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Fritz Pollard: Minorities should wait to interview with Dolphins

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation, the country's primary promoter of minority candidates for NFL front office and coaching jobs, is recommending that minority candidates not interview with the Dolphins for their general manager position until there is clarity from the team about what exactly the job entails.

Fritz Pollard Chairman John Wooten told The Herald's Adam Beasley (@AdamHBeasley) there is no clarity about what kind of job the Dolphins are offering and if that job is just for a talent evaluator rather than a general manager who has all the authority that job entails, he couldn't endorse minorities interviewing.

"If it's just going to be a personnel guy, my opinion is our guys don't need to be going in and taking those interviews, " Wooten said. "I don't know if the new people Ross is interviewing are going to be true general managers."

The reason for the lack of clarity is two-fold:

First, the Dolphins have not stated and have declined to answer what kind of structure owner Stephen Ross wants for his football operations going forward. Secondly, in speaking to the NFL and the Dolphins, Wooten came away unclear what that job would entail.

Wooten is concerned the Dolphins are simply holding interviews for the "general manager" job that was offered to Jeff Ireland as a demotion before he departed the team. The club offered not to fire Ireland, but wanted to take away much of his decision-making power on personnel matters.

"Are you now going to have the same position that you're offering Jeff Ireland?" Wooten asked. "Then our guys need to stay where they are."

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation coordinates with minority candidates and teams so that teams can identify, interview, and ultimately hire the best available minority candidates.

The Dolphins have asked and received permission to interview Tennessee's Lake Dawson,  Marc Ross of the New York Giants, and Cleveland's Ray Farmer. They requested permission to interview Pittsburgh's Omar Khan. Green Bay personnel scout Alonzo Highsmith is also on the radar.

All are minority candidates. But rather than endorsing those interviews go forward as soon as possible, Wooten is tapping the brakes.

He described the situation as in a "holding pattern."


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my name has She in it.

Posted by: Dashe | January 09, 2014 at 01:33 PM

Yes, this is what we've been trying to ge through to you!

Sorry, not wanting to make this a race thing, but how many black GM's are there...or more specifically, how many have won a Superbowl? How many black coaches have won a Superbowl? How many black QB's have won a Superbowl. Please Dolphin's stay away from any minorities in positions of importance or decision making.

Posted by: FinFanFoster | January 09, 2014 at 05:52 PM


Yeah, I forgot that Tony Dungy, Mike Tomlin, and Ozzie Newsome were Norwegian.

But of course, you're "not trying to make this a race thing," right?


So Aponte is a slave master Eh?,look at her family tree Oscar,TREE Oscar not BUSH Eh?

Ozzie was GM for only one SB.
Dungy is not black, he is a bible padre with a tan.

But Ross takes the absolute cake! Because while those others had their own agendas like making piles of cash this one is just inept!

Posted by: fin4life | January 09, 2014 at 06:31 PM

Couldn't have been said better!

Also, reading into the debacle this is becoming. CAN YOU SERIOUSLY BLAME IRELAND FOR LEAVING? Seriously.

Ireland was overlord of football operations. To get demoted to answer to Dawn & Joe who you brought in. I wouldn't take the demotion. Give me a severance package and call it a day.

Note if you are a ass-clown please don't apply

..Sam I Am..Seriously. At this point. IMO it makes the most sense to hire Aponte as the GM...Why not. She can't be any worse then Ireland. She has proven she is an ace at maneuvering the cap-salary negotiations. She is in tight with the HC. Who love him or hate him. At least there is a level of trust established between the 2. If nothing else. The GM and the HC would be on the same page. Something missing here since Parcells left.

At this point, the way this mess seems to be playing itself out. This may be the move that makes most sense.

Just hire pioli to be gm and work under Peterson our football czar

The Miami Dolphins play in the American Football Conference of the National Football League.

That's a bit of an odd comment by John Wooten - no minority candidate should interview for a job until Wooten knows all the details?

I get that minority GM candidates might not want a sub GM job (surely no GM candidates would) but isn't that why you go to an interview, to see what's on offer? And some of the guys mentioned might still find it a step up even without full GM powers.

