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Dolphins turned Caserio into Manchurian candidate

For two days -- on Friday and Saturday -- the Dolphins graciously and eagerly hosted Nick Caserio in interviews to fill their general manager job. The New England Patriots director of player personnel met with and glad-handed the people that are supposed to be the best and the brightest the Dolphins have, including owner Stephen Ross. And while the Miami hierarchy tried to learn about this candidate as they considered him for their opening, it now becomes quite clear they didn't learn nearly enough.

They didn't learn that even as they were becoming comfortable with Caserio, he wasn't getting quite so cozy with them.

They didn't know that as they were seeing him in the Dolphins future he wasn't sharing their vision and probably never really intended to be part of that future -- based on the fact, as the NFL Network reported Saturday night, no one with the rival Patriots organization believed Caserio was truly serious about leaving to Miami.

They didn't know that as they were opening themselves up to Caserio -- sharing whatever institutional proprietary insights one unveils in such meetings -- he was simply taking it in and getting ready to carry it back to mother New England.

And so when the Dolphins offered their latest candidate the job on Saturday all they actually did was empower a Manchurian candidate.

Caserio no only turned down the Dolphins but seemingly used them to get a raise or promotion in New England. He turned down Miami, as the Patriots thought he would the entire time, and dealt the Dolphins something of an embarrassing rejection.

(For those keeping count of Dolphins rejections during this search: At least four candidates turned down intial interview requests. One finalist turned down a second interview. And the Manchurian candidate turned down the job.)

What's next? Brian Gaine, who's worked for the Dolphins for six years under Jeff Ireland, is offered the job and he quits on the spot?

Yes, that's a joke. A bad one. It's called gallows humor.

And if you think this situation is not worthy of mocking consider the past month ...

Needing one win to make the playoffs the Dolphins get shut out by the division's last-place team then show an alarming amount of regression in getting spanked by a team they had utterly dominated only a few weeks before.

After meetings and negotiations and much flying on his helicopter, Ross decides he wants to demote general manager Jeff Ireland. Ross had to offer a demotion because he had told Ireland multiple times this season his job was safe -- including only days before proposing the demotion. So Ireland declines this wonderful offer and gets a seven-figure settlement to mutually agree to part ways with the Dolphins.

Then we find out Ireland and coach Joe Philbin and executive VP Dawn Aponte weren't playing nice together much of the season. Oh, Philbin and Aponte were on the same page, but they were squarely aligned against Ireland. Office politics come to life in the NFL.

Then Ross asked Philbin to do what everyone on the planet knew needed done and get rid of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman because the Miami offense was about as effective as a Band-Aid for treating a gunshot wound much of the season and particularly during the playoff push that fizzled. And Philbin resisted! He didn't want to fire his friend Sherman.

Obviously, someone convinced Philbin to pull the trigger or perhaps Sherman volunteered to go -- who knows and who cares. But the fact the head coach didn't see the problem about 5,498,396,992 other people saw speaks volumes.

Following so far? We haven't even gotten to the pratfalls of the current general manager search yet.

The Dolphins decided they're not going to interview the most experienced people. They didn't interview or even show nterest in Scott Pioli primarily because Carl Peterson, who is Ross's GM whisperer, hates Pioli for what the former Kansas City general manager said about Peterson and did in KC after Peterson was fired there years ago.

Peterson did, however, identify several men he was familiar and comfortable with and brought them in for interviews. Peterson brought in Ray Farmer and Lake Dawson and both were tapped as finalists.

But both did not interview because Farmer became the public face of misgivings about the Dolphins so many others around the NFL share privately: Farmer was uncomfortable with the Dolphins structure and some of the people in that structure.

So everyone else apparently sees something strange about having a general manager, head coach and executive VP answering to no one other than an owner who is absentee. Awesome, so the guy who isn't around decides who is right or wrong when things get sideways -- and for the Dolphins they seemingly always get sideways.

Many NFL people also see this job as one where the new GM is already the odd man out because the head coach and executive VP are already aligned and, by the way, that alliance helped usher out the last GM.

What was it Nick Saban would often say? "The best prediictor of future behavior is past behavior."

