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Edwin Pope's Super Bowl streak to end

Former Miami Herald sports editor Edwin Pope, among only a handul of sportswriters in America who have covered every Super Bowl game, will not be attending or covering Super Bowl XLVIII in New York.

Pope, 85, had covered the previous 47 Super Bowls during a career in which he received numerous awards including the Red Smith Award. Pope has also been elected to the national sportswriters and sportscasters Hall of Fame.

No reason was given for Pope breaking his Super Bowl streak. Pope declined comment on not attending this year's Super Bowl. He was among a few hundred journalists who covered the First World Championship game AFL vs. NFL when it was played on January 15, 1967 -- Super Bowl I between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. And he was part of the weeklong coverage of every game since until this year's game.

This year Super Bowl XLVIII will be covered by approximately 5,000 journalists from all over the world.

Pope, the author of two books, began his journalism career at the age of 11 in his native Georgia and moved to the Miami to work for The Miami Herald in 1956. While currently retired, Pope has contributed occasional columns to the Herald since 2003.

The Miami Dolphins named the main football pressbox at Sun Life Stadium after Pope in 2010.



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look at present/former bux
players to inundate the
phinz roster now.

I'd be very wary of signing Blount. His success was more due to NE's OL than anything else. I see him as a one year wonder. Denver also had no problems stuffing him. Tate is a much better choice.

Remember when your miami dolphins were supposed to draft Hakeem Nicks but instead had to have Pat White and Patrick Turner.

Hickey (and Dominik if he gets hired) will know more about the Bucs FAs than anyone else.
I wouldn't be surprised to see some Bucs (current or former) in Phins uniform.
Posted by: New Blood | January 28, 2014 at 11:12 AM

Oh lord no!!

Dennis Hickey, another loser joins the Dolphins. All the good GM's wanted Philbin fired.

Posted by: NJPHIN | January 28, 2014 at 11:12 AM

Absolutely correct sir!

I wonder if Wheeler and Ellerbe were 2 examples of why Aponte and Philbin started having a problem with Ireland. Let me try to explain

1.Aponte is great with contract negotiations, but is not a talent evaluator. So 4 mill a year isnt bad for a starting LB. So maybe she felt hosed by Ireland by giving 2 big contracts for 2 mediocre players. Let me rephrase that 1 mediocre player(not Crabtree) and one unflushable turd of a player named Wheeler.

2. Philbin probably wanted Burnett and Dansby gone? Do you think he trusted Ireland that would be replaced by equally talented players? They apparently are not!

3. I heard Dawn turned down Ireland for the Soliai extension? Was she worried she was gone have another Wheeler/Ellerbe type deal, that would go south?

4. I wonder if Philbin thinks Ireland wasted that cap room and blew the stockpile of draft picks Ireland had.

I could see why their might be some problems between the 3


I believe the NFL draft this year will be May 8-10, not in April.

The Dolphins are picking up Bucs castoffs?? LMFAO!

Philbin is Ross' new love just like Ireland was for years, enjoy 3-13 or at best 4-12 Mr. Ross its coming and you deserve it!

MassD, no doubt Tate is a better choice and would be a franchise back if healthy. Blount also had a fine first year in the league with teh Bucs.

And you're right - how easily Denver mandhandled him was troubling to see if he is being considered.

But in the end as always it coems down to dollars and availability...

I really would prefer Gerhart after Tate to Blount.


Grimes wouldnt even answer the phone for 4-5 mil.

Ellerbe and Wheeler 2 worst linebackers here since Jay Brophy and Jackie Shipp and that's not an easy task to achieve.

blount ran 4
a billion yds the week

Yes, the draft is in May. That Goodell even found a way to f that up.

signal, I am talking cap hit, no salary - Omar Kelly said 4 year $32M deal would do it for Grimes. Considering his age - I think that's fair.

Now it's known on long term deals, year one is lower than all the other years....


