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Dolphins leading GM candidate: Ray Farmer

Whenever an NFL team begins a coach or general manager search the term "leading candidate" invariably gets thrown around by insiders and the media. And often times the "leading candidate" doesn't land the job because the interview process can change the dynamics.

But sometimes the leading candidate is really the only candidate. Consider Miami's hiring of Jimmy Johnson and even Tony Sparano as coaches years ago. Consider Washington's hiring of Jay Gruden on Thursday.

Saying that, consider the name multiple sources are now telling The Herald is the Dolphins leading candidate to take the Dolphins GM job: Cleveland Browns assistant general manager Ray Farmer.

Remember the name.

Farmer has emerged as the search began Friday for two reasons:

He truly is a strong candidate with a strong background. Secondly, former Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Peterson has joined the Dolphins search and is Stephen Ross's chief advisor in the process. Peterson is a 30-year friend and confidant to Stephen Ross. And Peterson loves Farmer.

Morever, Peterson is supremely confident in his ability to identify and hire prospective NFL general managers.

Four current or former NFL team general managers built their resumes as members of the Chiefs' front office under Peterson: Atlanta's Tom Dimitroff, Tampa Bay's Mark Dominik, Miami's Jeff Ireland, and Seattle's John Schneider. They obviously did not all succeed but, as Bill Parcels said, talent evaluation is not an exact science. National Football Scouting President Jeff Foster also was a Chiefs scout under Peterson.

And Ray Farmer was hired by Peterson in Kansas City in 2006 and worked there until 2012 as the director of pro personnel. It is interesting (and impressive) that even though Farmer was a Peterson hire, he was retained by new general manager Scott Pioli when he took over in KC in 2008.

Browns CEO Joe Banner described Farmer as “one of the up-and-coming stars in the NFL,” last September.

Farmer, 39, has a sociology degree from Duke. He's a former fourth-round draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles. His career as an NFL linebacker ended after three years when he suffered a knee injury.

Farmer served as an academic coordinator and recruiter at Duke from 1998-2001, then was hired as a scout by the Atlanta Falcons before joining Peterson and the Chiefs. He joined the Browns in 2013 under general manager Mike Lombardi.

 "I’ll be surprised if Ray’s not a GM in the next few years, which will be good and bad news for us," Browns owner Jimmy Haslem said during the 2013 NFL owner's meetings, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.


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dashi....forgot about Brock Marion....good player--how about Louis Oliver?--was a good player here.....hey, i loved Scott/Anderson, but thats a tough connection to make for anyone younger than 35....its like the stone age--but I get it.

Why would we want an associate or anyone from the browns! Scot Mcgloghan is the guy but he may not want to come. Pioli or Pollan but same here with the Aponte mess

Sam @ 2:43 there will be a fine ball hawking safety on the market this year in jarius Byrd. How hard do you push and where do you put him on the must sign ladder?

personally, I think he's behind Albert and ben Tate as far as outside free agents...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 10, 2014 at 02:56 PM

MIT, if need be, I would sacrifice Patterson in a heartbeat if his $5million contract stands in the way of signing Jarius Byrd.

The '72 Dolphins bend, don't break philosophy sent not one cb to a pro bowl. Although, Tim Foley would make a pro bowl long after it's heyday.

In bend, don't break philosophy, once the field "shrinks" then having that dynamic ball hawking safety really comes into play. We received none of that from our safeties this year.

The 72 Dolphin defense had solid, but far from dynamic cb's. But when that playing field begin to shrink, Jake Scott/Dick Anderson became absolute beasts!

what about D-Phil instead of DawnJoe? Has the hip hop ring to it

Dear Mr. Benz

"any reference to Goldie Hawn must mean you're at least 70"

Not close but close enough to tell ya a story about about things after 50.

A Proctology exam used to be when a man you had never met claiming he was licensed would put his finger inside you.

Then you would make eye contact with this stranger and without words both of us agree to never speak of it again

He would bill me......and we saw each other again.

Now a days its poop on a card and mail it in.

Guess I'm a sucker for olden times

Soiled :)

This is going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

Ross says the new GM will be in charge of the roster. Philbin is the head coach and Aponte is the capologist.
Who makes the call on rather we resign Grimes, Starks, or Soliai etc. Who makes the call on how we attack rebuilding the o-line or if we need a veteran RB.

Someone has to have final say and according Ross it appears it will be the new GM.

Even though all these candidates look to have upside, the new GM will be brand new and may not have the sense of urgency that we might want.

New blog up


I know people don't like to hear this but Carroll has been the Fins #2 CB the last 2 years.

To each his own. I would prefer we keep Carroll than keeping Patterson. Patterson is good don't get me wrong. But the guy can't even play 8 games in a season.

That in itself is a Groin injury to the defense.

I really like what I have read about Farmer...I think he will be good for us....Go Phins!

Diaz? Really?

C'mon son!!

Goldie Hawn in her younger days was fine, not now.

Give me Aponte. For some weird feeling I feel she has a Retro Bush. Circa 1970.

As my boy soiled would say, Ms.Aponte is a Cougar. A Young Cougar.

Diaz is more like a Cheetah. Like the Cheetos Cheetah with that big head of hers. Plus, I've heard Diaz isn't big on Showering.


Louis Oliver was my boy growing up. Agreed. He was a nice safety. Not only could he cover he could tackle. Plus we have other things in common(and not just my B-day is one day after his). You know how someone likes a player even though he wasn't a superstar. That is how I felt about him. He was my 2nd favorite dolphin next to Dan growing up.

Mark in Toronto,
Oliver Vernon is 1 player name anymore in the 3rd round that have seen the field. Name a 2nd round pick why your at it. Don't say Daniel Thomas either he's done nothing.

That is all fine and dandy, but the guy has never been a GM before, just like Ireland wasn't when he came here, so his track record as THE responsible talent evaluator in KC has not been proven in any way. But the guy is young and he will make no demands to bring his HC and scouts here. We'll see(a blind man once said and never saw).

Special , let's hire a guy from one of the worst teams in football.
I have a better idea..... Sell the team to someone that has a clue.

Dashi writes the dolphins have to fix offensive line and then there a playoff team.Wrong. They need a tight end who can stretch the seam, they need a running back, they need receivers. Did you pay attention to the dolphins this season The whole damn offense has to be upgraded.

Mark, Khan isn't the GM of the Steelers so they are not "his" drafts.

And seriously you'd prefer taking an exec from the Browns over the Steelers?

Hire from the Browns and I am no longer a fan!

look at it like this folks - NO ONE knows if any of these guys will pan out....BUT ALMOST ANYTHING is better than what we had for 6 years at this point !!!!

We just want the person with the MOST talent/exp.
(seems to be Farmer, Gamble at this point)

We just want competency! and it CANNOT stay IN HOUSE (sorry gaine, aponte) or it will be MORE OF THE SAME.
Aponte is good with numbers NOT TALENT.....
Gaine will be persuaded by philbin (who SHOULD have been gone also)

I wouldn't hire any coach or manager from Cleveland, the one team worse than Miami. They fail just as bad as Miami time and time again in drafting good players.

Ross please please please, nothing from Cleveland. Go after guys from winning teams. Doesn't this make the slightest sense?

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