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Tom Gamble not going to interview with the Dolphins

Four days ago the Dolphins asked and received permission to interview Philadelphia Eagles vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble. No interview was set, however.

And no interview is going to happen -- barring a stunning turn of events.

Gamble, considered among the league's best personnel men, has decided he won't interview for the Dolphins job because he is happy in his current role with the Eagles, isn't thrilled about the structure Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has outlined for his football operations, and is confident other opportunities will come along in the future.

Multiple sources familiar with Gamble's thinking say he wants the opportunity to be a general manager but wants the job when he has full power and authority over the roster and has the ability to make a decision over the head coach and other people in the organization.

The Dolphins GM will not have the power to decide the fate of head coach Joe Philbin or others within the organization. The GM, coach and others will report directly to Ross and not each other.

Gamble was apparently puzzled why the Dolphins were already searching for an offensive coordinator with no input from the GM. It should be noted the fallout between former GM Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin had its genesis in Ireland's distaste for offensive coordinator Mike Sherman's work.

The Dolphins today hired Bill Lazor of the Eagles to be the new OC.

That, by the way, is the move that leaves this quickly closing door still slightly ajar. As Gamble knows Lazor, he might be convinced to reconsider the Dolphins if certain interview accommodations are met.

But the Dolphins, I'm told, aren't likely to make such accommodations.

Gamble thus becomes the third GM candidate the Dolphins have contacted that turned down an interview, joining Baltimore's Eric DeCosta and Seattle's Scott McCloughan. The Dolphins request to interview McCloughan was turned down by the Seahawks at his request, according to an NFL source.

The request to interview Gamble will basically just fade into forgotten Dolphins history but it bears mentioning that in failing to even get in front of him, the Dolphins will not be talking to someone highly respected around the league and someone who comes with a very strong recommendation from former Bills, Panthers and Colts general manager Bill Polian. 

Gamble will be an NFL GM someday. Just not in Miami.


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No Evidence

Lazor = Loser

xander or choke

Just give the job to Ray Farmer or Xanders and be done with it. Senior Bowl around the corner...

These are the type of candidates that WILL ultimately end up in a GM position with full control. The Dolphins structure of everyone reporting to (a mostly absent) Ross opens the possibility up of the Dolphins becoming Romper Room. So owner Ross will be making Football based decisions when, for example, the Coach and GM don't agree? ...

again, strong family/history ties to Philly....left SF, a winning/great organization, to go to the Eagles last year.....so almost certainly will wait for an ideal opportunity, and local Philly media didnt think he was ready to leave anyway (just got there)--the Fins situation may have deterred him, but these other circumstances are significant as well.....and maybe more

Darn staight i'm not ruining my career or damaging my reputation in Steve Ross' drowning pool.


and lets not kid ourselves.....I think plenty of guys, good/talented candidates, would jump at the chance to be Miami's GM, but the Fins clearly have taken their PR lumps in the past couple of years....so does it shock anybody that 2 guys from SEA and BALT dont want to leave there, for a shot in Miami?--cant blame them.....good/winning situations, making good coin I'm sure....they can be patient for another opportunity--BUT, doesnt mean we wont have a number of solid candidates to consider/choose from

From last post!

Again, Salguero circumventing his argument to try and make his point. Talk about a real specific stat that is useless. How can you even consider yourself a respected journalist when all you write is sensational propaganda.

Posted by: Dashi | January 15, 2014 at 11:43 AM

I was reading the post that was up this morning:

"Time for Dolphins OC search to make haste"

I was a bit busy and didn't have time to post but thought right off the bat after reading were Mando got the idea we'd be waiting on an of the Coaches alive in the S.B. hunt???

In the NFC both teams play a syle of O that would be a complete departure from anything we do in ours, those teams couldn't be more fundamentally different! The 49ers and Hawks are POWER formation teams that basically use the read option to set you up for the looooong pas play.

While we have the QB (maybe) for it we lack the OL necessary and find it difficult to believe we fix this in one off Season given we can probably sign the LT in Albert while having a SOLID group of Tackles available at pick-19 to plug a day-1 RT from but the interior play is essential when looking to move sideline to sideline and there is were we'll struggle to really improve in 2014, side from a real workhorse RB.

