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DawnJoe should be included in GM interviews

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross laid out his outline or vision for the Dolphins looming general manager search on Thursday evening.

That search will try to identify the best and brightest mind that will help raise the Dolphins from their lingering mediocrity. That's got to be goal No. 1. Everyone agrees.

But goal No. 2 has to be finding a person who will be able to circumnavigate the kind of drama I've laid out for you in my column and this blog this week. He must find a way to make and maintain peace with head coach Joe Philbin and Executive VP Dawn Aponte.

(Jeff Ireland wasn't able to find that peace and look where that got him).

For Ross, who reads everything about his Dolphins and is aware of the well chronicled mess, finding someone who can mesh with DawnJoe is very important.

"Regardless of reporting structure, the relationship between the general manager and coach Philbin must be one of trust, respect, and collaboration," Ross said in his statement Thursday, "and this will be an area we will look closely at during the process."

Good idea. And here's another idea once Ross whittles down to some finalists:

Include DawnJoe in the interview process. If the new GM must mesh with DawnJoe then they should meet during the process so that both sides can vet, inspect, screen, assess, scrutinize, and evaluate the other.

Getting my drift?

The Dolphins have for whatever reasons fostered a circumstance whereby the past GM had clashes with two consecutive coaches -- Tony Sparano and Philbin. The Sparano vs. Ireland issue was Ross's fault, but that does not matter.

This cannot continue to happen.

The Dolphins cannot get it wrong on this issue again. So everyone involved should get to know each other before they get to work with each other.

Interestingly, the Dolphins are already hurting themselves somewhat in that the new GM may not be hired before the new offensive coordinator. Think of that. Yes, it is clear that Philbin has authority over the OC hire as his contract states. The GM has no real say in that hire.

But if you understand that one of the reasons Philbin and Ireland clashed is that Ireland didn't appreciate the work former offensive coordinator Mike Sherman did last year and was openly critical of it, then you understand the Dolphins are somewhat setting up another situation whereby the GM may not hold the OC in the highest regard.

Again, Ross wants people working together and signing kumbaya in harmony. But two of those people are being pulled in from disparate searches by different parties -- Ross and Carl Peterson searching for the GM and DawnJoe searching for the OC.

Shouldn't the new GM, who has no say over the hiring of the OC, at least get the courtesy of knowing him before that important member of the organization comes aboard? Isn't that what "collaboration" is kind of about? Just a thought.

The Dolphins promise to release the names of the GM candidates as they interview. We know some of those names already:

Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer, Tennesse VP of player personnel Lake Dawson, Pittsburgh director of football operations Omar Khan, Arizona VP of player personnel Jason Licht and Falcons director of player personnel Lionel Vital, Giants VP of player evaluation Marc Ross, and internal candidate Brian Gaine, the Dolphins assistant GM.

Notably missing from the confirmed list interviews so far?

Scott Pioli, who made his reputation as New England's personnel chief during their Super Bowl years and was the Chiefs GM until from 2009-2012.

Pioli makes a ton of sense. He is said to think highly of Philbin and is the son-in-law to Bill Parcells. Aponte is a Parcells disciple. 

The Dolphins also had not contacted Eagles VP of Player Personnel Tom Gamble as of Thursday evening. That's strange as well as Gamble is at least partly responsible for the talent the San Francisco 49ers and Eagles put on the field. Gamble was a Colts scout under Bill Polian from 1998-04, was with the 49ers from 2005-2012, most recently as the player personnel director, and then joined the Eagles in 2013.

Gamble is said to be a little rough around the edges. To that I say, if he can pick talent, I don't care if the guy has edges of an unsharpened serrated knife. A great evaluator is a great evaluator. 


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You and I are the few that get it. Armando has clearly always been a big Ireland supporter and he wants to stir this whole thing until its stinks to high heaven. Turning the fans against Ross, Apponte, and whoever else Jeffy feels has crossed him. These gossip columns full of bad advise and paranoid feelings could only come from Mando dear friend Jeffy.