Ross, of course, probably doesn't recognize he has a problem. He had the problem in Janaury 2012 when he tried to hoist an unproven general manager on a proven coach and was surprised and disappointed when the proven coach -- Jeff Fisher -- didn't go for it. Fisher turned Ross down cold when he was offered the job.

So did Ross learn? Oh, yes he did, but not the way anyone with sense would hope.

Ross obviously understood that attempting to hoist an unproven coach on a proven GM would not fly this time. So rather than solve the problem on the front end by eliminating the unproven coach or offering a proven GM authority over the unproven coach, the owner went for this backended solution:

Let's hire an unproven GM who will accept the unproven coach. After all, it worked when he hired the unproven coach to go with our last unproven GM.


What Ross obviously didn't count on is that his organization now has a reputation league-wide and it is not good, folks.

The team's repuation took a hit when Ross embarrassed himself during the Jim Harbaugh chase in 2011.

The team's reputation was cracking when Ross wanted to hire a superstar head coach in 2012 but Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden waved off overtures and Fisher turned down the job.

The Dolphins' reputation was already fractured when Peyton Manning wouldn't return their calls and the team had to beg Dan Marino to call Manning to ask please, please, please take a meeting with the team during his free agency derby.

And the Dolphins' reputation is totally broken now, as people most fans didn't even know weeks ago -- such as Farmer and now Caserio -- blow off Miami's best attempts to hire them.

Many people would say it's amazing Ross, a man who made a fortune in real estate, simply cannot close for the Dolphins. But it's not really unexpected. He's never going to land great people as long as he continues the habit of hiring inexperienced and unproven people and giving them contract extensions, promotions or his undying loyalty after they fail.

But don't worry. All is not lost.

Later today or tomorrow the Dolphins will hire a general manager. And, of course, he will be the man the Dolphins wanted all along, the right candidate.

Never mind that the team already tried to hire the Manchurian candidate.


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Ross "is never going to land great people as long as he continues the habit of hiring inexperienced and unproven people"

For God sake Armando, it's Bill Parcells and his freaking protégés who have sabotaged this franchise during the last 6 years.

Hiring experienced guys is not the magical recipe for success.

By the way, don't cry over Caserio. The last few years, NE has been average at best at drafting and landing good FA.

What's really amazing about NE is their capacity to plug mediocre players or misfits into their system and make it work.

But's that's on Bellichick and the coaching staff, not on the personnel department.

Just sign that Titans guy and move on.

The entire structure of this team is backwards and insane. They keep doing the same things, with different lipstick, and think we don't see that their structure is that same old pig! The best hope for the fans now is for Ross to lose his butt and sell to someone with football sense. That may take years since they seem to have an endless supply of lipstick!


After reading this I'm starting to believe that both Ross and Peterson are not qualified for their roles with the Miami Dolphins. I was curious about Miami not interviewing Pioli and that was answered. Well Peterson allowing his personal human emotions to embrace a business decision that he was hired as a consultant to undertake; tells me one thing he is not going to help Ross hire the right candidate!

Nick Savane,

Yes the Bill Parcells tree of people are hurting this Franchise. Moreover Parcells was a hof coach due to his assistant Bill Belichick. Parcells was a horrific NFL executive who created a cap mess without creating a winning organization with good player personnel acquisitions.

Like I said on the last blog.

My Dolphin colored glasses getting very blurred. It's impossible to stay behind this team.

Why do you give your cap specialist as much power as the GM??

I can get the coach or at least some coaches but not the cap person.

Ross and this group just can't get out of the way of themselves. They should have made a decision on one of the 3 after Farmer bailed but they just had to take another opportunity to get egg on their faces.

I think you just have to blow it all up now. Clean house and start from scratch. Evidently should have done it from the start.

Mando great article.

I still want to know if Xander was turned down by Ross/DawnJoe ? If so it really just adds to the state the Dolphins are under this group of inadequates.

Xander has a great pedigree and would offer us the services of a man working as a key member of one of the best organisations in sports. I believe you 100% when you say we may well have the worst reputation in the NFL. No-one would want to come here and have Ross be guided by DawnJoe and Petersen waiting in the wings.

