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Dolphins, Ireland go separate ways

Jeff Ireland is no longer the Dolphins general manager.

The Dolphins just announced Ireland and club owner Stephen Ross "have mutually agreed to part ways" after six seasons.

The team will conduct an immediate search to bring new leadership to head the team’s football operations. 

“I want to personally thank Jeff for his hard work and dedication in building the team over the past six years,” said Ross. “After a series of discussions, we both felt that it was in our mutual best interest to part ways. Jeff was a loyal and dedicated member of the Dolphins and we wish him and his family nothing but the best."

Ireland was obviously not safe after the end-of-season collapse by the team that saw consecutive losses to last-place Buffalo and the New York Jets. Ireland and the personnel department argued the problem was primarily in that the talent was not maximized.

Coach Joe Philbin argued he needed more talent to get better results.

Ross obviously has sided with Philbin.

A club source said Ireland was going to lose much if not all his decision-making power on personnel. Ross intended to bring in someone with personnel powers over Ireland. That was not acceptable to Ireland.

The parting of way is a courtesy to Ireland.

“I’ve spent the last six years with the best organization in football,” Ireland said.  “Steve and I came to an agreement that the best thing moving forward for all parties would be to part ways.  I’d like to thank Steve for all his support and kindness. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people during this time and I’d like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart."

The Dolphins have not parted ways with assistant GM Brian Gaine. But even if Gaine remains the team is very likely to bring in someone over him.


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hire Jason Licht

The dumb freakin fans in Miami are the ones that want to scrap everything and rebuild every 3 years. Seen it happen too many times since Jimmy, has not worked once! Fist pump Sporano and Phillbin the zombie (neither of which were hand picked by Ireland) are not the two sharpest tools in the shed to say the least!

Firing Ireland is the best move the Dolphins have made in 6 years!

The next GM will not be as diligent as Ireland. Ireland is well respected. You will see. He won't be out of work long, and with a better job than ALL of you knuckleheads.

Philbin is not the problem , he is the only HC from JJ to Sparano to to be honest with players one on one. To ditch the WCO and bring in a new offense will set the Fins back another three years.With all of the new players brought in affected chemistry and continuity. The Packer WCO is the right way to go with the personnel with the exception of a couple of OL positions.The team does have respect for Joe Philbin , Ross knows that and thats why he is still here.

This just in!

We may now be able to stop going immediately to google after our draft pick is announced.

Now! I smell Dan Marino as the New GM,he knows more today then before when he had the chance and after Carolina looses then he just might bring in Mike Shula as the HC,Just saying. I can dream can I? Lets see what happens........

This team should be officially renamed "The Flounders" until they finally return to respectability.

Its incredibly naive to think that Ireland made all of the offseason moves in a vacuum, without input from Philbin and Sherman. With that been said,the OL was a joke this year and that falls on Ireland. I don't like the money he threw at the linebackers, when the priority should have been a stud TE. And the running backs were a joke.

So onwards and upwards....i'd give Scott Pioli whatever he wants to be GM and let him decide Philbin's fate.

best defensive front in the league??? they made every QB in the league this year look good. 3rd string Thad Lewis looked like the league MVP against our mediocre D line. Gino Smith looked like Payton Manning against Miami's D line

Armando! don't be surprised!!!

I'm hoping that Pioli is the one that Ross will look to interview first...Talk about a situation where the head coach got the GM fired.....Pioli acquired all that talent in K.C . but had terrible Todd Haley as a head coach and he paid the price......With Philbin remaining, I wonder if Pioli would consider it...

Clean out the entire personnel department & fire Brian Gaine too. Anyone who is a Ireland disciple is guaranteed to be an imbecile.

BTW--I don't know how Coyle keeps his job. The secondary improved BUT that run defense was pathetic. It has to more than just Wheeler.

Why am I giving Philbin a pass??? B/c at least he's not incompetent like Ireland. He came from a great organization (not the Cowboys) & I believe he should get at least one more year to prove whether he can win as a HC.

Ding Dong Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Gone!

