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Dolphins leading GM candidate: Ray Farmer

Whenever an NFL team begins a coach or general manager search the term "leading candidate" invariably gets thrown around by insiders and the media. And often times the "leading candidate" doesn't land the job because the interview process can change the dynamics.

But sometimes the leading candidate is really the only candidate. Consider Miami's hiring of Jimmy Johnson and even Tony Sparano as coaches years ago. Consider Washington's hiring of Jay Gruden on Thursday.

Saying that, consider the name multiple sources are now telling The Herald is the Dolphins leading candidate to take the Dolphins GM job: Cleveland Browns assistant general manager Ray Farmer.

Remember the name.

Farmer has emerged as the search began Friday for two reasons:

He truly is a strong candidate with a strong background. Secondly, former Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Peterson has joined the Dolphins search and is Stephen Ross's chief advisor in the process. Peterson is a 30-year friend and confidant to Stephen Ross. And Peterson loves Farmer.

Morever, Peterson is supremely confident in his ability to identify and hire prospective NFL general managers.

Four current or former NFL team general managers built their resumes as members of the Chiefs' front office under Peterson: Atlanta's Tom Dimitroff, Tampa Bay's Mark Dominik, Miami's Jeff Ireland, and Seattle's John Schneider. They obviously did not all succeed but, as Bill Parcels said, talent evaluation is not an exact science. National Football Scouting President Jeff Foster also was a Chiefs scout under Peterson.

And Ray Farmer was hired by Peterson in Kansas City in 2006 and worked there until 2012 as the director of pro personnel. It is interesting (and impressive) that even though Farmer was a Peterson hire, he was retained by new general manager Scott Pioli when he took over in KC in 2008.

Browns CEO Joe Banner described Farmer as “one of the up-and-coming stars in the NFL,” last September.

Farmer, 39, has a sociology degree from Duke. He's a former fourth-round draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles. His career as an NFL linebacker ended after three years when he suffered a knee injury.

Farmer served as an academic coordinator and recruiter at Duke from 1998-2001, then was hired as a scout by the Atlanta Falcons before joining Peterson and the Chiefs. He joined the Browns in 2013 under general manager Mike Lombardi.

 "I’ll be surprised if Ray’s not a GM in the next few years, which will be good and bad news for us," Browns owner Jimmy Haslem said during the 2013 NFL owner's meetings, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.


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We are Farmers, Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb.

Arrgggh, I've had it with this stupid message board where we can't even reply to each other. Why doesn't the Heral d have a simple "reply to this comment" button!! Anyway, let's all move to www.DolphinsTruth.com and at least we can insult each other more personally!

Welcome back Mark. Are you working or something? I have been avoiding actual work all day LOL

As we have seen many times sport franchises are toys for millionaire boys and girls. Just another boy playing with his toy!



The way Salguero was painting it was that Aponte had a huge power play going. Until Ross clarified the pecking order all we had to go by was the soap opera being fed to us.

Aponte has done a fantastic job with the cap.


Yes every sports franchis owner is a millionaire. Because sports teams only cost about 100k LMAO

Here are the draft picks of the Chiefs while Farmer was involved in personnel. I said the other day (prior to Ireland being fired) that I wonder how many GM's actually have a Draft track record better than 50/50. I realize Farmer was NOT the Chiefs GM but we can see from this list it wasn't much better than 50/50. BUT they did hit big on some Pro Bowl level players.

1.11 DL Dontari Poe

2.12 OL Jeff Allen
3.11 OL Donald Stephenson
1.26 WR Jonathan Baldwin

2.23 OL Rodney Hudson
3.06 LB Justin Houston

3.22 DL Allen Bailey

1.05 DB Eric Berry

2.04 WR Dexter McCluster

2.18 DB Javier Arenas

3.04 OL Jon Asamoah
3.29 TE Tony Moeaki

1.03 DL Tyson Jackson

3.03 DL Alex Magee

1.05 DL Glenn Dorsey

1.15 OL Branden Albert
2.04 DB Brandon Flowers

3.10 RB Jamaal Charles

3.13 TE Brad Cottam

3.19 DB DaJuan Morgan

1.23 WR Dwayne Bowe

2.22 DL Turk McBride

3.18 DL DeMarcus 'Tank' Tyler

1.20 LB Tamba Hali

2.22 DB Bernard Pollard

3.21 QB Brodie Croyle

From Pioli and Gamble to Farmer? Why must the Dolphins always get the student and not the teacher?? I understand that you can't recycle the same people over and over BUT this team is dysfunctional. Just smh

NOTE to keep it somewhat managable I only included first three rounds.

