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Dolphins turned Caserio into Manchurian candidate

For two days -- on Friday and Saturday -- the Dolphins graciously and eagerly hosted Nick Caserio in interviews to fill their general manager job. The New England Patriots director of player personnel met with and glad-handed the people that are supposed to be the best and the brightest the Dolphins have, including owner Stephen Ross. And while the Miami hierarchy tried to learn about this candidate as they considered him for their opening, it now becomes quite clear they didn't learn nearly enough.

They didn't learn that even as they were becoming comfortable with Caserio, he wasn't getting quite so cozy with them.

They didn't know that as they were seeing him in the Dolphins future he wasn't sharing their vision and probably never really intended to be part of that future -- based on the fact, as the NFL Network reported Saturday night, no one with the rival Patriots organization believed Caserio was truly serious about leaving to Miami.

They didn't know that as they were opening themselves up to Caserio -- sharing whatever institutional proprietary insights one unveils in such meetings -- he was simply taking it in and getting ready to carry it back to mother New England.

And so when the Dolphins offered their latest candidate the job on Saturday all they actually did was empower a Manchurian candidate.

Caserio no only turned down the Dolphins but seemingly used them to get a raise or promotion in New England. He turned down Miami, as the Patriots thought he would the entire time, and dealt the Dolphins something of an embarrassing rejection.

(For those keeping count of Dolphins rejections during this search: At least four candidates turned down intial interview requests. One finalist turned down a second interview. And the Manchurian candidate turned down the job.)

What's next? Brian Gaine, who's worked for the Dolphins for six years under Jeff Ireland, is offered the job and he quits on the spot?

Yes, that's a joke. A bad one. It's called gallows humor.

And if you think this situation is not worthy of mocking consider the past month ...

Needing one win to make the playoffs the Dolphins get shut out by the division's last-place team then show an alarming amount of regression in getting spanked by a team they had utterly dominated only a few weeks before.

After meetings and negotiations and much flying on his helicopter, Ross decides he wants to demote general manager Jeff Ireland. Ross had to offer a demotion because he had told Ireland multiple times this season his job was safe -- including only days before proposing the demotion. So Ireland declines this wonderful offer and gets a seven-figure settlement to mutually agree to part ways with the Dolphins.

Then we find out Ireland and coach Joe Philbin and executive VP Dawn Aponte weren't playing nice together much of the season. Oh, Philbin and Aponte were on the same page, but they were squarely aligned against Ireland. Office politics come to life in the NFL.

Then Ross asked Philbin to do what everyone on the planet knew needed done and get rid of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman because the Miami offense was about as effective as a Band-Aid for treating a gunshot wound much of the season and particularly during the playoff push that fizzled. And Philbin resisted! He didn't want to fire his friend Sherman.

Obviously, someone convinced Philbin to pull the trigger or perhaps Sherman volunteered to go -- who knows and who cares. But the fact the head coach didn't see the problem about 5,498,396,992 other people saw speaks volumes.

Following so far? We haven't even gotten to the pratfalls of the current general manager search yet.

The Dolphins decided they're not going to interview the most experienced people. They didn't interview or even show nterest in Scott Pioli primarily because Carl Peterson, who is Ross's GM whisperer, hates Pioli for what the former Kansas City general manager said about Peterson and did in KC after Peterson was fired there years ago.

Peterson did, however, identify several men he was familiar and comfortable with and brought them in for interviews. Peterson brought in Ray Farmer and Lake Dawson and both were tapped as finalists.

But both did not interview because Farmer became the public face of misgivings about the Dolphins so many others around the NFL share privately: Farmer was uncomfortable with the Dolphins structure and some of the people in that structure.

So everyone else apparently sees something strange about having a general manager, head coach and executive VP answering to no one other than an owner who is absentee. Awesome, so the guy who isn't around decides who is right or wrong when things get sideways -- and for the Dolphins they seemingly always get sideways.

Many NFL people also see this job as one where the new GM is already the odd man out because the head coach and executive VP are already aligned and, by the way, that alliance helped usher out the last GM.

What was it Nick Saban would often say? "The best prediictor of future behavior is past behavior."

Ross, of course, probably doesn't recognize he has a problem. He had the problem in Janaury 2012 when he tried to hoist an unproven general manager on a proven coach and was surprised and disappointed when the proven coach -- Jeff Fisher -- didn't go for it. Fisher turned Ross down cold when he was offered the job.