"First and foremost, this person must have a passion for the game and demonstrated player evaluation expertise. They will need to be a person who is a collaborative team player that puts the organization first. Regardless of reporting structure, the relationship between the General Manager and Coach Philbin must be one of trust, respect, and collaboration, and this will be an area we will look closely at during the process. This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative."
Ross could have saved alot of air and space by instead saying, "First and foremost, this person will be nothing like Jeff Ireland."


Agreed. None of these candidates sound like good guys. This is a weak GM class.

Gamble sucks. He was with the 49ers when they sucked and he was with the Eagles when they sucked.

Pioli is OK, just as long as you don't let him hire the coach.

The other guys are nobodies. Maybe the guy from Arizona. Or from Green bay.

FOrget about the STINKIN INTERVIEWS thats only a show for the media.I am hiring my third couisins cousin ROSS from the Giants.He lives in NY so we can have POW WOWS in the BIG APPLE along with APONTE when she tags along on my private jet on the trip to NEW YORK.

Dawn, go away I'm no good for you.

For all we know, Ross is the mole and not Ireland. All of these individuals are millionaires many times over. This is a game to them, including the office politics.

DawnJoe is a good nickname because it fits what they did.

NH @ 9:16. it also helps that we had the easiest schedule in the hsitory of mankind and the 2nd best Qb in our division that year was Matt Cassel. All the stars lined up perfectly. The QB was good at one thing - not making mistakes. And that year - that was all it took.

Please no more Parcells people. I can still smell Tuna from several years ago!

finfan71, the year we were 11-5, ross was already on board as an almost 50% owner. Everything was already put into mostion.

Ross bought the Dolphins in February of 2008 right after the 1-15 season. The sale was completed in January of 2009. You can look it up yourself if you'd like.

Translation of Ross's statement:
"First and foremost, Jeff Ireland did not have a passion for the game and did not demonstrate player evaluation expertise. He was not a collaborative team player that put the organization first. Regardless of reporting structure, his relationship with Coach Philbin was not one of trust, respect, and collaboration, and we looked at this area closely during the process. He was an individual who lacked integrity and was not open-minded or creative."

Jason Licht seems like a strong candidate..


Would you really want the guy from the Packers? Our O-line sucks and Green Bays o-line has sucked for years. Same with guy from Steelers, their o-line has sucked as well. Priority one is a Gm who comes from a team with a history og good players on the OL

Nat, Ross was already an owner when the team was 11-5 - fukkman, wiki it if you don't believe everyone else. Come up with a new conspiracy theory.


Nicknames are cool when they are creative and funny. Some people can do it others can't. Mandy Kelly can't. You sir can. I bet a Stack that you can come up with a better nickname for Joe&Dawn.

And I read on PFT that the GM in Tampa won't have final say on personnel. Yet, cause they have a black coach the NAACP won't say anything. A bit hypocritical, no.


You're arguing with the wrong guy. Nat seems to think Ross bought the team after the 11-5 season.

Ross wanted Harbaugh and Manning, although he got neither the guy has good taste. He inherited Ireland,Parcells etc..

I think he will find a very good replacement.

Dashi, judging by team success I'd be more inclined to go with the guy from Atlanta.... but still my #1 guy for years seems to be an ungettable get. Especially with him being promsied the keys to kingdom in baltimore including having the power to hire and fire coaches.

I would go with Gamble over all others tho. I do like how Philly and Sf have drafted throughout. SF sucked for a while but that was more coaching and lack of qb play. He wouldn't have to do that here.

FUKKKK Pioli - neough with this Parcells hot garbage. Cleanse this franchise of that Jersey crap once and for all.

FF71, I'm just backing you up, not arguing.

Dashi, are you kidding me? You come here everyday to read Armando blog abd your bashing him because he isnt a "Yes" man and bow down to Dolphins employees like you would if you were in his posisition??

The franchise is dysnfunctional and hes only presenting to you behind the scenes of why its like that, yet all you want to read about is posistive news.. At least hes working at the Herald ppl know him what do you do??? Burger King?? Wash cars??? KFC??? Your a nobody a pathetic immigrant!

Someone from the Giants tree would be good. They've drafted well forever.

