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Dolphins to interview GM finalists this weekend

The Miami Dolphins plan to interview at least two finalists for the vacant general manager position starting this weekend, according to source familiar with the process.

The club -- which has been in contact with the seven men who already interviewed for the job -- will begin calls to six of those men in the next few hours to either 1. tell them they are one of the finalists and schedule the second interview or 2. thank the men for being part of the process and say the team is moving in a different direction.

The Dolphins had hoped to interview at least one more candidate this week, most likely plucked off a playoff team that participated in Championship Weekend last Sunday. But those hopes faded for unknown reasons and the likelihood that will happen are now slim.

The Dolphins plan to hire their next general manager well before the Super Bowl in 10 days and there is even optimism within the organization a new GM could be in place by Monday, the source said.

Earlier Wednesday, the NFL Network reported the Dolphins tried to hire Arizona's Jason Licht when the team caught wind of the fact Licht was offered the general manager job in Tampa Bay.

Two sources -- one very close to Licht and a Dolphins source -- said the report is not accurate.

The Dolphins indeed found out Licht was offered the Tampa Bay job and contacted him to inform him he'd be would be one of the finalists brought in this coming weekend. The Dolphins wanted to give Licht the option of waiting for the finalist interview before making his decision final.

Both sources confirm Licht decided to go with proverbial bird in the hand, taking the certain job offer rather than waiting to see if he would make the cut in Miami to have two job offers.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be part of the finalists interviews and will be the man hiring the new GM. He has not left the country this week.

Aside from Licht, the Dolphins have interviewed Cleveland's Ray Farmer, Tennessee's Lake Dawson, Pittsburgh's Omar Khan, Tampa Bay's Dennis Hickey, Detroit's Brian Xanders, and in-house candidate Brian Gaine.

One of those will be Miami's new GM perhaps as early as Monday.


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...So Dashi you listed the rosters for the Senior Bowl. Asked who would be the acorn. Suggested the Senior Bowl was not too big of a deal. I would say maybe to you. But it is for the teams, definitely the players. Perhaps nobody should attend, the tape, the combine, Pro Days all trump the week of practice for this group of overhyped Senior players. As you said. The best talent is in the Junior class.

Since I do not believe this nonsense for a second. The Senior Bowl IMO is an opportunity for some players to improve their draft status, for some to fall out of the mix. I don't know if the coaching staff being absent is a big deal. I certainly understand that Ross wants his GM doing the player stuff. Philbin doing the coaching stuff. Stuff he needs to get better at.

My Acorn is Eastern Illinois QB Garaffalo. We should be drafting a quarterback this year. I mentioned this last night. We have 2 years to figure out who Ryan Tannehill is. 2. Then it is contract time. Can we pay him? Will he be worthy of that big second contract? Drafting a quarterback this year gives the team time to see if they have something. Best case scenario is Tannehill takes the bull by the horns, earns his conract. In the interim we develop a commodity we can choose to use as currency, or as piece of mind Should Tannehill flounder. This is the year to do this, and Garappalo is a guy that would fit this Philbin insanity pretty well. Perhaps the quickest release of any of the prospects. Good decision maker. 55 plus TD's 9 ints this year(the 9 ints may be wrong. but his td to int percentage is very good)Laser accuracy.

Keep an eye on this guy..See what you think.

BTW 4-3 olb Jordan Tripp Montana..Thats right!

Winston looks like a bust. He is to ghetto in the brain, not the most accurate passer.

The Mason will have to run and lift well at the combine to become a first round prospect. But he has the potential.

I just don't like the Auburn Offense to judge a RB in. They are basically running an Air Force Attack!! Running the Triple-Option every play!! Georgia F'ing Tech!! If you are a Canes fan you understand. 3 RBs in the Backfield and The QB can run!! The Wildcat was child's play to what GTech runs.

VT is another team that runs the option. But they use the traditional attack more.

I believe you can find good prospects that fit what the Fins Need in the later rounds.

A.Williams Best RB in the Country last year. 6'0" 230lbs. Plus, had to do the most with least. He was the team. No QB, No O-line, No WR, No Defense, No #2. Just him. He even called the plays.

A.Andrews WKU. 5'10" 225lbs, The Senior Bowl will say something about this guy. He has led the nation in All-Purpose yards for the last 2 years, Over 1700yds rushing for 2 years straight. But it was against mid-level teams. The Senior bowl should show if he has the same burst against better competition.

