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Fritz Pollard: Minorities should wait to interview with Dolphins

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation, the country's primary promoter of minority candidates for NFL front office and coaching jobs, is recommending that minority candidates not interview with the Dolphins for their general manager position until there is clarity from the team about what exactly the job entails.

Fritz Pollard Chairman John Wooten told The Herald's Adam Beasley (@AdamHBeasley) there is no clarity about what kind of job the Dolphins are offering and if that job is just for a talent evaluator rather than a general manager who has all the authority that job entails, he couldn't endorse minorities interviewing.

"If it's just going to be a personnel guy, my opinion is our guys don't need to be going in and taking those interviews, " Wooten said. "I don't know if the new people Ross is interviewing are going to be true general managers."

The reason for the lack of clarity is two-fold:

First, the Dolphins have not stated and have declined to answer what kind of structure owner Stephen Ross wants for his football operations going forward. Secondly, in speaking to the NFL and the Dolphins, Wooten came away unclear what that job would entail.

Wooten is concerned the Dolphins are simply holding interviews for the "general manager" job that was offered to Jeff Ireland as a demotion before he departed the team. The club offered not to fire Ireland, but wanted to take away much of his decision-making power on personnel matters.

"Are you now going to have the same position that you're offering Jeff Ireland?" Wooten asked. "Then our guys need to stay where they are."

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation coordinates with minority candidates and teams so that teams can identify, interview, and ultimately hire the best available minority candidates.

The Dolphins have asked and received permission to interview Tennessee's Lake Dawson,  Marc Ross of the New York Giants, and Cleveland's Ray Farmer. They requested permission to interview Pittsburgh's Omar Khan. Green Bay personnel scout Alonzo Highsmith is also on the radar.

All are minority candidates. But rather than endorsing those interviews go forward as soon as possible, Wooten is tapping the brakes.

He described the situation as in a "holding pattern."


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I also saw the Jason Cole tweet that several NFL executives are advising people to stay from interviewing for the GM position. Well looks like we are screwed for the upcoming season as we will have a likely "puppet" GM and have the enthusiastic Philbin, football-minded Aponte, and genius owner Ross running things....

Posted by: cocoajoe | January 09, 2014 at 04:59 PM

MIT should read this. That's the vibe the entire league and potential gm candidates all have right now. Without Ross CLARIFYING anything, to any potential candidates its looks like a clusterfvck they could be walking into for sure.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 09, 2014 at 05:11 PM

Once owner Stephen Ross, who plans to speak to the media at some point soon, makes clear what his vision for the job is, then we'll know who is best suited for the job.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 09, 2014 at 05:06 PM

That's the primary problem. Right now nobody knows. Even worse, right now Ross himself seems INDECISIVE about what to actually do.

Ross is indecisive because he wants to protect DawnJo. I'm really beginning to believe Stephen Ross may have SEVERE abandonment issues. Which make its highly difficult to break personnel relationships with people.

It's a sign he's a very nice guy, but his personnel relationships spill to far over into his "BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS". This is why I believe it's so difficult to fire, even when the evidence overwhelmingly confirms it.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 09, 2014 at 05:19 PM

Tanny still can't hit a wide open receiver more than 20 yards downfield. This GM is doomed.

Who gives a rats a-- what this guy thinks.? If people want to interview for a job THEY view as a promotion who the hell is he to tell they to stay away.

Posted by: Joey | January 09, 2014 at 05:18 PM

I pretty much posted this and was told I was making "stupid comments" beyond believe. Many are spending to much time in this blog and not keeping open ear to what "really happening" while they post unfactual opinionations while accusing Armando of the same.

Armando is actually printing the pulse of factual information he's hearing out there. This newest bog is proof.

Who gives a rats a-- what this guy thinks.?

Posted by: Dave K | January 09, 2014 at 05:22 PM

You will while b!tching about another playoff less season(2014).

Sam, supposedly the quotes were accurate, can't imagine they weren't. I don't understand how Ross can attract any quality people when nobody knows what's going on.

Posted by: cocoajoe | January 09, 2014 at 05:22 PM

Just VINTAGE ROSS cocoajoe.

Why does everything Ross place his hands on turns into a 3 Ring Circus?

At somepoint, the NFL will be FORCED to step in and circumcise Stephen Ross from this once proud franchise.

