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Dolphins to interview GM finalists this weekend

The Miami Dolphins plan to interview at least two finalists for the vacant general manager position starting this weekend, according to source familiar with the process.

The club -- which has been in contact with the seven men who already interviewed for the job -- will begin calls to six of those men in the next few hours to either 1. tell them they are one of the finalists and schedule the second interview or 2. thank the men for being part of the process and say the team is moving in a different direction.

The Dolphins had hoped to interview at least one more candidate this week, most likely plucked off a playoff team that participated in Championship Weekend last Sunday. But those hopes faded for unknown reasons and the likelihood that will happen are now slim.

The Dolphins plan to hire their next general manager well before the Super Bowl in 10 days and there is even optimism within the organization a new GM could be in place by Monday, the source said.

Earlier Wednesday, the NFL Network reported the Dolphins tried to hire Arizona's Jason Licht when the team caught wind of the fact Licht was offered the general manager job in Tampa Bay.

Two sources -- one very close to Licht and a Dolphins source -- said the report is not accurate.

The Dolphins indeed found out Licht was offered the Tampa Bay job and contacted him to inform him he'd be would be one of the finalists brought in this coming weekend. The Dolphins wanted to give Licht the option of waiting for the finalist interview before making his decision final.

Both sources confirm Licht decided to go with proverbial bird in the hand, taking the certain job offer rather than waiting to see if he would make the cut in Miami to have two job offers.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be part of the finalists interviews and will be the man hiring the new GM. He has not left the country this week.

Aside from Licht, the Dolphins have interviewed Cleveland's Ray Farmer, Tennessee's Lake Dawson, Pittsburgh's Omar Khan, Tampa Bay's Dennis Hickey, Detroit's Brian Xanders, and in-house candidate Brian Gaine.

One of those will be Miami's new GM perhaps as early as Monday.


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Again, TJ Yeldon is an AP clone.

Posted by: Dashi | January 22, 2014 at 05:00 PM

A BIG Yr. for him because in 2014 the RB's will have to carry the load in Bama and maybe further on, did you catch the fact that last Yrs. most highly recruited QB Luke Del Rio is transferring from Bama to Oregon? Seems he doesn't like Kiffin as his OC (If the name rings a bell because Dad was a USC Great!)

Winston is a Pitcher at FSU that can throw in the Mid-90s.

Sure, Winston has no arm.

Winston has problems with his accuracy under pressure. And you can partly blame it on him not wearing his glasses during game day.

He could get a visor with a prescription if he wanted. And I bet one of the Boosters at FSU wouldn't mind paying for Lasik. I expect him to get better. Winston has that drive to be the best and the confidence to believe that he is the best. A dangerous combination when you mix it with his God like/given ability.

I'm still waiting for my first interview. I've done my mock draft and everything. Plus I think chicks that can count are hot.

Jordan Tripp is interesting prospect for 4th rd

dusty Mark was talking about last season.

At least were all on the same page we need a big physical back with some speed. Im sick of seeing Miller and Thomas go down on the first tackle. Especially Thomas he sucks!

Posted by: Ray McDonald | January 22, 2014 at 05:02 PM

My peeve as well and the reason in 2014 I grab Ohio St. RB Carlos Hyde in Rd-2 a 240 Pd we need the Big RB and while there is a chance he'll fall to RD-3 I wouldn't risk it. IMO a RB who carried the Buckeyes to the OB Classic! Alot seem to really like Seastrunk but we need a thumper through the Tackles and that's why I like Hyde who plays in the Big-12 were you look for those RB's.


Next season is almost set up for a Heisman Run for Yeldon.

On them losing Del Rio. Wouldn't sweat it. They have good depth at QB also.

Wth, just sign Bubba Gump as an udfa, pay him lots of shrimp and let him run with the rock.

Well david hear what u saying about Ross multi billionaire posts but fact of matter us phins fans have been patient for 2 long now and when your rebuilding like 3 times in 6yrs pathetic he does not get concept of getting gm coach combo to loyal to his defrtiment may have got him money in his business but running a football franchise is a different animal

On them losing Del Rio. Wouldn't sweat it. They have good depth at QB also.

Posted by: Dashi | January 22, 2014 at 05:19 PM

Not very familiar with their Q depth but remember the buzz on Del Rio's kid however top-flight QB recruits aren't a perfect science either. Look at our history were Butch took the flyer on Dorsey who was one of the best College QB's of the last 30 Yrs. while Cocker put on the full court press for the Nation's #1 QB recruit in Kyle Wright who was a disaster because he couldn't read coverages.

Tannehill is following Henne's career path to garbage. Manziel or Bridgewater for me.