Whoever the new guy is, I give it less than a year before he becomes the new whipping. Boy on here......WATCH.

BUMMER your lost....... talk to any one that has NFL knowledge (not you) THIS guy is a joke.........

Hartline is a number 3 maybe a 2 on a good that WHO IS way over paid.........

call anyone on 560 640am they will tell you BOZO didn't have a clue..........

finally, someone fired who was hated more than me

Hartline 2 seaons in a row with better stats than Fitzgerald and Wallace.

Eat your shorts.

Tell me, what GOOD GM is going to accept Saltine Cracker Philbin?


He is not a leader, he is a wimp and a joke. It is his last season.

We are now prolonging the inevitable.

The story being told in the media is that Ireland was going to lose his power to a Czar or someone to make final personnel decisions. This guys ego would not allow this even though he made major mistakes in not having adequate replacements at given positions for players he Ireland unloaded.

Ireland did his job. What GM can succeed with totally incompentent coaches?

Do any of you utterly clueless idiots believe Sparano or Philbin will EVER get another HC job?

No Fkn Way!

And you know it.

You are all naive and misguided.

Thank you Mr. Ross I think he really does want the Dolphins to win after all, now just one more to go

Ross set Philbin up for a lame duck season. Philbin is gone this time next year. Then total rebuild.

Philbin and Sparano had their first and LAST HC gig here in Miami.

I'm harder on Ross than both Ireland and Philbin. His logic and half-measured attempts baffle me.
1. He wanted to strip Ireland of all personnel decision while keeping him.
2. Both Ireland and Philbin made all the decisions together regarding personnel, yet Ross drops only one of them.
3. Same argument could be said 2 years ago when he dumped Sparano while keeping Ireland.
4. He pressured Philbin to dump Sherman while Coyle's defense had major flaws too.

Bummer 7:13 PM
Calm down Bummer!
No one interested in a GM job will pass it up because of the HC, unless he is told he cannot hire or fire as he sees fit. The new GM will give Philbin a pass 2014 because Mr. Ross likes Philbin, then if Philbin fails to go deep into the playoffs he'll be gone.

Finally we have hope for the future. Our drafts will improve dranatically.

Let me simplify it for you brain dead morons of the 21st Century.

Who do you think will have the most success AFTER leaving the fins?


No question Ireland has a brighter future than those two charlatan knuckleheads.

Ross can expect season holder tickets to go up now that this acorn moron is gone. Ireland was willing to wait 2 or 3 years for someone to develop and sacrifice drafting for a position of current dire need.


Doesn't matter if Mr. Mope head coach is still around. Team played flat. That's on the HC. Other players leave and contribute. That's on the HC. I still see next year as the same old same old.

How many on this blog have never forgotten something? So maybe Jeff Ireland forgot about the offensive line, or maybe he was just very busy on other things. But firing him over a little forgetfulness? Consider me in the camp of the other Jeff Ireland apologists on the blog.

read my post above

what 2 guys would make this town go CRAZY...

you said it Manny ..

GM Marino

HEAD Coach Shula (panthers)

How about Marty Schoetenheimer for GM?

It is time to REJOICE! Now Ross MUST hire the right GM at the right time. We DO NOT NEED A TOTAL REBUILD. We need a GM that understands that, drafts smart and acquires the right FA's. If done correctly 2014 will be FUN!!

If we suddenly start winning now that Ireland is gone I'll be the first one back here to admit I was wrong and join in with the celebration- but right now I just don't see it.

All I've seen for the past years and years out of this team is a knack for squandering talent and constant turmoil and turnover. No continuity since the Shula era equates to no championships. It's as simple as that.

Tanehill will be gone, the guys how bring this failure here are gone: Sherman and Ireland.

This is the wrong move once again. Ireland takes this team to 8-6 and goes 4-1 against AFC East playoff teams and he is fired? The dolphins did not make the playoffs because of Joe Philbin who could not find a way to beat the Jets and Bills in must win situations. This team had the talent.

Prepare for 3-13 next year with Philbin as coach!

