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DawnJoe should be included in GM interviews

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross laid out his outline or vision for the Dolphins looming general manager search on Thursday evening.

That search will try to identify the best and brightest mind that will help raise the Dolphins from their lingering mediocrity. That's got to be goal No. 1. Everyone agrees.

But goal No. 2 has to be finding a person who will be able to circumnavigate the kind of drama I've laid out for you in my column and this blog this week. He must find a way to make and maintain peace with head coach Joe Philbin and Executive VP Dawn Aponte.

(Jeff Ireland wasn't able to find that peace and look where that got him).

For Ross, who reads everything about his Dolphins and is aware of the well chronicled mess, finding someone who can mesh with DawnJoe is very important.

"Regardless of reporting structure, the relationship between the general manager and coach Philbin must be one of trust, respect, and collaboration," Ross said in his statement Thursday, "and this will be an area we will look closely at during the process."

Good idea. And here's another idea once Ross whittles down to some finalists:

Include DawnJoe in the interview process. If the new GM must mesh with DawnJoe then they should meet during the process so that both sides can vet, inspect, screen, assess, scrutinize, and evaluate the other.

Getting my drift?

The Dolphins have for whatever reasons fostered a circumstance whereby the past GM had clashes with two consecutive coaches -- Tony Sparano and Philbin. The Sparano vs. Ireland issue was Ross's fault, but that does not matter.

This cannot continue to happen.

The Dolphins cannot get it wrong on this issue again. So everyone involved should get to know each other before they get to work with each other.

Interestingly, the Dolphins are already hurting themselves somewhat in that the new GM may not be hired before the new offensive coordinator. Think of that. Yes, it is clear that Philbin has authority over the OC hire as his contract states. The GM has no real say in that hire.

But if you understand that one of the reasons Philbin and Ireland clashed is that Ireland didn't appreciate the work former offensive coordinator Mike Sherman did last year and was openly critical of it, then you understand the Dolphins are somewhat setting up another situation whereby the GM may not hold the OC in the highest regard.

Again, Ross wants people working together and signing kumbaya in harmony. But two of those people are being pulled in from disparate searches by different parties -- Ross and Carl Peterson searching for the GM and DawnJoe searching for the OC.

Shouldn't the new GM, who has no say over the hiring of the OC, at least get the courtesy of knowing him before that important member of the organization comes aboard? Isn't that what "collaboration" is kind of about? Just a thought.

The Dolphins promise to release the names of the GM candidates as they interview. We know some of those names already:

Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer, Tennesse VP of player personnel Lake Dawson, Pittsburgh director of football operations Omar Khan, Arizona VP of player personnel Jason Licht and Falcons director of player personnel Lionel Vital, Giants VP of player evaluation Marc Ross, and internal candidate Brian Gaine, the Dolphins assistant GM.

Notably missing from the confirmed list interviews so far?

Scott Pioli, who made his reputation as New England's personnel chief during their Super Bowl years and was the Chiefs GM until from 2009-2012.

Pioli makes a ton of sense. He is said to think highly of Philbin and is the son-in-law to Bill Parcells. Aponte is a Parcells disciple. 

The Dolphins also had not contacted Eagles VP of Player Personnel Tom Gamble as of Thursday evening. That's strange as well as Gamble is at least partly responsible for the talent the San Francisco 49ers and Eagles put on the field. Gamble was a Colts scout under Bill Polian from 1998-04, was with the 49ers from 2005-2012, most recently as the player personnel director, and then joined the Eagles in 2013.

Gamble is said to be a little rough around the edges. To that I say, if he can pick talent, I don't care if the guy has edges of an unsharpened serrated knife. A great evaluator is a great evaluator. 


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Its obvious Ross, the idiot, wants his corporate ho to be included in everything Dolphins which means she aint the dishwasher or cook, she just googles.
After almost 50yrs a dolfan, I do here by tinder my resignation. Dawnho F***** Ireland and she'll do the same for any "GM" Ross hires,,,,so fellas get ready for a cat fight, she wants that GM gig and she aims to get it one way or another. And Im sure she's a new member of Ross's mile high club.

Yes. After 50yrs of being a fan I can completely see how firing Jeff Ireland, who has drafted poorly, recruited free agents poorly, alienated players around the league would force you to resign. The Jeff Ireland apologists need to get over themselves and move on. We are working on a new day in Miami and regardless of allegiances we should all be hoping we finally get a product on and off the field worth being proud of again. Good riddance to you sir.

Now that Ireland's axed, I'm so very pleased that puerile writers and fans have found a new villain to hate. A year ago, folks were singing Aponte's praises. But now, someone has to receive all the hate and Salguero has appointed Aponte.

