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Dolphins, Ireland go separate ways

Jeff Ireland is no longer the Dolphins general manager.

The Dolphins just announced Ireland and club owner Stephen Ross "have mutually agreed to part ways" after six seasons.

The team will conduct an immediate search to bring new leadership to head the team’s football operations. 

“I want to personally thank Jeff for his hard work and dedication in building the team over the past six years,” said Ross. “After a series of discussions, we both felt that it was in our mutual best interest to part ways. Jeff was a loyal and dedicated member of the Dolphins and we wish him and his family nothing but the best."

Ireland was obviously not safe after the end-of-season collapse by the team that saw consecutive losses to last-place Buffalo and the New York Jets. Ireland and the personnel department argued the problem was primarily in that the talent was not maximized.

Coach Joe Philbin argued he needed more talent to get better results.

Ross obviously has sided with Philbin.

A club source said Ireland was going to lose much if not all his decision-making power on personnel. Ross intended to bring in someone with personnel powers over Ireland. That was not acceptable to Ireland.

The parting of way is a courtesy to Ireland.

“I’ve spent the last six years with the best organization in football,” Ireland said.  “Steve and I came to an agreement that the best thing moving forward for all parties would be to part ways.  I’d like to thank Steve for all his support and kindness. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people during this time and I’d like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart."

The Dolphins have not parted ways with assistant GM Brian Gaine. But even if Gaine remains the team is very likely to bring in someone over him.


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You all accept whatever poppycock the media bombards you with like mice finding a hunk of cheese.

None of you really know anything more than hearsay by dumb writers or media people with an agenda. Yet you swallow it and own it as fact,

Politicians love people like you.

Fire Ross loves the attention of dumb bloggers.

So what does that make him?

All I want is competency in player selection, play calling on both sides of the ball, and game management, something we haven't had since Shula.

Dolfan from NYC

John Clayton reports that Aponte will be promoted. Ross wants to get in good with the league by giving opportunity to a woman to have a high ranking position in football operations.

Clayton thinks that Aponte will probably bring someone in from Cleveland. YIKES!

Cleveland is crap hole for football intelligence. How long as it been since that team made the playoffs?

I have a feeling that by mid year next year this blog will be exploding with people saying that Ireland should never have been fired.

Jackson Browne for new head coach

Orlando is John Clayton your hypnotist? His job is to talk and entertain. I know you haven't figured that out yet. What if he told you to fornicatew with a cow?

Posted by: Tizen | January 07, 2014 at 10:19 PM

This was reported by Armando, D$mba$$. No offense.

Learn to have an opinion, not just criticize others that do.

This was reported by Armando

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 07, 2014 at 10:30 PM

You really are hopeless. If I ever get into politics I will knock on your door first. Armando LOL. WTFDHK?

All pros come here and become all crap. All crap go to other teams and become all pros. That is on coaching and not talent evaluation.

Armando reported we would win the last two games because this wasn't the same old Dolphins.

Armando LOL. God of fiction.

I have a feeling that by mid year next year this blog will be exploding with people saying that Ireland should never have been fired.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 07, 2014 at 10:26 PM

Won't happen as no one on here except few ever admit when they are wrong.

I won't admit it if I'm wrong on this.

It makes FIRE ROSS a guy who likes to get the attention of dumb bloggers...and I've certainly got yours lol.

8-8 no playoffs again.

Ross and Philbin are still here.


But you know, if it is in print, it must be true. Bigger the print, bigger the story, bigger the fool that swallows it.

Fire Ross = dashi's litter brother

"I don't always enjoy when someone gets fired but when I do I prefer it to be Jeff Ireland... Stay Ginger My Friend"

-Benny Vargas
USA Today commenter

This made me laugh.

Orlando must not know there's a parade tomorrow celebrating Ireland's departure.

Here's the bad news for a couple of you:

"Fireland" is out of business.

Those saying Ross didn't have the guts to force moves are out of business.

Those moaning about the team staying with the status quo are out of business.

ALL of that got blown up in the last 48 hours.

Here's what stays: Those SAME people swore they wouldn't support the team or buy a ticket until those changes were made.

THEY are now on the clock.

I expect each of them to buy a season ticket tomorrow. Literally BACK UP what they were saying they would do and provide exact details ON THIS BLOG just how much they spent and where those tickets are. THE EXACT LOCATION.

Otherwise, they will forever be revealed as nothing more than gasbag blowhards who never meant ANYTHING they had to say.

Funny how this works out, isn't it?

YOU are now on the clock. And you will be DESTROYED on this blog if you don't live up to your threats.


I see that you are just a troll. You have no opinions. My guess is that you are just a little kid that is blogging past his bed time.