Ross is full proof, just because you're a fan, does not mean you can be a successful owner. It only proves any idiot with money can buy a franchise.

The best move ROSS could make is either:
1 Make Aponte the GM of everything and put her on notice that playoff is her minimum pass mark. That goes for Joe Vanilla
2 Make Aponte a NON football type GM head of marketing and other assorted projects and bring in a REAL GM who can fire or keep Philbin at their discretion.

There needs to be only ONE person calling the shots...ONE !

By the way....looks like Ireland has been fighting either Parcells or the Coalition of Aponte all along...has he had clear air at any stage?

Ross can't decide which shoe to tie first. Unreal. I don't recall seeing such an extreme lack of leadership from any other club owner.

He is the FIRST problem that needs to be removed. Until then we will continue to Flounder.

This is just terrible. No plan moving forward. No clarity. No vision. Just a complete mess.

We can never hope to overcome inequality if we continually undermine the idea that men are inherently equal. The FPA promotes equality by holding the hands of minorities and telling them what they should and should not do. These actions only strengthen ideas of differeneces in ethnicities. You can't say a job is good enough for someone but not others. Intereview or don't interview but don't base that descion on race.

I posted it yesterday and will now repeat it! Jason LaCanfora was on the Coop-n-Crowder (560 AM) show yesterday and said that the buzz around the League was that Steve Ross would indeed Empower Dawn Aponte and it would not just hinder the search for a G.M. but cripple it! He had spoken to Owners and F.O. people around the NFL who were scratching there heads at the running joke that Ross was overseeing in Miami! He said that you couldn't overstate the mistake this hire would be and that the dysfunction we the fans are just now hearing about has been common knowledge since the firing of Sparano and the real reason nobody wanted to work with the F.O. we had in place!

Do all of you honestly believe that Lake Dawson a Titans Scout whose been Assistant G.M. for 2 Yrs. was at the top of any list when Ross hit Ireland with an altimatum he knew was going to lead to his resignation or for that matter a member of the dysfunction that is Cleveland since coming back in 99? If anything we now know how Ross operates (looking to replace people within his Org. before firing them) and can assume while not public he reached out to the likes of a John Savage or a Pioli only to be given a "HELL NO!" This group of front runners for the G.M. job (who may also balk given the power structure within the team) is a 2nd tier grouping of lower level Administrators around the League.

It was reported that the team had permission to speak with Art Rooney Jr.'s (Pitt.) team Adm. in Omar Khan (who happens to be the one hire I felt the strongest about given that teams ability to always build from within) And the report seems to have evaporated today? The team made public the people that will actually interview for this job not make any news about the folks who categorically turned down the interview and don't care for position! Very sad that this team which after JJ would have had people lining up to take over if Huzienga would have bothered to looked is now interviewing lowly Assistants from perenial losing Franchises to see if any will "grace us with their presence" and just how far out of touch is Ross that the entire Football Universe is laughing at him for his course without him pausing to ask himself why!

What personnel guy wants to walk into this mess and be a yes man to DawnJoe?

One who has no experience, that's who.

Even the guys who are being interviewed out of courtesy that have zero chance at landing the gig because they're minorities are being told to steer clear...that's pretty sad.

This might work out better than we thought.

Think about it...Philbin & Aponte are locked at the hip and she is the numbers person.

Joe gets to pick his own groceries while Dawn manages the cap...whomever is picked for the GM 'lite' position gets to evaluate the talent and provide the report to Joe.

If I'm Joe Philbin....I have a major woody right now!

Just hire Mel Kiper. Problem solved.

Sorry, not wanting to make this a race thing, but how many black GM's are there...or more specifically, how many have won a Superbowl? How many black coaches have won a Superbowl? How many black QB's have won a Superbowl. Please Dolphin's stay away from any minorities in positions of importance or decision making.

Hope the new GM can find us a franchise QB or he's useless.

Even the guys who are being interviewed out of courtesy that have zero chance at landing the gig because they're minorities are being told to steer clear...that's pretty sad.

Posted by: Marc | January 09, 2014 at 05:47 PM

LMAO! But, at the same time, I want to cry even harder than I laugh!

You all wanted this!

#FIRELAND crew, here you go!!!