Looking at Cleveland's draft from last year and they missed a few draft picks but overall I don't like it as much as ours.

Mingo is a good one and I believe 7th round pick OG Gilkey from small Chadron State has a chance - great athelticism for the position - a bit better version of our own Sam Brenner.

But the rest? 3rd round pick McFadden CB is awful - a real stiff

And I never even heard of the other two guys and considering I looked at almost 200 players going into the last draft - that's saying something.

Remember that when I said the last few dolphins drafts were very good? We may find out how much worse they can get unfortunately...

How about considering Armando for GM? He knows more football than Ireland did.

...Wow, was I wrong(stop the presses Darryl blew it). I thought Tate Was a walking ER room guy. He missed his rookie year, 2 games last year, 5 games the year before, 1-3 years ago. Not nearly as bad as I thought.




Great post informative as always.

I also like Kubiak because he is the most experienced of the two. Kubiak was an OC under Shanny Sr. before getting the HC job. I believe that Sherman's #1 choice. Both do feature the TE. Even though we did a lot with C.Clay. But to me C.Clay is a FB playing TE. What they call an H-back.

Also, I know some love to say Philbin has a weak personality which I don't find true at all. Else why would Rossie Dawn love him so much.

Now that he isn't chrasmatic. Agree.

rdubs - re: Gerhart -- YES, YES, YES! I loved this kid in Stanford and he should've won the Heisman over Mark Ingram- he's a HOSS! I like Ben Tate more but Gerhart is also a good get.

Guys for the record, even though I didn't really like the browns draft last year - many of those very good individual talents the Chiefs- including our #1 free agent target in Brandon Albert were draft picks from Farmer's work. he's got a very decent overall resume. KC doesn't lack for talent at most positions - including LB and O line and RB - wink, wink

Matt, because he was only there a year and before that was with KC who have had 8 and 7 Pro Bowlers the last 2 years Did you even bother in reading the article.

Good move. The Browns are STACKED with talent...

Farmer did draft Jordan Cameron, best TE prospect in a long time...If I recall from week 1, Cameron torched us for over 100 yards.

This roster is primed for future success. The guy doesn't have to come in and fix the cap. The Fins have all their picks. He doesn't need to draft a QB in a weak QB draft.

All he needs to do is fix the O-line and this is a playoff caliber team. And he was with the Chiefs and the Browns. 2 teams that don't have horrendous O-line.

Posted by: Dashi | January 10, 2014 at 12:23 PM

You know I hadn't read up on this guy at all but he seems like someone whose been preping for the job for sometime under some good NFL F.O. people in his time. I just wonder if someone with his,"Star on the rise" will accept taking on Philbin in anything other than an evaluatory role?

Alot of talk about Philbin's authority to hire his staff but would it really be an issue if they were of the same phylosophy with Philbin the G.M. hire because they both have a shared vision? And then wouldn't it make sense that the G.M. give the Coach some ideas on who might be out there for his Coaching vacancy's, for example if Farmer is the guy he had Chudzinski up close and personal and could advice Philbin here, No? Likewise the Coach breaking down film on prospective FA's and draft picks giving his G.M. his $0.02?

In the past we had strong H.C.'s who ran both the F.O. and team in Shula and JJ but Shula NEVER won another S.B. because of it and JJ couldn't keep up with all the things a G.M. needed to do after 93 when FA kicked in (burned him out dealing with the CAP and the team always in turn over) and the reason Belichik hasn't won another title with the Pats holes showing when the competition stiffens in the Playoffs!

Seems the more successful teams today have this Organizational balance from top to bottom. Something Ross is learning on the fly after buying the team from an Owner in Huzienga who bought it with the strongman in place and just always went the route after. I hope Philbin makes his new G.M. the right assurances even if not made public because if not I just don't see an up-n-comer hitching his wagon to us!

..Mark..I think your opinion about the Cleveland picks is coming form a place of bias. Mingo was better then Jordan this year, and that cannot even be debated. They didn't move 9 spots to get him. As far as their CB being brutal. At least he saw the field. Who will be better next year?? Our guys who couldn't see the field. Or a guy who may has some experience. The rest of our draft didn't play(minus the kicker who was a downgrade for us)...