T.West Towson. 5'11" 223lbs. 413 Carries 2509 Yds 41 TDs, and that is just 1 Year. I don't care if that is in the Mormon League. This guy deserves further looking into.
The Fins can Find RBs later in the Draft to

Jose Feliciano is a very under-appreciated artist. I've never heard Stevie Wonder sing in Spanish. Jose's first language is English as he was raised in NY City. He's got a high octave voice and terrific interpretations both in English and Spanish, both slow and fast songs as all great singers are able to do. He plays a very mean nylon strings guitar. He also has a terrific sense of humor and seems unaffected by his detriment of sight.

So one of the guys who interviewed said miami couldn't even tell him who he would report to. Wow this is a mickey mouse franchise. Nothing shocks me anymore with ross

I've never heard Stevie Wonder sing in Spanish.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 22, 2014 at 09:19 PM

I guess you never listened to his classic Songs in the Key of Life. He does some singing in Spanish and Portuguese and even some African dialect.

Of course Stevie Wonder as an accomplished songwriter, one of the very best in the last 50 years of popular music. Feliciano is mainly a singer.

Jose feliciano has a lot of hits who doesn't like Jose feliciano

...Another small school guy at the Senior Bowl that I hope the Phins are scouting. RB. Lorenzo Taliafaro from Coastal Carolina. This dude is a stud. 6'2 230 pounds. Would be a nice compliment to Lamar Miller.

No, I didn't, stein, he must have sounded terrible.

I am a big fan of him

Dashi, and other interested parties. I need a stats person for Daily Fantasy Sports. DFS is HUGE now and after just getting through my first season of football I'm impressed. The overlays are awesome. I put up the cash and add my Vegas insider info (I live in Las Vegas) and split the winnings with my stats person. Armando, I apologize for posting this here but I think there's a lot of posters at your blog that actually know what they're talking about. I was one of the few on your live blog this year. Please don't delete and the rest of you, be kind. I'm talking about a serious opportunity. PM me or let me know how we can discuss privately. Thanks.

Oscar have you ever seen him live


Go dolphins

It's just the same with me here, I can easily shift from perfect English here hasta un Espa~ol perfecto tambien. We have the advantage, at leaast on Internet over the "Anglos" who don't want to use another Language.

The 2 FA's that I definitely like this year is Brandon Albert & LeGarret Blount from NE. That will fill a much needed LT & RB position with a power back that is good in pass protection(unlike any of our other RB's).

Posted by: hollywood-Rick | January 22, 2014 at 08:07 PM

Don't mean to pick at your post but you really couldn't be anymore wrong regarding Blount. The reason he was traded for a 7th Rd selection was the fact that he's a very average blocker in pass protection. In fact when he was in games the opponents knew that the Bucs were running the ball because of Blount's inability to block!

Also for a Big Man he runs parallel too much! He plays like a smaller back instead of plowing when he needs to, all of this led to his trade for a 7th!! He struck some gold in the last few weeks of the Yr. because their OL is that good (did you see some of the holes he had Vs. the Colts?) Last week when he repeatedly went down on initial contact and the Pats fell in a 17 point hole Belichik imediately pulled him in favor of Ridley (a fumbling machine) because of Ridley's effectiveness in pass protaction plus seemed to be running harder for te extra Yds.

Nah, it's just a matter of circumstances, If Stevie had been born of Puerto Rican parents, he would have had the same versatility in Style and Language as Jose has. Perhaps more.


Will do.

As a Late round pick Garoppolo sounds interesting. And you have to like the TD-to-INT Ratio. Like I was saying with T.West. I don't care who that is against that is still impressive..

I have L.Thomas going to the Fins in the 6th in my mock draft. Agreed. Not saying that T-Hill needs replacing but it would be nice to be developing a guy for just in case. A guy like L.Thomas has all the Tools. He was recruited as a TE(6'6" 260lb and can run) and converted to a QB. But VTech runs an Option Offense, so he needs polishing. But a guy like L.Thomas to battle Devlin as T-Hills backup for 1 season while you correct some of his flaws. Then have him battle T-Hill or trade one of them for a High rd pick in a couple years.

I believe the guys from the North will win the Senior Bowl.

I believe T.Boyd, L.Thomas, And S.Morris are better QBs than the other 3. They played tougher competition for 4 Years.

T.Boyd is very underrated because Clemson's Offense is Special. But he is a pretty good all around QB. He beat OSU in the Bowl Game.

I agree Jordan Tripp maybe a steal I just don't know if linebackers can be used. Especially if Jordan plays OLB this year. We may cut Wheeler and or Ellerbe next year I believe though so it may be a wise choice...

Oscar I see you are not a musician, Jose has a ton of heart and soul yes. He is nowhere near as versatile as Stevie, Not even close. Steve as composed hundreds of songs with influences of soul, pop, rock, jazz, latin, brazilian, reggae and more. Jose is merely a singer and not so much a song writer. Stevie has been one of the most prolific musicians of our day.

stevie can sing better than most people realize. I saw him appear as a guest with the Manhattan Transfer and he blew them all off the stage.

