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Dolphins to interview GM finalists this weekend

The Miami Dolphins plan to interview at least two finalists for the vacant general manager position starting this weekend, according to source familiar with the process.

The club -- which has been in contact with the seven men who already interviewed for the job -- will begin calls to six of those men in the next few hours to either 1. tell them they are one of the finalists and schedule the second interview or 2. thank the men for being part of the process and say the team is moving in a different direction.

The Dolphins had hoped to interview at least one more candidate this week, most likely plucked off a playoff team that participated in Championship Weekend last Sunday. But those hopes faded for unknown reasons and the likelihood that will happen are now slim.

The Dolphins plan to hire their next general manager well before the Super Bowl in 10 days and there is even optimism within the organization a new GM could be in place by Monday, the source said.

Earlier Wednesday, the NFL Network reported the Dolphins tried to hire Arizona's Jason Licht when the team caught wind of the fact Licht was offered the general manager job in Tampa Bay.

Two sources -- one very close to Licht and a Dolphins source -- said the report is not accurate.

The Dolphins indeed found out Licht was offered the Tampa Bay job and contacted him to inform him he'd be would be one of the finalists brought in this coming weekend. The Dolphins wanted to give Licht the option of waiting for the finalist interview before making his decision final.

Both sources confirm Licht decided to go with proverbial bird in the hand, taking the certain job offer rather than waiting to see if he would make the cut in Miami to have two job offers.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be part of the finalists interviews and will be the man hiring the new GM. He has not left the country this week.

Aside from Licht, the Dolphins have interviewed Cleveland's Ray Farmer, Tennessee's Lake Dawson, Pittsburgh's Omar Khan, Tampa Bay's Dennis Hickey, Detroit's Brian Xanders, and in-house candidate Brian Gaine.

One of those will be Miami's new GM perhaps as early as Monday.


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Of course, now that the best candidate (Licht) has been hired elsewhere, Ross decides it's time to get of his backside and do something.

ask and u shall receive


Well, that certainly paints a different organizational structure. Almost positive.

Guess Marc Ross is now out of the running. We're scraping the bottom of the barrel. Just give it to Gaine so we can get rid of everyone next year and start again from scratch with a new GM, who will hire the HC, who will draft his own QB, who will take another 3 years just to prove he's an 8-8 performer.

OR, we could totally wither for Winston. Become a joke for Jameis. I like that option.

As much as one can seemingly criticize Ross at will, the fact is he is a MULTI BILLIONAIRE, and self-made at that. That isn't a fluke. He knows that he has to get this GM hire right or it will cost him $$ if Fins do not get better in the next few years. Patience, people.

dc,farmer seems
2 think it's his gig

not a fan of winston, farmer should be the new gm. he will pick his head coach after next season

Rearding the last post.... Everytime I post Mando puts up a new one!

Philbin's answer through a club spokesman is he did not attend the Senior Bowl because he decided his priority this week was meeting with Bill Lazor and getting the new offensive coordinator acclimated and up to speed with what the Dolphins are going to run offensively in 2014


The Sr. Bowl over the FA ERA (1993) has been invaluable for teams looking to replenish Positions for both starters and back up Positions (raw players with potential on the CHEAP filling ST's positions in the mean time!) Since the 2010 CBA went into effect that games importance has gotten magnified by 10!! The most important currency in todays game are your draft picks because they're CAPPED till Yr-5 when they become UFA's making them invaluable to a team.

The draft before 93 was a 12-Rd marathon with alot of teams taking chances on guys in the lower Rds given your Vet core wasn't going anywere unless you traded them but since has become more of a science with team Scout Departments today having large staffs in charge of feeding the G.M. all of the info. they can in order to make a more calculated gamble. A miss on a targeted player you may need to be a day-1 starter today is one you need to have all of the possible info. on you can or the alternative is blowing up your CAP like Parcells did in order to cover the misses with Vet FA's who may or may not give you a return looking to cash they're guaranteed money.

For the players it's also become a very important game looking to move up draft charts were the difference between being a player selected between the 1st two Rds and being taken much lower having a HUGE impact on your BANK-ABILITY for the next half-decade! In the 80's I saw a couple of Sr. Bowl games out of boredom because as a Lifelong UM fan (alot of SUPERSTAR talent in the 80's/90's) you knew that only the obscure talent went to that game with the higher profile guys sitting out but that's all changed.

In 2010 alone I remember watching the game with Cristian Ponder, Dalton, Kaep and Wilson all playing when back in the day because of the height thing only Wilson would have probably gone. In that game by the way I remember the TV analyst giving an obscure Tulsa FB alot of press it turned out to be Charles Clay who Ireland happened to be scouting. I believe the fact that Gaine is present representing the Org. is maybe an indication of were the G.M. search is going but our Coaching staff snubbing the event is extremely troubling for me!