If Grimes signed a multiyear deal. His year one salary would be a small cap hit, due to signing bonus. I think that is what Mark is thinking

Steve Ross, move your circus to London and stop embarrassing S Fla.

The Bucs got their first win by humiliating the Phins with a lower than average rookie QB.

They lost most of their games by a TD or less.

The Tampa sports media expects them to make the playoffs in 2014 assuming they can upgrade their QB via the draft or otherwise.

The Bucs W-L record had nothing to do with lack of talent. It was all onMorris and Schiano and their staffs.


That's right fellas starting at noon today I will only post positive comments about the Phins for 24 hours; after that I will return to my true self.

So, January we have the playoffs

february the Super Bowl/Combine

March - Free agency

April - pro days

may - Draft

June OTAs

July - Camp

August - preseason

September - football

NFL is all year round...

Hickey = Biggest Loser

Bleacher Report - predicts Byrd should get a 5 year $34M contract ... I'd do it...

Alex Mack - 5 years, $36M, sign him up...

Posted by: promichael | January 28, 2014 at 07:07 AM

good points....

and i really do feel the leauge should look into the Caserio thing..

why did Bellecheat send him here? He knows we are not firing Philbin. they should loose draft picks at least for this prank.

I am joining Mando's jihad against the infidels Aponte, Philbin and ross. He has convinced me they are evil.

3. I heard Dawn turned down Ireland for the Soliai extension? Was she worried she was gone have another Wheeler/Ellerbe type deal, that would go south?

Posted by: Rdubs | January 28, 2014 at 11:15 AM


I haven't commented a whole lot about Aponte or even on the whole structure thing because there are enough people commenting on it.

Your statement above about her turning down Ireland on the Soliai deal brings up a good point though, if true.

Someone on the football side imo needs to be the head dog in charge of blessing a contract.

Capologist became fashionable for teams to figure out ways to stay under the cap and still get people signed. They weren't necessarily brought in to make every contract perfect.

They are going to be situations where just getting someone signed rather you have to overpay or not is for the better of team.

IMO Dawn shouldn't be the one making that call.

Bleacher Report - predicts Byrd should get a 5 year $34M contract ... I'd do it...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 28, 2014 at 11:27 AM

Alex Mack - 5 years, $36M, sign him up...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 28, 2014 at 11:28 AM

go for it Fins....

What posistion does Byrd play?

Destrution and Doom is awaiting the Dolphin franchise. An evil woman has put Steven Ross in an evil trance. She controls him and anyone who comes here with her evil red hair DON'T COME HERE ....You will fail.. you will fail... you will fail.

Mando My Master, I got this out to all the GM canidates the Dolphins wanted to and did interveiw. Except that Hickey guy. I couldn't find his email address.

What posistion does Byrd play?

Posted by: Ray McDonald | January 28, 2014 at 11:53 AM


Wait till my season ticket suckers ahhhhhh (i mean holders) find out about the 2014 price increase....hehehe


I found a website that might give you a little woodie. Thats if you havent already been there. Overthecap.com Lots of numbers for you

I don't know how Aponte can turn down Ireland ona contract extension. She reports to the GM... I doubt it happened like that..

Mando said theyused to play good cop bad cop and Ireland proabbly thought Soliai's camp price was too high.

I think of all the free agents - the Dolphisn can be the most patient with Soliai. There is a glut of quality free agent Dts on the market.

I know the site rdubs, pretty good. Spotrac.com is pretty good too.

bleacher report also suggesting Albert at 5 years, $36

Grimes at 4 years 26m

Talib at 4 years, 22

No reason the Dolphins shouldn't be very active in upper level free agency. Tampa has doen this for two years now running and they've never had the cap space we have - Hickey and if Dominik joins him should be like Tyrone Biggums at the Free Crack Party...

Posted by: Dollfan Rick | January 28, 2014 at 11:44 AM

I think it was reported after D Hickey was hired that he has final say on all matters of the cap.

