always brought in amazing talent and built winning organizations. HIRE POLIAN!

46-50 under his tenue. Results driven business.

it was time.

I can't believe it finally happened...it really is a new era!!! Ireland has Nothing to prove he knows anything about talent. What happened to his eyebrows???

Posted by: njfinfan | January 07, 2014 at 07:05 PM


Feel free to follow Jeffy on his next endeavor.

CA_DolFan I couldn't agree more. Let's give this guy some help in the front office. Someone that can really scout talent and see what he does. IMO, I think we replace everyone on our oline except Pouncey and this offense will be completely different. I believe we would be looking at a playoff team.

Half-as$ing it again Fins!


our oline sucked, this idiot sucked at talent evaluation. Imagine how good this team would be right now if this idiot Ireland could evaluate and pick talent in the first 4 rounds. He destroyed our LB core this last year. He is an Idiot

Fantastic news! Now find someone with GM experience who can evaluate talent who isn't just looking for possible "acorns".Also,pay more attention to FAU,FIU,and the U during the season for drafting or free agent signing.Too many Graham's,Hilton's,Morris' and Sam Shields got away during Ireland's tenure.

I'm truly glad Ireland is gone. He should have been fired 2 years ago. But my happiness is over shadowed by the rumbling in my gut as I worry , who Ross will hire and who with any value is willing to go to Miami.

Wow. A bit of shock right now, as I just figured….
Ross basically forced Jeff to quit by emasculating Ireland of his most important duty, stocking the roster.

As a parent with a special needs young adult, I have a soft spot inn my heart for the responsibilities in addition to job and daily living. They have 2 such children.

Though, as many here I have problems with the past several drafts and free agent signings, I hope that the Irelands find another situation that works better for them.

Dolfan Rick,
I am not an Ireland supporter as much as I am a proponent of this team becoming great once again, and my biggest problem with this move is the retaining of two of the direct culprits for this season's collapse, Philbin and Coyle!!

Who will want to work with wimpy Philbin?

Well Ireland is gone so the policy of letting the market dictate a players value should be gone too.

Lets get Grimes a contract now.

No good GM will take a job if he has to inherit a losing coach.

So we will be stuck with another GM on training wheels.

It's about FREAKING TIME.....

3 Years to late,

finally Mr. Dumbo grew a nut sack........

Posted by: njfinfan | January 07, 2014 at 07:13 PM


Fair enough dude. Who's to say there not gone too before its all said and done.

Ireland will take his next team to the SB.

Wait and see.

Ireland was never given a competant head coach.

This sucks. This team has had plenty of talent. It wasn't maximized. How many times have we seen good players preform badly once they become Dolphins, only to preform again once they leave the team? Who's developing all of our draft picks? Who the heck is Dion Jordon? (We'd all know who he was if he played for Rex Ryan I hate to say.) Why was the long ball to Wallace NEVER practiced during the year? Was that Ireland's decision? What exactly was Jeff Ireland fired for? This team was managed to be in great shape this year and next with regards to the salary cap and draft picks. Do we remember what came before? Can we be optimistic about what's coming next?

This was a bad move. This is just making a desperate splash to try and salvage what's left of the fan base. That never works. What works is having a plan and sticking to it- until it works. We already know a lack of continuity doesn't work. We know that.

What's coming next and how can we be sure it's going to be so much better? What's the plan moving forward and how can we be assured that there's going to be anything left to cheer for?

Interesting comments by Casserly who felt Ireland made some good moves outside of Wheeler. Never thought he was terrible, but he never really identified star talent. He was a middle of the road guy. He could build great depth on an already good team. He knew how to find very good support players. But as Casserly alluded it was coaching, not the players that prevented the dolphins from going 10-6 instead of 8-8. Big concern here is they are talking about Gaine who was their top scout as becoming GM. Well if the top scout and right hand man to Ireland couldn't identify top talent, how will it change when he becomes the man.

Philbin is probably next. He'll get next season and unless the Fins "wow" and make the playoffs, he'll be gone. New GM wont want to be saddled with a HC not of his choosing so any GM worth hiring will come with say in who the HC is. I wanted Ireland gone and you'd have to try to do worse but that doesn't mean that the new GM will be any better. And even if he is, a new HC and a new system and the personell ... this could take a while. Whatever happens, better or worse, it should be a wild ride. Dolphin have been the poster child for mediocrity seemingly forever, what's a few more years ...

Does anyone think the new GM Ross hires will want to hire a coach of his choice and get rid of Philbin?

it was said on another post before but but Daboll, Nolan and Bowles sure do look a lot better now in hindsight. Where would that bunch be with this talent? Need a Coach who inspires a team, generates their respect, or creates fear. Philbin is NONE of the ABOVE.He is at best a good Quality Control person where his OCD tendencies can be benefitial.


Fire Philbin and the Defensive Cord. Ireland was average just like most NFL GM'S. Should have kept Sherman, not his fault he had no O-Line, running game, backs that cannot block and thus limited his play calling. Many people think they can call plays but if they were in Sherman's shoes and your plays can't be executed, they would be frustrated and limit plays to what the team could run - which is not much. Also, remember Rick Spillman and Randy Mueller? - Many people wanted Mueller! Fire Philbin!


