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Dolphins to interview GM finalists this weekend

The Miami Dolphins plan to interview at least two finalists for the vacant general manager position starting this weekend, according to source familiar with the process.

The club -- which has been in contact with the seven men who already interviewed for the job -- will begin calls to six of those men in the next few hours to either 1. tell them they are one of the finalists and schedule the second interview or 2. thank the men for being part of the process and say the team is moving in a different direction.

The Dolphins had hoped to interview at least one more candidate this week, most likely plucked off a playoff team that participated in Championship Weekend last Sunday. But those hopes faded for unknown reasons and the likelihood that will happen are now slim.

The Dolphins plan to hire their next general manager well before the Super Bowl in 10 days and there is even optimism within the organization a new GM could be in place by Monday, the source said.

Earlier Wednesday, the NFL Network reported the Dolphins tried to hire Arizona's Jason Licht when the team caught wind of the fact Licht was offered the general manager job in Tampa Bay.

Two sources -- one very close to Licht and a Dolphins source -- said the report is not accurate.

The Dolphins indeed found out Licht was offered the Tampa Bay job and contacted him to inform him he'd be would be one of the finalists brought in this coming weekend. The Dolphins wanted to give Licht the option of waiting for the finalist interview before making his decision final.

Both sources confirm Licht decided to go with proverbial bird in the hand, taking the certain job offer rather than waiting to see if he would make the cut in Miami to have two job offers.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be part of the finalists interviews and will be the man hiring the new GM. He has not left the country this week.

Aside from Licht, the Dolphins have interviewed Cleveland's Ray Farmer, Tennessee's Lake Dawson, Pittsburgh's Omar Khan, Tampa Bay's Dennis Hickey, Detroit's Brian Xanders, and in-house candidate Brian Gaine.

One of those will be Miami's new GM perhaps as early as Monday.


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LOL, at Mando's tweet, so Khan and Dawson "did not make the cut"?! LMAO, are you serious, those were the two most qualified out the 14758 candidates they interviewed.

It will be Gaine, nothing against the guy, in fact I hope he succeeds but c'mon if he gets the nod we all know this whole "process" was a farce!

You can say whatever you like about Miller and Thomas, and there's very little good that can be said, but they have to be replaced by some talent!!! With three draft choices in the first three rounds, and with lots of holes, this leaves us handcuffed a little this year. So it may be a two year exercise!

So it may be a two year exercise!
Posted by: signal | January 22, 2014 at 11:58 PM

Dunno. Looks like a 5 year exercise to me.

I call it the Emmit Smith syndrome. If your not touched until you've gone 3 yds. past the line of scrimmage anybody can look good. Even Thomas!!!

Posted by: signal | January 22, 2014 at 11:50 PM

This post should be a footnote in the Hall of Fame.If Sanders or Payton had an O like that, Sabol would have had a perpetual nutt.

Jason Licht chose the Bucs over the Dolphins. Smart man.

Its amazing how many players, coaches, and FO personnel are passing on the Dolphins. It never used to be like this.

The Bucs job has more security than the Phins. They are less likely to clean house next year. I can't blame him for taking that position.
However the Phins job does have the advantage of not having to give personnel decisions to the HC.

Obviously, Ross is sorry he picked Jeff Ireland over Jeff Fisher....

Fisher would have picked the Rams in any case.
They had a QB in place(presumably), and a very easy high draft pick to manipulate.
Not to mention the internal malfeasance.

Ross is now sorry he bought the team and here he thought he would party with the Estefan's and Fergie while doing the macarena and eating cheese.
See the danger when a silly old very rich man tries to fill his bucket list??

Old spice, take a look at what you've done you made a sexy man right out of my son, OLD SPICE!

The funny part is, Fergie's actually a die hard fan.
People say it's annoying the way she raves about the Dolphins.

Jeff Fisher is the worst NFC coach. All those draft picks and they still suck.

Only the decepted converse with carnival voices.

Only a fool cares a about a response.

Obviously, Ross is sorry he picked Jeff Ireland over Jeff Fisher....

Posted by: just sayin | January 23, 2014 at 12:30 AM

Why is it Jeff Fisher seems to continually come up? The man's record doesn't support his status. He came up short in Tennessee (and Houston) before. That is why he was let go... And even since he took the St. Louis Job, with a so called "Franchise QB"... They haven't done squat besides blow up a TON of cash on a washed up Jake Long. St, Louis came in dead last in the NFC West at 7-9. OOOOOOooooo... Shoulda hired him... huh?

Armando and many others throw Fisher in Miami face all the time... I find it laughable... That's like being upset we didn't hire a proven loser...

Plus you can't have both Fisher and Wanny's mustache! Too much macho!

No more Jeff Fisher talk. Its a waste of time. Licht chose TB because they have a competant HC who is hiring competant assistant coaches. That entire group starts the same time. They are all joined at the hip unlikely the Mia situation.