No Pioli no Gamble no Polian equals puppet G.M. Aponte&Philbin are running these meetings. So sad that a damn broad a broad is leading a billionaire by the hand pathetic !!

Very good article Mando.
Seriously, Philbin will take all the football related decisions, Aponte will manage contract negotiations with players, the GM will be just head of scouting and any good player will try to escape from Miami.
Business as usual Mr. Ross.

It's completely obvious that Jeff Ireland was the mole who gave Armando his inside information.

These trash articles are designed to make the Dolphins look bad. Armando, why not consider moving on to another team if you cannot write anything better than this drivel?

Like I said earlier " Ross is the root of the Dolphins Problems and were not gonna be a Super Bowl contender until Ross sells to a person with Football smarts". Ross, you are throwing good money after bad money, I would expect you to be smarter than that. Just sell the team and move on.... It's not gonna get better in Miami, you will see. A smart owner would hire a GM with no perimeters to build a team as he sees fit. Who with any Moxy would take this job?

You said it!
The ONLY thing that matters, is he must be a great evaluator!
If he is that, nothing else matters.
If he is that, everybody, and everything, will get along and be harmonious.
No matter what BS you guys are trying to insert here.
Imagine if Ireland was a great evaluator.....

Dawn has more power now.

The new GM has to make sure she gets her favorite latte every morning.

That is priority number one.

Just so we get this clear. Dawn was the one underspending and overspending.

Jeff Ireland had nothing to do with that.

So Jeffy was the bad man. Easy to see. Regardless of what your opine of Jeffy is, it doesnt change the fact that people didnt get their facts straight.

Dawn is now officially on record as the contracts person. Place all complaints to said official.

Does not matter how much talent the new GM brings in with Mr.Magoo (aka Philbin) and his clown staff coaching them. Drawing up game plans,making half time adjustments,and playing with no sense of urgency like this team has played for the past two years. Philbin needed to go with Ireland. If the total collapse the last two games was not enough proof then how about the Martin/Incognito fiasco under Philbins watch? Need I say more?

The talent evaluation will mean nothing if your coach is weak and has almost all his players regressing.

Dawn joe, is a corporate glee club with a terrible image throughput this league. Few GMs will come here. However Ross pays well and most staff are gone with a years extra money.

Why not just make DawnJoe the GM / head coach combo... then there is no 3rd party to have to work out a relationship with... makes a lot of sense and probably saves some money to hire a few extra lower level scouts so we can see more of the tslent 1st hand instead of through hear-say.... and it will end some BS juvenile power struggles... if Dawn and Joe work so well together and Ross trusts them, then let them figure how to make the Fins competitive again they can be GM and VP of Ops all in a two-headed monster to take us to the Superbowl!!!!!

Mace Taggert, really really and you know this how. Please do tell.

Marco, the GM has the final word on the make up of the roster. Read Ross's statement.


Working together should be a forgone conclusion. Ireland is an over the top guy, arrogant in addition to having a sense of entitlement. He attempted to fire Aponte, for what cause?
Ireland did not have a good enough track record to warrant his arrogance. The Miami Dolphins front office is no different than any other business. People have to work together but the Ireland attitude should be written about as reason for this dysfunctional mess. The chauvinism by those posting on this site is huge. This is a male driven business but it's about the front office. The offices of all businesses today have woman as major players.

This whole perfect harmony nonsense is just that. Sure it is helpful that everyone get along but certainly isn't mandatory in a work place.

What is important is that every body do their job and be good at it period...

Jmike, you believe Ross ? The Gm isnt going to be able to stop Philbin s bone head coaching nor inability to assess coordinator s. Philbin only canned Sherman because
His job was on the line. My point again is that any talent that is brought here won't beable to progress with Philbin.

One bright spot iz that with Sherman gone there will be a fairer QB battle. Philbin doesn't seem to have an undying love for thill as Sherman did, till they blamed each other for the mess.

"Ross reads everything"
Perfect! Mr. Ross please sell or die. Thanks from all the fans that palpably hate you.

I will not renewing my season tickets. This so called GM search is a farce. I'm glad that Ireland is gone, but the fact is that he had every right to be upset after the 2 losses we had ( if I'm not mistaken every fan was) and those were squarely on DawnJoe, he and his staff were responsible for how poorly the team played, obviously the game plan sucked etc. and please somebody explain to me how does the the dragon lady and DawnJoe put the franchise ahead of their agenda ( like Ross wants) when what they did was completely the opposite, dragon lady went snitching to DawnJoe and DawnJoe in return refused to talk to Ireland..wtf...and these are the people that Ross is trusting to lead this franchise forward. We're are doomed. So let me see, this new puppet (GM) has to walk on eggshells because if he is dissatisfied with DawnJoe's vanilla way of coaching he has to watch what he says b/c dragon lady is listening in while writing DawnJoe 's index cards...freaking unbelievable, we are the laughingstock of the NFL...no wonder Pioli or Gamble the 2 respectable names out there are not being interviewed.