Agree with you 100 percent. A total clean sweep needed to happen. We have seen this before when the coach was let go and not the GM. Now it's the opposite.

My worry is what Respected GM will come here knowing philbin is a package deal. A true GM will want that power to hitch his wagon to his guy.

I will say I've heard polian say he likes philbin and believes the guy can be successful. I'm hoping if philbin has to stay then polian is the guy to take over

Six years was more than enough time for Ireland to get this train back on the track. Some do it in one.

I HAVE 2 names that would make this town GO FREAKIN NUT!!!!!!

see if you can guess them......I'll post in few.....

not saying they would be the greatest choices but town would go crazy and season tickets WOULD SELL OUT everygame..............

All you Dolphin pessimists,

You have to admit, The Miami Dolphins always have the most exciting off seasons! Lmao

Posted by: IMAWriter | January 07, 2014 at 07:13 PM


Great post. In our desire to see our team win sometimes we tend not to think of the personal lives of those involved and of those who lose jobs.

Jeff Ireland has a lot of experience though and is well respected in a lot of NFL circles.

He will land on his feet. I think it was time for him go but I wish him and his family well.

By far the most hilarious blog this year. I'm still in tears with the Robert Duvall post. You guys are killing me!

I like Philbin a lot but we can't ignore the fact that a bunch of talented players under-preformed as a team this season and we collapsed to inferior talent.

I'm picturing all you guys doing the Dancing in the Streets music video.

So let me get this straight: Ross sided with Philbin's argument that there weren't enough talents on team. Yet it was Philbin who got rid of Bush, Dansby, and Burnett. Also Sherman's termination was indicative of poor use of talents. Sounds like coaching was just as flawed as the personnel management to me. C'mon Ross you know what you ought to do.

This has the STINK of the NYJets all over it. Just as the Jet did with their GM and kept Rex on as a lame duck HC same with Philbin now.

Seems Ross can't think on his own and is following the Woody Johnson model of ownership.

Everyone he surrounds himself with has a connection to the GD Jets.

As much as this pains me to say anything, at all, about the Jets, this is going to be a similar situation. New GM retains coach and he has a one year 'prove it' kind of situation. If Philbin flounders, he's toast. If they improve, its his job going forward.

starting all over again. wo-hoo. How bout bringing some freakin' orange back to the uniform?

Dolfan Rick.

Nobody wishes Jeff Ireland bad carma. Fans are passionate and want the team to win. These GMs understand the business of the nfl and Ireland is no different. I've always said my dislike of Ireland was the results of his time here. Not the person he is.

With that said. Good luck to Ireland wherever he lands

the only way Ireland get's to a superbowl is if he's working a concession stand at the stadium


Ross declares he'll personally GM team.....


Just kidding.

Is it safe to say that Philbin's tenure is no longer safe when a new GM comes in? Even if the candidate reluctantly agrees to keep Philbin per Ross's request, Philbin will be in the hot seat Day 1.

If the new GM wants to bring in his own coach, then I am all for it. His philosophy on what it takes to build and maintain a consistant winner in Miami has to be allowed to happen at hopefully a speed that all us Dolphin fans can accept. Nothing happens overnight, but the way things are in the NFL nowadays, (example Kansas City, last year, this year), there should be no reason we are not a consistant playoff PARTICIPANT starting next year and for many years to come. Manage the salary cap properly, hit some home runs in the draft, throw in a little bit of luck, and the future should be very bright for the Dolphins for a long time. DO WHATEVER IN TAKES, NEW GM!!

BUMMER and tired of this.....




tell me 1 thing in the past 3 drafts WHO THE HELL DO WE HAVE......

1 guy Pouncey 1 freaking OLINEmen out of 5 and thats 3 full drafts........not even our backups are worth a crap.....

and maybe Jones SS thats freaking it

12 days after Christmas and Christmas is back again.
Jeff Ireland should've been fired a long time ago.
Now Ireland is finally gone it's vital Ross make a good choice of a highly qualified GM amd offensive coordinator


winston was not impressive at all last night. not much for an arm , not fast

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 07, 2014 at 06:43 PM

totally agree


Hartline a steal in the 4th. We have one of the best defensive fronts in the league. Jones is a great late round safety. Charles Clay, Dion Sims, Gibson, Wallace.

What you fail to see is Ireland NEVER had the luxury if a half decent HC. Sparano was dumber than bird poop. Philbin is a joke he will NEVER be a HC again after 2014.

Tell em how you really feel mojo!!!!! lol

Look, Philbin has one more season. He will fail. It is very likely old man Ross will sell next year. The team could be the top candidate to move and change its name.

The Miami Dolphins are on the verge of being history. Bang start, dud finish.

Wow. Just wow.

Who are we going to blame now?!?

Seriously, I think Ireland got a fair chance. It was time for a change two years ago. That being said, I do wish him personally the best.

I'm in shocked this happened.

Coyle admitted to calling the wrong D in the Carolina game. We lost too many games because of inept coaching.

Ireland did his job post Parshit.

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