We are quick to say we can't judge our drafts for a few years. Shouldn't the rules apply to Cleveland as well?

But on the surface. Of course you are going to like our picks. You-Me, we are invested in them. Those guys in Cleveland...We don't care, nor do we know anything about them to even make a judgement. IMO

58-Sacks NO, that was 3 tears ago.,

Y'all have to remember too that teams always drafting high waste massive resources at QB. I would say that drafting a QB in the top 10 produces almost nothing for your team.

There are only two top ten draft pick QB's to have won a Super Bowl since Elway who was at the end of his career. Four since the 80's.

So teams like the Browns who always draft high keep buying overrated QB's.

Some Dolphin Fans are like Jehova witness' they only read or believe the parts of the stories(bible) they want to


Tate blew his ACL in college. Reason he wasn't drafted high. And reason he missed his rookie year.

Clevland Browns. Really?????????????????

Read what Cleveland writers have to say about Farmer. It's encouraging http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/01/10/3862263/marla-ridenour-browns-need-to.html

This site has enough GM candidates to choose from.....

Tate is a solid option in FA but the Fins shouldn't overpay for him. He had a strong 2011 with 950 yards and averaged 5.4 per carry. But he was hurt in 2012 and his season was cut short.

This is what was said about him this year. I like him and his toughness. I just worry about paying a RB big money when has two years of injuries. Like him but don't love him.

Running back Ben Tate's 2013 season is over, as the Texans placed him on the injured reserve Wednesday.

Tate broke four ribs in the Texans' Week 8 loss at Kansas City, but played through that game and every game since. He re-injured one of those previously broken ribs, and is now shelved for 2013.

"I said all along that he's a really tough son-of-a-gun," interim head coach Wade Phillips said. "A lot of guys won't get shot up for anything."

The fourth-year back gained 771 yards on 181 carries (4.3 yds/per) and rushed for four touchdowns.

I would caution against attaching Farmer's name too much to any of these picks, good OR bad.

Remember, he was NOT the GM in any of his prior stops.

Clearly, he is a well-regarded talent evaluator and certainly his opinions were taken into account but to take it to the next level and call these "his" picks would be ignoring the fact all these teams already had a GM in place and no doubt that's who got the FINAL vote (or the coaching staff if they structured things that way).

Farmer would be getting a PROMOTION to become the guy you actually assign kudos or blame to. Not really accurate to do that at this point.

Tate that back. I was confusing B.Tate college career for A.Foster college career. Tate's problem was his junior year was bad because of a bad OC.

If Kubiak becomes the OC I would let him decide on the RB.

rdubs, yeah, i actually ahve to earn my money today. Will eb here for a few more mins then disappear for a while.

I know this will please a lot of people...


If there is one franchise that has been more screwed up than the Dolphins over the last decade it's the Browns. So what does our fearless leader (Ross) do. Goes after a Browns evaluator to hire as our GM. Yeah, this is really great news. This has Carl Peterson ALL over it.

Its not like he was the one drafting in Clev. people. he is an ass. not the G.M. or the H.C. Just because he comes from a losing org. do not mean his a loser also. U all said any body but Ireland, why all the hating on this guy?

...Dashi..Tate blew out his knee his first carry in the preseason in 2011. Nobody had even heard of Arian Foster up until then. He was fine coming out of Auburn.

..@ 1:09 I meant 2010

Reality is Dolphins have NO SHOT at hiring ANYONE with a credible background at GM, HC or OC. This Ownership and Front Office is so SCREWED UP that NO ONE with option will want to come here. Thats why we have just a guy as our HC and will just have "a guy" our GM.

DD, I did like Mingo - I liked Mingo going into the draft. i love their first and 7th picks from last year.

I hated their thrid round pick and didn't even know who two of their other picks were.

I am on the record loving four of our picks from last year - Jordan, Taylor, Davis, and Jenkins

hated the Gillislee pick. had to plead ignorance on Dallas Thomas through injury and Don Jones on not enough info.

That is why I said what I said. I researched about 200 players before the last draft and developed an opinion on most before anyone made a selection.

By the way I am also on record from pre draft saying my favourite first round players for us were Lane Johnson, Eric Fisher, Sheldon Richardson, Star Lotulelei, and Tyler Eifert.