This sounds like an effort by the Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation to gain influence by using its position amongst minority candidates to pressure Franchises into sharing information. How else can you explain an organization that exists to promote minority candidates job applications recommending that minority candidates don't apply!

Dawn is hot

DawnJo will be doing this year's draft.

Nobody that creates AND mantain a Billion $$$ Empire can be considered inept.

..Sam I Am..Seriously. At this point. IMO it makes the most sense to hire Aponte as the GM...Why not. She can't be any worse then Ireland.

At this point, the way this mess seems to be playing itself out. This may be the move that makes most sense.

Posted by: darryldunphy | January 09, 2014 at 06:42 PM

Exactly why I do not expect Ross to do it. Not that it makes sense, just that it makes most sense in the clusterfvuck Ross has mustered together.

Really doesn't matter about "title" being handed over, Dawn Aponte is most likely "de facto gm" as we speak. It's the way Ross now has a pattern of doing things since becoming owner.

Finally @6:35 you keep showing your ignorance as only you can. Let me guess you miss the good ol' days when people drank out of separate water fountains.

I would like to see the filmmaker John Waters be named as General Manager.

But Ross takes the absolute cake! Because while those others had their own agendas like making piles of cash this one is just inept!

Posted by: fin4life | January 09, 2014 at 06:31 PM

Couldn't have been said better!

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 09, 2014 at 06:39 PM

Agree with you both. Loria won a World Series. He is just a thug and a scoundrel.

Ross just does not know what he is doing.

Yeah, right.

I remember feeling very apprehensive the 1st time I saw Steve Ross on our sideline with Carl Peterson. It was the Wild Card game Vs. Baltimore in 08 were we finally saw the man who was buying the team when a guest of Huzienga for that game. I don't mean to sound like an A-Hole but I remember thinking to myself, that guy looks like a complete moron! He just looks like a shoe saleman in all honesty! Am I the only one who thought the guy just looked like an idiot?

There was and is something around the eyes that makes him look Mentally handicapped. I'm not making light of the Mentally hanicapped just being completely honest with you all in wondering if I was alone? I understood the pedigree when I read it but again there was something about that goofy S.O.B. that made me think we were in a World of heap. I've danced around the topic plenty over the Yrs. and am not saying it now because of everything going on just an honest gut check on the man!

Being a successful businessman, as Ross is, it must annoy him to no end to spend top dollar for talent only to watch said talent under-perform. From the GM to coaches to free agents to long-term contracts. In addition every attempt made to get the best talent available has failed. I guess being an owner isn't as easy as being a real estate mogul.

...Sam. Exactly. Aponte is not the ideal candidate in an ideal scenario. But this situation. I don't even know what to call it. Is less then ideal.

I want to know what Ross has done since he has been owner that gives anyone the sense he knows what he is doing here? The only thing I can come up with is just blind faith.

again on ross hard to imagine anyone this dumb, so maybe he actually isnt and wants to be the team that moves to london. at this point it seems realistic

Oscar,where do you think the strings came from for Apontes puppets Eh?
Yes.Her used tampons growing up Eh?

Oscar,inept and STUPID are 2 different things Eh?

Seriously. At this point. IMO it makes the most sense to hire Aponte as the GM...Why not. She can't be any worse then Ireland.

Posted by: darryldunphy | January 09, 2014 at 06:42 PM

Seriously DD? Ireland was endorsed as a scout by Parcells and had been a scout. Aponte has no experience scouting players and she is now going to be making personnel decisions. This team went 8-6 this year and the team had the highest probability to make the playoffs. Then, Philbin could not get his team to beat two mediocre teams at the end of the year.

Ireland's man McCoy is 1 win away from the AFC championship. Reports are that was Ireland's choice but he got overruled by Ross in favor of Philbin. Philbin as turned out to be a disaster.

You said it could not be worse. Yes, you can be the Raiders, the Browns, and the Jaguars. Believe me things can get a lot worse and probably will.

orlando maybe that has to happen before ross realizes just how bad people around him are

Why do we have to stick with Philbin ? Now this Apone creature is a chicken run ing the ball club into the ground.

Apone we are leaving. Ross really needs the same JFK treatment.

