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Dolphins, Ireland go separate ways

Jeff Ireland is no longer the Dolphins general manager.

The Dolphins just announced Ireland and club owner Stephen Ross "have mutually agreed to part ways" after six seasons.

The team will conduct an immediate search to bring new leadership to head the team’s football operations. 

“I want to personally thank Jeff for his hard work and dedication in building the team over the past six years,” said Ross. “After a series of discussions, we both felt that it was in our mutual best interest to part ways. Jeff was a loyal and dedicated member of the Dolphins and we wish him and his family nothing but the best."

Ireland was obviously not safe after the end-of-season collapse by the team that saw consecutive losses to last-place Buffalo and the New York Jets. Ireland and the personnel department argued the problem was primarily in that the talent was not maximized.

Coach Joe Philbin argued he needed more talent to get better results.

Ross obviously has sided with Philbin.

A club source said Ireland was going to lose much if not all his decision-making power on personnel. Ross intended to bring in someone with personnel powers over Ireland. That was not acceptable to Ireland.

The parting of way is a courtesy to Ireland.

“I’ve spent the last six years with the best organization in football,” Ireland said.  “Steve and I came to an agreement that the best thing moving forward for all parties would be to part ways.  I’d like to thank Steve for all his support and kindness. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people during this time and I’d like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart."

The Dolphins have not parted ways with assistant GM Brian Gaine. But even if Gaine remains the team is very likely to bring in someone over him.


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For how long?

who the he!l is Omar, he's a blowhard

Only a GM worse than Ireland would take this job.

Posted by: YivaY | January 07, 2014 at 09:17 PM

Worse than Ireland? That doesnt exist.



Posted by: peter | January 07, 2014 at 09:09 PM


I agree. At this point clean house. Why bring in a GM that determines 1 year later that Philbin sucks. Meanwhile he will be getting wimpy finesse players this off season to fit Philbin. Coyle will continue to destroy the stout defense that Ireland built.

At this point. JUST CLEAN HOUSE!!!!


I think Ross is going to continue down the Green Bay path. Our new G.M. will be Mike Holmgren. He has ties to Sherman, Mangini, and can draw upon a coaching tree that is rich in names.

Plus I think he would give Philbin his time.

Pioli and others would want to dismiss Philbin I think.

Ron Wolf also has ties to Holmgren.

Thats my name guys.

No Mangini, please. Go after Khan or Pioli. Issue with Pioli in KC was he couldnt find a QB. Aside from that little issue he did put togther a good team. It will be interesting to see what will happen with Philbin and a new GM when Philbin, per his exisiting contract has final say on coaches...one whom the GM may not agree with. So, I think Philbin sticks around for another year, while the new GM evaluates everything. Lets see what thw draft has to offer and how much FA money the Fins are willing to part with this year. It may not be a penny more than what is calles for in the CBL. 2015 is when it starta to come together.

shula, forget about Wolf. He's as old as Bob Barker. He doesn't want to do it anymore. Can you blame him?

I'm more interested in who they are going to put in place as the management czar than who will replace Ireland. Ultimately that's going to set the tone going forward.


With you man. Keep Philbin? For what? To see if he can miraculously make this team a playoff team next year, without his hand-picked assistants. No chance!

Turn it over to Pioli and let him do with it what he wants. If wants Philbin....fine. If he wants him gone...fine. Its his team. Give him the reins to do what he pleases. I agree with you, no more soft players. Lets get some guys in here with some guts.

Ross needed to make a clean sweep not another half measure. Who of any worth will take this job with a coach already in place as well as Gaine, (his scouts) and Aponte? I


The fact that Pioli brought in Matt Cassel as his franchise QB and gave up a high # 1 pick to get him is worrisome. Pioli showed poor judgement in bringing in Matt Cassel. Ireland actually had more success with Miami than Pioli did with the Chiefs. No excuses.

You guys want to trade GMs to one that went 2-14 the last year that he got canned.

Wow cant believe it got fired after history best ofseason

Who's the idiot that said people don't want an NFL job?

There are tons of people who would LOVE a NFL GM job.

History best offseason? Cid Vicious come up with something better.

I would be looking for an assistant GM/personell man from a team that has drafted well for a number of seasons like Omar Khan from the Steelers. Steelers bloggers already think we'll hire him.

what do you say for you ah to me know?? can I be ford myself to be to me?? Ireland is gone for myself, yeah how you say? yippee

Finally fired!!

