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Dolphins state over the weekend: Limbo


That's where club owner Stephen Ross left the Dolphins when he boarded his helicopter (feel free to give it a name in the comments section) last Thursday evening. That's where the Dolphins were late Sunday night.

No one knows 100 percent what will happen next.

No one believes they are 100 percent certain of coming back for 2014. No one believes they are 100 percent certain of being dismissed by Ross. Everyone is walking on egg shells and worried about their status.

This will be an interesting week as it will likely bring answers.

Below I list for you the primary players in this evolving soap opera and give you their current situation best as sources are handicapping:

Coach Joe Philbin: He is likely safe. Ross likes his head coach and, moreover, must understand that having hired him only two years ago (over San Diego coach Mike McCoy, by the way) his own personal reputation for hiring and firing is riding on this one. As Ross's reputation isn't at an all-time high right now, it could be the owner doesn't want to hurt that further by admitting he made a mistake on Philbin. But one reason Philbin cannot be considered 100 percent safe is because it is believed Ross wants changes on the coaching staff and Philbin does not. So does the owner blink and let the coach have his way? Or does the coach blink? Or do neither blink, in which case Philbin is gone.

General Manager Jeff Ireland: I reported Dec. 9 that Ross had told Ireland he was safe. But then the collapse of 2013 happened. And while that collapse probably is Philbin's responsibility, it is possible the owner could sacrifice Ireland as a scapegoat. Fans want this. But fans don't get a vote. The fact is Ireland put more talent on the Dolphins 2013 roster than he had in his previous seasons as general manager. 

(There is an interesting dynamic at work here between Philbin and Ireland. I told you last week that in evaluating the personnel department and coaching staff, Ross may have inadvertently been forcing his football operation to face off against itself. Well, ESPN reported Sunday there is "tension" between Philbin and Ireland. I checked around on Sunday. No one denied the report. So how do these two men overcome their "tension" if they're to stay together?)

Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman: As of Sunday afternoon, he had not been told anything -- not whether he is safe or out -- by Philbin or anyone else. It is quite possible Philbin, told to fire Sherman, would keep this from his OC knowing that if he tells him, Sherman might resign to make sure his friend doesn't go the way of former Tennessee coach Mike Munchak.

Executive Vice President of Football Administration Dawn Aponte: She seems safe but, interestingly, she wants badly to get out. Aponte is a candidate for vice president of football operations at the NFL office in New York. She wants the job badly. Having served 15 years at the NFL office, having club experience and, yes, being a woman, she is a capable diversity candidate. But the field of candidates is considered strong and also includes former Chiefs GM and Patriots personnel man Scott Pioli. NFL Executive Vice President and General Counsel Jeff Pash adores Aponte.

Bottom line? Ross typically resists change. He doesn't want to fire anyone. (Remember, Philbin is the person I reported has authority to hire and fire assistants). And as you read above, Ross told people at different points last season they're safe, and he probably doesn't want to go back on that word.

What does that mean to you and me?

We should find out this week.


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Also like said Lovie is bringing in a personnel guy in Tampa. Lovie just has final say if an issue comes up.

he is banging shermans daughter that is his q's 4 being a qb coach,no wonder y tputz suxx

I would fire both Ireland and Sherman as was reported to be a possibility. Each situation is different and promoting a person to take care of the administrative work that Ireland and most GM's do could work, then giving Philbin major input on player personnel. Obviously Ross likes Philbin and would most likely not fire him but giving him more control as kind of a deal to fire Sherman might work......

Dolfan Rick,

I'm not giving Ireland a free pass here. He's a responsible as anyone. They either both go or both stay. Thats how I see it.

Armando u say no vote huh
I vote every game day sitting home sticking both of my birdie fingers up ross' axx and I sit in comfort counting all of my $avings by $taying home.
that's 1 f'in vote from a bunch of us true phan$


Torn Rotor Cuff
UP, UP and Way Down
Eeeheeehee here eee

If Ross doesn't fire the entire bunch, we Dolphins can expect another 8-8 or worse team in 2014. Thats all we've had for the last 10 or so yrs. So to Mr Ross, just keep dong what your doing and you won't have to worry about rebuilding Sun-Life, because there won't be any fans to purchase tickets. How long do we have to wallow in the stink of another mediocre football team. Looking back over the season, I can see how some fans believe the Dolphins were extremely lucky to reach 8-8. How much longer are we strapped with Philbin/Sherman/Coyle/& Ireland and a bunch of underachieving players who have their money, so why should they worry about wining football games ?? As a Dolfan since 1965 and played the game, I will never forget the last two games of this season as an entire melt down.