They'll probably end up promoting Brian Gaine , which is fine by me.
Gotta love that Looney Rule :-)

The Dolphins have never been a team to look to as it relates to minority hiring or promotion. Just go back and look at the history of the organization.

Just another knee jerk reaction. Every little thing will be magnified well beyond it's true face value. The best example is what happened with the Incognito/Martin dealio..... Blown out of proportion and turned into a circus.

Just because Steven Ross hasn't rented the Goodyear Blimp to roll a banner concerning the specifics of the open GM job, that doesn't mean one does not exist.

Right now there is a full frontal assault on Dawn Aponte by the media and player agents. I even read where some of YOU posted comments about Aponte being a "Cancer" and other such accusations. Get one thing straight in your heads. There is ONE PERSON... JUST ONE.... who has earned the trust of Steven Ross and she should have earned yours also. That is Dawn Aponte.

Miami has not had a single cap issue since she arrived. While teams like Pittsburgh, The Giants, Atlanta, New Orleans, Baltimore and a few others are CONSTANTLY bucking the cap. Of the 3 top jobs in the Miami Organization. Who has done the job they were hired to do best and earned the power and trust of Steven Ross.

Jeff Ireland..?...... I Think Not....

Joe Philbin..?...... Not from where I'm sitting...

Mike Sherman..?..... Nope... Uber fail...

Kevin Coyle..?... The Jury is out, he had a massive turn over in his personnel. If he survives this off season, 2014 will be his "Prove It" year. I also can't believe he was completely on board with the linebacker switch. That was a Joe Philbin "player type" move if I ever saw one.

So.... Has Dawn Aponte done her job...? Well, look at the record. That is what counts. Last year (her second with total financial control) Miami had more cap space then any team in the league. They made the biggest splash in FA buy far and STILL came out cap friendly. It isn't HER MISTAKE who was signed... It was up to her to get them paid without sinking our Battleship.

While the media and NFL Agents who have a great deal of power in the NFL attempt to bash her credibility... I would say this to you as a fan... If our Capologist is hated by Player agents... That means she's doing her job. If the Media doesn't like her... That means she is keeping what should be "In House"...... "In the House".....

I submit that Dawn Aponte is the ONE AND ONLY executive in the Miami Dolphins organization who is actually performing above her pay grade and keeping one of the most important parts of the modern NFL healthy, wealthy and wise. Has she made mistakes... Sure, we all do. I think handing Jones a contract a year before he was due was a mistake. And there have been a few others. But you put Miami's cap work up against any other team in the NFL and I would bet a years wage Miami looks as healthy cap wise as any team out there.

All this talk of "Corporate in-fighting and people taking out of the side of their neck is nothing new or peculiar about Miami".... Everyone throws the poop at the job that just cut them loose. It's human nature. It's pride and ego... Jeff Ireland's people had plenty to say on the way out and these guys bought it, printed it and are selling it hook, line and sinker.

Don't buy it.... Miami will get the GM it wants. If that is a personal guy... then so be it. If it is a full power GM with all authority.. so be it. Just remember... You give ONE GUY all the power... Then there is only one person who gets a say so and that is narrow minded. There is nothing wrong with people staying in their lanes. A HC in charge of his staff, a GM in charge of stocking the team with talent and a capologist to make certain the checks clear.

In the end... All FA players want to see is the Money. And I'll keep pounding this fact home... There are 31 NFL GM jobs on this planet. There would be 32 if not for Jerry Jones. Men who aspire to be GM's are shooting for getting a job that they have similar odds of getting then they do winning a Lotto.

Don't jump on the "Spin Train"..... Don't "Buy The Hype!!"

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | January 09, 2014 at 05:49 PM

Joe has less experience as a talent evaluator than being an hc before arriving. GB valued him so much as an OC, he was never allowed to call plays.

It's still a mystery as to what he actually did as an "OC" in GB.

The Dolphins still have that racist reputation even with Ireland fired?

Sorry, not wanting to make this a race thing, but how many black GM's are there...or more specifically, how many have won a Superbowl? How many black coaches have won a Superbowl? How many black QB's have won a Superbowl. Please Dolphin's stay away from any minorities in positions of importance or decision making.