Orlando, if you are quoting Omar, you are too stupid and naive to be here. What a buffoon that guy is. He is no journalist. He is a fool lucky not to be stuck at Walmart. You can't see that? Today's media has very low standards for its contributers.

Ross you might get a dime out of me yet. Good job Ross time to move on from this nightmarish past.

Guess I need a new name.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | January 07, 2014 at 06:40 PM

Don't ever change your name. It won't be the same!


I am not sure about Pioli. I do agree that Philbin needs to go. I have seen enough. That coaching staff last year was terrible. I actually think now that Sparano was more competent than Philbin. Only Philbin would fail to make the playoffs needing one win against two garbage teams like the Jets and Bills. And he still has a job!

Me thinks that Stephen Ross sided with the wrong guy (Philbin). He should be part of the clean up because he is incompetent for a HC job. But he is not going to last long. He is going to feel sandwiched between a new GM and a new OC. And Philbin is going to feel uncomfortable and resign. Wait and see.

Could there be a job for Chad Pennington somewhere?

Bring in Seahawks assitant GM I.P Freely

Agree with you guys. I don't want to limit our GM search because they can't choose their coaching staff. Ross should put it out there right now. Philbin only stays if GM wants to work with him. Ross should be having that conversation with Philbin right now and if Philbin wants to resign so be it.

But I applaud the GM move. Good start Ross.

Orlando, Ireland's 46-50 record over five years with no playoffs sealed the deal, and rightfully so. That's outside of Philbin not being a great head coach.

Bring in Mike-Huntsbig to work with aponte or......

Why does my finger smell like cheese?

Hahahahhahahhahah you are all trolls long live the dolphins losers

I agree. Let the new GM decide on Philbin. And pay good money for a good GM. Its well worth it.

I'd like to see as OC someone that's capable of being a HC.

Former Cane, Chudzinski for OC.

Only an owner with no clue would hope to attract a new quality GM, and expect that person to be handcuffed with a head coach he did not pick and who has no track record of success through two seasons! This will greatly limit the qualified applicants for the GM position so expect another dumb hire.

I have to say everyone NFL person i have heard talk about Philbin and EX coach's. They all think very highly of Philbin. I tend to think they know more then we do.

Could there be a place for UCF head coach O'Leary?

You are all a bunch of idiots !

So much crap about a new GM matching the coach''s style, one gets paid to evaluate talent and the other to coach,

Thank you Mr. Ross . Please complete the process by allowing the Dolphins next GM to pick his own head coach... hopefully one with intensity so this franchise can be respectable again.Pay Gruden or Cower whatever salary is needed to get one of them back on the sidelines .
Thanks for the 1st 2 moves now how about a "hat trick".

Not so disgruntled Dolfan

If Ross promotes Gaines or Aponte and brings in old man Peterson to oversee the operation, you guys wii be flying planes around the Stadium pulling a banner that says "Bring Back Ireland". I wouldn't celebrate too much till we see who gets hired.

Rick is a brain surgeon

I think philbin is not bad to keep, stability is also important.

Who would have thought that so many Dolphin fans would have turned into bonafide losers!!!

Crying about the head coach, QB, GM. etc...

Head Coach - wanted to get rid of Incognito before the start of the season then had to keep this team together through the fallout. Should have made the Playoffs but then Sherman and Ireland would not have been fired. Win!!!

QB - Threw for nearly 4,000 yards while leading the league in sacks, no offensive line, all new receivers, no running game in only his second year. WTF!!!

GM - never threw a pass, ran the football, yet brought in McKinnie before the fallout and Michael Thomas two days before his interception sealed the first victory over NE in five years - Be Very Carefull what you wish for!!!

Very few here would have endured Bill Walsh's 2-14 or Jimmy Johnson's 1-15 first seasons.

It takes time to build a good football team!!!!

Ross has basically just handed the franchise over to Philbin. Has anyone seen any evidence that Philbin is the man to make personnel decisions ? It was Philbin who didn't want Marshall or Bush. Aside from Jordan and the kicker, Philbin didn't put any of the rookies on the field this year either.