Jose - great
Stevie - legend

Stevie is not my type of Musician, stein. I like Soul and great interpretations, and for me, there has been no greater singer/musician than Ray Charles, either here or in Cuba.

To each his own, of course.

Sure thing. Levi.

Listen to Steve sing Ngicuelela. Versatile in language and style. Of course he writes the music, does the arrangements and writes the lyrics on most of his tunes.

...Another small school guy at the Senior Bowl that I hope the Phins are scouting. RB. Lorenzo Taliafaro from Coastal Carolina. This dude is a stud. 6'2 230 pounds. Would be a nice compliment to Lamar Miller.

Posted by: darryldunphy | January 22, 2014 at 09:28 PM


Smaller School kid who really caught my eye was Toledo RB David Fluellen. He carried his team on his back and ran with authority only 6'/215 Pds but plays tough between the tackles! In his game Vs. UF right before they played the Canes (shutting Duke J down) Fluellen carried the show and displayed a thing or 2 about toughness, around a 7th Rd sleeper I would keep an eye on! There is also a Safety getting little press in Bowling Green's Jerry Boo Boo Gates whose also a core ST'er on returns given small MAC School maybe an UFA.

Es una historia

Posted by: hollywood-Rick | January 22, 2014 at 07:47 PM

The only idiot on this blog is you. If you want to be optimistic about this joke of a team go ahead, but you look extremely fooling sticking up for these clowns we call the Dolphins. So go f yourself dumna.s.s

I even went so far to take a Music appreciation course as I could never understand Classical Music. Now, I understand it and I even could discourse on Arnold Schoenberg and his atonal approach to composition which fascinates me. It's a matter of individual expression, of course.

Assuming Gibson comes back, you know, I think we should be more concerned with RB. None of ours impress me. I'd replace them all. You either need a great power back or a great scat back. Ideally both. We have neither

Posted by: Dashi | January 22, 2014 at 09:41 PM

You know I know who Logan Thomas is! He displayed some accuracy Vs. us I didn't think he had and the size factor is impressive running a 4.65/40 but this is a serious project you say he played some conventional O but the times I saw him this Yr. Vs. us then the following week when he blew his game Vs. Maryland he seemed to be in the spread when not in their version of what's basically the old school wishbone (somewere Barry Switzer and Tom Osborne are having a beer LTAO!)

oscar, you must be very lonly

Actually, I took that course while my wife then and my kid were sleeping. I like to learn why I don't like certain things that many other People do. I might be wrong about it, you know. Besides, no matter what Holmes says, Knowledge is never baggage.

your right, knowledge is power, and it separates the interesting people from the boring people at social gatherings

Ray Farmer is a 'No Brainer". Watch these buffoons screw this up!

It is absolutely true, that Debussy, Ravel and other impressionistic composers did not fit anymore in the Music World at the beginning of the 20th Century. People were looking desperately for other means of expression------>Schoenberg and what has come after. This happens at certain Times in Humanity where we have to go beyond what we have in order to express Ourselves.

Glad you draftniks are scrutinizing the Senior Bowl players, cuz you can bet the house that the Dolphins FO ain't.
I too was a low-key draftnik until we selected Pat White. That & the ensuing Parcells/Ireland/Sparano drafts made me feel the futilty of studying prospects that the Fins would ignore while hunting acorns. Bag-Humbug to our drafts. They'll eff it up somehow.

Bach was not listend to until 100 years after his death. That is how far ahead of his time he was.

The demands of today's popular music is to be an instant success. You need something that people like instantly. Well it is a double edged sword. Music like this get's old very fast and does not endure the test of time.

Unfortunately I am afraid that the barn has burned down and Ross is just now smelling the smoke. I am sadly resigned to having to watch the whole organization implode when whoever is left that does not have a position higher than scout at another team gets the GM position comes in and the infighting begins between him and dumb ass Philbin and arrogant Aponte. Oh the pain.

Very few People, at least here in Miami, can maintain an interesting conversation, at least with me, Mark's. Many have seen the Pieta' but few know it's history and that of Buonarroti.


Still can't see a long time future for Miller in the NFL. Granted he's only been around for two years and this past one was his only his real first chance. But when you consider his blocking is nonexistent, he goes down easily for a 220 pounder and can't find a seam between the tackles. My question is simple...What's to like? At this point, in my opinion, isn't an NFL back! Great speed but that alone along with $1.50 will get you a 44 oz. drink at 7/11.