Ross is like so many other billionaires. Deluded to think that they can transfer their skills from their core business to something completely different.

There are no solid GM candidates that would agree to sit with no say on who the HC will be. I would also state that a new GM would fire Philbin and put Dawn on a one year contract and see if she gets over Philbin sacking, who the hell is she to decide if a 15-17 coach should stay ?

Its a shame that already with DawnJoe, Coyle and Thill at the key positions in this club our 2014 season looks destroyed before it has begun. No way Thill gets used to the new system that Lazor wants to run, or fixes his complete inability to play the position, other than hit quick out passes. No way Philbin ditches his index card method of coaching, or Coyle learns how to play bump and run or stop people on 3rd and 10 all season.

Pathetic Organisation from top to bottom.

I'm a lifelong dolphin fan from Connecticut (grew up loving Marino), surprisingly, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of the same type of dolphin fans up this way. It's hard enough defending this team based solely on their records and not being in positions to compete in the playoffs but what I've seen since Ross has taken full ownership is a complete and unmitigated disaster. It almost seems like the entire league knew all about Ross prior to him becoming owner and now are trying to avoid him like the plague. He's coming at this from a business perspective when all along we need an owner that brings heart and passion to his ownership moves. Until he sells this team to someone (Shula/Marino ownership group maybe) we will never gain the respect of the league. How everyone and their brother could know firing the GM only would backfire is beyond pathetic. And as a result I'm boycotting this team until Ross is gone. I've seen enough and I refuse to torture my 3 sons (and 1 daughter) with a failed business model. God, I hope I'm not on the sidelines long...

The stadium will be empty come September.

Geez genius you think so this organization continues to out do themselves in buffoonery !! This is a 30 year tv sitcom run of it's funniest proportions, Gaine is a Ireland protogie Aponte wants to be the face of the franchise. The coach is a village idiot and the owner is a clueless ass-clown, the qb can't throw a deep pass and the talent on this team is mediocre at best. You can't make this stuff up tolks, and don't forget an ignorant and idiotic fanbase that really believes they're a super bowl contender, it's so comical it's sad !!

Left at the ALTER again. Total DYSFUNCTION. Time to BOYCOTT team until Ross is forced to sell. Other owners hate him, no good coaches or GM's want to work for him. This is not the Perfect Season (fake) Dolphins of the 1970's (loooong time agoooo)!

Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:46 PM

Wow I see I have my own Doppelganger Troll trying to be me... ha ha. You will have to work in your fraudulent ways my friend. I have clearly upset another Thill fan, or maybe someone that is hurt by my criticsm of DawnJoe. Glad you had fun.

"Ross out" needs to be ringing around the stadium at all home games next season.

Posted by: promichael | January 26, 2014 at 06:36 AM

Petersen may just as well be the GM. There is so much BS floating around this organisation that any GM candidate won't have a clue where they stand. With all the bitching and back-biting that has been allowed to flourish no-one wants the uncertainty.

Why take your family and reputation to a posioned snake pit like Miami. This method of divide and conquer works well in Real Estate where people get shafted on a daily basis, but sports do not work this way. Ross has created a culture where ability and accountability can be ruled by ones gutless shift of blame.

No one wants DawnJoe Ross. If these two were gone, the GM role would have been sorted weeks ago. Petersen too should take a back seat he is putting people off as much as DawnJoe. If Petersen is such a genius give him the job, or get him to shut up.


Many fans feel the same way.

Ross has shot the beautiful creature that was the 'Dolphin of Miami'. He has slit the creatures throat, after luring it with treasure. After hauling out the guts, heart and mind Stephen Ross has DawnJoe wriggling around the NFL pretending to be alive and real.

Pathetic !!!

Posted by: Marco | January 26, 2014 at 07:09 AM


I agree with some of what your indicating but Aponte is not the issue. She cleaned up the cap mess and was going to be fired by Ireland. Ireland is the root of the issues and the culture that he created. She did what any man would do, protect herself as the bread winner for her large family. If Ross and Peterson can not get a candidate then the perception created by the press, in addition to their own lack of clarity about the position from the start is to blame. The Dolphins need a good talent evaluator no matter what you call the guy in title or the responsibilities that are given to that title.