It's all there if anyone has more time than they know what to do with.

Not one mention of a big name or guy with a championship track record. Get ready for another yes man type GM who will allow the tail to wag the dog. This franchise just never learns from its mistakes.

I kind of doubt Philbin brings in another former hc(Kubiak) as his OC. Especially one he has little kinship with.

I believe it has potential to lead to more infighting and backstabbing. Especially if is former hc(oc) begins exposing Philbin's glaring weaknesses to Ross.

Of course, none of this may never happen, but, that potential is there for sure. Another thing for sure, Philbin's new OC had better be experienced in play calling. Because we now know, Philbin sure isn't.

Any bets the Dolphins don't sell more than 35,000 season tickets next year? You will be able to fire a cannon next year in the stadium and not hit a soul the stands will be so empty. Way to go Mr. Ross. You will always be remembered as the Iceberg that sank the once proud Dolphins franchise.

Admiitted homer Jimmy Cefalo said we need 2 new RB's, a new QB, and 4 new OL.


Some people hate Ross just to hate. But like you said I feel Ross has the best interest for the team and has found the right structure for the team.

I actually like he has a guy with him that has 30+ years in running a team helping him pick out the next GM. That has already worked with some of the candidates.

I also believe that the GM-Coach relationship should be just how you described. I actually thought that was how Ireland and Philbin were. Apparently after Parcells left Ireland became overlord and nobody said anything.

I don't believe the GM should have any influence in picking the coaches asst.

Also, Chud would be a good candidate. But I believe we are still going to be running the same system. Making him the bad pick for the fins.

I believe we will be running Philbins Offense, The OC would just have control of play calling. Makes sense to me. That way the Offense just has to tweak little things not revamp itself.

Looks to have decent credentials. That is really all we can ask for. Honestly the roster doesn't have that many major issues outside of the OL and there is a good amount of cap space to fix that in FA/Draft.

Hopefully whoever they hire is decent. Looks like they will be getting a GM before a OC, so I'm guessing the GM will get a say in that?

Posted by: albert | January 10, 2014 at 01:15 PM

Nah, the attendance will increase substantially with the Ireland firing. The boycott is over.

At this point, I just want a GM who won't f up the draft and FA signings like Ireland. At least with Ireland gone I can look forward to draft day again. I can't tell you how many expletives I came up with during Ireland's drafts.

Although I did like their 3rd pick in WR Markus Wheaton of Oregon State this year - he's got a chance.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 10, 2014 at 12:42 PM

Disagree here and you aren't looking at the entire body of work! Zigi Hood and Heyward Jr. came on strong this Yr. and they are fine up front on th DL with Casey Hampton's replacement Steve McLendon out of Troy coming on. Pairing Jarvis Jones with the still very young Lammar Woodley is another solid pairing at OLB! Their front-7 is set with 05 FSU LB Lawrence Timmons now calling the D.

They need to address the back end and losing Keenan Allen to the Saints hurt! But I thought Cortez Allen did alright when pressed into duty while William Gay is in his 20's still. The problem is Safety because I think their fine at CB with Ike Taylor still balling. It just took sometime for all the new part to come together but they were rock solid by Yrs. end and I promise you everybody's happy they didn't get in the way they closed!

Their issue was OL with the other Pouncey always injured even though in his defense he was taken out by his own RG (DeCastro) on what is a freak injury. All this and we haven't mentioned in 04 replacing Plex with SB MVP in 09 Santonio then replacing him with Mike Wallace then replacing him with Antonio Brown. By the way outside the 1st 2 mentioned the others were all 3rd Rd picks (talk about value) We haven't even mentioned Emmanuelle Sanders or the other tough rookie RB L.Bell

NO! Omar Khan has done his job and when they draft Cyrus Kaoundjio this Yr. they'll have one of the Tackles there missing. I believe it will be him because he is raw and probably a day-1 RT but he's mean and just the type they like!

Posted by: darryldunphy | January 10, 2014 at 12:58 PM

Gotta agree with dd here Mark. You seem to love Jamar Taylor, but if you base it on reality then he's nothing (because that's what he's done in the NFL so far). Maybe he develops in a year or 2, but I'll wait to see it to believe it thanks (and not take your projection word for it). By the way, one thing we can ALL agree about Coyle, he's a great teacher of CBs, so if Taylor doesn't develop under his tutelage, then he really is a bust.

