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Edwin Pope's Super Bowl streak to end

Former Miami Herald sports editor Edwin Pope, among only a handul of sportswriters in America who have covered every Super Bowl game, will not be attending or covering Super Bowl XLVIII in New York.

Pope, 85, had covered the previous 47 Super Bowls during a career in which he received numerous awards including the Red Smith Award. Pope has also been elected to the national sportswriters and sportscasters Hall of Fame.

No reason was given for Pope breaking his Super Bowl streak. Pope declined comment on not attending this year's Super Bowl. He was among a few hundred journalists who covered the First World Championship game AFL vs. NFL when it was played on January 15, 1967 -- Super Bowl I between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. And he was part of the weeklong coverage of every game since until this year's game.

This year Super Bowl XLVIII will be covered by approximately 5,000 journalists from all over the world.

Pope, the author of two books, began his journalism career at the age of 11 in his native Georgia and moved to the Miami to work for The Miami Herald in 1956. While currently retired, Pope has contributed occasional columns to the Herald since 2003.

The Miami Dolphins named the main football pressbox at Sun Life Stadium after Pope in 2010.



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Señor Pope was a Saint among Savages.

Agreed. He is 85. And lives in Sfla. Yeah, I doing see him going to New York.

At least Mr.Pope knew when to retire. Does YG/Sam/1001 know that he is having a meltdown? Doubt it. He is delusional enough to think that he is not the problem.

*don't see him...

Ross has buried the team 10 ft under. There is no recovering from his debacle.

Who's the idiot that said it will be clear skys in East Rutherford this weekend?
Non story you bump stop lying to people.

Only a douche like Jay would rather be a Jacksonville fan.

Jacksonville had better tv ratings than the Dullfins.

FED UP you silly rabbit. Ross is making changes and definetely has heart. Even though he's an owner in training.

Everyone relax Kevin Coyle and Philbin is on the hot seat. Its playoffs or bust.

Nice Herald article today on Tampa Bays drafts. They did not draft very well, except for one year. At least it wasn't Hickey who made the final decisions on some pretty bad drafts there. I also don't think he was involved in some of the bone headed trades they've made, seems he was really in charge of college scouting more than anything.

Because there's nothing to do in Jacksonville.

South Florida sports bars are packed every Sunday. That lowers TV ratings.

FED UP you silly rabbit. Ross is making changes and definetely has heart. Even though he's an owner in training.
Everyone relax Kevin Coyle and Philbin is on the hot seat. Its playoffs or bust.
Posted by: 2 watts momma works for Dez Bryants dad | January 28, 2014

Ross is making changes? lol The guy is clueless.

New England has some key free agents, Talib and Edelman amongst them and can only franchise one. Wouldn't mind seeing Talib on the Phins even though he gets hurt everyone post season. If NE loses Edelman that is another blow to their offense. One can only hope.

Hickey said Talib, Vincent Jackson and Reevis = Dolphins GM job

I'm hoping Steven Ross = Forest Gump.

Although he was challenged, some things just randomly worked out making Forest very successful.


i think they dikked around Julian this year with his contract and let Welker go. I think they have learned their lesson and will pay Edelman. As far as Talib, why would your bring him in? We still have to pay Grimes, cant afford both

I'm hoping Steven Ross sells! SOON!

the latest crock
cyrus 1
Cyril 2

Edina, I hope that is true, the Texans always had good online play.

Meant Rdubs, sorry, auto spell check.

‏@Rdubbles 6m

@AbramsonPBP I have a mission if you choose to accept it. I read on PFT that Dolphins sign former Texans OL coach. Have you heard this?

Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 3m

@Rdubbles Yes, per Fox Sports, John Benton (Texans OL coach from 06-13) has taken job as Miami ASST OL coach. Turner seems to still be alive


That is a good hire. But I don't expect the Dolphins or Turner to be punished any further. There is a lot of evidence that shows Martin was also participating in the bullying.

I believe R.Incognito is J.Martin's best friend on the team. Which is also the reason Martin used Incognito in his plan.


The Bully Scheme/Scandal was a way of J.Martin to escape his Dolphins contract. AND GO BACK HOME!!

If J.Martin ever plays again Professionally it will be on the West Coast.

A combo of Talib (big, physical) and Grimes (smaller, super athletic) would be a great 1-2 combo at CB, but it is true that affording both is unlikely. But then again, I don't think either is going to get that top shut down corner type of contract that a Revis or Sherman would get. So it can be done.


I know, I was just hoping this guy would replace Turner. I agree Jfart was full of dookie


I see what your saying, but I would take Grimes and Jarius Byrd, which would cost about the same.
I like Grimes, but when he plays against big WR's he really struggles. That Bears game is gonna be a beast, no pun intended

Hope Mr. Pope is well. Really enjoyed his columns over the years.

