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Dolphins to interview GM finalists this weekend

The Miami Dolphins plan to interview at least two finalists for the vacant general manager position starting this weekend, according to source familiar with the process.

The club -- which has been in contact with the seven men who already interviewed for the job -- will begin calls to six of those men in the next few hours to either 1. tell them they are one of the finalists and schedule the second interview or 2. thank the men for being part of the process and say the team is moving in a different direction.

The Dolphins had hoped to interview at least one more candidate this week, most likely plucked off a playoff team that participated in Championship Weekend last Sunday. But those hopes faded for unknown reasons and the likelihood that will happen are now slim.

The Dolphins plan to hire their next general manager well before the Super Bowl in 10 days and there is even optimism within the organization a new GM could be in place by Monday, the source said.

Earlier Wednesday, the NFL Network reported the Dolphins tried to hire Arizona's Jason Licht when the team caught wind of the fact Licht was offered the general manager job in Tampa Bay.

Two sources -- one very close to Licht and a Dolphins source -- said the report is not accurate.

The Dolphins indeed found out Licht was offered the Tampa Bay job and contacted him to inform him he'd be would be one of the finalists brought in this coming weekend. The Dolphins wanted to give Licht the option of waiting for the finalist interview before making his decision final.

Both sources confirm Licht decided to go with proverbial bird in the hand, taking the certain job offer rather than waiting to see if he would make the cut in Miami to have two job offers.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be part of the finalists interviews and will be the man hiring the new GM. He has not left the country this week.

Aside from Licht, the Dolphins have interviewed Cleveland's Ray Farmer, Tennessee's Lake Dawson, Pittsburgh's Omar Khan, Tampa Bay's Dennis Hickey, Detroit's Brian Xanders, and in-house candidate Brian Gaine.

One of those will be Miami's new GM perhaps as early as Monday.


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To add on to your point. Are you curious what Farmer will think or do about LB's. I wonder with that being the position he played, if we will draft one or two, knowing the impact it would have on 3rd downs and stopping the running gmae or would Joe be mad that farmer was meddling!

Wow!! Belichick is better than Can't Cameron at spotting talent!! Look how ridiculous you sound!!

Belichik isn't better than Ireland at picking Talent.

Belichick has drafted twice the WRs Ireland drafted and he never produced a decent squad for Brady. The season he had Moss. He had Moss and a Midget. The Patriots have wasted multiple first, second and third round picks on WRs during Bradys career and none of them ever panned out.

CBs and WRs have always given him issues at the draft.

I stood there watching the waves crash into the rocks and shoreline. I saw a woman to my left in my peripheral buried up to her waist in sand. Alas, moments later I turned again to look at the spectacle and I was thwarted by visions of a single SNAIL trail leading away from the beach

DragonFly, you mean the GM is going to answer and work for the owner? Goodness no, what kind of dictatorship is this.

Sounds like youa re about 19 years old and never had a real job or about 35 and never able to keep a decent one. An excellent employee realizes who he works for and provides the boss with his expectations and the supernatural employees over deliver. Make their boss happy - give them what they want.

Do you think a job is a god-given right or an opportunity to provide an investor or stakeholder with results he or she either doesn't ahve the qualifications or time to provide?

Gaine and the scouting staff are at the senior bowl as well. Notes are being taken and I'm sure they will be documented.

dashi id want carl doing the draft also

Hollywood Rick, whoever was responsible for recommending J. banks to the Bucs last year should never be the gm of anything - I hope it wasn't Hickey.

Posted by: Dashi | January 23, 2014 at 09:35 AM

Yes, you are correct my son, Cam CaMoron is by far a Super Genius compared to Bill Bellichick, thank you. I stand corrected.

Belichik isn't better than Ireland at picking Talent.

Posted by: Dashi | January 23, 2014 at 09:35 AM


Craig, Ngata is great but not worth that cap hit.. $16M next year. No defensive player deserves qb money ... none. Ngata is saved next year because his cap figure is the same as his dead money figure - just about.