Nolan Carroll must go.

Posted by: Nolan Carroll Must Go | January 06, 2014 at 08:04 AM
agreed! How many seasons/games do I have to watch him get torched on a 40-50 yrd bomb? Yea, he got some picks.. big deal when opposing QB's are torching you for big yardage.

While I'm at it, RT is a .500 QB at best. All the issues were already stated so I won't repeat.

If I were Ross, I'd fire the whole lot and start over. Send a message. I'm sure Apple got to where it was because Jobs let mediocrity flourish in his organization.

Ross' copter - like the football team - has a built in choke! ... that was classic!!! Can't recall who posted that but that was the best line I've read in months.

I think Philbin brought in Sherman and goes along with just about anything Sherman says because of his inexperience and perhaps lack of confidence in being the head coach. I cant think of any other explanation as to why Philbin would have given the ok on the Zac Taylor hire. I believe a previous blogger (HGIFB) or something like that and I apologize for getting it wrong has the same thought I have and that is why are those who cover the team for the various news outlets, ask that question. It is a fundemental question. I think it would go a long way towards answering who is really running this team on the field...Sherman or Philbin?

PS, Ross, waiting over the weekend to "take a knee" has let the most available HC go to other teams, so in my estimation Ross will return and announce he will retain everybody,,,,saying "can't we all just get along"?

Well I don't think Ross is going to make any major changes at this point anyway so I'm just going to chill on the whole thing.

Philbin, Sherman, Coyle aside though I just don't get how some of you very very informed fans can still be fans of Ireland.

We were so excited last year. It was reported that the draft was deepest at the top than it had been in years and we get Jamar Taylor and Dallas Thomas. Thats enough for me.

Who is Oscar pretending to be today?? he doesn't want it to seem like he's on a comment board of a sports news web page all day long so he uses several different names.

Oscar said it's more entertaining then when he swam to America on a wooden door. He said he gets as much on welfare here in one week as he made in 5 years in Cuba.

Rick....I believe you may be correct as others, including myself believe any change will be minor in scope, if any change is made at all. We will all be left wondering as to whether or not Philbin's headset is actually plugged in or if Sherman just tells the IT guy to set to mute

I think this is an important question. I too believed Philbin was intimately involved with personnel decisions, but did that relate to the draft as well? If he's disputing that now, then who are we to believe (Ireland or Philbin)? Mando, would love your insight into this.

To me it's a no-brainer, the HC needs to be fully involved with all aspects of personnel decisions (draft, FA, who to keep/cut, etc.). I don't know how a HC could just rely on a GM to draft players they neither want nor can use. But this just highlights a huge point of contention on the team which is not helpful. If there's infighting between GM and HC, how can the team EVER be successful?

Oscar on a wooden door?
I thought he said it was a palm frond he used to swim over

There's a much more in depth story to the Dolphins than any of the fans will ever know.

Posted by: AsJoeRobbieCries | January 06, 2014 at 05:10 AM

Actually, there probably isn't.

What DOES exist is a subset of fans (a tiny number, actually) on blogs such as this one that spend such an inordinate and downright bizarre amount of time obsessively parsing every bit of minutiae about the team that they start finding deep conspiracies around every corner and hidden 'mysteries' where none actually exist.

It is a form of mental illness. A benign one, to be sure, but illness nonetheless.

A few of you desperately need some fresh air and something, ANYTHING else going on in your lives.

I know you will react in anger to this. I don't care.

Tannehill was all Ireland. From a Peter King article on Monday April 30, 2012 9:18AM: (can't place a link because the post will be rejected - search on the date)

"I got enamored last August,'' said Ireland.

"One of Ireland's points to me about Tannehill, and why he feels so good about the pick, is he put a grade on the quarterback in December and it never changed, all the way up to draft day."

This was, of course, well before Philbin or Sherman were even on the Miami radar.


QB Statistics are not always applicable when you have a QB that has a major weakness. What DC's do is allow that weakness to beat them if possible. Moreover they take away what the QB does well. This is why T-hills stats were horrible in the last two games. To be a winner good teams have to beat the game plan to get into the playoffs or to win in the playoffs. How can a team in this offensive era only score one TD. Wild card weekend had opposing teams scoring points and so it must go in today's NFL. T-hill will be given the chance to win his job next season but it should not be a forgone conclusion.

Wanted to call copter "the whopper chopper" but he still hasn't fired anyone.