I read that the same way. When he says Joe and Dawn should be in the GM interview process because the former GM had clashes with 2 coaches, has he given any thought that maybe that guy clashed with eveyone.

Just maybe the new GM and this group will get along just fine.

At any rate in my mind the process is looking a little better today and and least some of the supposed drama is being disspelled.

I live in Chiefs land. Pioli sucks and would be a terrible choice. And JoeDawn sounds so much better.

I think we have to understand that whatever will happen we don't have any control over. If you're a true fan, you ride it out. If you can't ride it out then find another team. We were all spoiled by Shula and Marino, let's be honest. That's a difficult tandem to replace as we all know. To me as long as the talent comes here I could care less about who is doing it. It will be funny to see how many trash talkers will eat their words should we get new talent where we need it and have a 10, 11 or 12 win season should that happen. Let's face it, as long as we have a winning records and get in the playoffs alot, that's all we're asking and really we will be the friend of anyone who helps that cause, regardless of who they are, what gender they are so be real guys.

What's with this DawnJoe term? Sounds childish...
further you're a sportswriter Mando, stop trying to create news, you don't have any confirmation that an OC is going to be hired before the GM...are you upset because you're not included in the meetings of Fins upper brass? The funny part is at the end of the day, when all of this is passed, you'll conjure up additional conspiracy theories....

One other thing promichael,

I don't know if I would go directly to the chauvinism card on some folks opinion or apprehension on Aponte.

I know for me personally when her name was mentioned for GM or head of football operations, I was thinking more of her experience in matters of football not that she is female.

I would have the same concern of anyone who's job has been the cap and contracts and not evaluating talent, coaching, playing and that sort of thing. Gender isn't the issue. At least for me.

True. Very true. Look at the team Pioli assembled in KS. Under other coaches a very bad bunch but with Reed a playoff team. Putting together a roster must be consistent with what the HC is looking for to be successful. If Philbin cannot assess an OC that tells me he does not know which direction he wants to take the team. Only positive is that Philbin knows this is his last year to make it or he gets fired. Ross is giving him the benefit of the doubt this year.

How Philbin avoided being fired is a mystery.Isn't the teams performance on him?There's more to this story.

Btw what a coincidence that DawnJoe doesn't want to hire a former head coach to be OC, he doesn't want his job threaten...why is not Chudzinski being interviewed, I think he's qualified, but then who knows if DawnJoe is mandating that they have to work with Sherman's son in law (Taylor - QB coach) and Turner(OL coach)... What competent OC is going to accept this terms...what has DawnJoe done to be granted this trust by Ross, he has a losing record as a coach and lost the 2 games (very poorly btw) that counted to make the playoffs...needless to say, against the 2 teams that were in the bottom of the AFC East..which btw we had better players than both those teams, so what's DawnJoe's going to say next year when he gets he's butt kicked again, cry to Ross and blame it on the puppet GM again...what a joke...


You keep referencing the rift between Ireland and "DawnJoe" as if the next GM will experience the same issue if he is not inured to "DawnJoe." Conversely, it has been pointed out to us fans that Ireland and Philbin did not see eye to eye on personnel decisions. From a fans perspective there are two reasons for this:

First, Ireland was forced to change philosophies regarding strategy and player/position procurement when Philbin was hired (Philbin was Ross's choice).

Second, and most importantly, Ireland failed miserably at bringing in the type of talent Philbin and his coaching staff preferred. Not to mention that Ireland had trouble finding talent at all when it comes to impact players.

Bottom line is Ireland failed at being good in his job, which was to bring talent to the roster. Yes, he found some acorns. However, if his job performance was commendable, there would of never been the disconnect you speak of. Ireland's record on player procurement does not speak favorably about him.

Therefore, it should be mentioned that Ross is probably searching for a GM who will have the same philosophies as Philbin, which will make "collaboration" possible. Just as you have stated already, Ross should have brought in a new GM when he hired Philbin and maybe we wouldn't be talking about this today. Hopefully Philbin turns out to be a good coach so we won't be talking about this next year at the same time.

The Dolphins need to hire a Defensive Coordinator who will switch back to a 3-4. Their personel is much more suited to a 3-4.

