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DawnJoe should be included in GM interviews

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross laid out his outline or vision for the Dolphins looming general manager search on Thursday evening.

That search will try to identify the best and brightest mind that will help raise the Dolphins from their lingering mediocrity. That's got to be goal No. 1. Everyone agrees.

But goal No. 2 has to be finding a person who will be able to circumnavigate the kind of drama I've laid out for you in my column and this blog this week. He must find a way to make and maintain peace with head coach Joe Philbin and Executive VP Dawn Aponte.

(Jeff Ireland wasn't able to find that peace and look where that got him).

For Ross, who reads everything about his Dolphins and is aware of the well chronicled mess, finding someone who can mesh with DawnJoe is very important.

"Regardless of reporting structure, the relationship between the general manager and coach Philbin must be one of trust, respect, and collaboration," Ross said in his statement Thursday, "and this will be an area we will look closely at during the process."

Good idea. And here's another idea once Ross whittles down to some finalists:

Include DawnJoe in the interview process. If the new GM must mesh with DawnJoe then they should meet during the process so that both sides can vet, inspect, screen, assess, scrutinize, and evaluate the other.

Getting my drift?

The Dolphins have for whatever reasons fostered a circumstance whereby the past GM had clashes with two consecutive coaches -- Tony Sparano and Philbin. The Sparano vs. Ireland issue was Ross's fault, but that does not matter.

This cannot continue to happen.

The Dolphins cannot get it wrong on this issue again. So everyone involved should get to know each other before they get to work with each other.

Interestingly, the Dolphins are already hurting themselves somewhat in that the new GM may not be hired before the new offensive coordinator. Think of that. Yes, it is clear that Philbin has authority over the OC hire as his contract states. The GM has no real say in that hire.

But if you understand that one of the reasons Philbin and Ireland clashed is that Ireland didn't appreciate the work former offensive coordinator Mike Sherman did last year and was openly critical of it, then you understand the Dolphins are somewhat setting up another situation whereby the GM may not hold the OC in the highest regard.

Again, Ross wants people working together and signing kumbaya in harmony. But two of those people are being pulled in from disparate searches by different parties -- Ross and Carl Peterson searching for the GM and DawnJoe searching for the OC.

Shouldn't the new GM, who has no say over the hiring of the OC, at least get the courtesy of knowing him before that important member of the organization comes aboard? Isn't that what "collaboration" is kind of about? Just a thought.

The Dolphins promise to release the names of the GM candidates as they interview. We know some of those names already:

Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer, Tennesse VP of player personnel Lake Dawson, Pittsburgh director of football operations Omar Khan, Arizona VP of player personnel Jason Licht and Falcons director of player personnel Lionel Vital, Giants VP of player evaluation Marc Ross, and internal candidate Brian Gaine, the Dolphins assistant GM.

Notably missing from the confirmed list interviews so far?

Scott Pioli, who made his reputation as New England's personnel chief during their Super Bowl years and was the Chiefs GM until from 2009-2012.

Pioli makes a ton of sense. He is said to think highly of Philbin and is the son-in-law to Bill Parcells. Aponte is a Parcells disciple. 

The Dolphins also had not contacted Eagles VP of Player Personnel Tom Gamble as of Thursday evening. That's strange as well as Gamble is at least partly responsible for the talent the San Francisco 49ers and Eagles put on the field. Gamble was a Colts scout under Bill Polian from 1998-04, was with the 49ers from 2005-2012, most recently as the player personnel director, and then joined the Eagles in 2013.

Gamble is said to be a little rough around the edges. To that I say, if he can pick talent, I don't care if the guy has edges of an unsharpened serrated knife. A great evaluator is a great evaluator. 


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I have followed the Dolphin's since '72. This franchise has hit rock bottom. Ross did trust Parcell's but Bill sold him down the river. Ross has not recovered from it but does not know how to run a football franchise. Philly is there because of his son's tragic death, he is not head coach material. They need to bring in a GM that will take over this franchise, not one that is going to be a puppet and have to fit in between DawnJoe and just be chief of scouting. GM & Coach have to be on same page with same grocery list...


But ya gotta give it to TreMay!!! See what I did there, I am clever LMAO he had huge games against 2 close 2 NFL level defensive lines in FSU and Alabama, no?


Thanks for letting me know about Foles.

We may disagree on what facts mean but I know you seem to know your facts. :)

Have a good day and enjoy the playoffs this weekend.

I guess I will have to pull for the Patriots, Seahawks, and Carolina. Lol. I could not stand Brady when he was young, but I respect him a lot now.

Posted by: wallyfin | January 10, 2014 at 10:06 AM

lol man the tweet is saying teams wont allow THEIR personel to talk to Tampa.. Not Tampa allowng its personel to talk to other teams..

PURGE Aponte. The last Parcells remnant.

And no to Parcells son-in-law Pioli.

Dolphins need to cut out the Parcells coaching tree cancer.

Dashi = Shill for the same'ol same'ol.