Jack meoff will be the next general manager of the miami dolphins and Dick Hurts will be his assistant


They wanted the GM signed last week!!!

The new GM won't have enough time to fix everything.!!!

He missed the Senior Bowl as a Dolphin!!

Now we won't have nothing to complain about until free agency!! Wah!! Wah!! Wah!!

42 seasons and countin
more like patients
the mental kind

Here you go Dusty and i tend to agree about after next season. Philbin needs to improve a lot to keep his job. more than anyone in the organization.

fin philbin is a joke, we have known this


I know everyone wants Marc Ross, because he works for the Giants, but you realize the Panthers GM Dave Gettleman came from the Giants last year. They also interviewed Marc Ross, Ross is the lesser of the 2. I think Ross could probably the most overvalued candidate.

They should just go ahead and find a way to hire and Xander and Farmer

lets hope they find a way to get that cornerback from nebraska

And you see how these media hacks get things twisted. Fukkin Rappaport and the idiot from PFT taking the chance to crap all over the team. Fukk them and their double gendered mothers....

I don't expect any retraction or apology from them tho

Xanders for President
Farmer for GM

Who cares anymore


Its hard for these guys too type when their hands are grabbing onto each others dikks

not u marc

Farmer, please.

Let's just hire the GM after the draft

Every single one of these GM candidates in in Mobile.

For those doing the math, that means that whoever Miami hires WAS at the Senior Bowl although I know this may cause your tiny brains to explode.

I will be watching reruns of all in the family next season gotta love that Archie Bunker with Mando playing the meat head

Cant we just Draft American idol style

When its time for the Dolphins to pick.. 4 players appear on the screen and you have to call a different number assigned to each player.

LOL then we could draft crappy players ourselves, who would the trolls blame? Ross and the new GM

North Team

Tajh Boyd, Clemson
Stephen Morris, Miami (Fla.)
Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech

Running backs
David Fluellen, Toledo
Charles Sims, West Virginia
James White, Wisconsin
Ryan Hewitt (FB), Stanford

Jared Abbrederis, Wisconsin
Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest
Kain Colter, Northwestern
Shaq Evans, UCLA
Robert Herron, Wyoming
Josh Huff, Oregon
Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley State
C.J. Fiedorowicz (TE), Iowa
Gator Hoskins (TE), Marshall
Jacob Petersen (TE), Wisconsin

Offensive linemen
Tyler Larsen (C), Utah State
Weston Richburg (C), Colorado State
Kadeem Edwards (G), Tennessee State
Brandon Linder (G), Miami (Fla.)
Cyril Richardson (G), Baylor
Michael Schofield (G), Michigan
Seantrel Henderson (OT), Miami (Fla.)
Zack Martin (OT), Notre Dame
Jack Mewhort (OT), Ohio State
Brandon Thomas (OT), Clemson

Defensive linemen
Will Clarke (DT), West Virginia
Aaron Donald (DT), Pittsburgh
Justin Ellis (DT), Louisiana Tech
Ra'Shede Hageman (DT), Minnesota
DaQuan Jones (DT), Penn State
Shamar Stephen (DT), Connecticut
James Gayle (DE), Virginia Tech
Kareem Martin (DE), North Carolina
Trent Murphy (DE), Stanford

Chris Borland (ILB), Wisconsin
Jordan Zumwalt (ILB), UCLA
Jonathan Brown (OLB), Illinois
Christian Kirksey (OLB), Iowa
Michael Sam (OLB), Missouri
Marcus Smith (OLB), Louisville

Defensive backs
Pierre Desir (CB), Lindenwood
Marqueston Huff (CB), Wyoming
Stanley Jean-Baptiste (CB), Nebraska
Nevin Lawson (CB), Utah State
Dez Southward (CB), Wisconsin
Deone Bucannon (S), Washington State
Ahmad Dixon (S), Baylor
Isaiah Lewis (S), Michigan State
Jimmie Ward (S), Northern Illinois

Chris Boswell (K), Rice Tyler Ott (LS), Harvard
Kirby Van Der Kamp (P), Iowa State

South team

Derek Carr, Fresno State
David Fales, San Jose State
Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois

Running backs
Antonio Andrews, Western Kentucky
Jerick McKinnon, Georgia Southern
Lorenzo Taliaferro, Coastal Carolina
Jay Prosch (FB), Auburn

Mike Davis, Texas
Ryan Grant, Tulane
Cody Hoffman, BYU
Kevin Norwood, Alabama
Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt
Solomon Patton, Florida
Jalen Saunders, Oklahoma
Marcel Jensen (TE), Frenso State
Arthur Lynch (TE), Georgia