Philbin is going to be here for another 3-4 years. Ross is guilty of letting his personal feelings for people interfere with his business. He loves the guy, same as he had positive feelings about Jeff Ireland.

Phins continue to be mediocre and irrelevant.

Loser franchise with loser fans continues its losing ways.

Should have cleaned house.

All's Philbin had to say to Ross was. Look at the O-Line. You tell me i have the telent to win. Look at Incognito. I din't want him on my team. He won the battle against Ireland with that alone.

Between Rick and 2014 there is a total IQ of 5!

Mmmm I don't know.

Loser franchise with loser fans continues its losing ways.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | January 07, 2014 at 10:09 PM

As written by a loser blogger.


Trading for McKinney was desperation because his plan for the OL collapsed.

Signing Thomas was necessity & Thomas was a sought after PS player with a higher contract that other PS players. WIth all the injuries it was a must move.

LEts not forget, had he kept R. Marshall or his 2 highly drafted CB's panned out, we wouldn't have needed him.

All the moves he succeeded with are the result of other failed moves he made.

It's 2 steps forward 3 steps back with Ireland at the help. Finally, this team can move on & improve IF Ross makes the right GM hire.

Ireland did not get fired. He decided to leave. I am guessing that there is more than meets the eye here. My guess is that he did not want to be the GM if Philbin was going to be the coach. Having Philbin as coach is a no win situation.

When I heard that a source said that Mike Sherman was actually running the team, I knew that Philbin was pure trash as a coach. Philbin showed that he could not win against the Jets and Bills. When it mattered against crappy teams he did not get the job done. As a result, Ireland is no longer the GM. Ireland took the fall for Philbin's ineptitude.

Anyone that thinks Philbin isn't too bad, must also think 15-17, isn't too bad. Maybe blowing you last 2 games against losing teams to a combined score of 39-7 isn't too bad either.

Philbin wont last a week after new GM is here. Unless Ross puts in a turkey. This will be the first time he has put in his own GM. Jeff was a Wayne/Tuna boy. Let's all pray.

The Heat's Pat Riley said today; "The players trust us because they know we are competent. And they know we are going to make them better players"

Can Joe Philbin.say the same ? I don't believe so.


What about Cam Wake? That was a heck of a signing by Ireland.

The Philbin part of the house cleaning can occur after the new GM is hired. Ross can add that to the list of duties for his GM to perform.

Wake was scouted by Gaine. And look, 13 teams tried to sign Wake. It's not like he wasn't sought after or a secret. His talent was noticed by many others.

He only signed here because he could play quickly not because Ireand was some super genius.

YAY he got Wake & Bess as undrafted Free agents. When your undrafted Free Agents are better than your draft picks, YOU HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM!

Orlando Dolphan, what is it about Jeff Ireland that sealed the deal for you? For me if was the boyish grin and the shock of red hair. And just the right touch or confidence, even arrogance. I guess we both are so disappointed to see the Dolphins without Jeff Ireland. Are you going to shift your allegiance from the Dolphins to Jeff Ireland's new team? Because its not about the team, is it, it's about that dreamboat Jeff Ireland!

When I heard that a source said that Mike Sherman was actually running the team, I knew that Philbin was pure trash as a coach.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 07, 2014 at 10:13 PM

No offense, but there are too many dipshits like you that are so gullible you believe what you read. You think because it is in print it much be true. The Media owns your mind and you open wide and swallow whatever they feed you. You accept anonymous info from people you don't even know as fact, not realizing they have a job to write a story or create a story.

Politicians love people like you.

No Gm is going to want to come here and be told who he has to work with as a coach. In addition Ross already has a hard on for Philbin, so the GM would have to deal with head games and power struggles related to the coach and the owner communicating. Peyton went to The Broncos for several reasons. The Dolphins being dysfunctional is one of them. It's still broken people. Ireland was a left over from Parcells, but there are still scouts and others in the organization who are leftovers from Ireland...and as mentioned the owner is too attached to Philbin. This is the making of an organization like The Browns. This is how a team stays irrelevent for long periods of time. Phins needed to fire everyone...they did not.

P.S. yet the Dolphins beat every playoff team they faced this year.

Inconsistency is more a reflection of inexperience and not talent!

All you closet Jet Fans - Don't ever expect this team to fall apart at the end of the season again... you're only inexperienced once!!!

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