Im thinking you are getting a bit dramatci Mando.
And some of you guys are buying into it!
I pass by here to see if there are any news after the interviews


Ross laid out his stipulations. There is no vision.

No one on this blog can hurt my feelings you blubbering idoit, the more you write the dumber you come off to be

I still see a dysfunctional team in 2014. Along with Sherman, the QB and OL coach should have been dismissed. Did Philbin make a deal with Sherman to keep his kin folk on? I do not see Philbin bringing in an reputable, experienced OC because he knows there is always a replacement in the wings if things don't go right half way through the season, he might not last the complete year. I agree with the GM and HC collaborating on personnel decisions but at the same time the GM has to know a lot about the X's and O's to be able to go back to Ross with his analysis. Ross is pretty smart while being pretty dumb. He wants Philbin and Ross to report only to him. That creates disparity in the truth as both would try to cover their butts when things go wrong and throw the other one under the bus as it happened post season. He definitely needs a guy like Elway in Denver to over see his GM and HC and and the entire operation and he would have final say over all.

Now we need a GM named Baker so it can be:

Joe Dawn Baker.....

Aponte may be a great "capologist"--and there's absolutely nothing wrong with having somebody good at crunching the numbers--but I believe by telling potential new GM candidates his control is limited and restricted, and that his hands are tied to hers and Philbin's, and he doesn't have complete control of team is severely limiting our list of willing exceptional GM candidates.

It's THAT simple.

I can see a GM having to report to an owner--after all he is the owner--but that's it.

This dysfunctional situation is watering down our pool.

mace taggert is a total twat - enuff said


Tre-Tre is good don't get me wrong. But I am part of the guy has to have a prototypical build kind of guy.

Also we have heard of System QBs, Auburn is producing System RBs. That system allows RBs to get good yardage. 2-3 linemen pulling at the same time.

Again, I like Tre-dog as a RB. He is dynamic. I even compared him to MJD. But I just feel that he isn't going to be elite at the pro level.

With that said if The can run a sub 4.4-40 then I would be the first one saying draft him early. Again, wait til the combine. I don't even believe he is 5'9" 190lbs. His legs aren't thick enough.

Oh, and why do we still have the QB coach, another twat, on staff.

Oh yeh and the OL coach??

Is this the worst Dolphins front office screw-up ever?

I mean, this is worse than hiring Cam Cameron, this is worse than chasing Harbaugh.

This seems like it will cripple us for years.

MIT and the funky bunch (see what I did there),

This might arouse thou weiner

Adam Beasley ‏@AdamHBeasley 6s

New intriguing candidate for Dolphins' GM job: Ravens asst. GM Eric DeCosta, who has been contacted for interview per NFL source. Story tk.

*one of the guys that believe in prototypical size.

Ozzie Newsome is great, hoping some of that rubbed off on DeCosta.

I just hope the next OC was a former QB coach. Who would get rid of the current qb coach.

I assume the QB and OL coaches will be fired once we hire a fake GM, but that would assume that there's a plan.


You are probably right. I dont know what it is with my Tre Mason fascination. I never get smitten with college players. Maybe I just want a really good RB, that is my favorite position to watch. And I am not trying to be rude, because I know you love Lamar Miller, but none of the RB's on our team get me all excited in my special parts , like Ricky Williams did. I want that feeling back!

I really don't know any of these people from a hole in the wall, but just reading their resumes, I like Ross, Khan and Licht. Gamble would still be my top choice (it seems he really is a good talent evaluator) but if he's rough around the edges I'm not sure that will mix well with our quirky duo, DawnJoe (as Mando puts it). Which is too bad, but it is what it is.

If someone tried to fire me I would also make allegiances to get his @ss fired.

Aponte did her job, Ireland didn't. Teh right person is gone.

Hopefully she rubs off on Pilbin as he could use her moxie

I am positive Jimmy Johnson could prepare for 2 weeks and draft better than Ireland.

Just not sure phiblin would like Cecil Collins

Word is that Ireland is interviewing for a Walmart greeter...

I assume the QB, RB's, and OL will be replaced once we hire a real GM.

I like the list of GM canidates really do. i hope we get a great OC, maybe Lazor he is a good QB coach. Maybe he will suggest to Philbin a better option at O-line and QB coach.

Remember only Philbin can hire or fire his staff and the QB and OL coaches still remain.

Evan Silva ‏@evansilva 7m

From Schefter: #Dolphins OC search "zeroing in" on Kubiak, Kyle Shanahan, McAdoo. Link: http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/9317/kyle-shanahan …

Remember, only Philbin can start a forest fire

Huizenga was the owner for the 11-5 season. The sale was completed AFTER that year.


You are partly right. Ross paid Huizenga $550M in February of 2008 for 50% interest then completed the sale after the 11-5 year.

However, the sales price of $1.1b was agreed upon after the 1-15 season.

This stuff is not really hard to find on the internet.

I think its a good list of GM candidates. Especially with recent addition of Decosta.

The good ones like Newsome, Wolf, and Mckay had to start somewhere.