What i dont understand is why doea Philbin think Sherman deserves another year. 2 seasons in a row we have a pedestrian offense and Philbin is still saying Sherman a heck of a coach! Not with the 27th ranked offense.

Watching NFL playoffs yesterday. The offense of every team was sooooo much better than ours, they had WR going in motion, HB toss, Jordy Nelson was in the slot, anyone seen Mile Wallace in the slot??? Why havent we done 1 HB toss to Lamar Miller????

If Sherman isnt fired by Philbin. Then fire Philbin and Ireland!! I dont get why its so hard.

The effort the last 2 games against inferior teams was pathetic!!! We got BLOwN out wasnt even close!!

Agree...HC OC DC and GM all have to be on the same page. GM has to know and understand needs versus wants and impacts across the cap. Dont think this type of comms happens inside the Fins offices.

Rick, I'm with you. At this point, you can't start over being so far behind (funny how 1 week is an eternity in the NFL). Keep 'em all, give them a 1 yr time limit, and see how bad they can all screw up, THEN fire the whole lot and start from scratch.

Only sticky point might be Tannehill, but I highly doubt he could be successful while the team fails. Because if it went that way, it would be tough to get rid of a successful QB because a new GM/HC want their own guy. But by then Winston will be in the Draft, so maybe we can Luck into good timing (a la Indy, get it).

Mark and Craig, the last 2 games the D gave up 19 and 20 points which is respectable while the D regressed the offense never progressed in 2 season. Isnt Philbin suppose to be an offensive guru??? The guy stinks and if we stick with him i guranteed you well be 8 and 8 or 7 and 9 again. Mark this day Im telling you now


probably wont hear anything until after the ted wells report after the superbowl

He runs this team based on who he LIKES instead of RESULTS... if he likes these guys so much, give them a job doing something else. BUT GET CREDIBLE FOOTBALL PPL in to run the TEAM!!

IF he were TRULY committed to winning he WOULD MAKE THE OBVIOUS necessary changes.

This team has been cursed with incompetent management since they forced Shula out.....

WHat I saw of last years dolphins was the same thing I saw of this years dolphins except they actually regressed defensively this year. If philbin stays I'll see the same thing next year but worse. This regimes main weakness is using players to their strengths. THey make the same mistakes(QB Sneak) over and over again. That shows an inablility to change and a arrogance that you know what your doing and you do not have to listen to anybody.

Some comments by O Kelly on the relationship between J Philbin and J Ireland. There is more in the article:

April 28, 2013|By Omar Kelly, Sun Sentinel

"This draft was a very revealing one for me because you could sense Philbin purposely remained in the background and let General Manager Jeff Ireland charter the team's course during the draft.

I'm certain they worked together, but I get the sense Philbin wasn't vehemently advocating for any player, any trades, or the use of a selection on any position.

Ireland runs the offseason, shopping for the groceries to build Philbin's team, and the head coach provides his insight. But nothing more.

I sensed it has been that way since the start of free agency because Philbin wants Ireland to take the same approach when it comes to him coaching the team, and deciding what he does with the groceries Ireland has provided."

We have a QB coach who has never played a down in the NFL as a QB, a HC who has never been a HC in his life he has no idea how to lead men! He lets Mike Sherman take charge in leading the men and you guys wonder why were mediocre?

I want to clean house! You see what it did to the Cheifs. Even thi they choked in the playoffs.

Watching NFL playoffs yesterday. The offense of every team was sooooo much better than ours

Posted by: Truth | January 06, 2014 at 09:54 AM


Yeah, the Bengals offense really looked state-of-the-art.

Seriously, though, can we be clear about something? Miami CANNOT d anything "creative" on offense until that godawful offensive line is fixed.

Some of you act as if it's just a side concern--as if there's some kind of magical coaching wizardry and 'schemes' that another coach would be able to employ to hide that gaping deficiency.

If that's what some of you actually believe there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

EVERYTHING starts up front and Miami has the WORST offensive line in the game. That spells disaster for ANY offense and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it aside from finding better starters.

I don't necessarily favor retaining Sherman but thinking he was the main reason for the offensive woes is like thinking a car without an engine just needs a new front tire to run.

This is REALLY confusing to me.....
He does not seem to be able to make EASY business decisions.....


The offense will not progress against teams that properly game plan against T-hill. They take away what he does well and give him his weakness. It's not on coaches to execute, if a QB can not do something (like pass deep)how much impact or how can a coach game plan against that weakness. He is limited even with the OL protecting.