If you were an adult, I would ask you who do you get your sports news from if it isn't the media. It is just football, why are you so worried about these football conspiracies?

Just drink your milk and go to bed. One day you will discover sex and will not waste your time on a blog that you do not care about.

Ross promotes an assertive female lmao.

Then The Dolphins hire people from The Jets and Browns.

This just keeps getting better.

Hey, Ireland could get the team to 7-9.

Perhaps a year or two from now the fans disguised as orange seats will only be able to hope for 7-9.

I see 5-11 next year.

Packers, Ravens, Lions, Bears, Broncos, Chiefs, Patriots and The Bills twice (yes I said The Bills because they swept The Phins).

Phins win eight games over the next two years.


What a sad day. Jeff Ireland's firing hit me like to shot to the acorns.

Craig M will be embarrassed to wear his Dolphins hat.

...as if he shouldn't be already.

Hard to type while crying...I, of course, meant to say it hurt like a shot to my acorns.

Rules, can you be so stupid?
We said Ross doesn't have balls for power moves because we know the word gets back to him.
Try and keep up my brother...

Why don't you go discover sex Orlando? Get lost with your negativity

Ross has shown huge balls and done nearly everything this fan base wanted to see happen.

Now, the tables have been turned. YOU were the ones demanding change and YOU GOT IT.

Bitching and moaning now just reveals you as hypocritical pantywaists who are secretly disappointed you no longer have ammunition left.

Either prove you meant what you were saying by actually buying tickets or for once and for all SHUT THE F*CK UP ALREADY and just admit you are hypocrites who neither live in South Florida and/or NEVER had any intention of buying a ticket in the first place.

YOU are under the gun now. And THIS is how it's going to be on this blog from now on.

OK I refuse to talk to a troll that changes his name. Good night little boy.

Instead of winning the AFC East this year as many delusional fans predicted.

The Phins are home for the playoffs again.

Sad that firing people is the only enjoyment Phins fans are getting at this point.

While other teams are playing for a chance at winning a Super Bowl.

Something the Dolphins haven't done since Dick was POTUS.

Bob Griesball is so old now he thinks that a FG is 4 pts.

New logo new era was right...but that wasn't supposed to include firing people.

New logo new era.

New logo new era.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS IS LOVING IT | January 07, 2014 at 10:45 PM

Same old gasbag.

Allah Akbar!! Allah Akbar!!

the rules have changed@10:38

Not so fast dude, Ross could still bring in someone even worse than Ireland, like for example I hear SpongeBob SquarePants is on his short list of GM candidates. for now let's just see where he goes with this.

All those demanding the firing of Sherman and Ireland:


Now, please post here EXACTLY how that will translate into your support of the team---as in tickets bought and exact location of where they are.

Otherwise, you were just always background noise who never really meant a WORD of your "threats" to withhold support.

And it would be such a shame to point you out as bullsh*t hypocritical liars, y'know?

Ill be here EVERY SINGLE DAY waiting for those ticket locations.

I'm sitting in Section 447, Row 3.

Tizen = unloved frustrated human being, who must compansate by trashing other people.

Poor Tizen!

rules have changed, AMEN BROTHER!

but you are forgetting most of these dumb asses have never even been to a Dolphins game and don't live in Florida.

They are just old men yelling at a TV screen.

We are the real fans.

Ross made changes because the fans bitched and moaned.
Its not rocket science.


Rules, where do you tail.gate? Next to the Port O Potties? I bet you are V.I.P.


I don't like this at all. They should have let it play out one more year. Philbin deserves another shot but with a new GM who knows his future? You people got your wish and in 2 years when the new GM does not get this thing turned around we can start over again. Let me ask you idiots this how many years do you have in your current job? Are you even working?From the looks of it half you people don't even work because your on the blogs throughout the day. Hopefully we will get a new President and he cuts off your benefits. God knows half of you play this liberal BS system and probably do not even contribute to society. Lets rebuild with a new fan base that does not include half of you idiots!

Orlando is a troll

If any of you so called fin fans have been listening to me, I told you all along Ireland was gone, now listen up, it's either Mangini, or Holgrem as our next gm, book it.

Can we just have a couple of hours here where actual Dolphins fans that actually go to games can talk about our team??

I'm with 'rules have change' and anyone else who has actually sat at a Dolphins game or been going for years. THE REAL FANS.

most of these asswipes on this blog are just useless background noise who will obviously never be at one game, let alone have a season ticket.


@The rules have changed.....amen my man!

Section 420 (whoop whoop), row 1

Since '97

Ross came out of his coma? lol

LOL, thanks.

I've had the same seats in Section 447 since the stadium opened and before that had Orange Bowl season tix in Section 32 going all the way back to 1977.