Dallas Thomas, please. If you can't see the field with that atrocious OL, then I don't want to think about how god-awful you must be.

Jenkins/Sims/Gillislee, bottom of the roster-type players (again, so far).

Hopefully Sturgis just had a tough 2nd half of the year, and he'll rebound in 2014 to become automatic on FGs (at least from 50 yards in). I do like his leg on kickoffs though.

And I was impressed with Don Jones (as a special teams guy). I think he's a good player to have, could become a stud, which would be HUGE since he was a 7th rounder.

Add it all up, and I'm not swept away by the 2013 Draft. I'm fine with the Jordan pick, but since the coaches f**ked up by not playing him, we'll have to wait and see how brilliant he really can be (I think he has the most potential in the whole class).

I don't see the likes of a Jamaal Charles though. Or a Justin Houston. Or Eric Berry. THAT'S the sort of talent we seem to lack every draft. And see their positions (RB, LB, S) those are impact positions. If all your brightest stars are on the OL, and your OL STILL SUCKS, what's that say about your ability to put together a winning team? So glad Jeff Ireland is gone.

As for the OC job. No way philbin brings in a kubiak or guy like that. Philbin will not wanna risk bringing in a strong personality or someone who could threaten his hold on the team.

I'd say philbin will bring in a guy who's never called plays and has the same pedigree of no emotion joe.

Now we can have one zombie in the booth and one on the sidelines. Before to long the team will be called the Miami zombies

I'm not so sure Philbin has an offense. With a new oc coming in, 2014 will be real "mystery meat" as to how exactly 2014's opening day offense will look.

Whomever our new is, and whatever system he chooses to run, we all know there's much offseason "personnel work) at must be done before having even snapshot of success.

The entire foundation of the oline must be rebuilt and at least move on from ever inconsistent Daniel Thomas.

yuck. I wouldn't touch ANYTHING from the Cleveland Browns.


What I was trying to say was that Tate could've been a first rounder if he would've had a better junior year. People didn't know if that production was for real or was he a system RB.Like another Auburn RB that might go in the 2nd this season.

I confused him with Foster because Foster had a good college career cut short by injury. Foster blew his knee out bad his junior year. Went undrafted and came out of nowhere in Houston.

Tate broke his ankle. And missed his rookie year which opened the door for Foster like you said.

As a UT fan I know who A. Foster is. Why the talk about B.Tate, because the third person speaker thinks hes the answer. You are entitled to ur own opinion but drafting a RB like Tre Mason is the better option. we be cheaper than Tate and can pick him up in the later rds. Hes projected as 3rd or 4th rounder.

All the GM has to do is:

Rebuild 4/5 of the OL
Find a TRUE every down RB
Replace Wheeler
Resign Grimes
Find a TRUE #1 TE

If all those things happen, we MIGHT be .500 again. YIPPIE!

..Mark. The Browns had a first a third, 2 6th, 2 7th rounders. So I guess you could ask WTF were they doing over there? They traded a 5th to us for Bess. Good move for us. I think Bess led the league in drops this year. So, there isn't much to really compare(to be fair) So I suppose you are right. Even with a bunch of guys that didn't play last year. Just by the numbers. we had a better draft.

I had no idea that they only had 2 picks in the first 3 rounds. What they did do though that must be mentioned. They used their second round pick from this year to Take Josh Gordon in the 2011 supplemental draft. That move there is a HR. I understand Ray Farmer had nothing to do with that..Just saying it was the reason they didn't have a second last year.

This could actually turn out like the offensive line last season- once the drama and lack of cohesiveness was removed from the background, the unit improved.

Posted by: Dolfan29 | January 10, 2014 at 01:22 PM

Exactly as I posted, except I believe Philbin could be writing his own head coaching obituary bringing in an experience less play caller as oc. Remember, Philbin has zero experience with play calling too.

This has potential to result in disaster right away.

The seats will remain glaringly empty until the team starts to win consistently. That could be a few years away.

If we were close, we're not now.

Mike Sherman, Kubiak, Shanny Jr, McAdoo. Philbin might not have an Offense but he definitely has a type. This isn't "Sparano" going from Henning to Daboll. Which I liked Daboll. This is like dating the sister of the person you were just going out with. A couple things might be different in the head but the physical comparison is uncanny.

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