Up front it isn't just SOLID effort but the communication between Pouncey and probably a new set of Guards (If not J.Jerry is back at RG by default) The other 2 teams are an even further departure with the Broncos playing Peyton ball and the ever evolving Pats with Brady. Felt this post by Mando asinine! I thought in all honesty that Philbin was waiting on the Kubiak situation to play itself out with Gary waiting on the H.C. offers before taking Coordinator interviews.

Lazor is a good hire on paper given systems he's been associated with but has NEVER held the post and felt Philbin needing a real turn around on Offense may have been better served with a tenured OC, we will see because he just put his Coaching future in Lazor and the unprepared out Coached (so far) Coyle to weed out success in 2014!

It shouldn't be dismissed lightly that the top three candidates didn't even want to waste their time talking to the Dolphins.

That's on ownership.

Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez 5m

I'm told that new @MiamiDolphins OC Bill Lazor is planning to keep current offensive assistant coaches in place per Joe Philbin's request


Joe Robbie was Arab-Irish. Now there's a rare combination!

Actually, both the Dolphins founders were Arab-Americans. Danny Thomas was Lebanese as well.

"top three candidates" according to who?--you act like thats defined somewhere, certain/agreed upon--by who?

weve seen several times that the well known/accomplished big name, or hot name, or name that everybody is on board with, doesnt always mean much--we hired the god of college gods, Nick Saban, and got squat (besides Jason Allen in Rd 1 and passing on Brees....thanks Nick!)....hired HOFer Parcells, giant amongst men, SB winner, respected by all/most.....and got Ireland and Sparano--dont assume anybody is a "top candidate"....we've seen otherwise


Team roots, John Elway is another guy most people don't know is Arab American. Syrian ancestry. Doug Flutie, too, but I hated that little twerp!

Interesting hire in Bill Lazor. Is he the RIGHT hire? No clue. But it's interesting nonetheless. Not exactly sure what he'll bring to the table. Was his success in Philly the result of Chip Kelly, Shady McCoy and the play of Nick Foles? Probably partially. Hard to measure how much influence Lazor had there. Did he help much when Vick was playing? Not sure.

All of it won't matter if the Dolphins don't great improve the OL and upgrade the run game. They should be looking for the next McCoy in the 2-4th round of the drama and say goodbye to Thomas.....time is up.

I wonder if the incoming G.M. has NO SAY over the H.C. in 2014 (a Yr. of evaluation of the current satff by the new G.M.) with the ability to make adjustments to his Coaching staff in 2015 as was the case with the Jets this Yr. (N.Y. model Ross seems to look to emulate for whatever reason?)

Or if Ross has basically told the candidates hired that the termination and hiring of the Coaching staff is run by him?? I can't believe many would accept this model if indeed the case and if so will an up-n-comer like Farmer even want to attach his future to a job were he lacks the control of something as pivotal as the Coaching staff??

I though it was stated last week that te 2014 Yr. was the one the new G.M. would have to accept the situation he was coming into but now this report is stating that it's not the case4 but that the Coaches report to an out of touch Owner??

I would LOVE for Ross to be very clear on this when he finally makes a hire! Or has the job as offered already been turned down with prospective G.M. 's waiting for Ross to change his stance in negotiations??

Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez 5m

I'm told that new @MiamiDolphins OC Bill Lazor is planning to keep current offensive assistant coaches in place per Joe Philbin's request


Posted by: Rdubs | January 15, 2014 at 01:06 PM

What a joke. Philbins insistence on keeping 2 unproven & underperforming coaches will prevent any OC from coming in & having the best chance to succeed.

A new GM would be dumb to take this job if he can't have control of the coaching staff. Ross doesn't know enough football to hold any department accountable.


Great point as usual. I also found the point asinine.

I said a couple days ago. The Fins are still going to run Philbin Offense what is going to change is the play calling.

Like you said Philbin knows his head is on the line. Why install a whole new offense? He might as well sign his resignation now.

Posted by: Dashi | January 15, 2014 at 01:08 PM

Posted by: General Information (also known as "Who Cares") | January 15, 2014 at 01:04 PM

I read this in the last post. I knew it :) We all feel the same way sometimes but the Dolphins are our team and we bleed the colors. I could tell by your post and words, I've been there myself.