So did Ross learn? Oh, yes he did, but not the way anyone with sense would hope.

Ross obviously understood that attempting to hoist an unproven coach on a proven GM would not fly this time. So rather than solve the problem on the front end by eliminating the unproven coach or offering a proven GM authority over the unproven coach, the owner went for this backended solution:

Let's hire an unproven GM who will accept the unproven coach. After all, it worked when he hired the unproven coach to go with our last unproven GM.


What Ross obviously didn't count on is that his organization now has a reputation league-wide and it is not good, folks.

The team's repuation took a hit when Ross embarrassed himself during the Jim Harbaugh chase in 2011.

The team's reputation was cracking when Ross wanted to hire a superstar head coach in 2012 but Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden waved off overtures and Fisher turned down the job.

The Dolphins' reputation was already fractured when Peyton Manning wouldn't return their calls and the team had to beg Dan Marino to call Manning to ask please, please, please take a meeting with the team during his free agency derby.

And the Dolphins' reputation is totally broken now, as people most fans didn't even know weeks ago -- such as Farmer and now Caserio -- blow off Miami's best attempts to hire them.

Many people would say it's amazing Ross, a man who made a fortune in real estate, simply cannot close for the Dolphins. But it's not really unexpected. He's never going to land great people as long as he continues the habit of hiring inexperienced and unproven people and giving them contract extensions, promotions or his undying loyalty after they fail.

But don't worry. All is not lost.

Later today or tomorrow the Dolphins will hire a general manager. And, of course, he will be the man the Dolphins wanted all along, the right candidate.

Never mind that the team already tried to hire the Manchurian candidate.


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It should come as no surprise that a candidate for the GM position would turn down a job in which he has no input over the future of an existing, questionable head coach. I have less that stellar opinions about Mr. Salguero's writing and the agenda based opinions, often passed as fact, that he fills his articles with. But, he is right on this one. The Dolphins reputation in the NFL world is a lousy one.

There is no doubt that Caserio had nothing to lose by talking to the Dolphins. Guaranteed going in that he already knew what the proposed Miami FO structure was. No doubt that he wasn't going to take a GM-INO position. But, it never hurts to listen. Maybe Miami has the confidence in him to give him the control he feels he needs. And if not, he uses the opportunity to try and increase his paycheck in New England. Everyone should have seen this going in. So it's no surprise that he turned Ross down flat under the circumstances.

BUT ... it's deeper than that. You have Dawn Aponte who aligned with Mangini in Cleveland in 2009 when the writing was on the wall that someone was going to get ousted (Kokinis). And you have Dawn Aponte, now in Miami, who is already entrenched with Philbin. And you are interviewing candidates for GM on the heels of the ouster of Ireland after the Aponte and Philbin alliance was already formed.

This is a potential no win situation for any incoming GM. Things go south and Aponte is already backing Philbin and Ross is already loyal to Philbin and Aponte. Every decision from all 3 individuals that isn't agreed upon has to go through an owner who has no football savvy (and is often absent). It's 2 against 1 when it gets dicey and the 2 are established and loyal to Ross and Ross is loyal to them. If you are coming in as a GM interviewee with some established credibility, you'd have to take a leap of faith to risk your future credibility with the stated organizational structure, the already existing relationships and the history.

To claim that Miami isn't, in the least, potentially "toxic" (as has been claimed to be stated by one "source" and has been generalized by others) would be dishonest. And Toxic is a good term for it.

At this point, would it not just be best for Ross (note, I wrote "best for Ross") just to name Gaine as the new "GM". Lord knows the Dolphins cannot afford another candidate to turn them down. It's not even the next great GM messiahs who are turning down final interviews or the job itself down. These are "maybe" candidates who have said no thanks ... or is it, no way.

... or, just hire Mangini. That would atleast make for continuing entertainment. Aponte has already "bonded" with him in the past. Now she's "bonded" with Philbin. Things would be further guaranteed to go even further south with Mangini and Philbin at their respective helms and Aponte would be running around in circles trying to figure out who to entrench herself with. Entertainment at it's finest, especially for those who enjoy a dark comedy.

marco. dude. stop saying pathetic, you goofball.

Nobody wants the GM because of philbin. He buried the entire last draft class then defended his job by saying the GM didnt do his job. Everyone knows Ireland drafted good players last year. Otherwise they would have no problem workimg with him. Philbin is an average coach and a backstabber to boot. Who would want this setup?