Armando is writing garbage here and is absolutely misinformed about the situation inside Davie. He needs to give up writing. This smear campaign Armando is running against the Dolphins is personal, and lack journalistic integrity. Dont believe anything this guy writes.

Personally I don't think Mr. Ross needs to be a football genius if he gets the right people in charge of running the boat. The owner of a large yacht does not necessarily have to have a great knowledge about how his yacht works as long as he has a competent crew manning it. I knew a guy that owned a 204 foot Feadship, he couldn't tell you who built the engines, or who's water maker and AC units were installed. His captain and engineer handled all that.

Same here, Ross does not need to have all the intricate details of the Tampa 2 cover scheme cemented into memory as long as he hires a competent staff to handle these details.

Speaking of the guy with the yacht, he also did not know who to hire originally for his yacht crew so he went to a crew consultancy agency, once again experts in their field, to recommend a captain and engineer along with the other 22 members of his crew.

Mr. Ross is doing the same here by having his friend Carl Peterson, a longstanding professional in the industry, assist him in bringing in competent, potential hires for the GM position. Whether you like Carl Peterson or not is irrelevant, his role is limited to providing Ross with competent candidates and so far I have no qualms with any of the names mentioned.

As far as the role of the GM, I'm sure that the strongest candidates will seek the amount of control commensurate with their level of gravitas. And even though the definition given to the public at this point in time is one who has power over the 53 man roster, don't be surprised that if one of the REAL NFL powerbrokers is the one hired, he won't have the power to cut the coach after the 2014 season.

I am also sure that with all the negative publicity being foisted on Ms. Aponte, don't be too surprised if you hear that she is leaving the Phins for an NFL FO job in the future. Ross is a lot smarter than most of us here think and he does not like negative publicity. If Aponte is garnering it, I doubt her stay here lasts too much longer.

Dolfan Rick,

I for one am looking forward to a better Miami Dolphin team no matter what caused this dysfunction. My opinion is that a front office deciding on player personnel is much better without Jeff Ireland. Your correct the chauvinistic card should not be a blanket and used for all.......

Common sense would say that Joe and Dawn will be in during the interview process. And just like I said, on every post from now on Armando is going to use that silly little name. It is a shame really, going to school boy tactics. No wonder they don't respect him. Grow up. You know how silly you sound every time you say DawnJoe. Just cause you keep repeating it doesn't make it any funnier.

There has been a Rumor going on for years that Mr.Salguero is one of the trolls and Dashi is starting to believe it more and more. 2 Things. Armando has never really ever banned the troll and second just like the Troll armando never admits he is wrong and has a pattern of repeating the same stuff ad nauseum.

DawnJoe should just purchase a subscription to ESPN Insider and PFF and use Google to conduct free agency signings and drafting research. They can cut out the entire personnel department and save money.

DawnJoe should be together on the field as well as press conferences. She writes messages on note cards and he reads them.

Perhaps see can write, "Run run", "Pass, pass", or "Punt, Punt" to help Philbin call plays.

At the dinner table, she writes "This meal is excellent" to help Philbin communicate properly with his spouse. Even if the meal is from KFC.

Fans thought Ireland was the bad guy. Now, the Dolphins offer two as a replacement - DawnJoe.

I'm always going to root for my team to win but I just don't like what I am reading. This doesn't seem to be going in the right direction. Oh well I will talk all the trash I can while we are still undefeated for the 2014 season!!

If the Dolphins did not CREATE their own drama, then DawnJoe would not exist. This team makes its own bed and drama. That's why they have been losers for over a decade. Some fans are sick of it and can clearly see that it doesn't have to be this way.

Armando the Comic.

Armando: Knock Knock.
Us: Who's there.
Armando: DawnJoe.
Us: DawnJoe who.
Armando: The flip side of John Doe
Us: HUH????????
Armando: It's supposed to be funny.

Hi I'm a Idiot Sportswriter who knows that the owner of the team I am covering reads EVERYTHING let me go make fun of his coach and right hand woman. You must not even know 1 law of the 48 laws of power. Or basic human psychology.

Don't they teach journalist that the easiest way to get info out of someone is to endear yourself to them. Now would be the right time for Salguero to get in Mr.Ross good graces. Get that Brown Nose Browner.

No wonder we get the news after the AP.

You know who understands how to get info the right way, Jeff Darlington. Reason he moved up the ladder and someone has been stuck in the same position for the past 20 years.

You should take a good look in the mirror and realize the problem is you not them.