Not even close to embarrassing. This was a simple play by NE to waste time and make the team look bad. Which of course it already does. ummpphhh is the sound Ross made when kicked in the balls again.

Ross has to man up. Meaning, admit he doesn't squat about football, hire some tool as president and let them screw up for a few years.

And while he is at it...If it is true the employees, Philbin and Aponte, joined forces to get Ireland out of town, then they should go as well. There is no way that I would tolerate any backstabbers that were caught getting away with this nonsense.

The organization is at best appearing to be very dysfunctional. Time to clean house.

And Ross should stop making dumb promises. His only comments should be, "He has a contract through this year. We will negotiate at seasons end if things require adjustment." What a dummy. Never commit to anything in public. Ever. In fact hire Sparono as his spokesman. Nobody will ever know what the Phins are up to.

Or he could pay me a couple of mill a year to screw up all of his real estate holdings. If he loves bankruptcy so much.

The Phins are a train wreck. And we all come here slow down, make a comment and drive off. No wonder he can't sell tickets. Nobody who knows what they are doing want to get out of their cars and apply first aid.

How is it Ross's fault if the guy was just using the interview as a bargaining tool with the Patriots from the outset? Its not a knock on Miami, its a knock on Caserio's integrity, they will move on and hire the next guy in line, not a big deal.

Lets quote Nick Saban! he did sooo much for this organization and a flat out liar! I used to support your columns Armando now just about everything you write makes me sick, can't wait for the next round of incognitogate!

1. He should have cleaned house

2. IF he did not want to clean house and keep Dawn and Joe, promote Gaine from the get go.

The answers were so easy

They need a bold move. Sign Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas or Marino as GM. They can then hire their own personal talent evaluator to help them make decisions on draft / evaluating / trades, etc... the bickering and uncertainty would stop immediately. Philbin and aponte wouldn't dare stand opposed (in public or private) to any of those 3 dolphin icons. If the team turns it around ,all is well and everyone keeps their job but if not, firing Philbin after a third consecutive losing season would be an easy call leaving the door open to them being able to pick someone from the inside (connected) circuit of the nfl elite. Fans , I think , would love seeing/hearing from Marino or Taylor or Zack Thomas again on an everyday basis. Plus we'd know they were bringing passion to their decision making.only way they can turn this around in short order. If they don't and they just hire Gaine, then you KNOW it's a one year stop gap until they clean house next year. Which is fine, but then you're talking about another 4-5 years before that new leadership will have their personal people in place as well as the players they wanted. And we all know there's no guarantee that would work. This team is close , 4-5 smart moves in the off-season and we're there. I'm sick of waiting!!!

The hell is going on down there??!!

Ross is getting it in his Disney's Goofy face for keeping coach undertaker & the redheaded s--t stirrer.
Ross has no one left to blame now but himself! He has destroyed the last segments of a once proud reputation.

Somewhere in South Florida, Jeff Ireland is choking on his popcorn, laughing so hard at the circus that is his old employer.

It was funny at first. Then it got a little troubling. Now it's just plain sad. Like they tell Americans travelling abroad, I say to ALL Dolfans, do not bring attention to yourself. Don't show your colors in public, for you now are the face of complete incoherence and dysfunction.

I DARE any homer to try and play off this mess as "nothing to see here."

Steven Ross ='s Jerry Jones. both are lame.

Posted by: promichael | January 26, 2014 at 07:19 AM

Look Dawn may well be fine, its the relationship she has with Philbin and the fact she stuck the knife in Ireland that is keeping people away. I am also against women working so close to the team. I know its completely chauvinistic to say that women shouldn't have a job in the NFL, so I won't. But any women or man working in an environment where there is a 98% majority to the opposite sex, have to tread carefully. The old boys laughing and joking are gone and every word spoken is with a measured. People become very guarded and don't get too close. Women in the NFL, is

Also the Bullygate mess is still hanging over this club like a bad seem. It happened on Philbins watch, he failed to see any of this stuff or take action. When RI's golf shot went to the wrong hole he should have been all over that. The 'good guy', label he likes to dress himself in is completely false. Philbin is a weak man and coach, he put his friendship with ~Sherman way over his relationship with this team. I would have fired him after this season was finished. There are far too many problems on this team while DawnJoe is here, why do you think we are being rejected so often ?


if you were paying attention at all, or had a memory span greater than an insect, you would realize that Pioli is Parcells son-in-law and that since Parcells was bad blood here, they aren't going to bring in his family. duh. let's not forget Pioli did nothing in KC but pay loser Casell like he was a superstar qb.

i'll bet the media could convince you the earth was flat if they tried.