No sigh that name doesn't fit. It even comes off the tongue rough. What they did to Ireland is what a JoeDee does. JoeDee took Ireland's girl while he was away. Again, it doesn't take a genius to come up with this.

There is an add in the Herald for the open GM position:
Miami Dolphins seeking qualified Anti-Ireland for open GM position. Must be nothing like Ireland (the ex-GM not the country) in all respects. Must be able to look beyond YouTube video highlights when assessing player talent. Must be able to actually read and understand player scouting reports. Candidates please apply by 'friending' owner Stephen Ross on Facebook.

Most of the GM canidates listed do not appear promising. Gamble and the guy from Seattle had a hand in building the rosters of two very good teams. The fact that Gamble helped find Foles (unless I'm mistaken) is reason enough for him to be considered.

It stills appears as if the Dolphins have a dysfunctional front office, an incompetent coaching staff, a iffy QB, a horrid OL, two really bad LBs under massive contracts and a whole host of other player/talent issues.

This team is closer to 4-12 than it is to 12-4 for 2014. Tannehill is currently the fifth rated QB from the 2012 draft and the 10 rated young QB (3 years or less in the league). He's not shown anything special yet. The New England victory is balanced by his Jet loss and on it goes.


The Green bay line has gotten better over the last couple years. And they do a great job of drafting overall.

The Dolphins - adrift at sea with no rudder.

Armando gives us info every single day on this blog and some of you want to bash him? Then dont come here and go to Omar blog. I really hope Armando sees the digusting posts Dashi wrote and bans him!


That's funny! :)

To the clown with a 1001 names,

If Dashi is not mistaken I haven't given you permission to speak to me. So STFU and keep it moving you Master Baiter. I won't talk to you, you don't talk to Dashi. Capiche.

Ive never posted under any name except mines. Ive read this blog for years just never posted. Btw no one talking to you fool, i dont give a rat a** if you respond or dont to my post as long as you read and comprehend. Which im
sure is already difficult for you..

DawnJoe works. It simply shows the two are as one, with Dawn on top, (so to speak).

Philbin took us to 8-8, despite him supporting 2 awful coordinators. The players beat some pretty good teams and the o line had some decent days when McKinnie tried toget the best out of them. Next season what makes anyone think Philbin will change ? He has been proven to be polarized when adjustments have to be made during games and when player's are performing poorly on a regular basis.


You do realize that the Panthers new GM came from NY last year and had a good draft this year and worked wonders with the roster, considering the cap hell they were in.

They also interviewed Marc Ross as well, kinda seems like we would just be getting the leftovers or scraps.

Not arguing, but just kinda letting ya know, that he was passed over for someone else in the same organization. NY G draft class from last year at this point, seems pretty weak.

Sigh, Gamble was not on board when teh Eagles drafted Foles. he did find the guy from USC if that impresses you though. he only took part in the Eagles last draft which was ok.

His time in SF drafting position players is much more impressive.

Rdubs, plenty of good candidates are passed over from other jobs. I will admit just putting that Ross Giants comment out there without really knowing what he did while in NY though.

I am weery of that Omar Kahn from Pittsburgh. Guy is only 36 so how long has he been there? I know their drafts since Tomlin got in have been beyond awful.

Salguero isn't a yes man he is a No-No man. How is he getting inside info when he isn't allowed inside the building. And what part of Mandy Kelly don't you get? They are associates and sit together on Game day.

Again, Dashi has said he is a nobody. You have said Dashi is a Janitor that rides the Bus. Let's go with that. But As I have stated before even an Autistic Quadrapeligic can have an Opinion.

Also no one here defends anyone. That is the truth. So unless the 2 things Dashi said earlier are true. You must be that Monkey boy that everyone is talking about that shines his little red Corvette.

I wonder if Philbins disconnect with Ireland meant that he didn't want to use the rookies from this year's draft class ? Ireland must have been going through hell watching his draftees sitting on the bench.

I don't know if all the injuries were really a smoke screen ? Philbin showed his loyalty was all for Sherman, over the good of the Miami Dolphins, I'll never forget that.