We have 9 mill allocated to our oline next year.

Mark, Donald Penn is not listed as a FA, why do you think he will be available?

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Rdubs, theory that they didn't think he was playing up to hsi $7M price tage and he is one guy they can cut and save almost the entire amount. $7m does a lot of damage in free agency.

Not likely to happen but possible...

Walter Camp brought him up as a possible cap cut in his mock draft...

Rick, here it is-

"Now, fake owner Salguero would not have included her in the interview process at all because, as the Dolphins describe it, she will be answering to the GM on salary cap matters going forward."

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/01/this-dolphins-situation-belong-completely-to-ross.html#storylink=cpy

Man is there ever some talent available at tight end too in free agency...

Mandol what do you make of the ol coach we hired? What does this mean for turner ? What's the logic? Please tell us they are getting rid of zac Taylor as well

coastal areas have c food huh?
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arid regions
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just wait 'til eggnew hits
the market mark
then it will sky rocket

John Benton as assistant OL coach? Much too impressive a resume to take that job. Sounds like Jim Turner will be looking for work soon...


Either way we win!

Thanks billcale!

Turner is dead man walking for sure...

He must have been a Sherman guy....

bills trying to keep Byrd:

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills president Russ Brandon sees no reason why last year's stalemate in contract talks with Pro Bowl safety Jairus Byrd would prevent the two sides from reaching a long-term deal this offseason

Philbin thinks Turner is an excellent coach, so Jo has the right to keep him here as long as he wants. Benton will have to show th right perosnality to get along with Philbin though.

I can see Hickey wanting to show he has some balls quite quicly and not let the DawnJoe dominate him from the start. I'll give Hickey a chance, the man deserves that, even though he was the 7th choice.

Ross's first choices have been pretty terrible, so maybe the lower down the pick the better the candidate ? I just hope Philbin doesn't tank the draft against to attack the GM's choices. He can get any with murder at this club thanks to an incompetent Ross, Truly Pathetic.

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Forget the TE's we have Clay who just had one of the best years in TE play in our history with a solid Sims and emerging Egnew, why would you want a TE ?

Look Brandon Albert is there, he should have been on this team last year go get him. I would stay away from signing any of the backs available and go for Brian Orakpo to stop the run. A switch to the 3-4 would allow us to say bye to Starks and use a nice rotation with Paul, Wake, Vernon, Odrick, Shelby and Jordan. Wheeler, Ellerbe, Orakpo and Jenkins would be reasonable, till we can cut ties with Wheeler in 2015. We have two young CB prospects than could still pan out to be great, the sad point is we don't know ?

First pick should go O-line and running back second. A power back like Carlos Hyde would take the pressure of the QB, who is clearly not a guy that can carry the offense or make plays on his own. Other picks can go on OL, FS, ILB and a young QB prospect.

Hickey at least can draft backs.

Only idiots hope the SB is a failure in NY. On another note, at least Pope got to enjoy a Miami SB victory. Last time Miami won a SB I was only 7.

...and Mando got his coffee for years.

That's why he has this job he's under qualified for.

I can not blame Ross for stadium Florida people did not want to support the money from taxes it would take to help renovate the stadium. There are other cities that pay for a brand new stadium just to get a team.

Ed Pope - the "genius" who when asked how he felt about the WIBC National Tournament when it was held in Miami - referred to it as "marbles for grown-ups." What an idiot!!!

Mr Edwin Pope, right up there with the legends like Jim Murray, Shirley Povich.
A Miami guy, a class act, and one of the best ever.
Mr Pope, order some excellent Cuban food, have a good cigar, a bottle of wine, turn on the 50" screen, sit back and enjoy your "year off."
God bless.

Hip, Hip and a big salute to Pope...Enjoy the game on TV this year, you've earned it!

He probably could not stomach one more bad hotdog!

Long live the Pope!

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