While I'm glad to see Ireland go, I remain skeptical until I see who Ross brings in to replace him. I imagine it will be harder to find a GM who doesn't get to pick his own head coach.

This Marino stuff has to stop. What experience does he have in running a team?? e is not the guy I want as for Shula as OC I am all in on that one. If Shula does good we let Philbin go next year and Shula becomes HC!!

Its a good thing we put that offset language in Tannehills contract so we can cut him loose without a cap hit.

I am thinking Eric DeCosta the asst GM in Baltimore. A team that has been good for a long time. They know how to draft and pick up FA's!

Orlando Dolphan, why stop at 8-6? Let's say Jeff Ireland took the Dolphins to 3-0! Sounds even better!

A brighter future does not mean Ireland can evaluate talent. For three years he could not fix the O-Line. He was not terrible but he was not good either. He thinks picking from among acorns is a great way to pick talent. But you are the smart kid Bummer and everyone is knucklehead. Let's hear it for Bummer the Great...1..2...3 BUMMER YOU ROCK!


Marino had a VP job with the fins and quit in 3 weeks. Why? He is now a rich lazy tard with a cush job, and he is an awful analyst. The worst.

Marino was a great QB, but the guy has sheeet for brains.

Wondering how many of the guys wanting Ireland gone will be celebrating when Carl Peterson is introduced as the new football czar.

Careful what you wish for Dolfans... C

YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now please get someone who knows what they are doing.


We will see how smart the new GM will be? If he keeps Philbin then he will suck. Philbin is not cut to be a HC in this league. The last two games of the year proved that. The fact that Mike Sherman was actually the man running this football team (according to sources) proves that.

I thought that this team was close in 2011. Ross' impatience to get rid of Todd Bowles and his staff has caused this. That team was a franchise QB and a couple of players away from the playoffs. This team will be a laughing stock for years to come.

Don't worry Bill A. Marino will not leave a job on network TV where he basically models and says a few words for a job that he would really have to work hard.

Marino is the most silent one on the pregame show. He is often the last one to comment and says the least. Half the time his colleagues interrupt him and step all over him. Marino would be a disaster in the Front Office.

Sorry, it's true. He is an idiot.

Maybe now we will get linebackers without dreadlocks and OL men who are good and not big weirdos.

Wondering how many of the guys wanting Ireland gone will be celebrating when Carl Peterson is introduced as the new football czar.

Careful what you wish for Dolfans... C

Posted by: Craig M | January 07, 2014 at 08:15 PM

Stop trying to scare us Craig! :)

Posted by: Bummer | January 07, 2014 at 08:01 PM

I don't put all the blame on him IRA, I mean bummer but it was time to change.


I tend to side with you on this one. Philbin's lucky he escaped the axe, if in fact he has. These two moves don't make up for the Dolphins losing the last two games of the year. The team wasn't prepared to play and that falls on Philbin.

It remains to be seen justhow long Philbin will last but I see a dead coach walking.....

Marino was great at throwing footballs and reading defenses. He is an absolute idiot otherwise. I feel embarassed for him every pregame show. He looks lost and says nothing but status quo stuff with no insight.

I am thinking Eric DeCosta the asst GM in Baltimore. A team that has been good for a long time. They know how to draft and pick up FA's!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger

Good post Bill! Thanks. Instead of crying for Mr. Ireland like some on this blog you are thinking.

I have to agree with Ireland on this one. The fault was with the coaches not maximizing the talent enough. There you go...Careful what you wish for folks. But Ross hired Philbin, but he cant expect a new person to come in here and make love to the fact that they cant have control to hire their own coaches and personel.

Hip hip hurray

I am sitting thinking of all the talent that Ireland let walk out the door and traded away....lets not even start on his bad drafts.....this move should pay huge dividends starting this coming FA period.

Philbim sucks as HC!!!! Will the new GM be allowed to fire him or will Ross do a shotgun wedding between the new GM and Philbin!!! Everything about Philbin stinks hes a passionless zombie who shows no emtion period.

Fire Philbin!

Im thinking Ross will give the authority to the new GM to get rid of Philbin..

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