Posted by: FinFanFoster | January 09, 2014 at 05:52 PM


Holy lord you idiots are actually using the "DawnJoe" thing. What a joke you all are.

what is ross doing now this is amazing. wake up ross before your franchise is worthless

...Maybe us fans have had it all wrong the last 5 years. Perhaps all the hate, all the vitriol. All the comments about coaches, GM's, players. Are all misguided. The more and more information that comes out. The more and more it seems like the owner is the one person holding this franchise hostage.

It is his decision making that is killing this team. If people cannot begin to at least acknowledge this I do not think there will be anything but disappointment for them.

I think there is going to have to be a perfect storm of luck for this owner to get this franchise on track. I mean what is going on here? You have minority groups telling their candidates to not take interviews here. Don't even go there they tell there members. WHAT???

This feels like being in a kitchen the morning after a 3 day drinking binge. The smell of bacon greese, and fried eggs on your fragile stomach. The tickets coming in faster then you can focus. The last place you want to be.

Stick a freekin gun in the mouth of Flipper.

havent even contacted gamble yet, what r u waiting for?????

The answer here simple, Coach Philbin has to have some accountability for the teams ineptness. After two seasons of 7-9, 8-8 and the inability to coach any O-linemen, thereby leaving the team to search for 4 new starters, all the while maintaining hire/fire last word.

Philbin should be strip of any duties other than the betterment of the team as a whole, and reduced to 1/3 input on personnel.

Dawn Aponte & Coach Philbin should have 25.5% stake in free agency each, this way if they disagree with the GMs choice it would be duly noted, and accountable for that decision.

Pray we do not have to fire Joe Philbin next season. After this mess, it will be tough to hire a high school hc coaching girls volleyball.

The Only mystery "Sam" is when you will implode under this screen name, get banned and come back as a new name. Ya douche.


Does anyone else find this kind of ridiculous? That guy Wooten is holding back the very same people he is supposed to be helping! How about they interview and decide for themselves if the job fits their needs. Or does he think they are not smart enough to make that decision? Sounds like a troublemaker to me. (A Jesse Jackson type)

havent even contacted gamble yet, what r u waiting for?????

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 09, 2014 at 06:03 PM

Tom Gamble: If the Dolphins call, I'm not in, ok?

Secretary: You got it boss!

Sorry, not wanting to make this a race thing, but how many black GM's are there...or more specifically, how many have won a Superbowl? How many black coaches have won a Superbowl?

Posted by: FinFanFoster | January 09, 2014 at 05:52 PM

In the last 12 Yrs. Ozzie Newsome has been the G.M. overseeing 2 S.B.Titles. There have been in the last 8 Yrs. 3 African American H.C.'s in the S.B. going a collective 3-5 (Tomlin, Lovie and Dungy) That's not a bad % over a decades span of Titles on both positions. If I believed a China man could help get us there while speaking in Mandarin I'd endorse the hire tomorrow! Bigger fish to fry in Dolphin land for your hang up!

Who the heck is Ross's advisors. How can they not be listening to what is being said around the league. Great now we will have Failbin one more year, then we can fire him and go through this whole mess again next year!!

This is crazy..

philbin is a joke, once hes fired after the season he will have robbed ross of 3 years of pay


You are so right. I have been on Ireland's corner for months. This is going to be a disaster. The real GM when this is all said and done is Dawn Aponte. The so called "GM" that is hired will be a puppet/scout. Expect a hire like Gaines.

Armando was the first one to break the news on the snake Aponte. She was angling for more power and kissed Ross' butt and formed an alliance with Philbin to back stab Ireland.

So was it worth letting Ireland go? If you say yes, it means that you think Aponte will do a better job as a GM, LOL.

at this point sam probaly true

Who gives a crap the daft is pure luck and the new gm will sign free agents...just give the job to Gaine

orlando that isnt the case, but even if it was id still say im glad ireland is gone. a retarded bear could draft better than him

i'm glad mando is telling us about what is going on behind the scenes. steve ross ='s woody johnson! both are clueless.

Most of Us Fans don't know. Can anybody say what responsibilities are entailed with a full GM's job?

Why can't a candidate opt to question the interviewer what the jobs entail. If said job is not fitting the candidate shall choose if he or she is be willing to accept the position.

It's not a good sign that the Fins refuse to clarify the position. Ross needed to clean out everyone and not take these patchwork steps.