Suggs may be a cap casualty this summer. Ravens appear to be able to save $8M against the cap by releasing him.

Either way, both are not what they once were and can't be counted on to take every snap.

Just a hypothetical Dashi...Seems to me you are implying Bilechek isnt worth much when it comes to picking players. So, would you have rather had Bilichek here overseeing the Fins for the past 15 years, warts, hairs, and all, or not? I would argue given the success NE has had under Kraft, Belichek, Dimitroff, Pioli, and the swath of coaches that have come through that system, there really isnt any debate. We as Fins may deplore and destest NE and Bilichek, but a real football fan has to respect the record of success.

Yes, I hear it is Tom Brady this and that, but keep in mind, when Bledsoe came back from injury, it was Bilichek who made the final decision to put it all on the line and ride the rookie QB. The rest is history as they say.

I can only wish Miami had those kinds of problems.

Of course Bellichick has drafter better than Ireland. Just look at how many Pro Bowlers and potential HOFers he has drafted compared to Ireland. Is Bellichick overrated? Yes. Did he get compleletely lucky with Brady? Yup. But he's still better than Ireland, but then again, who isn't.
And remember, being a good GM isn't just about the draft, it's about trades and FA signings too.

rdubs, no way Farmer would like what he saw from our LB last year. Don't know what he can do though. Wheeler looks like he will be on the team for the next two years. Ellerbe basically is playing for his future this year and I expect to see a different player.

There is better LB talent on the roster than Wheeler but for some reason Coyle didn't go to it. Wheeler didn't need to play more than 15 snaps per game last year with Misi (who is the best run down LB on the team), Jordan (best against TEs), and Jenkins (who plays the run and pass both very well) on the team.

This is the part of the team that scares me most because this guy looks utterly clueless and Philbin is protecting him. not sure there is much the GM can do about that - except use it as ammunition to ask for more say in the coaching decision in 2015...

mass what hofs has bellicheat drafted after brady?

Late to the convo.....

but ....


what do you have against Belicheat....

how many AFC CHAMPIONSHIP appearances does they guy have....

How many of those did he win.....

How many SB appearances....

how many SB wins.....

and the FINS have done WHAT since he arrived to terrorize the AFC EAST......

I LOVE my FINS....but down playing the PATS doesn't help anybody.....


We'll disagree on Ngata. He's been banged up a bit the last year or so but nobody's better at what he does. Ravens are better with him than without him. Its the going rate of business. If they didn't give him the money somebody else would. Very few guys who can do what he does. He better than big Paul and I know you love that guy.dolphins are nuts if. They let Big Paul walk.

One other point Mark, and I know we disagree on this too.....by all accounts the OL is stacked this year for the draft,especially the tackle position, i think there's every reason to believe we'll get a very good OL if we stay at 19.

I would love to have someone who sucks as much as Bill Bellichick. That would really suck, I mean we'd have to get rid of all the top notch talent evaluators we have now. But I think I would go for it.

hope miami takes the nebraska corner at 19 if hes still there

Massfan...Bilichek is over rated why? Believe I am not a fan of his but the consistant record over the past decade and a half is not disputable. If consistently having one's team in playoff contention year after year, through all sorts of injuries, and the like, then as a Fin fan I wish for half that sucess.

Craig, he's been banged up for years and if you are allocating 13% of your cap to one player - he better be able to answer the bell. I think if Ozzie could cut him, he would.

Vince Wilfork is a likely HOF candidate, and Mankins may be as well as he is selected to the Pro Bowl pretty much every year.

Paul makes $6m v $16M. You could almost pay Paul 3 X. Is Ngata 3 X the value with all the time he misses?

nobody is saying bellicheat isnt a great coach, hes a mediocre guy when it comes to drafting players


I was just agreeing with Dashi on his draft picks. They are just so-so. He is great at coaching, but I feel his drafting and scouting arent elite, that is all

IF...and that's a BIG IF...Belicheat stinks @ picking talent....