Norv Turner will have A.Peterson as a RB. Expect another 2000yd Season. All the Vikings need is a QB. If I am Zimmer, I will be drafting one early in April.

4 QBs could be taken in the first 8 Picks. Clowney and S.Watkins are also Top 5 picks.

That gives the Fins a chance to trade up into the top 10 and pick 1 of 2 of the top LT prospects.

Sign the 2 best linemen in FA. Preferably a RT and a LG. Trade into the Top 10 for a LT. That and resign Grimes. Are the 2 biggest priority for Hickey. I know that is what Ireland would've done.

He's probably not going because of bloody cold it is up in this part of the world. 1 degree outside this morning...

Dashi, YG was getting to his old tricks at about 4:00 pm yesterday. Glad I was calling it a day. Old fart forgets his meds somedays and it's meltdown city...,

I like beating local beat reporters to a story. Makes my sad life a little less sad LMAO

Best sports columnist in history with the first name Edwin

So everyone hates Philbin? Well apparently NFL coaches like this guy. He has been doing a great job bringing in all these assistants. You will never hear about this from Local or National media.

Just Sayin......


MassD, it can be done if they decide to do it. But dong it means they forego something else. They will have $37M in cap sapce, $40 if they cut Moore - which I would've done yesterday. Then there's an additional almost five if they cut Dimitri which would happen if they signed Talib/Grimes ... so yeah, it is possible. probable tho? That's a different story...

Baltimore has alot of key FAs too to keep an eye on:
OL: Monroe and Oher
TE: Dickson and Pitta.
Of course, that ole franchise tag plays such a big part in all this. Will Buffalo franchise Byrd?
Brandon Spikes is another FA from NE who will likely move on as he can't cover and ended the season on IR.

Buffalo franchised Byrd last year at $7m, franchising him this year would cost almost $8.5. They are less than $3M under the cap - I think he's gone and the BUffalo sports media are acting like he's gone.

Baltimore is in decent shape with the cap. they are $10M under and will keep one of those two. I think they sign Monroe and Oher walks.

The Cowboys are a mess. They have Bill Callahan as OC but hire Scott Linehan to be their passing game co-ordinator and to call plays ... hmmm... yeah... I see this working out.

Linehan is a brilliant play caller though.

If Edwin Pope and Armando are together somewhere, are they referred to as a Pope and a Dope?


Agreed. That is the beautiful thing about the head of The Crew. Y-Gargle when you can Swallow has these meltdowns every couple days, yet, in his delusional mind he is never wrong and he never loses.

From the little bit YG has told us about himself he reminds me of Wendell from Key&Peele. www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcbj8BBsWSA

Dashi, Itry to play nice, I do, but the guy is not all there ... obviously. And then he just comes on ehre and ruins a perfectly good football discussion...

Thank goodness he is still sleeping...


Sign Asamoah,Albert,Oher draft a couple OL. I wonder how much that would cost

"The Miami Dolphins have filled out its coaching staff by hiring John Benton to serve as the team's assistant offensive line coach.

Benton spent the previous eight seasons coaching the Houston Texans, which arguably featured one of the best offensive lines in the NFL the past couple of seasons. His hiring was first reported by Fox Sports, but has been confirmed by the Sun-Sentinel.

During his tenure in Houston Benton's offensive lines set franchise records for total offense each year from 2008-10 and has registered the top three rushing seasons in franchise history from 2010-12, including franchise rushing records in 2010 and 2011."

THIS IS HILARIOUS TO ME. You bring a guy in with this resume and he's ASSISTING up Jim Turner who's offensive line was atrocious. Hey why not, if they weren't doing everything backwards I guess they just wouldn't be the Dolphins.

The current 1/28 Palm Beach Post article is speculating that Hickey could hire his former boss, GM Dominik.

Dominik would be a great addition assuming he wants the Assistant GM job and that they get rid of Gaine (dead man walking).

Most Bucs fans know that the Bucs problems were all on the HC and their staff not in the personnel side.

The HCs were hired by the owners not by Dominik.

Why wasn't Jim Turner fired?

Did Philbin give him a pass because he couldn't blame him for the o-line's poor performance?

I wonder how much of the o-line's problem was lack of talent or poor coaching. Could it be BOTH?

Sparano was a former o-line coach and he wasn't able to establish an average o-line.

Last year Asamoah cost the chiefs 1.5 mil (including signing bonus), Albert 9.8 mil and Oher in Balt. 4.9 (which includes SB).

Posted by: 2 watts momma works for Dez Bryants dad | January 28, 2014

Ross is making changes? lol The guy is clueless.