John in Springs,well put. Wayne Huiznga is also a billionaire but never brought us a winner with the Dolphins,even though he had Shula and Marino under contract. He finally conceded his ignorance about owning a NFL franchise and hired Bill Parcells to run his team. Now how did that work out? Wayne finally had enough and sold to Ross,and the rest is history as they say. You friend with the yacht is a great example. Now if Ross would follow that example we might see some light at the end of our mediocre tunnel. Just sayin

Seriously how creative is DawnJoe.

He didn't even try to make an effort to sound like a real name. Or a even a celebrity couple name.

Name 1 white girl with a name like that. I know Dawn Marie, Sue Ann, Bobby Joe, and countless others. But Dawn Joe just sounds über stupid. The kids from the AT&T commercials make better jokes.

I hope this works out (only proven when the new GM goes through Draft and FA and the team plays its full season next year) but I'm not feeling good about it.

I think Ross is making a really bad mistake and enabling this 'drama' to continue. This structure is going to perpetuate the issues and power struggle. It's so commonly found in corporate America and it will continue within the Fins.

Instead of having Philbin and Aponte report into the GM he is keeping the three separate and reporting to him. So, all three will always point the finger at the other and fight for power and survival.

Ross should have seen this immediately given the Ireland/Sparano and Ireland/Philbin fiasco. He should go for top experience/talent available. Those guys are goingt to want control and structure that would enable success.

Bad move Ross!

Huizenga hired Parcells to upgrade the team in preparation for a sale. It worked perfectly when Parcells engineered the biggest turnaround in NFL history and Huizenga got top dollar in the sale.


I believe the sales happened after the 1-15 season.

I believe the sales happened after the 1-15 season.
Posted by: finfan71 | January 10, 2014 at 09:13 AM

No, after 11-5

The only reason we won under parcels was pennington under center...it all starts with the QB position

Parcells quit when he saw Ross's celebrity circus and mingling.

Pretty sure I remember Huizenga squeezing Ross for more money after getting the win versus Baltimore. Further, the 11-5 was Sporano's first year.

FUKKKKKK Dawn Joe. mando, why can't you let this angle go. You hypothesize for days that perhaps the Dolphins will empower the coach and Dawn over the gm. the owner shoots that theory down. In case you haven't noticed, Mr. Ross has correctly put Philbin on a one year notice (forced him to fire his OC and remove any possible excuses). It's produce or out. Find the best mind posssible - put the onus on the coach and Dawn to play nice and if they can't - it 's out for them.

Again, all these doomsayers talking about 1-15. As bad as things were under Philbin/Ireland we got nowwhere near 1-15. it won't happen now - you're going to have to suck it for a while.

Also, Philbin should be the one solely responsible for picking an OC. DID YOU ALREADY FORGET THAT PHILBIN DECIDES WHO HIS COACHES ARE.

Do you even read your own babble sometimes. 2 days ago you said Philbin ultimately decides who goes and who stays on his staff. That would also mean he is responsible for who he hires as OC.

You got that Mandy Kelly.

I will stop now before Armando Magically appears and tells everyone to not make fun of his name or you will get banned. While it is OK for him and his partners to make fun of mine or the Dolphins coach.

In the end, wth did you try to say here, Armando? Giving advice to Ross? He don't need it, he has plenty of advisors. Everything is set. Philbin will Coach, The new GM will find the talent needed by Philbin and Aponte will oversee everybody and mediate if necessary. That's the way Ross wants it. Read your previous entry again, please.

The reason that DawnJoe is not part o the GM hire is that it would take so long because Dawn has to write out all of the questions that Joe asks. Can ANYONE envision Shula needed someone to write note cards for him to give a postgame speech or news conference?

I can say I'm not overly impressed with any of the candidates. I hate the way Pittsburgh has drafted in recent years. That roster is old and decrepid being held up by a wonderful veteran QB. Does not excite me. Tennesse has drafted alright - but no QB. Arizona? blah. Maybe the best of the bunch by judging form team drafting is the Falcons dude.

I have a question, can someone please explain?

Why was the comment that Ross made about the GM needing to be a team player, construed as the G having no power?

Shouldnt all parts of an organization be a team player?

Notice how our o-line played better when Jfart and Cogs left the lineup.

Maybe the rift between Philbs Mcgee and Jeffy Poo had ripples through the organization and impacted us more than we realize.

Giving nicknames is fun, I see why Armando does it!

Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 5m

How am I sure Ross is being forthright on GM power? Couple teams are willing to grant candidates permission to talk to Miami, but not Tampa.

Found this tweet interesting, for all those doomsayers

11-5 was Sparano's, Ireland's and Parcells 1st year. After the deal was completed, Ross later stated that he overpaid for the team.

The level of sexism against Dawn Aponte on this board is staggering. Sickening.

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