Lazor has already had almost two hours to fix this offense and I've yet to see any improvement.


I actually like the one from Giants I think his name is Marc Ross or something like that. The Giants have a super bowl team but for one reason or antoher they weren't even close this year. If you look at the team's draft history and FA signings they are pretty good. Cruz, Nicks, Prince, JPP, Tuck (debate), etc.. they've always had good enough people so their personnel was obviously doing something right and if he's willing to abide by Ross rules then I think we have a winner.

sorry, these 'carte blance' GM jobs aren't for first-timers.

you can go play w a team like Jax, or whatever.

Ross knows what he wants. that's the job, take it or leave it....I'D TAKE IT.

we need more talent evaluators. our cap "expert" is doing a great job. coach needs one more year.

only guys who get full automony, are like Dungy, etc...Who TF is "gamble"?

sux most of the media bashing comes from local guys.
way to go Mandy. Phins will be phine.


I'm not sure all the coaches report to Ross. That wouldn't make sense. Sounds like the coaches will report to Philbin and Philbin, Aponte and the new GM will report to Ross. That makes some sense.

For dork78,

Perhaps you shouldn't open your big mouth bashing people unless you are aware of what they are talking about.

Now, like I said in the last blog, go get your f-in shine box!

Coughlin: “Very difficult decisions” to fire two assistants

Posted by Darin Gantt on January 15, 2014, 12:56 PM EST

"Tom Coughlin kept his job after a 7-9 season, but his reaction to firing two of his most trusted assistants shows how serious the need for change in the Giants offense was.

The Giants let tight ends coach Mike Pope and running backs coach Jerald Ingram go today, as they remake the offense under new coordinator Ben McAdoo."

And you fail to address that him being unable to hire his own assitants, like the Giants are doing with McAdoo, his hire becomes meaningless.

Posted By: LOL

I did not fail to address it. I said it was ridiculous because coordinators do not hire assistants. What happened was you failed to comprehend English. Did you forget I live in New York and probably know what's going on with the team in my back yard? Prove me wrong and I will eat crow. Post the link to one story stating McAdoo is being allowed to hire assistants and Coughlin has no say. I'll wait.

Lazor: '...every starter will have to earn thier spot...'.
This is bad news for Tanne

Craig M, I hope you have a HAPPY SUNSHINY DAY!!!

Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez 5m

I'm told that new @MiamiDolphins OC Bill Lazor is planning to keep current offensive assistant coaches in place per Joe Philbin's request

This is a false report or this reporter is an idiot. Joe Philbins contract states he and he alone hires and fires the assistants. They did not take that power away from the coach and give it to the brand new offensive coordinator unless Joes contract was reworked.

78, keep spinning fool.

I live in NJ idiot. Big deal you're from NY. Do you thing you're more informed? LOL Arrogant fool.

DO the math kid. It's pretty simple, even for a simpleton like you.

Before the OC hiring in NY, no one fired.
The day after 2 guys fired. OBVIOUSLY the OC doesn't hire people but, the HC knows the OC wants his own guys to work with.

Now, go to Miami, the OC job is being offered with the stipulation being, he can't dismiss existin coaches.

Do you not see a difference? Whatever. Whether you do or don't, or wanna eat crow or whatever, you've proven ignorant.

Did you forget I live in New York and probably know what's going on with the team in my back yard?

Posted by: Phins78 | January 15, 2014 at 01:20 PM

Yeah, people. Don't you know that Phins has the "inside scoop" with all the dirt? The Giants even gave him a set of KEYS to their facility.

Well, they do that with ALL the janitors...but still.

What Ross needs do most, is remove himself from the hiring equation. He himself has zero experience that's worth a damn in this process, and Fred Flintstone Petersen is his "trusted" advisor.

Problem with this is, Petersen himself has been away from the front lines of NFL business-ship for far too long. Both the game and decision making side of this games changes so rapidly. That people like Petersen who hasn't been active in the game since 2008, I think, quickly become dinosaurs of ancient antiquity.

With Petersen as his #1 advisor, this franchise is almost guaranteed to be at least "one step" behind the rest of the league when it comes to "fluidity of functionality" in being a very functional franchise.

interesting, "according to Marvez".....but hey, "according to ESPN" Lazor was going to the Lions....hhmmm.