Thill really reminds me of Gary Hogeboom of the Cowboys, Cardinals and Colts. They have almost identical builds and similar performance in certain years of Hogebooms career.

I would love to see a young QB prospect brought in here and Im sure Lazor would love a young project to work wih. Let Moore go as it doesn't look like he has any future here.

Just tell me when this circus is done. Then I can be prepared for four years from now when we have to clean house again.

I get a kick out of the fans, that everytime a team hires someone the fins looked at, they immediately start chanting, we lost the best guy. Dolphins blew it. Blah Blah Blah.

The senior bowl will be interesting. I hope Zack Martin does good! Goota be on the lookout for some linemen.
Also im gonna take a look at LBs because we need some depth. Elerbee is mediocre and wheeler just plains sukks Jenkins is to young and misi is good but not good enough to carry that LB corps!

Also this dolphins team that scraped playoffs had two of the worst cores in the NFL!
The LBs and O-line!!
The line can be fixed, but LBs seem difficult Ireland messed up with those contracts big time!
Were stuck with ellerbee and wheeler for another year at least. Lets hope jenkins develops and gor for LB in the fourth round

Farmer & Hickey get high marks for talent evaluation , thats what the Fins need. Dawn can crunch numbers and new GM needs to take BPA regardless of position. Hickey is from TB and their past few drafts have produced some pro bowlers. Don't put Freeman on him , that was all former HC Morris.

Rd 1 Kelvin Benjamin WR FSU
Rd 2 Ed Reynolds S Stanford
Rd 3 Jack Mewhort OT Ohio State University
Rd 4 Andre Williams RB Boston College
Rd 5 Brandon Linder OG The U of Miami
Rd 6 Brent Urban DL Virginia
Rd 7 J.C. Copeland FB LSU

I think the finalist's are going to come down to Ray Farmer & Dennis Hickey, with Brian Xanders as a long shot. I think Lake Dawson, Ohmar Khan & Brian Gaine will be removed from the list.

If I were The Dolphins I'd be careful about going public with any information about finalists or deadlines. We could easily see The Dolphins without a GM come this time next year. Imagine a team with no GM at Radio City Music Hall. If Dolfan Denny were still alive I suppose he could represent the team. However in his place The Phins could send the guy with the moustache who wears an aqua and orange pom pom on his head. Y'know, the guy who always carries a white sign with black letters and roams the stairs at The Stadium Joe Robbie Built With His Own Coin. I hear that Ross offered pom pom man the GM's job, but he too turned it down...said he ain't Aponte's b i t c h .

GP (General Puppet) Finalists:

Farmer, Xanders and Gaines.

Dashi has no credibility with anyone other than Dashi.

Why does Dashi still show Dashi's face (name) around here when all Dashi has ever done is humiliate Dashi by consistently make an a s s out of Dashi by being wrong in a public forum.

Dashi is much like Sugar Ray Leonard.

Bloodied and beaten by Roberto Duran in their first fight.

Leonard ran around like a lil b i t c h in the rematch, jawing the whole time...as if the guy had a leg to stand on.

Some people just don't know when they've made a fool of themselves.

Be a man, quiet down, Dashi should really be humble at this point.

The dolphins really need to draft a QB in the 1st round, TurnoverHill will never be the answer even if his wife is armed and dangerous while reading the bible.

@ Sigh : The only GP around here is you ! Why don't you try having a original thought, instead of acting like your other moronic crownies.

While the details of some media reports are wrong from time to time, and often materially so, the fact remains that the Dolphins are one of the worst NFL teams over the past decade.

There are a few worst teams over that time period, but not many. The offense over the past two years is better than only Jacksonville. I think Jacksonville has been playing a former Dolphin QB that many on this blog (cough, cough) thought was the next Marino.

Now, many think Tannehill I the answer. I admit he is good at trick shots in Dick Sports; in the 4th quarter, not so much. He could not even defeat Thad Lewis or Geno Smith with the playoffs on the line.

Philbin is getting another year. Aponte seems entrenched as much as Ireland once was and that's not going to help the team with stability unless going 7-9 every year is the goal.

Philbin, Aponte and the new GM should get one year to make a deep run into the playoffs and a solid roster. Or start over.


Try reading. It'll help you tremendously.

@ morphin : Not only are Farmer & Hickey good talent evaluaters, but they both have the best personalities to mesh with Joe Philbin which will be very important to out success.

Hickey has not built a winning team in the Bucs, but the Bucs did beat the Phins. LOL.

Annoying Orange,

I respect your opinion and please don't take this personal, but that makes absolutely no sense.

Did the Bucs interview Hickey to be their GM before they hired Licht?