I continue to think you leave it alone with staff for one more season. One of the biggest things that repeatedly keeps a team bad is turnover in coaching. The margin of error for being a successful coach and team is small. I would like to have one more year to see what they bring in, how they adjust, and how they develop young players; like Tannehill. I think there should only be staffing changes right now if Philbin wants it.

Also can we all please stop with all this RT has to hit MIke Wallace in stride on every deep ball. Deep balls are hard to complete and Wallace needs to make more adjustments and fight for the ball. If you watched any of the playoffs you obviously see that all these qbs are throwing the ball deep and over 60% of the time the receiver goes up and makes a play. That is a fundamental thing taught to a receiver. Also, RT DOES need to work on his deep accuracy but it would also help if he throws more than one a game. Take 5 to 6 shots every game. All these qbs including manning an brady miss deep throws to wide open receivers. The thing is they take several shots a game and it gives them more of an opportunity to complete a few of them.

Truth they also gave up 350 yards rushing and did jack all when it came to pressure or getting the other team off the field. Don't give me this our defense is lovely story....

I am leaning towards Philbin being the overall biggest problem with this franchise though and that's saying something since Ireland has been neither here nor there as far as being a Gm is concerned.

But Philbin and his co-ordinators are shaping up to be a flat out disaster.

Our defense was awful this year. They could've produced the same results with me calling the plays and just going on their individual talents. I never had any faith in them in a critical 3rd or 4th down. They did stop the other team sometimes but when they did ... I was on the verge of cardiac arrest.

The offense was equally as bad ... like I said earlier, you have a Qb that contributed the 10th most yards and 12th most scoring (like him or not - those are facts) and you still end up in the 20s overall in offense by yards and scoring. You should be able to get some rush going when your qb produces to that level.

Simple solution:

FIRE IRELAND (but you gotta have the stones 1st of all), HIRE a NEW GM and he will handle the coach issue. Philbin is a fraud and it shows on game day

The real problem think who was ok with that o line starting the season. Who went into the bye week thinking that same o line didn't need any changes. When changes are made we found out cast offs and practice squad players where better than our starters. There is the real problem.

billcale, if that's the way it is, it's a problem. GM/HC MUST be working hand-in-hand. None of this, "you do your job I'll do mine" childishness. It's about FIXING THE TEAM and building them to WIN! It should be all hands on deck. Doesn't mean they overstep their boundaries, but c'mon, grow up (Ireland and Philbin), put your own ego in the corner and stick to the task at hand. Philbin doesn't work on game plans (and our playbook we used this year could have been designed in about a day), and OTAs don't happen for a couple of months, so what else is there to do then scout talent? And if Ireland has an idea on how to use somebody, then Philbin should listen. Doesn't mean Ireland's taking his job, but he's scouted these kids, seen them longer, so he might have some valuable insight.

The top of the organization is broken (obviously) and until that's resolved I don't see a way out of mediocrity.

As far as the deep ball, would also help if they threw more to the middle of the field where it's easier to complete ... the one against Carolina ... middle.

Bigger receivers would also help in the deep ball game because it's obvious it's not the qbs strength ... only time Brady was worth a dam with the deep ball was when he had Moss... no co-incidence.

Baltimore game, 40 yards throw in the run completed perfectly to ... Brandon Gibson .. big guy, fights for it.

I am SO tired of hearing Ireland brought in talent.

Yea, brought in FA's another team found & let go. Ireland has not had any draft that grades out over a C. You need to find more than a 1st round pick to play in the draft.

Aside from a late pick in Clay, who has been he late gem? I'll give you Vernon even though he's only played 1 year opposite of Wake. He is a beneficiary of protection sliding away from him.

I don't even want to hear R. Jones. What a bum! Stupid contract to give a guy who only really had 1 decent season.

This teams BEST players came from other teams: Grimes, Starks, Soliai(different gm).

Look at last years draft? Where is the production?We drafted D. Thomas in the 3rd round. The Saints drafted a LT in the 3rd round & he shut down one of the elite pass rushers in the NFL on Saturday night in Trent Cole.

Philbin can only do so much with what he has. Miami is ORDINARY. Philbins ability to develop players can only be gauged AFTER he has some legit talent to work with.

Ireland was, is & will ALWAYS be the problem here. You don't build teams in FA. That's all Ireland can do & he stinks at that as well.

Charles Clay is not the answer at TE. He is short for a TE and is a bad blocker. He has good numbers because he was ignored on most defenses, it's hard to create mismatches when the Safties and CB's are as tall as your TE. WE need a 6'7" TE that knows how to block and can win jump balls.