LOL. Check out the Bill Lazor memo over at http://dolphinstruth.com/lazor-memo/

Posted by: benz | January 15, 2014 at 01:10 PM

In fairness under Saban it was G.M. Randy Mueller who passed on Brees. Drew had been in Miami and was seen for a few days here dinning with Saban when it was all but a done deal! Then the Saints new H.C. Sean Peyton came in at the 11th Hr. to offer what was then a record 7 Yr. / 49 il. deal for a F.A. player, look it up! I remember it well! Dante Culpepper was always a real fall back to the Brees deal given we had to cough up a 2nd Rounder for him because he wasn't an out-right F.A.!

In the 06 Of-Season the Dolphins were dealing with a Vet-Heavy team that was CAP strapped! JT had a 7 Yr. / 80 Mil deal. We signed Kevin Carter to a 5 Yr. / 40 Mil deal and so on! Mueller didn't think the upside was there in meeting the guarantee New Orleans offered and balked on the deal. It was this more than anything that caused an insermountable rift between Saban and the F.O. No BIG secret Saban didn't like the QB he was saddled with and when it fell flat jumped ship! Hate him forn that! I do!! But don't lay the Brees fiasco on him that was on the F.O.!

Gamble isn't thrilled with the current structure, reads he isn't going to be able to work with DawnJoe.

Phins, if living in NY gives you some kind of "edge" on "knowing" the teams there you just moved waaaay down the ranks here as a someone who "knows" the Dolphins since lot of US actually live "in their backyard."

Guess you forgot how that works, outsider.

Posted by: LOL | January 15, 2014 at 01:19 PM

LOL I'm sorry, this conversation is over because you apparently don't understand words that are written on your screen.

No where does it state McAdoo is hiring the assistants. It states the GIANTS are remaking the assistants under him. Your original assertion was that he would be hiring his own assistants which is untrue. The reasn they are remaking the team under him is to fit his new style of play calling. The Giants weren't happy because the last offense was too complex. This offense is going to be completely different so they need assistants with different backgrounds.

As opposed to the Dolphins who are going to basically run the same west coast style offense with a few tweaks in order to keep Tannehills progression moving upward.

You keep telling me to get my shine box after making yourself look foolish which just makes you look even more foolish. I suggest you stop with the shine box joke until you actually know what you're talking about and produce any shred of real evidence that I'm wrong.

Btw, I believe McAdoo had the Giants job in his back pocket before the interview with the Dolphins. Everything i've read suggests that. Will it be the right move? Don't know. The Giants OL was a complete mess this year and Manning threw a ton of picks. I'd say he had a worse year than Tannehill (notice I didn't sat Tannehill is a better QB). As well their running game was suspect, as evidenced by them bringing in their old, worn out, used up vet. Looks like they'll likely lose their other big weapon opposite Cruz. And you have to think Coughlin's almost had enough of the coaching grind. So a BETTER situation than Miami? Questionable! They have at least as much more to do there as we do in Miami.


I'm not sure all the coaches report to Ross. That wouldn't make sense. Sounds like the coaches will report to Philbin and Philbin, Aponte and the new GM will report to Ross. That makes some sense.

Posted by: Craig M | January 15, 2014 at 01:19 PM

I didn't mean the Coaches reported to Ross, that would make for a 3-ring circus only missing the little clown cars!! I meant the G.M. having say over the staff which of course works for the H.C. who would get the boot from the G.M. who runs the football part of the team. Like it's always been in the NFL unless your Coach was Shula or Belichik today!

Lazor has already had almost two hours to fix this offense and I've yet to see any improvement.
Posted by: Typical Expert Here | January 15, 2014 at 01:15 PM

LOL. This is the best statement I've seen on this blog in days! How true it is!

sorry, just not buying this seeming "total separation" stucture of GM/HC/Coordinators/Owner, etc....yeah, maybe Ross has final say on a number of these matters/hires/fires (as opposed to the GM), and maybe thats somewhat unusual (dont know) but you cant tell me that an owner wouldnt consult and hear the opinion of his GM on most coaching/draft/similar matters--yes, maybe Ross has FINAL say, but its being put out there like the GM has NO input on most of this stuff....I cant believe that. GM might not have total control, but gotta think he has plenty of input at least.