Armando, thanks for the follow-up and clarity concerning the J Licht "offer" and Ross's whereabouts. This blog was beginning to feel like a combat zone with all the false info used as ammo. Good to hear that things are only moderately effed-up, not totally insane.

The 2 most important things for GM selection will be:
1) The GM can actually identify and acquire playmaker-type talent;
2) He does indeed fully respect coaches' input.

If this can be accomplished, the Dolphins have a chance in FA and the draft to find those few players that consistently have elevated game play and become leaders on a team- those individuals who can be relied on, play after play, to win their battles and on whom the balance of the team looks to for leadership.

I believe J Philbin when he says the team is "close". It is close but it will take some special players to prevent collapses like we saw in Buffalo and NY. Coaching...? No. Finding players that make others around them feel confident and want to play at the top of their game is the answer. Hopefully the new GM can find them.

Ross is now sorry he bought the team and here he thought he would party with the Estefan's and Fergie while doing the macarena and eating cheese.
See the danger when a silly old very rich man tries to fill his bucket list??

Posted by: George Burns | January 23, 2014 at 01:17 AM

You know what they say about silly old rich men with big ears don't you? mmmmmmmm........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Booooooooom Booooooooom PoWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Joe Philbin makes Jeff Fisher look like Vince Lombardi.

We all can see the writing on the wall...the new GM will be Farmer. If that proves to be true then I think this team took entirely too long to pull the trigger and missed the opportunity to bring him aboard in time to attend the Senior Bowl.

I understand he and other candidates are there this week but they are there serving the interests of other teams. There is a difference.

There was a real opporutnity to bring Farmer aboard and have him watch how the current Dolphins' talent evaluators works. There was opportunity to bring Philbin and Farmer and the OC and DC there and see how they work together as new family members.

The Senior Bowl clearly offers teams to see young talent they may want to draft. But it would have given the Dolphins a chance to get their new leadership team together and begin to see how well they work together and then chart a clear course for what needs to be done to improve their working relationship and ultimately align themselves as a new team.

Missed Opportunity!!

Isn't dolphin talent evaluators an oxymoron??

Who knew this Miami jail would have so many hot guys?

Hopefully, Farmer will be the next Ozzie Newsome.

Talent evaluation is an inborn thing, like QBs; you either have it or you just don't have it.

Johnny Manziel clearly does have it.

Will be very hard to get to Jake Matthews, Watkins or Manziel, but any one of those is worth a #1 pick, and more.

If Farmer is our guy...then consider this:

Last night was board and watched the Pro Bowl draft...very entertaining!

Bottom line...there were more players from the Chiefs and Browns who were coveted than most other teams.
Seriously, the Chiefs & Browns had some dope talent represented last night and one Ray Farmer can hold his head up high as a key architect for assembling that talent.

Bring on the Farmer !!!!!

Why do you have to compare him to a black guy.

And to be Ozzie Newsome first you have to be HOF as a Player. Not just as GM.

If T.Gonzalez were to become a GM and then win 2 Superbowls. He would become the next Ozzie Newsome. It would take that caliber player.

John Elway is on his way to being the next Ozzie Newsome.

I just think Ozzie has had the best track record as a talent evaluator of all the present GMs.

Question of the day:

Do former NFL players make better GM's than those who never played football?

Please, try to syntax better, Dashi. Hard to understand your composition many times.

I think farmer is the guy. So people are saying we should have just hired him right away? I say that is some BS. if Ross hired him right off the bat, people would say he rushed and didnt hire the right guy. Hiring him this weekend shows that he was our guy, but Ross did his due diligence. happy with offseason so far, but not happy with the sportswriters or Dolphin fans!

Oscar ozzie yeah
but u'll need Osborn
and his voodoo 2 fix
this f'n mexx

NH, maybe not better GM's, but I'd think they'd make better talent evaluators. I think there are details about the game those who played know that those you didn't might miss. There are players that might not "look" like football players, but have the mindset to be good at what they do. Someone who knows what it takes to succeed might be able to spot that quicker than someone who comes at the game from an purely analytical stance. Numbers don't tell the whole story.

If you read Barry Jackson's column it will clarify the GM search.

Peterson is influencing the decision which will probably end up being Farmer.

Maybe most have already read it.

Farmer will also fail in a franchise that is doomed until sold, no one person or anything else will save this sinking ship.

A legless woman walking on the beach will leave a snail trail.

farmer should be the choice but sad to read in interviews they couldnt even tell them what the exact roll would be

If Peterson does have as much influence on the decision as they say he does. Farmer is our guy.

Who would you rather have make a football decision(GM) for Señor Ross?

Carl Peterson?

Or anyone else in the Dolphins Organization? JawnDoe? The new PR guy? Ross himself?

The most qualified person close to the Dolphins to make a decision on Football related issues is Carl Peterson. And for good reason!!