Well, who needs the illegitimate offspring of Marty Feldman & Mike Tomlin’s insemination samples mopped off a floor after some 3rd world processing center dropped them? Caserio can take his ‘crazy eyes’ back to NE & spy for the Pats, with marbles like those who needs binoculars or cameras?
PERCEPTION around the league is that Ross is ‘bumbling’ at every turn – WTF is Peterson ‘advising’ him on? Every decision he makes results in poorer perception. That filters to players….thats why we have to way overpay the Mike Wallace’s of the world & lose out on the Ryan Clark’s for example.
Things are about as dysfunctional in their FO as any in modern day sports. That certainly is the perception. When the ‘structure’ of a billion dollar company essentially says its three most influential people are to report to a boss that has absolutely ZERO football acumen or business sense regarding this investment & has been ‘advised’ in such about as poorly as one in that position could be (especially considering the resources he could easily have around him – whatever happened to that all-star advisory group?), it just wreaks of dysfunction & a rotting from the inside out that nobody wants any part of. There’s no plan, no structure that would command respect or integrity or trust…. Gamble, DeCosta, Farmer, Licht, Caserio – who knows what they’d have brought to the table with the shackles being dangled over their heads (which ultimately led to their distaste in coming here)? Every day we wake up waiting to hear ‘The Ear’ has screwed up something else. Sell Ross…get out now before you run this organization into becoming the worst investment you have EVER made – your'e ignorance in this arena is only outweighed by your undeniable dysfunctional diligence - your’e teetering on losing multi-millions partner (I think you've already 'closed that deal'). Cut yer losses & GTF outta South Florida – PLEASE!!!

J.Ireland was a good G.M. he just had an eye for below average to mediocre tslent at best. This a franchise which always chosen good character over superior talent all the time. Until this team begin to draft 7-10 yearly pro bowl-all nfl talented players, this team will always be between 4-12-9-7 at best=MEDIOCRITY AT BEST !!


Get off your phobia of successful women. It was Ireland that tried to get Dawn fired first. What should she have done? Cried? Ran away? No, she stood her ground and competed. If she was your daughter you'd be proud, but if she was your wife you would be humiliated that she is a stronger and more effective person that you!

The dolfins is nothing but a tax write off for rossy, he could care less. He needs to get a few more laughs and try to interview bellycheat for gm or the fat tuna.


Posted by: More proof Marco is a Foolco | January 26, 2014 at 08:15 AM

No your wrong.


Ross should give this whole fiasco a rethink. This has gone much worse than expected. It's not really that surprising to me. Should have never demoted/fired Ireland. That was unwise and misguided.

Here's what Ross is not seeing no one wants to put their name on this team and say this is their team when it has been poorly coached...so to offer a GM such limited power is a huge mistake and unattractive.

Here's some free leadership 101...Mr Ross. Let this sink in...You can lead people around you to a consensus but a consensus can never lead people. Someone has to have final say. Put someone in charge of all of it..Philbin, Aponte, the roster, scouting, business....all of it. Stop this madness now!

Ross, "Please send coach into my office."

Coach Lurch (emotionless), "You raaaaang?"

Ross, You know I kept you because you remind me of myself. Nice and bland."

Coach Lurch, "Uuuuurgh."


Get off your phobia of successful women. It was Ireland that tried to get Dawn fired first. What should she have done? Cried? Ran away? No, she stood her ground and competed. If she was your daughter you'd be proud, but if she was your wife you would be humiliated that she is a stronger and more effective person that you!