All of you should shut up And see how it falls out , I live in nj too

Prove me wrong and I will eat crow. Post the link to one story stating McAdoo is being allowed to hire assistants and Coughlin has no say. I'll wait.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 15, 2014 at 01:20 PM

I wouldn't even waste my time arguing your post it's like the confusion with mine regarding who reports to who. Of course a Coordinator can't hire an Assistant without the H.C.'s greenlight! At the end of the day the performance of the Coordinators and Assistants is a reflection of the H.C. who gets the boot all by himself from his G.M. (except in Miami apparently?) when they don't deliver!

I fwum Neu Yawk and I no pizza

Guy I know you're trying to keep me engaged so you can drum up the hits numbers or just get attention but I'm done. You are a complete imbecile who has not proven one point yet you scream and yell about how you are right and have won something.

That means you are YG/Daytona. You've been doing this for years, I'm done with you until you fool me again under one of your other fake 'I'm too dumb and scared to post under the same name' characters you use. Lmao you are so pathetic.


As much as there may be better qualified OC candidates than Lazor (Kubiak, Shannahan, maybe even Turner and Linehan), i think hiring a young and up and comer is the way to go. This guy is a lotyounger than. A guy like Sherman and will be hungrier with more energy. What he lacks in experience he'll make up for in effort and energy. Guys like Kubiak know they will be HC's again in the NFL. Guys like Lazor are still trying to. Make their mark. Would have made no sense to hire a guy like Kubiak for one year.

Because of this story, I'm expecting Gamble to be hired any moment now.

So when do GMs all of sudden think they understand coaching.....this guy was puzzled that the Dolphins were looking for an OC without a GM........GMs pick talent and coaches coach it's that simple.......Gamble's way of thinking is how Ireland got fired

Isn't NJ one of those gay marriage states?

I do not blame Gamble for declining interview3 with the Dolphins(Ross). After a certain age, you're pretty much over trips to the circus.

It would be an upgrade if we were just Cirque De Solei. Well, actually we're not quite a circus, just a bunch of sad faced clowns.

fin4life I fell for Daytona's game. The guy is a psychopath who will now type under a million names in an attempt to get my attention. It's weird, it's creepy, I'm out for today. Back to ignoring tomorrow.

I'm glad Phins is finally giving us the insider info about his "backyard" teams, the Jets and Giants. His close relationship with both (as in being able to actually see the stadium they play in from the NJ Turnpike) is the kind of invaluable expertise that you rarely encounter.

I suppose those of us who live in the MIAMI DOLPHINS "backyard" will have to take over a lager role in discussing THAT team now but hopefully we can all wish Phins well in his new endeavors.



You're wasting your time with that guy. He's a LOSER!!!! Has it all figured out and isn't open. To anyone else's opinion. That's Daytona tendencies if I ever saw it. Interesting that there's more than one Daytona on this blog.

Anyways.....you're wasting your time.

Prove me wrong and I will eat crow. Post the link to one story stating McAdoo is being allowed to hire assistants and Coughlin has no say. I'll wait.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 15, 2014 at 01:20 PM

As fin4life said, "waste of time". Just for different reasoning. Tom Coughlin has won 2 "SUPER BOWLS".

Joe Philbin has won none.

Now, go to Miami, the OC job is being offered with the stipulation being, he can't dismiss existin coaches.

Do you not see a difference? Whatever. Whether you do or don't, or wanna eat crow or whatever, you've proven ignorant.

Posted by: LOL | January 15, 2014 at 01:24 PM

The sign in name your using is a reflection of you! Seriously, LOL! Your making this argument? It was the fact that Sherman hired his Son In Law to be our QB Coach that had everybody in Miami asking who the HELL the real Coach was in Miami!

The Coordinator can make suggestions regarding prospective hired but it's the H.C. who makes this call tying his name to the person added to his staff! How many times have you seen Coaches fired with their Coordinator/ Assistants being retained by the incoming staff?? A perfect example was Mike McCoy while in Denver who was hired by Josh McDaniels and was retained by J.Fox!

It happens more often than not with the ones coming in looking to one day be a H.C. themselves with only 32 opening in the World!

M for MORON will show up very shortly....pure coincidence, of course.

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