I like to watch the combine; its fun to see the athleticism of the participants. Sometimes you see something in the way the players do the drills that gives you a perspective on their physical abilities, most of the time you just see kids that are athletic at doing drills.
The Senior Bowl is only useful to watch the small school kids against the mainliners, usually in practice, because the game plays are so generic.
Game film is the only true assessment of a player.

Posted by: signal | January 22, 2014 at 10:45 PM

I saw enough of him at the U to believe him a home run hitter type if he can squeeze through the hole. He has the speed and elusiveness to go house from anywhere on the field but your right about the pass blocking although again while a Cane they also got him the ball in space as he was used in the screen game something Non-Existent in Sherm's O. If you watched the AFC Champ. game you saw those nice designed screens with pulling blockers both teams used but for whatever reason dating to Bush we haven't employed it. I believe we need a featured RB but I think/believe that Miller is and will be a very good NFL Utility RB (All around type 3rd down RB like Kevin Faulk was for a long time in New England)

Ireland couldn't pick a RB. A new GM will clear out the ones we have, none can be developed, they have no upside.

Ireland couldn't pick a QB. A new GM will clear out the ones we have, none can be developed, they have no upside.


Pulling blockers, plural? Mike Pouncey and ? And there are those wanting to draft a WR in the 1st! IMO it's Martin and Jackson in the draft that would be our route to an athletic OL. But I have no faith in this organization to have a clue! Because of the LB problem take a look Shazier, Ohio State. A bigger Lavonte Davis?

Lamar Miller found plenty of holes against the Jets.

Philbin wanted a few players that Ross wouldnt pay for. And Philbin was given zero talent from Ireland. A no win situation.

Lamar Miller = Another Irescum bust

Yep! Spewing lies. I have that propensity. And before the Jets game and then after????? Well done Mr. Miller you've made a legion of believers after 1 game in 16. Well done!!!

Fin4, I like Miller's speed. I think he turns the corner has well as any RB in the league. As a change of pace back; he has strong possibilities.
However, he can't break through a paper bag. He seems to be knowledgeable at picking up the blitz; the down side to that, is that the blitzer runs right through him.
With an OL that can blow open holes; I think he can be a weapon in isolated circumstances.

What, no white smoke yet from Davie? The Vatican took less time to get the new Pope elected!

Get it over with. We -and the rest of the league it seems- know it will not matter who gets the nod. I would suggest Ross, since he is all about the celebs, to have a reality-based show picking his man: The Bachelorette "DawnJoe" edition.

It will be perfect watching Ross giving roses to the surviving elegible candidates, you know the ones that did not turn down the job. Mehopes Gaine gets the nod, this year will be a total waste and we -and the players!!!!!- can only hope it means a true clean house move by Ross next year.

If Ross can't get it right this year and they have to clean house again. Do you, in your wildest imaginations, think he could get it right next year. If the GM he picks can't cut it then, I suspect, more of the same next year. However, if he does pick the right man this year for GM this will make Philbin look better then he might be! No win!

Do you know that for a fact? Dunno man but a few of those picks did not read Ireland at all. DJ could be argued as a non-Ireland pick. Dallas Thomas was not an Ireland pick I guarantee you that.

And the whole Ireland did not approve the Albert trade sounds bogus to me. You know why? Because budget-wise it did not make sense for the Phins then and it won't now, and guess who is in charge of that cap-related decision: Dawn Aponte!!!!

BTW how many more "capologists" exist in the league. I bet not too many GMs are emasculatd that way. Look I'm not defending Ireland here because he did suck balls but he's been the scapegoat since his departure by "leaked" stories.

The power structure struggle exists in most of the teams around the league. GM and HC sre supposed to work together in synergy, of course they many not agree on all decisions BUT they are supposed to CREATE A CULTURE within the organization, something we lacked since dunno JJ?!!

I really do not think Philbin possess the qualities to lead men, just like Mr Miyagi used to say things done halfway do not work, the same applies here. I found encouraging the hiring of Lazor, but then you hear Taylor and Turner still have jobs?! They will not be employed anywhere in the NFL.

NBC Sports had Joe Rose reporting that Hickey, Farmer and Gaine are offcially the finalist for the G.M. Job! Mando, Rose scooped you!

With an OL that can blow open holes; I think he can be a weapon in isolated circumstances.

Posted by: Profuse Bleeder | January 22, 2014 at 11:20 PM

So can my grandma

I would agree with those three. I see good in all three.
To tell you the truth, I am leaning toward Gaine.

I call it the Emmit Smith syndrome. If your not touched until you've gone 3 yds. past the line of scrimmage anybody can look good. Even Thomas!!!

Gotta move past miller. He had his chance & muffed it big time

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