What's with some of these bloggers and all the Ross-bashing? 90% of the bloggers on here (and I believe all Dolphin fans) wanted Ireland's head, So Ross gives it to them. Then he publicly says ALL the right things about the GM search, including that will have autonomous authority over personnel, but the candidate must be able to collaborate with Philbin. Remember, Ross doesn't say the new GM gets Philbin as an inherited coach for life. Only says he must come on board and be willing to workwith him. Trust me, if next season is a repeat of this one (no playoffs), big Joe is gone. The new GM won't be the one doing the firing, it will be Ross. So far, I like Ross as an owner. He's still learning, but he writes checks and doesn't try to pick the players and call the plays. What more can you ask for in an owner?

Ive never posted under any name except mines. Ive read this blog for years just never posted. Btw no one talking to you fool, i dont give a rat a** if you respond or dont to my post as long as you read and comprehend. Which im
sure is already difficult for you..

Posted by: He Hate Me | January 10, 2014 at 09:49 AM


How many times have we seen these same statements repeated here by different names. And You Insignificant Turd, YOU ARE SPEAKING DIRECTLY AT DASHI!!



I heard Tre Mason isnt entering draft and was given a 3rd round grade. Is it ok to take him in the second? LOL

I would still take him in the first, I see perennial pro bowler.

I know you are sick of me talking about him.

Dont worry, I will stop when he is drafted by another team. Then I will hate him.


All of Armandos columns now are more gossip columns than football.

Stop with the DawnJoe crap, do you have to make everything into a soap oprah?

Just like bullygate, trying to create drama, so you can be interviewd on radio and tv...

Interesting that Ireland wanted to can Sherman. Too bad he wasn't able to do that during the season and hire someone who wasn't senile. Might have changed some things. Anyway, why wasn't this reported earlier?

No excuse for the OL though. Dion Jordan will end up being a good player, but the team had other needs and could have used that extra pick (trading back would have been ideal, imo).

The GM should have the ability to choose his own cap person and coaching staff. Otherwise this isn't going to work.

Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 5m

How am I sure Ross is being forthright on GM power? Couple teams are willing to grant candidates permission to talk to Miami, but not Tampa.

Found this tweet interesting, for all those doomsayers

Posted by: Rdubs | January 10, 2014 at 09:27 AM

why would Tampa allow anyone, they are just putting together there staff?

So Sherman practically ran the coaching, Aponte writes all his speeches, what exactly does Philbin do?
The new GM should and will have the power to hire and fire coaches after his first year at the very least, IMO Philbin should be already gone!


Good post dude. Never understood the Ross bashing myself. Is he a football genius? No. He writes the checks and stays out of the way for the most part. The only problem is he's loyal to a fault and I can't bash him for that.

haha, rdubs, on the contrary, i love talking college players. I do like Tre mason, just wondering if he is the back for us? I'm nowhere near qualified to make that call. He does appear to run with power, btu as his size can he do that in the pros? I don't know that. Seeing him bench and do thevertical and broad jumps would give me some indication.

I thought I read yesterday he was going in? Anyway, next year there will be some guys I'm really sure of at running abck including UGA's Gurley. This guy looks like the next Adrian peterson.

Why DawnJoe?

Shoulda been JoeDawn!

Sounds like a more believable dysfuntional inbred name that it truly represents.

"What's goin' awn JoeDawn?"
"Aaaah, after I finish tryn to figger out his feetsball thang, I'm fixin' ta cookin' up some a dem crawdads!"

I found this interesting, it is about Dawn Aponte written buy Jeff Darlington on twitter. I have cut and paste and put it in the proper order, so you all can enjoy.Some might find it interesting and some might not

Full disclosure: I had 1 conversation with Dawn Aponte two years ago, and I've since found her to be overly guarded but generally cordial.But based on talks with those in the Dolphins' organization, I'd like to explain why she's viewed as an asset to those in the organization:
Aponte, along with Ireland, helped put Miami's salary cap among the Top 10 most-to-spend in the NFL going into 2014 with a nice nucleus.But Aponte isn't just a cap person. She was also point person in Ted Wells investigation, Hard Knocks plans, locker room renovations, etc...In other words, Aponte handles many of the organizational issues that could potentially detract from the focus of the GM or the head coach.I sense a lot of Aponte criticism lately, but I'm not sure people understand what she even does. Seems more like an asset than a threat.If Aponte has power, it is apparently a result of respect. And if a confident GM can't handle that, well, he's not much of a man... is he?