Hickey hasn't brought a championship to TB yet, but there is a lot of good young talent that he has brought in there over the last few years.


I don't think the Bucs interviewed Dickey. They wanted it to be Lovie Smith's guy.

Mark Dominik the Bucs ex GM brought what talent the Bucs have to Tampa. Not sure how much impact Dickey had in that.

The Bucs drafts over the last 4 years haven't been too much better than ours.

The difference seems to be that Dominik hit more often in the early rds and sucked rd 4 down where Ireland seemed best middle to late.

Ray Farmer & Dennis Hickey both brought in multiple pro bowl players to TB & KC over the last 5 years, so both of them qualify as good talent evaluaters. The next main objective is that they MUST mesh well with Joe Philbin. If they bring in good talent & they are the players both the new GM & Philbin want, we can finally be successful at going to post season games again.

Tampa Bay fired the old GM & didn't want to keep a guy the old GM hired, just as I don't want Miami to retain Brain Gaine as the GM. Hickey has gotten other GM interviews, just not from TB.

Yes but this team has plenty of good late round players that play well, we just need to bring in a few stars to make us a challenger again. Ireland did a great job of finding acorns in the late rounds, but he was absolutely atrocious in the first 4 rounds of drafts. This team needs to start drafting game changing players in the first 3 rounds if they are ever going to get back to the Super Bowl.

It's all BS until we either get rid of Coyle or he gets smarter! And, of course, I'm betting on the former. I don't believe I ever saw a coordinator with less a grasp on his personnel. If Jordan is a bust as it appears that Coyle and Philbin think, then lets trade him to Philly for their 22th pick in the first and try to get another 4th out of them.

So with either our pick at 19 or the Philly's pick at 22 we take Zack Martin. We trade back into the upper part of the first or the top of the 2nd and pick up Hyde. Buy trading down we've picked up another 3rd. So with our 2nd we go for Gabe Jackson, OG. If either Hyde or Jackson are gone we go for Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State the proverbial talking machine. With over 140 tackles this year and currently rated 40th by Scout's, Inc. He's a bit under sized but Ireland, where ever he ends up, won't take him! In the third there will be a couple of nice DT's to pick from. Such as Daquan Jones, Penn State, Kelcy Quarles, So. Carolina or even Kenri Thorton, So. Miss. And with another pick in the third there's a couple of project OL that would be available. Or even Xavier Sua-Filo, OG, UCLA or maybe Yankey might fall?

The major point that I'm attempting to make is that with additional picks we have a lot to pick from in rounds 2 and 3. With the 3 picks we now have we have to hit on each or if one or two can't cut it. 'ANOTHER WASTED DRAFT!!!!! The talent is at the top and this team needs to harvest as much as possible!!!

Ray Farmer for GM!

OL, DL or TE in Rd 1

Why in the world does anyone complain about Philbin not attending the Senior Bowl? What good would it serve? The poor man has no idea who has talent and who does not. Gaine and the scouts there will do a far better job even if it is a poor job.

And why is everyone hating on Dawn Aponte? At least she does her job. Armando started the Philbin/Dawn axis argument. People are according too much power to her. So what if she told Philbin that Ireland complained about some draft picks not getting playing time? Armando complains about that too!

any of these GM options are a crapshoot…..just like it is for every young exec starting out, getting his first shot at a mid/high level position--several seem promising, I'm sure all are qualified and talented…..pick one, and hope he's good….thats it.

Too many of our so called fans & bloggers put entirely too much emphasis on losing those last 2 games & missing the playoffs again. There is major parity in the NFL & any team can win in any given week. Now all the idiots like to say Joe Philbin or Kevin Coyle or Ryan Tannehill are no good & need to be replaced when they weren't even the problems. Well those people just don't get it ! Without game changing hall of fame caliber talent on a team, we are lucky to even be in a playoff hunt. Jeff Ireland has been here for 6 years & he has yet to draft 1 single hall of fame caliber player(game changer). Now yes Miami lost those last 2 games, but I fully expected them to lose at Buffalo. Thad Lewis is probably the best 2nd string QB in the entire NFL & I wouldn't be surprised to see him get a starting QB shot somewhere soon. The Jets game I have no excuses for. It was the only truly bad game that Ryan Tannehill had all year & the entire team looked like they played with a hangover. Well anyway; Take it easy people, with 1 great offseason we can be in the playoffs next year & with 2 or 3 good off seasons we can also be back in a Super Bowl. This team DOES have lots of talent on it, just not game changing talent. This year the team with have a lot of flexability with the salary cap again & if things are done right, we can be right back in business.