"In Peterson's 20 years with the Chief's, they had only five losing seasons, a record of 176-141-1, nine playoff seasons, 149 consecutive sell-outs (1990-2008) and led the AFC in paid attendance every year from 1990." (Google the M'fer)

If S.Ross wants somebody running the Dolphins his name is Carl Peterson. Biggest Stat? 149 Consecutive Sell-Outs!!

Peterson hired 4 coaches as Overlord of the Chiefs: Marty Schottenheimer, Gunther Cunningham, Dick Vermeil, and Herman Edwards.

Cunningham is the only questionable one to me but he was a hell of a DC. And was basically given the job by Schottenheimer. Peterson did a way better job than Pioli picking a Coach. He just didn't look for if the guy worked for belichick! Which is what some of you want. Because Belichick is doing it we have to do it.

NEWSFLASH!! Belidick sucks at making personnel decisions. He thinks he can coach everybody up. A personnel guy looks for the guy with talent that doesn't need much coaching. Belichick is a coach!! One of the Five best coaches to have ever coached in the NFL. He just shouldn't be at the senior bowl trying to make personnel decisions.

yes dashi carl was the man in kc. love that guy. wish he wanted the gm job


Would you agree that Belicheck main strength is having Tom Brady? LMAO\

But seriously, Bill's best ability is to pick up cheap free agents or aging free agents and plugging them into his system. Drafting is so so, you can say he drafted Gronk and Hernandez and how good they were. I counter with, he got from them what everyone else knew would happen..Gronk injured all the time and Hernandez is a thug(Not using this word to replace a racial slur) Sometimes you can be too clever for your own good


Don't worry chances are your Miami Dolphins will most likely be 3-13 or 2-14 in 2014 securing a very high 2015 1st round pick.

Not just better GMs. I feel they make better coaches.

In any sport. A former player usually makes the best coach.

You don't think Harbaugh has an advantage over other coaches?

the league will take the 1st overall away
from the phinz
4 bully gate

and who was the clever one trading a 2nd round pick for Wes Welker?

1-Cam CaMoron or
2-Bill Bellichick

Cam CaMoron, just another Miami embarrassment


GM would be underneath C.Peterson. I would want Ross to hand the team over to him. Let Peterson run the franchise.

Cam caMoron = Ted Ginn

Cam caMoron= just another in the long line of briliant talent evaluators since JJ


Farmer is going to be the GM "YES" man. "Ah, yes boss, anything you say boss". The Dolphin front office is____________? You fill in the blanks. Maybe they will return Jets game day jerseys, etc to sale in the Dolphin store. Ross might bring back Tebow for a half time extravaganza, but this time bring in the entire FSU national championship team. Id like that. Im sure the "U" would have no objections?
And what kind of experience does Farmer possess? Ive never heard of him. Im sure he's not the talent evaluator that Ross says he is. At least he won't be a threat to Dawnhoejoe. And I don't believe Farmer will be a threat to bring in a winning football team. Three department heads reporting only to Ross. This should be some damn good entertainment......

Yeah, if it is Farmer, then nobody can complain about those credentials... whether it works or not is another matter.


Did you see in Jackson's article where hr said that Peterson would actually like that gig but Ross hasn't offered it to him?

lets remember that JJ was p!ssed that he couldn't trade Marino(retarded Phin fans would of Hung JJ if he did)

so JJ decided he could win with a strong defense while kind of ignoring the offense. of course he was wrong, He knew Marino was over the hill, so not being able to get rid of Marino JJ said "I'm outta here"

Got to agree with Oscar - as far as drafting Ozzie is the champ. he could use a cap management expert though... Paying $25M to Ngata and Suggs is hard on the cap.

Both Ray Farmer & Dennis Hickey has had good success in their drafting & we should be fine with either one of them, but Dennis Hickey has the best player personel resume. Like I said, I would be totally happy with either of these guys & both are a upgrade to Jeff Ireland, but Hickey still has had a little more success than Farmer. You can go here to look at the players that Hickey was involved in drafting & what those players did for him.

I can't believe the captain and tenniel are divorcing??

NH, I think there are certain advantages in talent evaluation for sure. For example, when you evaluate testing results - you know for sure how important someone's bench is worth - how exactly it equates to play on the field.

I don;t think a former player would ahve eveer drafted J. Martin. I am surprised McKenzie drafted Menelik Watson last year - and not surprised Watson could only get on the field for 3 starts on a bad Oakland team as a high 2nd rd pick.


I think Suggs is done in Baltimore. The results don't match the pay. Only way he stays is by taking a significant paycut. Love Ngata. To me he's worth every penny.

Starting to look like it will be Farmer. Sounds decent. Jpao, you do realize Farmer was at the Senior Bowl, right?.....working for Cleveland. I think people are over-empasizing the importance of being at the Senior Bowl.

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