The list of candidates shows the type of GM they are wanting, a player evaluator. You can force a relationship to work, expecially one where someone is coming in from the outside and you have two people somewhat established in the organization vying for what they want. It only works if the person coming in has control over other 2 said people. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Ross wants everyone playing together, well incorporate the business and football side of the business so everyone is on the same page. A team takes on its coaches personality, Philbin looks mundane on the sidelines and his team played that way when all they had to do was beat to "inferior" teams..

Is DawnJoe supposed to be funny? It wasn't funny the first time, let alone the 1000th time.


Mason is to small for the next level. Plus, we need to see what he runs and how he does at the combine to truly grade him yet. He looks like a mid 2nd rounder to me. I would still take the RB from BC over him. Better suited for what we need.

The one thing you have to give the Dolphins this year is that we still haven't really started talking draft yet. Usually around this time we would all be throwing up our mock drafts.

At best Mason is an MJD clone. But he isn't as Stocky.

why would Tampa allow anyone, they are just putting together there staff?

Posted by: wallyfin | January 10, 2014 at 10:06 AM

Tampa fired its GM. Other teams aren't giving permission to interview for that job.

Can't say I'm too excited about the draft. Probably going to be OL intensive for the Fish. Not sure which OL's are available through FA.

What loser comes to a blog and reads it everyday but continuously bashes the writer on the blog oh yea DASHI! Smh

Stevie B,

That is all I am saying. If you are going to pick a nickname make it believable. Joe Dawn sounds better and I can bet that if we roll up on a small town in Alabama we might find a name like that.

I would even go with Joawn. The W is silent.

This is a nightmare.

Everything is off, backward, upside down. Nothing about Miami Dolphins processes makes any sense at all.

I’m absolutely floored how many people on here misinterpret, deliberately or otherwise, the criticizing of dawnjoe for ‘apologies’ for Ireland.

They are not mutually exclusive. I’m still unaware of anyone who is actually defending Ireland and wanted him to stay. As I wrote yesterday, Ireland and Sherman were only two thirds of the stinking axis of offal. Good riddance. But very arguably, Philbin being canned should have been even more important.

Him staying on board – and worse, under the Stepford Wife-like spell of Aponte – renders the firings of Ireland and Sherman moot. THAT’S what we’re frustrated about! That arguably the worst, least creative, most uninspiring coach in the NFL (who apparently is still keeping some of the worst elements of his positional staff) will still be in charge of ALL on-field activities. And in the end, folks, we lost on the field. Ireland sucked for pretty much the entirety tenure, but in the end we had just enough talent to get into the PO. Shi--ing the bed against Buff and NY is ALL on Philbin.

So, as far as we’re concerned the blood-letting of Sherman and Ireland is a shell game, designed to distract everyone that the peak of that incompetent triangle is still here. Considering our schedule next year, I doubt this man has what it takes to lead Mia to anything better than a 4- 6 win season. Meaning, Philbin gets fired anyway, and we wasted at least another year. It’s ridiculous. This is no way to run a football club.

Why does EVERYBODY always spell Sparano's name wrong???
It's SpAAAAArano....not SpOrano!!
Kind of like how for some unseen reason nobody spells LOSE right anymore....constantly saying LOOSE.
Loose means not tight.
LOSE means not win.

Hoping the Phins don't LOSE too many games this year.
Maybe they need to play LOOSER in order to do this...like the Bills and Jets did.

Salguero was on the radio yesterday and the host suggested Philponte as a nickname. It absolutely sucks but is light years better than DawnJoe.

Who here comes and only reads what Mando has to say. Most the time the Comment section has nothing to do with what he posted. THIS BLOG RUNS ITSELF!! Reason the guy could go days without posting and the comment section will be 20 pages deep. The reason he could go on furlough and the Herald keeps the blog open.

I already Hurt your feelings, do you want me to hurt your boyfriend's feelings also.

You are just proving my 2 comments earlier are true.

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