Post here sporadically but enough to see the hypocrites here talking a big game about how they "won't support the team" until changes they want happen.

Well, those changes happened today.

And I'm going to call them out on it.

Preach on!

Some people actually have to work during some Dolphin games. An intellegent
person would know that.


Higgins the butler on Magnum P.I.convinced old man Ross to make these moves,so I guess Robin Masters will be the unseen csar who would have had power over Ireland if he had stayed, now he just runs the dope holes on the Dade Broward county line and will be in charge of keeping the whirly bird(helicopter)gased up and take it in for tuneups.


This blog is for US tonight, hermano.

You don't go to Dolphins games or ever buy a ticket? Get lost, outsiders. We've had enough of you for now.

I might buy a couple tickets now providing they hire a good GM.

IMAwriter, get real. Why in the world would Ozzie leave an organization that treated him well for 10 years to come to the dysfunctinal fins???? He already makes well enough.

Some of you guys are so stupid. You think you can just make an offer and get what you want. Wrong.

Posted by: Qwerty | January 07, 2014 at 08:48 PM
Well, whichever troll you are, I have a 2 words for you…Bill Bellicheat.
Hired by the Jets, within HOURS, he quit for a BETTER offer from there Patriots.
It's those like YOU, with no imagination, brain dumbed down by hours of MTV and Cops, who need a clue.

How can a writer of a blog never participate, ever, in the discussion? Well, maybe he does..

Gary, I'm not talking about anyone who has to WORK and can't go to the games. I'm not talking about anyone who is a Dolphins fan and lives too far away to ever realistically have tickets.

The people I'm talking about are the GASBAGS here on this blog who have spewed endlessly how they would "withhold their support" of the team until EXATLY the changes they wanted occurred---which has now happened.

THOSE are the people I am now calling out as hypocrites.

WHAT "support?" Watching the Miami Dolphins from the comfort of their freaking couch?? "Supporting" the team behind a keyboard in Ohio or Nevada or China??

SOME of us have been supporting the team ALL ALONG in actual SEATS in a REAL STADIUM and spending ACTUAL MONEY doing it.

It's time these hypocrites got called out. They were "withholding" support? Fine. Now prove they aren't just blowhard liars.

The pressure is 100% on Philbin. I'm sure he is getting his flash cards prepared.

rules have changed- thank you, thank you, thank you!

so many times I've wanted to say the same thing here.

Dolphins season ticket holder since 1987. section 122 my man.

Some where out in Connecticut Sparano is pumping his fist like a like a mad man.

Gary Davis (I remember him, lol)--122 is endzone, right? You guys are the REAL DEAL.

447 is pretty awesome. Same group of people together for almost 20years. Seen other ticket holders kids grow up!

Yes, The rules have changed is right, at least for the first 3 homegames I will be there. but don't blame me for taking a to see to believe aproach.

Glad I am not the only one who feels this was bad move. Most of the people here most likely DO NOT have careers. They are freeloading people that have had nothing but government help. Should we listen to people that are hypocrites? Post your career backgrounds and then let us decide if we should even listen you to your BS. I personally don't live in Florida but have been thinking about buying season tickets to support the team but the government handouts take to much in taxes for me to consider that right now(The handouts where do they come from). Too may leakers! I can say this! I work for my money.
17 years in a skilled trade. The same trade. Not 1 day of unemployment.
7 years in a new industry, not 1 day of unemployment.

J. Rotten (like the Sex Pistols reference)--

Fair enough! Go and blow out those vocal chords. If it doesn't work out I don't blame you.

NOT talking about real fans like you. It's those damn hypocrites on this board who NEVER actually supported the team and then talk about "withholding" a non-existent fandom I'm calling out!

It takes time to build a good football team!!!!

Posted by: Donald Francis Shula | January 07, 2014 at 10:08 PM
"Coach", in the NFL, Rome is often built in a day no 5 years.
Orlando Dolphin said:
"When I heard that a source said that Mike Sherman was actually running the team, I knew that Philbin was pure trash as a coach."
Well if that reasoning is correct, then SHERMAN forever proved again, beyond all doubt he IS a she-ittie HC especially after those last 2 games.

Oh, puhleeze. A political tirade to excuse not buying a football ticket? C'mon dude.

If your guy Mitt Romney can hide millions in a Cayman Islands offshore banking account I'm sure you can overcome the horror of "Marxist/Kenyan" Obama and pony up enough to grab a 20 dollar scalper ticket in the parking lot if you REALLY want to cheer on your team rather than just sit at home and be a phony "supporter"


raceman, who do you think you are? ?

Your job at the tire shop doesn't impress anyone.


What's your name? Are their news paper articles reporting your achievments?

You are a nobody!! Only a fool would care what you think

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