WOW, Philbin needs index cards to give a locker room VICTORY SPEECH. Too....funny! Even a 6yr old doesn't need index cards to do a victory speech.

Just when we think it can not get any worse, our newest calamities far out do the old. NFL, please perform an emergency circumcism between this once proud flagship franchise and Stephen Ross.

Be careful what you wish for. The real problem with this team last year was Philbin and that coaching staff. Look at the rookies that they are interviewing for this position.

You think guys like Gamble, Pioli, or Polian are going to come here to serve as Aponte's puppet in this circus? These guys are not going to come here to answer to Aponte. That is the reason Ireland walked out on the fins, remember he was not fired. Now they want someone that wants to accept the terms that Ireland did not want to. You are going to get an inexperienced and respected guy to come here? Even the minorities are stepping back and prefer to wait for other jobs, amazing.

We have been blaming a lot of people for the dolphins mediocrity but in the end I think that the real person to blame for all this is Stephen Ross. He has shown poor judgment and leadership skills (at least in terms of a football owner). I hate to say this but it looks like the only blogger that was right about this, was FIRE ROSS.

bobby this is getting depressing, they just cant make the right moves. amazing how bad this franchise is run

..Don't buy the hype..

So all the teams you listed had cap issues. All of them with the exception of ATL have won the Super Bowl in the last 6 years as well. So what is your point? Great, we have cap space!!! Whooppie!!!!! Those other teams have W's.

I guess I am missing your point.

Well, if tis turns out wrong it will be all on Ross and probably on his intentions. But we are getting way ahead of ourselves here...

These self-important fools...

A. Of course, Ross is a buffoon owner rivaling Danny Snyder. What's new?

B. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. Any of us or Ritchie Incognito could probably draft as well as Jeff did or freaking Lake Dawson. Why even consider second tier 'talent evaluators' from the Titans or Browns?

This guy sounds a little to entitled. He should be happy the Dolphins are actually talking to more than 1 Black person. Most teams only talk to 1 black guy to conform to the rule. The Dolphins have already interviewed 3. At least the dolphins are serious about hiring a black guy.

This clown should be praising the Dolphins.

How many Black Coaches have been interviewed for the Redskins Job or the Texans Job before they hired a coach. That is what this clown should be complaining about.

Geez FinFan, how are blacks going to win championships if they never get a shot?
Before the Rooney rule blacks couldn't get a NFL gig to save their life.
But you sound stupid because Pitt and Indy won with blacks.

Anyways.... I am black and IDGAF what color the GM is as long as he produces.

...I wonder what the Dolphins Help Wanted add reads like?

Help Wanted. Must be able to speak English. Inexperienced applicants preferred. No job description at the time. Not so great opportunity for growth within the industry. Good Pay, long hours. 401 K, medical. Must take a mental health exam, and fail drug test before first interview.

No Phone calls.

Stick a freekin gun in the mouth of Flipper.

Posted by: darryldunphy | January 09, 2014 at 06:03 PM

The most "MEDIOCRE" Owner in South Fl. Sports History and that' saying something when analyzing the Pro Owners who we've been exposed to!

Today everybody loves the Arison's because of Micky's free spending in making them relevant since taking over in 95 but before hand his Dad was a God awful Owner who oversaw a real train wreck! He wouldn't pay his players and more often than not traded away the better talent when re-negotiation came around.

Huzienga selling off the Marlins World Series team in 98 was a Black Eye forever on that Sports landscape and made him hated in Pro Ownership circles.

Jeffry Loria present Owner of the Marlins is a lier and cheat who managed to swindel the City out of boatloads of Cash crying poverty while holding his Huzienga like fire sale of the 03 Champs!

We've had it all corrupt City officials getting in bed with these guys screwing the City one way or another ect...

But Ross takes the absolute cake! Because while those others had their own agendas like making piles of cash this one is just inept!

How the hell can Philbin call plays when he needs index cards to give victory speeches? This is the type of hiring incompetency that wreaks of Stephen Ross.

Dawn Aponte will be defacto gm/hc, though officially having neither title. In the end there will be very little outside interest in anyone wanting the job.

Who knows, this may be Ross plan all along, making Aponte "strap on Queen" of the franchise.

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