Than we should all fall to our knees and thank whatever GOD you believe holds your salvation....

Because he has had the rest of the AFC EAST teams "kissing his rings"....with his "terrible" talent evaluations....

If he was a better judge of "talent" as some of you would suggest....he would have won his 10 SB by now....



Craig, no doubt we can get a very good O line talent at 19. But this team needs stars just as much. And you can get o line talent in free agency, in the 2nd round, in trades. But you really only find stars in one spot for the vast majority of the time - 1st round. Passing over a dynamic TE or huge WR for an o linemen would be repeating the Jake Long mistake all over again.

Mediocre how? How come his mediocre players keep beating up all the AFC East superior players? Come on. We may not like NE or Bilichek and thats fine. Just the same, I wish someone was blogging about the Fins coach being a jerk and medicore after owning the AFC East for a decade. Wish we had those problems!

We get to blog about crappy owners, crappy GMs, crappy coaches, and consitent bad outcomes year in and year out.

Kris, fully agree. I guess people also forget that Brady played horrible that first game (at least 3 quarters of it). It was Belichick being able to make halftime adjustments and blitzing that created the turnovers and got the offense in position to come from behind and secure the win. What about the last few years (minus this year), 2nd meeting, when our team decided not even to show up (sounds familiar though, right?).

Belichick might not be anything without Brady, but that's debatable. What ISN'T debatable is Miami is ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS compared to Belichick AND Brady. The only year we win the division is the year Brady is out (and even then we had the same record).

So keep on downing Belichick people, must make you feel good. It does nothing to improve the team, but if it makes you feel better as a person, then HOO-RAH!

mankins nor wilfork will make hof, id def wager on that. so u picked out 2 maybes in all the years hes been there

Doesnt matter how he (belichek) drafts, hits, misses. Its what he does with the players he acquires through any means. Again, wish the Fins had those problems.

Belichick didnt draft him but he acquired and put Wes Welker in the HOF.


I don't think this is anything like big Jake. First of all we're not picking first overall, we're picking 19th. Secondly we're not forced to pay the guy $60 million bucks. I recognize you want 'stars'. I like Ebron very much too but I expect he'll be gone by 19. We need a guy we can count on at LT for the next 4-5 years and we can get him at a fraction of the price that we'd have to pay Albert.

I'll turn your point to me around for you....is Albert 4 times better than the kid we could draft to play LT for us at 19?

belli makes chix salad
outa chix chit
fax jax
no1 better


If you want to go and check out NE's draft history. i think you will be shocked how unimpressive it is. You can go year by year if you like


I don't get why we as FIN FANS do that....

I think we should get the log out of our own eye...before we shout about the speck in the PATS....

So Dusty, would you rather have maybe one or two HOFs or 10 div crowns, six afc crowns, 3 SB rings? Well give me the not to good drafting accumen of Bilichek and the people he recognized as top talent evaluators, yes the Dimitroffs, Pioilis, who along with Bilichek either drafted or signed the FA that has kept NE atop.

Kris, Belicheck's so-so drafting is the only thing that keeps us or anyone else in the AFC within shouting distance in the AFC. I mean - look what's happened since Peyton went to Denver - a team that can draft. Matched that supporting talent up with an all time Qb and nobody really has been able to touch them this year - maybe on an off week - but not over the long haul.

If Belicheck could draft better you would have a similar situation in New England. i mean why did that guy trade out of the first round so many times during Brady's career thus shoeing away tope end talent at the top of the draft year after year?