Posted by: More proof Marco is a Foolco | January 26, 2014 at 08:15 AM

It was reported here and other sites that Ireland tried to get her fired in 2012. So Ireland couldn't get along with two different HC's and the apologist. Ireland thinks he is Napolean. He should have been canned years ago. We should thank Dawn and Philbin for exposing Ireland for what he is, a ratffuk.


Get off your phobia of successful women. It was Ireland that tried to get Dawn fired first. What should she have done? Cried? Ran away? No, she stood her ground and competed. If she was your daughter you'd be proud, but if she was your wife you would be humiliated that she is a stronger and more effective person that you!

Posted by: More proof Marco is a Foolco | January 26, 2014 at 08:15 AM

Punk'd, that's what this is. We are all on Punk'd. I know Kutcher will come in any time now and let us off the hook.

Dear Mr. Ireland, we're sorry.


Dolphins Fans

u cant make this garbage up. rock bottom, worst organization in pro sports. least nowhere to go but up, but that will take years. hopefully 10 years down the road they can start to recover with new franchise after this joke of one moves to london

Agent Belichick stikes again!!

They almost had Caserio until he heard about the mandatory Friday afternoon sessions with Dawn
that included whips, chains and handcuffs.


Ross is an absolute failure as a team owner. He has not made one good decision yet and maybe he never will. Forget about GM's and coaches. The team will go nowhere until Ross gives up the team. He is out of his element.

Jack Adams, that is the most stupid suggestion on this page. Marino was a position in the organization and relinquished it because he was more comfortable working 6 months out of the year and getting paid the same he would have by the Fins. Why would you think Zach and Jason have the experience and knowledge to be GM's. Come on, BOLD????? No. Stupid, YES.

Just like Ireland was preventing good coaches from coming, now forcing Philbone on a GM is keeping them away. Ross can't even learn from his mistakes.

Too many chiefs and not enough indians? Yep no idea why Philbin, Aponte and the rest are untouchable to the GM. That's dumb...allow me to define for you Mr. Ross the title of "general" manager because in simple terms they manage everything...Hello?

Now Mr. Ross stop asking why is this job unattractive to quite a few people...probably couldn't even get Ireland to step back into this mess.

tnhillbilly, Tax right off, are you kidding me, a tax right off. You don't pay 1.1 billion and expect to loose money to create a deduction of 20% of income. Please learn accounting 101.

so sad that he thinks kepping philbin is worth losing legit gm candiates. philbin is horrible, and i still remember most ripping me in here for calling for his head months ago.

Here's how it will go: Gaine will be promoted to GM. Ross will say something like, "we had to do our due-diligence. But all along internally we knew Brian was our leading candidate. He's familiar with the team, leading the personnel department in recent years"...blah, blah, blah.

And there will be a roar of laughter in the room when he says that. Brian Gaine will strain to not chortle through his smile. Why? Because he (and everyone watching this train wreck) know that he's not the first, second or even third choice. He's basically the only possible choice left.

Let's rehash: Miami was quite interested in Licht (who eventually took the Tampa Bay job). So much so that they contacted him to be a finalist (and some reports say was offered the job). I believe he would have publicly been offered the job if he came for that interview. That's 1. Then Ray Farmer, all along we were told he was the front-runner (being a protégé of Carl Peterson, the man Ross tasked to aid him in this search). Farmer was asked back for a finalist interview, and it seemed that was the last step before him being offered the job...and he rejected the interview. That's 2. Then this guy Caserio. He whizzed through the process, didn't take any amount of time these other guys got, and yet was STILL thrusted to frontrunner. He was actually OFFERED the job...and he rejected it. That's 3.

All that's left now is the scrap-heap. 2 guys obviously underwhelmed (one guy was rejected for another GM opening he applied for) and then the in-house candidate that's trying to eliminate the stench on him from being part of the last GM's team.