Hire Bill Polian as the GENERAL MANAGER....which means both Aponte and Philbin report to HIM. Problem solved and some sembalnce of self respect is restored. This isn't that damn difficult.

The thing I wonder is...how can any new GM be good enough to overcome the coaching of DC Coyle and maybe Philbin? It surely was not Ireland's fault the team started off 3-0 then took a nose dive and was then in contention for the playoffs and repeated that by choking the last 2 weeks.

Just don't promote gaine. It would add to the embarrassment that they couldn't find anyone outside the organization. Dawson or hickey please!

The Dolphins have become a non-profit community service organization.

When they finally find that wino off the street to take the job. Please Ross don't insult us by saying that "he's the one we wanted all along"! That's talking down to all us peons!!! If he thinks we're that dumb then he's the one that's delusional'!! (Lewis Black uses that word better then I ever could!)

frank from pa. there aren't any supreme talent evaluators available right now. this fact, unfortunately renders your overly verbose post irrelevant.


marco. dude. stop saying pathetic, you goofball.

Posted by: mike louis | January 26, 2014 at 10:17 AM

Why not ?, it sums up my feelings for this regime eloquently.

Thanks for the slur mike.

Armando i think you are being hard on the Dolphins again here, so what if this guy didn't take the job a lot of teams interview people and they don't take the job. But with the Dolphins it is always a big story. You say Cowher and Chuckie didn't want to come here but they didn't go anywhere else either.

While the Dolphins have made mistakes for sure over the years, you always look to bash them when you can and I am not saying they don't deserve it sometimes, but who is to say this guy from NE would have been any good anyways.

It is important they find the right guy and not just someone from a winning organization like Philbin for example. Just because a guy comes from a team that wins doesn't mean he is gonna be your guy, this is why we need a football man to select the next GM instead of Ross , Ross should be a hands off owner.

While it will be tough to find a top notch guy right now because of the structure they should just promote Gaine for now if it doesn't work next year clean house start over a hire a football guy to run the Show, and hire and fire whoever he wants. Ross has made a lot of mistakes but that doesn't mean he can't get it right this time .

He did want Harabaugh he just couldn't get him. It seems the Dolphins over the years just keep missing on awesome players and Coaches as well, Brees , Harabaugh. I think we will struggle next year and then more changes will happen again and this will be the time to bring in a top football guy, I myself would have done it this year.

Dolphins need to get back to running the football and being a physical team and this will lead to more success then the dink dunk west coast offense.

jpoa...pathetic, pathetic, pathetic!!! Yep, a better word then embarrassing. Just wonder if this dysfunction will carry over to the clubs FA's and to FA's that would normally give this franchise a look? Or will the dollar still be the deciding factor?

Even though I like Joe Philbin as a head coach, Stephen Ross made a fatal mistake of keeping him with everyone else employed here. If he would have totally cleaned house (The way it should have been done) every single GM candidate there is (Even Tom Gamble) would have jumped at this job. Unfortunately now we have to hope to win with the scraps, but not all is lost. We still have 1 last good option in Dennis Hickey (with a very good drafting background) that's next on the list. I would be shocked if he isn't named as the new GM by tonight !

All of these "DawnJoe" and "backstabbing" comments are idiotic. The boss asked 3 people to evaluate themselves and the other 2. Obviously, the 2 that felt they had a good working relationship are gonna stick together. Nothing underhanded about that. Also, if I'm Ross I'm looking for Armando's source and sh*t canning them. Most hiring processes at this level are messy. Granted, this seems messier, but remember how Miami "blew it" with McAdoo and Lazor was headed elsewhere? Only later we found out that wasn't true? Let's not forget how Miami "couldn't close the deal with Flynn". Point being, any part of this process can be spun to fit any narrative the reporters choose. There is no impartial reporting on this team. None.


Posted by: Ape Tamer | January 26, 2014 at 10:26 AM

Yes Ape is here, time for some honesty Eh ?

I think it's time for Ross to 'Flip the Franchise'...convert Sun Life into a multi-family dwelling and be done with it.

I say again....

If we had a SURE-FIRE franchise QB on the rise.....GM's would be lining up to TAKE the job...not use it as a stepping stone for their organization....

Jeff Ireland drafting is still hurting us....even as we search for his replacement....

2012..."the FINS took who @ # 8......lol.....he was a 3rd rd pick @ best"......

2013...."the FINS traded up to the # 3 spot to take who with the 3rd pick.....uh-oh.....whats that...or they plan to make him a special teams player with a few plays here or there.....Phew"......