Mark, im not saying the D was lovely just not as bad as the O. Anyone watch the Chargers game. Mike Mccoy would of been the better HC coach at least he showed some emtion and actually seem him talking in his headset. Ross screwed up by choosing Crypt Keeper Philbin over Mccoy!

A sleeper HC i like is Ken Whisnhunt, yea he got fired from Cardnials but the guy had no QB on the team. He cut from Cowher tree and already 5x the coach Philbin is. We need a guy who can connect with tje players! Philbin doesnt even know what swag is??? In a league dominated by blacks and not know what swag is means he has no conmections to the players whatsoever

Posted by: slam | January 06, 2014 at 10:08 AM

I dunno, I saw Rivers hit his WR in stride pretty nicely yesterday. For all his faults, so did Andy Dalton. In the 49'ers game, you can excuse them because it was so cold. Plus no one's asking Tannehill to hit Wallace in stride ALL THE TIME. But NEVER is also not acceptable.

But before we get back on this Tannehill debate let's just skip to the fact that he's getting a 3rd year to show his progress. He has an offseason with plenty to work on. Let's hope he has an OL that can protect him well enough and talent around so he can be evaluated fully and once and for all determine if he's the guy moving forward or not.


It does not take a genius to figure out that if the offense can not stay on the field then the defense must be on the field longer allowing them to tire and give up points. The NFL is offense and if you can not get time possession your defense will be overworked and subjected more to giving up points in this era.

Sadly, the owner of the team is the biggest problem. He is hesitant to make changes in spite of the facts in font of him.

Either that or he is a coward.

Anyone see the backup TE from te Chargers the guy caught a rookie and caught a TD on a fade route. Yes rookies should contribute!! Hes a rookie from Lousisana Lafeytte 6'6 athletic and fast, were stuck with Egnew who cant block playing the FB posisition!!! Are you freakin kidding me!!!

This is our HC!

Charles Clay is a great talent and a versatile guy nearly any team in the league would want on their roster.

Bill Belichick was effusive in his praise of him and showed he meant it by doubling Clay consistently in an effort to take him out of the offense.

He is not a top-level blocker, to be sure, but nobody expects him to be the second coming of Kellen Winslow or Ozzie Newsome.

See--this is the kind of silliness that emerges as a result of fan frustration. You are SO enraged about Ireland that you refuse to even acknowledge that (god forbid) they HAVE hit on some guys---definitely including Charles Clay.

You may not realize it, but having such a skewed and thoroughly biased perspective actually devalues the rest of what you have to say.


I saw you curtsy in a ballerina dress the other day.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 06, 2014 at 10:14 AM

DC, I agree. But I'll add that Ross is also part of the problem. An owner MUST make the commitment to win. Allowing HC & GM friction to destabilize the organization- no matter how much one likes each guy- shows that lack of commitment.

Armando Salguero & the people on this blog needs to learn to read between the lines. Nobody on this team is going to be fired, because if they were it would have been done already. The bowl games have already started & the Senior Bowl is only a couple of weeks away. GM's normally do their scouting for potential draft picks at this time of year. That is why teams always seem to fire & hire their GM's towards the end of a season or immediately afterword. Furthermore Stephen Ross has already come out & publicly said he's very happy with Philbin as his head coach + Philbin has a clause in his contract that only he can hire or fire his coaches. If you put all these facts together, it screams out that things are staying as they are for now. The media lives for blowing things out of proportion & creating fires when there are none. Stephen Ross & Matt Higgins (who is NOT a knowledgeable football adviser)were the only 2 that sat down with Joe Philbin & Jeff Ireland on Thursday. I am positive that the only reason Stephen Ross called that meeting was to get answers to what went wrong & to deliver a ultimatum that they must make the playoffs next year in order to keep their jobs. That is also the reason I believe Stephen Ross hasn't commented on that meeting. Stephen Ross is trying desperately to restore this teams image of a high profile organization. This team has had a Dysfunctional label placed on it for years already. Jeff Ireland & others have unfairly been criticized & blamed for this team's downfall, but this slide started 15 years ago. When you look back at what happened to this team, you will see the downfall started in 1999 when Jimmy Johnson stepped down as the head coach / GM of this team. There hasn't been 1 single knowledgeable owner, talented GM or great head coach in the last 15 years & that's the reason that this team has continued loosing. Organizational mistakes by this team over the last 15 years are also the reason this team has been labeled dysfunctional. Things like flying cross country to try & hire Jim Harbaugh, asking Dez Bryant if his mamma is a whore, trading away Wes Welker for a bag of peanuts, & continually firing the head coach without the GM or the other way around. Ever since 1999 (15 years) This team hasn't hired 1 single great GM ! Now mostly everybody is attacking Jeff Ireland all the time & yes he does deserve his share of the blame, but Jeff Ireland isn't the main person to blame for this teams 15 year slide. Wayne Huyzinga, Jeff Speilman, Bill Parcells & yearly regime changes are the reasons this team's 15 year slide. Next year if Miami doesn't go to the playoffs, they should fire Jeff Ireland & the whole coaching staff immediately upon elimination & hire Tom Gamble. We could have cleaned house this year & brought in Gamble, but I guess Ross feels this regime deserves 1 last chance,