It still has been an amazing run with B & B for New England - just crazy. 8 AFC title games in 12 years. 5 super bowls. 3 wins - but I still have this feeling they left something on the table and I also think the best part of this is over. It appears that at this stage of his career Brady can't do it on his own anymore - he does need the help. Again - just speculation on my part - which will be confirmed either way next year. Does New England have the ammo to load up that offense again - and let's not forget that defense was 26th in the NFl and needs help too - don't think Wilfork will be the same either - how many dominant 33 year old DTs have you ever heard of?

again jt nobody was arguing that, just stating bellicheat never done anything great drafting players. its his coaching

Mark...good points all. Time will tell what NE has in the wings. I am just hoping the Fins once again become consistently competative which can open the door for a good run lasting several years!

Phinsider had a good list of cap hits and dead money if cut etc. Mark you might like this list


....I'm not sure Bellicheck is a superior talent evaluator. I think he is a superior coach. 2 different things. He has picked some good players. But his misses are status quo with the rest of the league. Look at the recieving corps. a fifth round rookie, an undrafted rookie, A seventh round quarterback turned Welker clone, and an undrafted car accident that was supposed to be the Welker clone, but was hurt all year.

Are you serious??? If those guys were the recievers here. Tannehill would be up for losing his job. Philbin, because he only knows that you are supposed to throw it 100 times a game would be getting fired.

Look at the injuies that team had..They were playing with the bottom of their roster..And they made it to the brink of the cup. And Phin fans are going to have the nerve to question or suggest that the crew in NE is over-rated? OK.

Bellichek gets more out of the bottom of his roster then any coach here has stirred from the top of ours. And for that reason we should all shut up.

Craig, again, we are not getting a starting LT day one @ 19. A star guard yes, a starting RT yes, but the odds of a starting LT day one that will even be as good as McKinnie was last year - doubtful.

We may be getting the 4th best OT in this draft at #19 in a class that is already missing one of the best in Erving who is returning to school.

Again, stop being a tight arse, haha - we have $30M in cap space, sign the vet left tackle. Again, we need 3 linemen minimum and we aren't getting them all in the draft. If we sign Grimes, Soliai, Tate, and Albert - that may be only about $15-$20M of cap space used - max for 2014. The key will be avoiding the franchise tag.

We need to load up and stop being uber patient. There has to be some sense of urgency here in building a team that has been missing for so long. Again - building up the WRs core at the expense of building up the o line and moves like that have been killing this team forever. Get us up closer to the cap for once. We don't need $30M space - it's ludicrous for a team that has been underperforming for as long as us to be uber financially sensitive.

I mean he doesnt pick great talent from the draft, just look at his retention rate on the players he picks. He does a good job coaching players up and in the end thats what matters.
Now once he retires, the Pats will be in a bad place IMO bc the coaching aspect wont be there nor the talent from the draft. But for now, he picks what he wants, they dont pan out he releases them and coaches up the guys he has. It doesnt hurt he has Tom Brady throwing the ball, which is who put Welker in the HOF. Welker himself has said that.

haha, rdubs, I almost know that list off the top of my head, hahah, I'm such a nerd.

I tell you why Kris, because the horizon is bright. You know Tannehill is the #1 rated QB in the all-important ITV stat (that's In The Vicinity of the receiver). So SURELY that will lead to more wins in the future.

Like you've said before, we HAD the best QB in the game, and STILL couldn't win a SB. Because in Miami, when you fix one problem, another 4 prop up. This team doesn't know how to be elite because they haven't been elite for DECADES.

People are so desperate they think bringing other teams to our level is faster than this team rising to their levels. It's sad really. Like a rainy Groundhog Day locked in an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.

Dusty and I were conversing yesterday about the losses to Buffalo. I was saying we lost twice to a 3rd-string QB. Dusty made the point that Thad did nothing in those games. He thought he was winning the argument. But think about it. Taking his point means we lost to a team WITH NO QB! Is that supposed to be better? Doesn't that further drive the point home that we suck? They probably could have run the Wildcat and sat the QB on the bench all game and still beat us. Yet things are looking up for Miami? In what parallel universe?