I am beginning to wonder if perhaps we don't have some of the better personnel in the league on our team being drug down by rotten leadership. Wouldn't it be ironic if Jeff Ireland was actually the solution all along and not the problem?

Don't over think this, folks. This isn't brain surgery for God's sake. Hell, I'll take the job. I can scour four or five websites and come up with a draft board remarkably similar to every other team on draft day. I take the best player available, unless it's a need position. The rookie cap insures I haven't overpaid for the young players. I have a cap specialist, so I don't have to waste my time thinking about Free Agent money. Need a FA to fill a position? I'll ask my head coach, then the team's position coach which ones they would like me to pursue. They know who's good in this league. Pay me a seven figure salary to do it? Absolutely.

marco. nothing eloquent about your feelings and you're welcome.

Pretty clear he needs to fire philbin and aponte.

New GM wants his guy.

You know what would work ? move away from hiring a GM altogether & offer to make Bill Polian the team Cezar. Polian likes Joe Philbin & Ryan Tannehill, so it would make sense, although I don't see it happening. Stephen Ross never seems to do things the logical way.

Trying to think of just one other example of 3 way leadership on any NFL team...Anyone else know of a capologist/representative that does NOT report to the GM???

Sorry darling, but male or female forming a posioness alliance with a HC against your GM is not going to attract anyone to this organisation.

... focus on the bigger picture.

Posted by: Marco | January 26, 2014 at 09:39 AM

Nope, I'm not your darling. You are confusing me with Jeff Ireland, the one who can't get along with anyone.

Dawn is not the problem. That is in your head. The problem starts at the top, Ross doesn't know what the hell he is doing, taking the wrong advice and making the wrong decisions at every turn.

You definitely couldn't handle my wife, but I can just fine :)

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | January 26, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Agreed. The new GM would want to build the foundations for his/her dream. Starting out with a weak HC and a questionable at best QB going into a make or break year would take a huge gamble, (no pun intended), making good people baulk at the job.

Ross has hitched his caravan to Philbin, which is a massive risk. Had he not blown the last two critical games this year I would have reluctantly accecpted he deserved another year. We would have made the playoffs and Philbin gets the nod. However the two blowout loses showed us all we need to know, a clueless, emotionless coach with no ability to rally or lead men. He doesn't have it and never will. Hundreds of coaches have displayed more than him and been fired after two seasons. Truly Pathetic.

Promote Gaine? That would be like admitting nobody else will take the job. But then again, that's pretty close to being the truth.

Kris in Germany,

Respected nfl writer Peter king from SI just said the other day that with the right personnel, tannehill could be a top 10 QB for the next 10 years. Tannehill is not the problem. At all!

The new GM doesn't want to be looking for a new job in a year...if it were me I'd stay in Cleveland, NE, Philly too.

2014 to 2014: GM-ish figurehead for the Miami Dolphins

...this is not a resume builder.

marco is truly pathetic

Posted by: More proof Marco is a Foolco | January 26, 2014 at 10:37 AM

I have never said Dawn was the only problem, but her alliance with Philbin to backstab the GM. I am sure your wife is lovely and you are happy so I'll leave that there. My opinion is that no one will come to an organisation which has this culture of mistrust and division.

"Wouldn't it be ironic if Jeff Ireland was actually the solution all along and not the problem?"

Posted by: Chris in the 623


It would be ironic if it wasn't completely false. Ireland couldn't find relevant players in the early rounds of the draft, and made some really bad moves that left units deficient of critical talent year after year, either it was the OL, QB, the secondary, RBs, or the receivers...There was always some area he just didn't properly address that became the achilles' heel for the year.

Picking good football players is tough enough, but even harder when you have one arm tied around your back...That is what any GM candidate would have to agree to if they come to Miami. Hire Dawson or Hickey and turn the page on this embarrassment. I have a sinking feeling however, that Ross is going to try and do something bold...like hiring the first Woman GM in NFL history...Dawn Aponte. As T.O. would say "Get your popcorn ready".


Why is tannehill questionable? Why do you guys not see the things in front of you. With no OL and losing confidence in his OC, He posted double the TDs he did his rookie and had the best statistical season by a Miami QB since Marino in, get this, 1998!!!!

Tannehlll is SO not the problem in Miami!

Tannehill is not chasing GM candidates away, the interviews are.

I just heard THill is stepping down as Head QB. Matt Moore after hearing that was seen back peddling towards the exit.