I am not an Ireland fan, but the decision to release Dansby was correct. He did nothing here to deserve big money to stay. As I've posted in the past, he was better suited to his new division giventhe teams..San Francisco, Seattle and St.Louis. ALL teams that run first and play defense. They are not big threat passing teams inclusing San Francisco. Remember who it is that we are chasing here, the Patriots. Brady would embarress Dansby every time we played. Again, this is no defense of Ireland, but Wheeler and Ellerby played pretty darn good elsewhere. Was it Ireland who miscalculated the talent or were these guys and throw Dion Jordan into that mix jst not being used correctly. Remember, many considered Jordan to possibly be the best player in the entire draft.

trade-up for WR Watkins!!!!!!

The more I read and hear about Dawn Aponte, the more impressed I am. Although many key players are unsigned for next year, the team is in good cap shape due to her. Other teams are much worse off. The one good hire that Ross made and the team will likely lose her.

I would not be surprised to see her as a GM for another team in the future and being successful at it. She can always hire a professional talent evaluator if needed.

Meanwhile, Dolphin fans will be asking how they let her get away while still clamoring to fire whomever the crappy GM and coach are who lead them another 7-9 season.

I agree bill, but what can we do about the Owner? He's the one guy that can't be touched. Maybe he can learn, maybe not (see Dan Snyder) but a team pretty much has to live with the Owner they have. That's why I don't generally mention anything about Ross. Until (if) he sells the team, we're stuck with what we got.

LOL, don't really agree with everythign you said in your post @ 10:16 but I did want to discuss Terron Armstead. This guy was no secret. he blew away the combine and got atheltic scores on par with the guys who went right at the top of teh draft. personally, I thought atheltically he was every bit the equal of lane Johnson and Eric Fisher. And i was equally puzzled why the Dolphins didn't make a play for him after the top two guys they wanted were gone. Thought he could've been a future answer for us at LT.

he went two picks before Dallas Thomas who I never thought much of... wonder if the team could've pulled a move there...

But to think the Saints plucked this guy out of mid air is untrue ... he wa sa known commodity .. just went to a small school Ark Pine Bluff.

If Aponte leaves it would not really be a matter of "letting her get away." It would simply be a matter of career advancement.

She is being considered for a top-tier job with the NFL itself, which would be a huge move up the corporate ladder for anyone with any team. You or I would leave for that, too, presumably.

I think sometimes we are myopic about thing such as this, as if the Dolphins can just wave a magic wand and lure or retain whoever they want regardless of their own desires or opportunities.

If Aponte stays, great. If not, congratulations to her on a very prestigious appointment with the NFL.

Th Truth, Charles Clay is a definite top level weapon so i think you cut him short but they definitely do need that big bodied target you speak of - either at WR/TE - that is for sure.

What DOES exist is a subset of fans (a tiny number, actually) on blogs such as this one that spend such an inordinate and downright bizarre amount of time obsessively parsing every bit of minutiae about the team that they start finding deep conspiracies around every corner and hidden 'mysteries' where none actually exist.

It is a form of mental illness. A benign one, to be sure, but illness nonetheless.

A few of you desperately need some fresh air and something, ANYTHING else going on in your lives.

I know you will react in anger to this. I don't care.

Posted by: It's The Truth | January 06, 2014 at 09:52 AM

Why react in anger when it's that damned funny? You're so out of touch with reality that you start accusing people who contribute to this blog of being mentally ill and suggest they get some air. You do this by using your knowledge gained from countless hours of hanging out in that same blog. You have deduced that the other people you are hanging out with in that same blog are all mentally ill losers who need air. You've attained a level of stupidity usually reserved for goldfish. Congratulations on that and great job.

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