Sorry Dusty, have to disagree. Bilichek has all final decision making authority. Doesnt matter how he aquires players. Its on him. He apparently picks up players that he can coach and coach well enough to be competitive year in and year out. Like I said, give me his medicore personnel skills anytime if it means the Fins will be competing for a crown every year for the next decade. Irrespective of what we may think, the NFL is a results based businees. NE gets results. Miami has not. End of arguement.


Good Post....but I won't believe anything is over for the PATS until we or another team in the AFC EAST takes it from them in the form of 2 consecutive AFC EAST crowns....not...fluke playoff wins like the jets did.....

speaking of Vince Wolfork.....

Before I left for Germany....I met Wilfork in the hotel I was staying in...in the Lobby....

We stayed in the Marriot in BWI for 2 nights....I think the PATS injured players stayed there during the Raven's game....also met some ref's....but didn't care enough to find out there names...they gave my wife an NFL pin...the ones they wear during the game i think....

Anyway....Wilfork coudn't have been nicer or more down to earth...I told him and his wife that I was a FIN fan....but wanted to shake his hand any way.....he laughed...and then shook my hand....you can feel his strength....I can't imagine knocking heads with him for 4 quarters...but I can see how he dominates...

Did you see in Jackson's article where hr said that Peterson would actually like that gig but Ross hasn't offered it to him?

Posted by: Dollfan Rick | January 23, 2014 at 09:25 AM


Yeah, I read it this morning. You have to read Barry Jackson. Mr.Jackson is the Sports Section. The other guys just write commentary on his chit. Staring with the Honkey Tonk Man at the Top Left of the page.

Ross and Peterson have an understanding. Peterson wouldn't accept GM. He would have to be president. And Peterson has other companies to run to be running the Dolphins full time. Peterson and Ross own companies together. I would find that a conflict of interest. Peterson can advise Ross.

The Dolphins need a person with Integrity making decisions!! And Peterson is the one making them.

I rather Peterson make team decisions than Parcells.


If your point is that Bellichick hasn't drafted many HOFers than what he has accomplished is even more impressive. I'm a long time Miami fan but I stopped hating the Pats long ago and started admiring what they've been able to do. It's not like Miami was ever any real competition for them over the last 20 years

@ 10:40 is on point....

I stopped hating the PATS long ago as well...now I just admire the machine....

I wish we were there rivals....but to be honest....the PATS have no natural enemies....thats what happens when you are the KING predator.....

I was actually rooting for them to beat the Broncos.....but I don't either can beat the Seahawks....

I believe I said, Belichick is 1 of the Top 5 Coaches of All-Time. That as a personnel guy he sucks is besides the point. My Top 5: 1.P.Brown, 2.D.Shula, 3.V.Lombardi, 3.G.Halas, 4. T.Landry, 5. Belichick.


Wasn't most of the people here saying that a GM should be over a Coach? That would mean you know the difference between a guy who picks talent and a guy who coaches up talent!!

Belichick is one of the Best at Coaching Talent!! Which gives him a huge flaw at picking talent. He tries to pick players that he can coach up. Where others have failed he wants to succeed.

Bellichick is buying the groceries and making the meals, What don't you get??? He is drafting the players he want's at his Cap price and he's been doing it successfully for a long time. Your just a hater without any common sense

The whole Phin scouting department is at the senior bowl. Who cares if the head coach is there or not. There is news available outside of the Herald.

Dashi...hate to disagree, but Bilickek is the alpha and omega when it comes to all roster decisions in NE. Like I have stated along with many others, the arguement as to whether or not he drafts well or not is not an issue or point of discussion. It is a moot point. He gets the players that over time win for him. What more does he have to do? Like a drafts and other GM/HC types, as along as you are winning div crown after div crown and are in contention for a VL Trophy every year, no one cares if he drafts Snow White and the Seven Drawfs. In the end, like he did to Miami, we traded Was Welker for three magic beans and look how that turned out.

The phin scouting department...LOLOLO talk about an oxymoron.

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