Offensive linemen
Gabe Ikard (C), Oklahoma
Bryan Stork (C), Florida State
Travis Swanson (C), Arkansas
Joel Bitonio (G), Nevada
Gabe Jackson (G), Mississippi State
Wesley Johnson (G), Vanderbilt
Jon Halapio (G), Florida
Ja'Wuan James (OT), Tennessee
Morgan Moses (OT), Virginia
Billy Turner (OT), North Dakota State

Defensive linemen
Deandre Coleman (DT), California
Daniel McCullers (DT), Tennessee
Caraun Reid (DT), Princeton
Will Sutton (DT), Arizona State
Dee Ford (DE), Auburn
Chris Smith (DE), Arkansas
Ed Stinson (DE), Alabama
Brent Urban (DE), Virginia

Lamin Barrow (ILB), LSU
Christian Jones (ILB), Florida State
Jeremiah Attaochu (OLB), Georgia Tech
Adrian Hubbard (OLB), Alabama
Telvin Smith (OLB), Florida State
Jordan Tripp (OLB), Montana
Kyle Van Noy (OLB), BYU

Defensive backs
Walt Aikens (CB), Liberty
Aaron Colvin (CB), Oklahoma
Chris Davis (CB), Auburn
Keith McGill (CB), Utah
Jaylen Watkins (CB), Florida
Lavelle Westbrooks (CB), Georgia Southern
Terrence Brooks (S), Florida State
Kenny Ladler (S), Vanderbilt
Craig Loston (S), LSU
Jemea Thomas (S), Georgia Tech

Marcus Heit (LS), Kansas State
Cody Parkey (K), Auburn
Cody Mandell (P), Alabama



Guys we can run the war room and have just as much success as our front office

Even after watching the BCS game in which Winston showed his flaws (inaccuracy, slow delivery, etc.) against a very average defense and with major character concerns, people still want Jameis? Wow.

2014 Senior bowl Roster.

Name the Acorn!!

If Farmer is the next GM, I would celebrate here in Atlanta where I live; because he is the 'Right man' for that job and for obvious reasons....Think people, think a little bit!! RY

Dashi very impressive great job

Licht was the best guy to hire, based on his track record, .... and the Dolphins screwed it up .... AGAIN !

Dashi I love ryan Hewitt he would make a great sleeper pick in the 4th or 5th round

Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 1m

One more thing: Stephen Ross has not left the country this week.

Winston raped a girl on campus no charges where ever filed

5-7 Players need further evaluation. 2-3 QBs and some RBs.

I am also going to look at the LBs. Specifically C.Jones FSU and probably the guy from Wisconsin. But both will have their stock affected by the Combine more than the Senior Bowl.

Morgan Moses is a mauler he would fit in nicely

Does it even matter anymore who we hire? Get used to it fellas, this is a mediocre team. Winning 9 games more than once a decade is a feat too hard for them to accomplish. They are perennially mediocre. In the amount of time it took us to get to a Playoff game other teams have gone to (and won) SuperBowls. We're playing checkers while the elite teams are playing chess. Let's hire Ronald McDonald. Let's put together the first all gay 53-man roster. At least then we'd have some sort of recognition. If we're looking to Championships as symbols of how far we've come we'll die before one happens.

I think the Washington Wizards will win a championship before the Miami Dolphins. And by the way, they same the same thing about the Wizards ("Abe Pollin is such a great owner," now "Ted Leonsis didn't become an accomplished businessman by not knowing what he's doing"). Yadda yadda yadda, I heard it all. There's nothing left but despair.


Come here...let Rdubs give you hug.Its ok...Its ok

Let's not hire a GM.. Would it really make difference nah not IMO.. Can't do much worse using a dart board for the draft..

I hope the hotdog vender from section 310 gets the job. He's always quick with service and serves up the best treats in the stadium. If he can do for player personnel what he's done with hotdogs. Super Bowl here we come


Cut and Paste. I'm not taking credit for making the list.

Just tired of people screaming Senior Bowl!!! Without posting anything about the senior bowl!!! Those are the prospects!! Let's talk about the prospects at the senior bowl. I bet even an avid college football fan can't tell you about 10 guys in the game!!

I want to see a couple prospects myself. But I am not making it bigger than what it is.

And the only reason I know about 10 guys is because about 9 of them played for the ACC! And as a UM fan you know who the QB for Clemson and VT are. Plus, you know most the players that go to FSU.

farmer is not a gm, which is why he will be offered the job and why he'll take it. just like philbin is not a head coach. with these fins noone with qualifications need apply.

but as long as they don't threaten her nibs dawn aponte, they'll be ok and the fins will not.

fire aponte now before she kills the franchise

sr bowl mosty a bunch of guys who wont be in nfl, if u stay through ur sr year u usually arent good enough

It is way to early to mock the draft

Every single one of these GM candidates in in Mobile.

For those doing the math, that means that whoever Miami hires WAS at the Senior Bowl although I know this may cause your tiny brains to explode.