The sad part is the bleeding probably hasn't stopped. We still have Dickey and Dawson to turn us down.

Plus Ross will probably take the opportunity to make an offer to another big name just to drag us through the mud a little more.

What a joke this once proud franchise has become!!!! Why on earth would you even offer the job to this ass clown from new england in the first place when everybody knows that belechik is running everything from top to bottom including personal. Ross seems totally clueless and misinformed to think that anybody of any statute would take this make beleive gm job. Just another black eye for this organization to endure!!!Im embarresed !!

Frank from PA...not only did Peter King state that but also Pro Football Focus had T-hill ranked as the #7 QB in football. But these people here think they know better...they look so bad.

After the worst season on record for the Miami Dolphins @ 1-15, the organization finally seemed headed in the right direction when they hired Parcells to be be Czar of football operations. Things were looking up. Then Mr. H sold the team to Ross. That's when the trouble began again.

If you watched the NFL Network special about Parcells, you saw where the problem was. Parcells did not like working for "new" owners. The type of owner that Ross is. A successful businessman, that thinks his success will translate to the NFL. Mr H. and Parcells had a great relationship. Very much like his relationship with the Mara family in NY. When Ross came in, Tuna saw the writing on the wall. This guy is not a guy you want to work for.

We will a bottom tier franchise unless one of two things happen:

#1 Ross sells the team

#2 He hires a competent, experienced, and well respected football man, to run this teams football operations. And he at his committees of leadership, and whispering voices butt the F out!

If we had a SURE-FIRE franchise QB on the rise.....GM's would be lining up to TAKE the job...not use it as a stepping stone for their organization....

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | January 26, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Another brilliant comment from the blog idiot. This is like saying if an ugly girl was beautiful she'd have men lining up to take her out.

Kris still doesn't understand elementary school math. There are only 32 teams and maybe 3 franchise qb's every ten years. Not even that is Irelands fault. I hope he still doesn't think Matt Ryan (Can't win with the best receivers in the NFL) is a franchise QB.

Let's review. We have do have a promising young QB, some weapons around him, several draft picks, and plenty of cap space...and nobody wants this gig.

Candidates are interested until they interview?

1. This is the same structure other teams have (the Steelers come to mind).

2. Pioli got hired as an assistant GM in Atlanta, so I guess no team wanted him as their GM. Also he is a Parcells guy. Haven't we had enough of that?

3. Thanks to writers like you, sports coverage and TMZ are starting to look more and more alike.

You may be right Statler, but I will remind you of the phenomenon of players coming to Miami and getting worse and leaving Miami and getting better. Armando has written several blogs about it. Believe me I'm no Ireland supporter but do we really know if his drafts have been any good given the incompetence in the rest of the organization? My eyeballs tell me that Philbin couldn't motivate a starving man to walk to the kitchen and open the refrigerator.

Hollywood...nice to see your up and about. Question: Wouldn't you think that Ross could get what he's looking for by paying the interviewee's double or even more what they're currently making? Seems like he's not talking to the right Ho's! The streets are full of them and you still can't get anyone to take your money?

Oh well. Another black eye, slap in the face. Mr. Ross there will come a time when you see this for what it is. Take off the blinders. Rethink your position when it comes to the front office structure you have been talked into producing. I say talked into because as a CEO who may have to answer to a board, or not, you sir should understand that one person, yes, one person must be in charge and make the decisions that need to be made. Perhaps after continued failure you will realize that the NFL at the team level, operates differently then does the corporate side. You don't need Mr. Peterson whispering in your ear any longer. You sir need to decide what your capologist is there to do. What is coach is responsible for and those persons he hires to build something other teams want to emulate. I am 100% certain that in your real estate business you would not tolerate for one instance any members of your mangement team to align and conspire against others. It sends a terrible message that even money won't fix. Oddly enough, this is what you have created and allowed to fester in your ownership, President and Sr Managing Partnership.

I will repeat this ad nauseum. The NFL, players, and front office management types are an extremely tightnit group. They have seen and heard how a coach and another less significant manager meddled and that outcome resulted in a general manager being fired. Word gets around like it does in every business. It no longer matters if what may have transpired between the HC, capologist, and the GM is true or not. The optic this dysfunction is now being viewed through cannot be simply wiped clean by continuing down the same path. That path, irrespective of your best intentions is now one of mistrust.

