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Edwin Pope's Super Bowl streak to end

Former Miami Herald sports editor Edwin Pope, among only a handul of sportswriters in America who have covered every Super Bowl game, will not be attending or covering Super Bowl XLVIII in New York.

Pope, 85, had covered the previous 47 Super Bowls during a career in which he received numerous awards including the Red Smith Award. Pope has also been elected to the national sportswriters and sportscasters Hall of Fame.

No reason was given for Pope breaking his Super Bowl streak. Pope declined comment on not attending this year's Super Bowl. He was among a few hundred journalists who covered the First World Championship game AFL vs. NFL when it was played on January 15, 1967 -- Super Bowl I between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. And he was part of the weeklong coverage of every game since until this year's game.

This year Super Bowl XLVIII will be covered by approximately 5,000 journalists from all over the world.

Pope, the author of two books, began his journalism career at the age of 11 in his native Georgia and moved to the Miami to work for The Miami Herald in 1956. While currently retired, Pope has contributed occasional columns to the Herald since 2003.

The Miami Dolphins named the main football pressbox at Sun Life Stadium after Pope in 2010.



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Edwin Pope= TBE Miami sports writer!

Long live Pope!

unbreakable record

Did he ever get laid at those events?

Hope he had a lot of fun. I know I would have.

His choice or?

Ross needs to gig Goodell about location of the SB. Didn't Goodell tell the Dolphins the stadium needed a roof? Weren't they just talking about postponing in NY? Weren't the ticket prices taking a dive?

F&ck Goodell, what a worm

Maybe he's being hired as the new GM…oh, yeah that Farmer….no….Dawson, uh...Licht, no….Cesario, wait…who?!?

Weather is not expected to be an issue at the Super Bowl. Forecast now is for clear skies and temps in the 30's...not much wind.

Cold, certainly, but aside from that no biggie.

For those who were wishing for something worse--sorry.

Ed is a legend and I loved reading his columns growing up.


In 1980 at the Winter Olympics, we were back to back in the press room, typing our reports. He was ever gracious and certainly one of the best in our profession.

does he still get some tail

Is ths the worst sports franchise in the country?

It poured the entire game the last time the Super Bowl was in Miami.

Florida has the most overrated weather in the country. Miserably hot and muggy 80% of the year.

If you want to have Super Bowls in perfect weather every year they should all be in Southern California. Vastly superior climate to South Florida and nicer, better educated people too.

Is ths the worst sports franchise in the country?
Posted by: Jay | January 27, 2014 at 10:11 PM

The Dullfins make the Marlins look like a class organization LOL

Edwin Pope is and always was a class act. I enjoyed reading his articles and columns for soang years.

Can't argue So Cal beats the tar out of Florida weather-wise. I can take Florida weather for about three months of the year. The rest of the time it's a disgusting sauna.

Sun Life stadium is old and decrepid and wreaks of urine. No SB unless cheapo Ross fixes it.

Last time the Super Bowl was in Miami it didn't rain a bit. Colts v Saints. You're remembering the one before with the bears. A for effort, F for memory.

Sun Life stadium is old and decrepid and wreaks of urine.

Posted by: JD | January 27, 2014 at 10:19 PM


Sounds like odinseye.

An old man from South Florida and a SB in NY, he is probably more fed up with the new NFL regime than any of us.

U mad Bro.....?

You the one that makes it so easy by saying all those ignorant things. I don't know.....maybe you can't help it. But dang Bro, you going to blame that on me?

We can tell, U IS mad(HeHeHe). Up your game Son, at least TRY.........DAMN-ROTFLMAO ;)

ayeee pardner,
Florida ain't for da puzzy dat's for sure

Also, SD average Super Bowl week weather is 62/51 while Miami is 77/61. Both have similar rainfall (a shade over 2"). So, if you prefer your winter a little cooler, SD is nicer. Personally, gimme mid 70's for the Super Bowl and I'm happier.

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Raji, tell Oscar I said hi and I still love him, ask him if we're still spending the weekend after the superbowl together in Iran

Even the Sun Life Company is terminating their naming rights with the Dolphins. They're as embarrassed as the fans are.

OMG! The humor I find here. Man, it's the greatest.

Wow guy, you sure knock em down.

Yo Skidgy,
What's up bro, you coming over for chitlins and grits at da superbowl? we's having a party bro. I miss you and Peaches

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If Ross knew he couldnt sign any of his top 7 choices for GM he may have kept Irescum.

Odin makes his own cheese

All the good GM's wanted Philbin fired...

I know, Ross has put his NFL franchise in an unproven, uninspired duffus's hands named Failbin.

So....Ross promoted a scout that was about to be fired....from a 4-12 team!! YIKES!!

it's still better than Parcell's waterboy Ires!it

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Odin's Spinchter.......?

Oh man, you really got me that time.

(Freaking Dullard-LMAO!)

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Posted by: Coltrane | January 28, 2014 at 12:48 AM

Well...that explains Daytona Sam now doesn't it.

He posts night and day, 24/7 and all of his shyt gets through.

Well...that explains Daytona Sam now doesn't it.

He posts night and day, 24/7 and all of his shyt gets through.

Indeed, and like you imply, it is a single edged sword.

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I remember reading Mr. Popes columns every morning while I was growing up in South Florida. Always enjoyed them. Thanks for keeping us informed for all those years.... we miss you.

Amazing not many guys still around like that

I'm glad you left too. We have more than enough of your type down here anyway.

Ed Pope- a wizard with words. His sports reporting, especially for the Dolphins, ranks as my favorite of all time- and it's a long time now. In fact, I'd have never known about Armando Salguero had I not tripped over him looking for Ed Pope on line years ago. The best to you, Mr Pope!

We need another Pope.

I am not a fan of the site and havent been able to find this anywhere else. PFT said the Dolphins have signed Texans OL coach as an assistant OL coach, If this is true that is a big hiring and maybe he would become OL coach if this Martin report makes Turner out to be the villain.

awwwwwww poor guy...most of us will never be lucky enough to attend 1 super bowl and you're trying to make us feel sad for a guy that's been to 80 in a row. NOT HAPPENING!!

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