It is, if your arent looking for facts LOL

Dolfan Rick,

PFT is surmising that DeCosta will pass on the interview since he's apparently done so many times before. Being a Newsome guy is a plus but it sounds like he is lying in waiting for the Ravens gig.

So does Philbin keep the OL coach out of loyalty to Sherman? eesh...

...I meant QB coach specifically. (Sherman's son-in-law)

I hear you Rdubs.


I read that too. He looks like we a very small chance to even get an interview and has some language in his contract that might prevent him from coming. If buy some miracle we can get an interview, I see Ross making him highest paid GM or close to it

It was Huizenga that hired Parcells because he was the owner at the time.

After reading the recent blogs and columns, it has become obvious the Philbin through Aponte has ascended, although not official, to HC,GM type of position. The fact that no further changes haven been made to the coaching staff, and the search for a new OC, and preparations for the senior bowl and the draft without a "GM" confirms the higher authority that Philbin now has. The search for this called GM is no more than a talent evaluator with practical no authority. A critical issue now is, what FA and other reputable and experienced football person would want to work for this three headed monster organization that Ross has created.

Yes, Huizenga did hire Parcells before selling to Ross. No argument there.

Peter King ‏@SI_PeterKing 16m

Ravens asst GM Eric DeCosta has no interest in the Miami job. He's the GM-in-waiting at one of the best franchises in football.

Sorry Mark, to get your hopes up


I like The Mason. He is a good RB. I just want to see how he looks after the process. What I like about him the most is that he has never been seriously hurt.

I like L.Miller. I feel has a feeling to be dynamic. Specially with The OCs that keep floating around. Kubiak and Shanahan Jr. He fits those scheme perfectly. Plus he is from the U. L.Miller and O.Vernon are 2 guys I am definitely rooting for. Born and raised in Miami and get to play for the Dolphins.


I was the one last season saying Draft E.Lacy #12 he was the Best Offensive Prospect in that draft. So even though I love L.Miller I know that in the NFL you need more than 1 RB. And the Dolphins really only have 1 RB.

Now here is some food for thought. Hire Kubiak and Sign B.Tate. Pair Tate and L.Miller up. Running game solved.


I can't imagine the Dolphins getting a qualified GM like Pioli or DeCosta unless they give him complete control over HC and Aponte. Who they will get is an unproven "rising star" for the job. Which by the way was what Ireland was six years ago. This is the same lame horse Ross sold us before with a different blanket over him.

There is nothing wrong with the Dolphins that a franchise QB wouldnt fix.

The most important job of any GM is obtaining a franchise QB. Ireland never came close.

All of the people named are quality candidates who are well-regarded and have been considered for the GM position elsewhere.

Seriously, to sit here and read your opinions about them (half of whom you never even heard of before now--you're not fooling anyone) is ludicrous. As if you guys actually have ANY freaking clue how they would do in the job.

This remains Comedy Central

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 10, 2014 at 09:25 AM

MIT I have one thing to say to you........


Everybody was expecting OLine help, Dashi, or at least a powerful back. Then Ireland comes up with a DE/OLB.

"One bright spot iz that with Sherman gone there will be a fairer QB battle.

What are you fools watching? Thill became starter because of injury.Did you expect Moore to chalenge or something? Did you expect Moore to get a shot after drafting a qb in top 10? Morons....

You wouldnt know a good team or players till they won the superbowl, so untill they you will just ask for folks ot be fired till you get what you want

"Again, Ross wants people working together and signing kumbaya in harmony."

Are you a professional or what? I so hope you mean "singing", because "signing" means something totally different and I don't think the organization is focused solely on the Helen Keller Target Audience.

Ok. The new general manager has final say on roster and personnel issues. What more would a GM want? To me, that's mainly the powers a general manager should have.

All you sexist aponte haters? What's up with this? She's a brilliant capologist. She's a rising star in the nfl corporate world which is a good thing for our team. I'm telling you- word will come down from the nfl offices in NY to the referees to tell them to give the dolphins some calls on the field finally bc dawn aponte is a dolphin executive. Quit fearing women all you chauvinists!

Also, Ross and Peterson are no dummies. They realize that the dolphins were out coached by the bills and jets those last few games. If we suffer through another average season, philbin will be fired and the GM will probably give some input as to who gets hired by Ross as a new HC. The GM position in this team will be highly sought after! Why doesn't anyone see this. A franchise QB is in place. The team narrowly missed the playoffs. The team is in excellent shape cap wise as well.

What's wrong with workin with joe philbin? By all accounts, he is well respected and liked in all circles. He's based in the wco philosophy so I'm sure the new gM will have to be married to the wco concept. Why is that a bad thing. The gm and hc will be on the same page.

Hey Patrick the proof is in the pooding how can u be positive on this team right now with all the organizational blunders this aponte is pathetic I wasn't signing her tune last yr and what would of anybody have u got an example why would like to hear it Ross has not once but twice now not figured out when u clean house u do the whole house not half of it! So patty boy I will gladly be waiting for why we were singing her tune last yr buddy she must of did something very special I didn't know about

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