From time to time in order to rebuild one must tear the building down to its foundation. From that point it is rebuilt correctly on a stronger foundation then previously exisited. You sir are now at that crossroad. The building known as the Miami Dolphins may survive another year or so, but you can wager your fortune it will not be successful for the long haul.

It's not the 'structure' of this organization, it's the people of this organization!!

I would rather have Jerry Jones as this point, at least he is concerned. Ross looks like deer in head lights, clueless, and he pays people to get him a clue, I can't understand how stupid people have to be to be this stupid.

Posted by: Iowa Phin Fan | January 26, 2014 at 10:29 AM

How blind are you?? Dominatrix Dawn is writing Que cards
for Philbin. Think about that for one minute.... ok did you get any smarter?? wow

Anyone else know of a capologist (I know Aponte does more than this) that does not report to the GM? Someone please tell me how this makes ANY sense?

Great post from your Point of View, Mr.Salguero. Great breakdown.

Just one thing. Don't expect to get anywhere near the people that run the Dolphins. Specially, If Ross reads the blog like he says he does.

The Only thing missing were a couple big eloquent words to describe the incompetence. That would've made the post a masterpiece. It was almost worth framing.

In the past 20 years I have interviewed several hundred people and hired about 200. A very simple but basic approach to hiring is to to find your top candidate and say, "We are very excited about you as a lead candidate but we don't hire anyone who doesn't absolutely want to work for our organization and lead in this position. So, please take an evening (or two) and come back and tell me "I want this position" then and only then will we make you a fair offer."

Ross is a billionaire real estate mogul. He doesn't know how to make people an offer? PATHETIC and INEXCUSABLE!

If we had a SURE-FIRE franchise QB on the rise.....GM's would be lining up to TAKE the job...not use it as a stepping stone for their organization....

Posted by: Kris (in Germany) | January 26, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Another brilliant comment from the blog idiot. This is like saying if an ugly girl was beautiful she'd have men lining up to take her out.

Posted by: Frye (not in Germany, and thankful) | January 26, 2014 at 10:48 AM

How is it Ross's fault if the guy was just using the interview as a bargaining tool with the Patriots from the outset? Its not a knock on Miami, its a knock on Caserio's integrity, they will move on and hire the next guy in line, not a big deal.

Posted by: Eddie4fins | January 26, 2014 at 07:33 AM

I agree somewhat about Ross trying to get a better guy..

this has to hurt Caserio ever getting another interview for a GM job now.

JT....well put! But there are just some people that will, or can't, look behind them and see their mistakes. Ross is a man that's made few in his lifetime, so getting him to own up to or even think for a moment that he's made one is hard to imagine!

do we really want a coach who can't speak informally to the team without Q-cards??? weird!

Left at the ALTER again. Total DYSFUNCTION. Time to BOYCOTT team until Ross is forced to sell. Other owners hate him, no good coaches or GM's want to work for him. This is not the Perfect Season (fake) Dolphins of the 1970's (loooong time agoooo)!

Posted by: Marco | January 25, 2014 at 10:46 PM

Wow I see I have my own Doppelganger Troll trying to be me... ha ha. You will have to work in your fraudulent ways my friend. I have clearly upset another Thill fan, or maybe someone that is hurt by my criticsm of DawnJoe. Glad you had fun.

Posted by: Marco | January 26, 2014 at 07:01 AM

Did it occur to you genius that someone else may be named Marco!!!

I can't believe this structure is that unique to the Dolphins...must be some other intangible...I wonder what that is.

Hey Mando! you forgot to include that he also turned down the Colts in 2012...... you have pushed this dysfunctional thing all year long, give it a rest already!

...Kris-Marco. I think you guys are reaching a bit by saying Tannehill, and his abilities or lack of are one of the reasons a GM would hesitate to come here.

That makes no sense. First. Usually, 90 percent or more of the time. Teams with elite quarterbacks are not searching for GM's. Usually teams with GM voids-usually have either young quarterbacks, or no quarterbacks at all. Tannehill has nothing to do with the search in a negative capacity.

IMO it is more about the coach then the quarterback. I mean the jets GM took a job where at the time the starter was Sanchez, the Rams GM Sneed to his job knowing Sam Bradford was quarterback.

Now if you want to start a debate that says the new GM should draft a quarterback this year. I am all for it. If Tannehill is a guy that you don't completely buy. That is more then a valid concern. But trying to include Tannehill as a reason GM's look at this franchise as a herped lipped stripper is like saying cops never abuse their power.

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