And Brian Gaine is going to have to somehow turn this embarrassing negative into a positive. Yes, if the team remarkably succeeds next year they can turn to the league and give everyone the middle finger and brag and boast. But, c'mon, this is the Miami Dolphins. The more likely scenario is this search is just symbolic of the fractured nature of this franchise, and we'll probably be here next season at the same time doing the exact same thing (searching for the next GM/HC/Football czar).

dc its auto that we are here again next year searching for a legit gm and letting him actually hire his own coach, well at least i hope you really cant predict just how dumb ross can become. everyday he tops himself

What I hate is that this dysfunction at the top has to crack the confidence of the players. These guys read. They know that several candidates, guys who werent necessarily the cream of the crop, did not want a PROMOTION to come to the Dolphins. What does that say about the Dolphins as an organization?

Everyone knows that players have to have confidence in what is going on around them before they really commit to doing the best that they can. It's called "buying into the program." I just done think the players are going to buy into this "gang that cant shoot straight."

Normal people may not pay 1.1 billion but rossy is far from normal, so he's doing a good job of it, losing money, games, and any respect he might have had in the nfl. Sounds and looks like he really cares if the dolfins win or not. I don't need accounting to see what is going on, some people just need to open their eyes.

Ross is setting the team up for a complete overhaul next year. My question is this, why waste a year? Why not flush the toilet now>

Ross could call caserio today and offer him complete control. One phone call. The hell with what he promised Philbone, this is big business.

I have been a dolphin fan since 1974. I was a boy then, and remember the proud jaw and classic demeanor of don Shula prowling the side lines. I loved the defense back then, and then loved the firepower of the Marino offense even more. Flew from Connecticut to Miami to see games as I started to make money after college. Bought merchandise galore. Watched every game I could. Was proud to be a member of the Dolphin nation.
And then the last decade came and went. Jimmy Johnson muzzled Marino, then left when he didn't want to work hard anymore. He cursed us with Wannstedt, who took a very good team and sunk it because he couldn't coach. Nick Saban came in, passed on Drew Brees, and then left after lying to the world about his intentions. Cam Cameron and the Ted Ginn debacle. Then Sparano, Ireland, and the terrible drafting. And now this. We are now at the bottom of the barrel, a joke around the NFL. Cursed with an owner who doesn't have even the slightest sense of organizational structure. An owner who rewards mediocrity and backstabbing. Rejected by Harbaugh, Manning, Fisher, and a score of GM candidates who would rather retain the current, lesser positions than come to franchise that was once a jewel of the league.

Disgusting. Disheartening. Gut wrenching.


Get off your phobia of successful women. It was Ireland that tried to get Dawn fired first. What should she have done? Cried? Ran away? No, she stood her ground and competed. If she was your daughter you'd be proud, but if she was your wife you would be humiliated that she is a stronger and more effective person that you!

Posted by: More proof Marco is a Foolco | January 26, 2014 at 08:15 AM

Posted by: Obviously. Good call. | January 26, 2014 at 08:36 AM

To the feminist Dolphin fans. Sorry darling if I hurt your feeelings, but I would like the club to be run by men.

Carry your arguement out to its conclusion then. Why not have the HC as a woman ?

You accurately summed up Ross and the Dolphins GM search. Right now it appears that the three people that are still in the running are the least qualified. Dennis Hickey's ability can be best summed up by the drafting of Josh Freeman as their starting QB. What were the Bucs thinking? Lake Dawson's talents are exemplified by the less than mediocre record of the Titans and their selection of Jake Locker as their QB. Finally, Brian Gaine's talents can be summarized by the following: Jonathan Martin, Mike Gillislee, Dion Jordan, Dallas Thomas, etc. What a bunch of unqualified candidates! Mind-boggling! Pathetic!

I called it last night this guy used us to get a raise and Ross is a big time sucker now his credibility is lower than low no one takes this guy serious he is killing this franchise I said it ,the league should step in and make him sell he's a total joke

Harbaugh was never coming here no matter what. He was staying local in California for a better organized team better stocked with talent. Did he come here for an interview? No. Ross chased him down in his private jet thinking he could just buy him. Peyton was never coming either, no fault of Ross. Peyton didn't know any of the people here, he said he needed to be comfortable with people he already knew to take a final shot.

So Harbaugh and Peyton were never coming period.

Make mangini the gm now stop the bleeding

We look real bad here everything people are saying about this franchis is true

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