Dolphanta…..because everything has to be dramatic…..a big deal, a crisis, exaggerrated, sensationalized….."headline grabbing"--its routine stuff around here…..

Now I don't know if this is true, but I heard the cops never charged Ryan Tannehill with gross neglect with a firearm because he was as accurate as a Scud Missile over a Bagdad kinder garden.

This is just a rumour folks, hovering around Ocean Drive tonight ?

"Sam" has been really mad at the Dolphins and fell off his rocker right after the Hall of Fame Game. Most the rest of you are just as equally, utterly ridiculous.

"Sam" has been really mad at the Dolphins and fell off his rocker right after the Hall of Fame Game. Most the rest of you are just as equally, utterly ridiculous.

Posted by: deity | January 22, 2014 at 07:54 PM

deity TROLL rises its ugly head. Talking BS into the wee wee hours of the night.

QB in the rd 3 or 4

The Hall of Fame Game was only practice

Dashi the draft is so overrated look at the stats.

If this team continues to sign FAs then in another year of two they won't have much in the way of cap room. Remember at some point in the future they must sign the better young players on the rooster. Can't name them right now but I'm sure a couple exists. The draft is where we can make the biggest leap forward. Regretfully with having only 3 picks in the top three it may take a bit of time. Someone, you'd think, may have to get creative in finding more draft picks!

And now all of the sudden Licht is some superstar GM and the Dolphins are clowns for not hiring the guy? If the guy is so badarsed then why does Lovie smith have final say over everything? You dipchyts were screaming how Philbin was going to hire a QB coach from GB that has never called plays and you called him an idiot. 5 minutes later the Dolphins were toads because the Giants hired him. You people are schizophrenic.

signal…..more draft picks is nice, but plenty of teams hit on their mid round picks--actually Miami has hit reasonably well with a few later round picks…..Jones, Clemons, Matthews, Sturgis are all solid players…..we have a harder hitting on our early round picks, so thats their problem

QB in the rd 3 or 4

Posted by: benz | January 22, 2014 at 07:57 PM

QB is the most important position on any team. I don't believe we have a QB here that can take us to the next level, sorry Thill boys !!! Go with the first pick and get the best QB on the board, trade Moore, get a power runner with the second and then draft O-linemen. Sign Albert and go after the best RT in the draft.

Our D has all that young talent that was untested. This will be Irelands legacy. If the DB's and Jordan, Jenkins and even Jones pan out Ireland will look like a genius, ha ha.

There hasn't been a GM in place for the past six seasons now,why the rush Eh?

Marco…..ultimately I'm ok with them drafting a QB in any round, including Rd 1……I'm a TH supporter but am realistic enough to see that he has enough trouble spots and rough edges that he might not develop as well as many hoped….he needs a better QB coach IMO, for sure--still, its never terrible to have a couple of promising QBs on you roster, and I'm ok at this point with TH having some competition--would be good for him, because I question his competitiveness as much as anything

@ signal : Miami will probably be signing 2 or 3 key free agents, because their will be a lot of players coming off the books & their expecting to have AT LEAST 18 million in salary cap space. Don't be surprised if they sign Brandon Albert in FA, because reports already said that Joe Philbin wanted him here this year. The 2 FA's that I definitely like this year is Brandon Albert & LeGarret Blount from NE. That will fill a much needed LT & RB position with a power back that is good in pass protection(unlike any of our other RB's).

and TH needs a running game to help him out……no play action, no respect for our running game, and he has no shot…….holds back him and our passing game big time


every team knews a running threat. Look at the playoff games, Moreno and The Beast made a huge difference to the outcomes.

The Lazor offense will need a power back for it to work. Good young runners can make the line play better. Still albert would be a solid player for a few years and keep our QB, (whoever it be may), healthy.

We are strong at receiver and TE's are good enough to develop. Egnew may shine with Lazor here, he made some encouraging improvements last year.


Sorry for the first posts we sent each others way. I was not sure if you were trolling.

I'm cool with debating anything about the Phins, even if it's disagreement about the team. :)

Anyway, thanks for the clarification on Hickey's role with the Bucs.

I'm out for a while to eat and catch up on things. It will be interesting to see who the new GM is. I just hope it is someone that is good for the team long-term.

So do I


Stats are another way to judge a prospect. Production is important.

I, also include Stats when judging a prospect.

Another reason, I wasn't confident with drafting Gillislee.

Gillislee had 1 Avg Season in 4 Years in College. (1152yds SR yr)

Certain Systems inflate stats.

Pat White and Geno Smith played in the same spread offense. Of course guys like T.Austin and the other midget will have good numbers.

You have to look at the whole package. Xanders described it best. What to look for in a prospect.

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