Posted by: Fns Stink | January 28, 2014 at 08:50 AM

Only at Dolphins in Depth can you get such a lively exchange of thoughts and ideas. What a great answer to that post. Just lazy,,,"ehhhh, he's an idiot".

Someone brings up a point. Another person disagrees but can't do so in an adult manner. He has no real opinion just wants to disagree with you for the hell of it. This isn't the way the blog used to operate. It's a main reason why the posting section is so boring to read now.

I have to applaud the trolls who spend their days in here. You guys did a great job at ruining what was once a fun place to talk about football. Seriously, you basically brought the blog down. If that was your intention you have succeeded and congratulations for that.

They've succeeded!!


This is the internet, we dont want to act like adults. We have to do that in real life LOL

rdubs, KC is an interesting case, they are over the cap and don't have easy ways to save money - I doubt they can keep Albert and will probably lose Asamoah too unless their Gma nd capologist pulls one out of a hat. That Dwayne Bowe contract looks horrible right now.

Anyways, yeah Dolphins could easily afford all three but I don't see them doing it. I mean, I can see two and then draft one more and finally give Garner an opportunity to be a starter or to share a guard spot with brenner - I thought they did really well last year except for that Buffalo game...

As far as waht it will cost, Albert and Asamoah/Oher would cost about 4-5 million next year judging by what Long and Bushrod signed for.

Throw in a another $4-5 for Grimes, Soliai, maybe even Byrd or Tate

There's your free agency - eating between $20 - $25M of the $37 the Dolphins have and still in great shape...

P78, I think Turner is playing pull my finger fart games with Zac Taylor by the 2nd week of training camp as Lazor and benton would be doing their jobs by then...


Do you go for a FA RB. I am curious what Blount will cost. I think Ben Tate will be over priced. I think we draft and go for Toby Gerhart, I wonder if he can play FB

Sparano's o lines were actulay pretty good. Miami always had a decent rushing game and pass protection. What they always lacked was a Qb who could throw ...

Assuming Hickey hires his former boss GM Dominik, it wouldn't be the same as Philbin hiring his mentor Sherman (though Sherman was fired by Texas Tech).

Dominik is in his early 40's. His performance had nothing to do with how the Bucs performed. That was on the coaching side.

Sherman is close to retirement age (and the game might have passed him by). He was on the coaching side and was blamed for poor play calling plus more.

Hickey could hire Dominik as a means of getting immediate help from someone he trusts and at the same time help Dominik get any future GM career ambitions back on track. I believe these two hires will pay dividends.


Wait til one of those wackos badgers you for hours on here while your trying to talk football.

I have a sense of humor but there are a couple of these trolls with mental issues.

rdubs, they won't be able to sign all the guys I mentioned since they are all A list free agents for their positions. Just not feasible to make all those big egos feel wanted. And if you sign some a listers, you have to go to the b list for some others - if for no other reason than you will be beat to the punch by other teams for some and it is also cap friendly. I like ben tate a lot but there certainly are options. I've always loved Gerhart. And I dont think he would cost.

As far as free agency goes, I would rank the guys as follows (A list free agents thatare likely to hit the market):

Brandon Albert
Alex Mack
Jarius Byrd
Jon Asamoah
Ben Tate

If you can get two of these guys, you did well. But I would push extremely hard on Albert...


I heard Bucs might cut Carl Nicks. I know he is a little big, but he was good and might be a value!


Trolls leave me alone. I guess because I am not that important or the fact that I will just make a joke out of it. Take away all their fun

Wouldn't hiring Dominik immediately relieve all the bad taste from the GM search? Dominik knew what he was doing...

Ross may have lucked into one here...

Nicks has been out more than in the past 2 years with injuries. Supposed to be healthy now but who knows.

BY the way rdubs, mentioned yesterday - two guys that may be on the market with Buc ties that may find their way here are Blount (aas you brought up), and Donald Penn - especially if TB drafts an OT.


Nicks didnt miss a gam up until 2 years ago. I think last year he had that staph infection that kept him and the kicker out of action

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 28, 2014 at 09:58 AM


It's obviously not going to happen but Callahan would be a great candidate for our o-line coach. He's a WCO guy and I seriously doubt he'll stay in Dallas with Linahan.

Also agree with you on Dominik. He would be a great get. I couldn't believe the Bucs let him go. Apparently Smith wanted his own guy.

rdubs, on the surface, I think Nicks is safe. The Bucs only save $2M if they cut him. However, TB may do one of those Ireland/Aponte moves which i totally don't understand like they did with Dansby, Burnett, Ellerbe, and Wheeler.

Hickey (and Dominik if he gets hired) will know more about the Bucs FAs than anyone else.

I wouldn't be surprised to see some Bucs (current or former) in Phins uniform.

Dennis Hickey, another loser joins the Dolphins. All the good GM's wanted Philbin fired.

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