Posted by: Difficult Concepts Explained | January 22, 2014 at 03:41 PM

Everyone of these men is currently employed by an NFL team and thus are obviously in Mobile but my point and the one I tried to make @3:34 was that in todays game because of FA the need to make a more calculated pick is of tantamount imporatance because the players are CAPPED till they're 5th Yr. The misses mean you need to cover with expensive Vet FA's something the Dolphins have been notorious for since Jimmy walked out the door in Jan-2000.

The problem resently as the team spun it was that the former G.M. and Coaches had a fundametal difference with the player selections fitting their scheme. Based on this the fact that the Coach, who doesn't even know yet who he'll be working with skipping this event is something we should all find very concerning! What argument can he make to the incoming G.M. about having a gut feeling about some prospect when he doesn't even bother to show up for this game which by the way is the game that fills out the bottom of your roster given the top-flight talent has already been identified.

I really 2nd guess this move further more he needs to let his incoming OC look over the tape and tell him what he sees being the best course of action instead of him telling the man before hand what they'll be doing (if that is the case as reported) when again we STILL haven't gone through the draft or onset of FA which in itself should determine what scheme fits our pieces best! I'm really beginning to question the mind of Joe Philbin whose penchant for doig things a certain way with zero room for improvisation becoming very Dan Henning for me with that history still fresh in our minds.....

Players Dashi will be looking at during the senior bowl.


Most the Linemen

Brandon Linder (G), Miami (Fla.)
Cyril Richardson (G), Baylor
Michael Schofield (G), Michigan
Seantrel Henderson (OT), Miami (Fla.)
Zack Martin (OT), Notre Dame
Jack Mewhort (OT), Ohio State
Brandon Thomas (OT), Clemson


Some the linemen

Gabe Jackson (G), Mississippi State
Wesley Johnson (G), Vanderbilt
Jon Halapio (G), Florida
Ja'Wuan James (OT), Tennessee
Morgan Moses (OT), Virginia

Yup we know who the players are and so do all the scouts

How do you think Ryan Hewitt would do in our offense

There you go Dashi!! You said it!!! I am totally with you on who should be the next Pres. and the next GM.

dusty, that's not really true but there aren't very many top 3 round rated players on that list Dashi put up.

And most those guys I have never seen play. So I will just be looking so I can get a feel for them. And Since #1,#2,#3 Priority this Off season is the O-line. O-line is where most my attention will go during the senior bowl.


no doubt mark, that game never has much to look at

f4l, capped or not - there is only so much talent to go around and the truth of it is most guys drafted after round two do not ahve NFL starter talent. Over 90% actually...

Exactly what I'd expect Dolphins fans to say. Let's not get a winner in here. If there's a decision to make, let's ALWAYS make the wrong decision. Drew Brees or Daunte Culpepper, hmm, let's go with Culpepper. QB for #1 pick in the Draft or LT, hmm, let's get the LT. #12 pick in the 2010 Draft, there's no one worth taking (Earl Thomas, Jason Pierre-Paul, Mike Iupati, Maurkice Pouncey, Demarius Thomas, Dez Bryant), let's trade back. Henne a disaster, let's give him another year. Sparano/Ireland's a disaster, let's just replace Sparano. Ireland disaster never gets fixed, let's take away his power and force him to quit instead of fire him. Oh, and let's keep the HC (because keeping 1/2 of the decision-makers has worked so well before).

Jameis Winston, most dynamic player in college, wins a national championship (EVEN ON A BAD DAY), naw, he's nothing. Let's go get the WR-turned QB who's known for deep ball inaccuracy and coming up short when it matters, because we know better than everyone else. Our way is successful.

Every other team is at the Senior Bowl, bahumbug. We do it OUR way, the Dolphins way. Steady as they come. We're perfectly aligned to be mediocre. We don't want to spoil what we've created here. It's a thing of beauty. New owner, new GM, new HC, new OC, new DC, new QB, new offensive scheme, new defensive scheme, new WRs, new RBs, new ILBs, new OL, 8-8.

Top that NFL!

Here's the bio on Farmer...I thought Ross said he was seeking to fill the GM spot with someone who had tremendous experience as a GM & Player/Personnel decisions... Farmer has some,(6 years) but I would not characterize him as having the level of experience that Ross himself said was a requirement... something is fishy in Miami? This has Carl Peterson's prints all over it.

Farmer is currently the Assistant General Manager for the Cleveland Browns. Prior to his position with the Browns, he was Director of Pro Personnel for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2006-2012 and a scout for the Atlanta Falcons from 2002-2006.
Before working in the NFL, he was Academic Coordinator for Football at Duke University in 2001, and worked in TV and radio from 1998-2000

dc guess u want bamas qb real bad then since he has 3 nat titles. who cares what they do in college, watching winston he isnt anything special

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