Does Mr.Wooten know that we live in a free enterprise system and an owner can do as he pleases. Ross can define his position of need as he pleases. If the candidate does not want to evaluate talent only then don't apply. Despite what John Wooten says Stephen Ross can define the duties, requirements and title as he pleases. It just might be that Ross became a Billionaire by thinking out of the box and there is nothing wrong with that. Candidates do not have to apply.


Once this franchise was compared to franchises like the Cowboys, Steelers, Packers, 49ers, Bears

Now they are compared to teams like
Browns, Bengals, Lions

It's pretty sad that the Seahawks have been more successful since the turn of the century. THE SEAHAWKS!

sea more than mnost every team


cowboys? bears? gross laughingstocks

Goin Nowhere! Total Ebarrassment! Ross needs to get out of the NFL and he can take Amonte and Philpin with him into the real estate world! They will have no fan base what so ever, just pathetic.. Goin Nowhere!

In addition every attempt made to get the best talent available has failed. I guess being an owner isn't as easy as being a real estate mogul.

Posted by: Marc | January 09, 2014 at 06:57 PM

He has seriously hindered the process along the way himself.

is it baseball season yet

JAJA 4-12 and Ross/Tampon ARE going to FORCE FEED THE HOMERS a parade Eh?

I got a feeling about the Redskins hiring Jay Gruden, I really feel he will be a good NFL Coach.

U know we are going to sport those pink jerseys next year too!

It is clear that Ross' intentions are to hire a weak GM. By waiting so long to hire a GM, he is making it impossible to hire a new HC if that is what the new GM wants. He is setting this franchise up for failure. Right now he has no one with experience or credibility in this organization. They are going o hire a third tier puppet to serve as the so called "gm".

This is what we have to look forward to next year.

Bear have the most regular season wins of all franchises. Highest reg season percentage, highest overall winning percentage. Cowboys/Steelers have the most playoff wins of all teams.




PC,The cheer leaders are going to be the new OLINE under tampon now jaja Eh?

Wow, it looking more likely now that it's going to be Gains with a glorified job title of GM while Queen Aponte has the real power.

I seriously think it's turning out to be PR move to clear Ross's image after bullygate and Cogs.

Hire a minority GM and promote a female to head of operations.

There may be no intention of hiring Gamble, or Pioli, or Peterson.

The odd thing is that it might actually work if Joe Philbin wasn't the HC.

The three GM candidates look to be good personnel guys and might actually draft well.

Can you see Philbin convincing the cap queen to sign a free agent he wants though? No Joe too expensive! Oh that's ok Dawn we developed all our players through the draft in Green Bay anyway.

If Ross is determined to make Dawn Aponte Chief of Capology and Everything Else

Her job should be:

Part 1: (most important) To placate the ego of Ross and keep him away from as much of the Football Operations as possible

Part 2: To hire a functional GM with 15+ years of successful, quality Personnel experience (good luck with that with the snake-like reputation)

Part 3: Do the accounting

Part 4: Edit and collate Joe's index cards.

..Orlando. I say hire Aponte because right now this search seems so dysfunctional. So amateurish, that the hire of Aponte would fit right in.

Now I have absolutely no more faith in Ross to make the right choice. This sucks. I wish that I felt Ross was qualified as a football man to make football decisions. But he needs a committee to give him information on everything he does. I see this as a weakness. I do not think that his brilliance as a Real Estate Mogul at all translates into this relm.

So..When I say Aponte is the makes the most sense. The more I think about it. The more I know about how Ross' orginizations run. Yes Aponte as GM is not a bad idea.

A head of football operations would certainly be hired to run the scouting-player acquisition part. Aponte and Philbin would have the final say in all player aquisitions. And it would leave the door open should this not work out to rid the place of both. And start a new with a proper GM, and HC.

If it works..Then Ross looks like a visionary.

If Ross is going to run the company with a bunch of people in charge, and where the power is shared. Why not strengthen a bond that is already tight? Why should we be afraid of Aponte in the roll of GM?

The CEO of the Dolphins said they are commited to Philbin(at least this year, he didn't specify for how long). That means that no heavyweight GM will come here demanding his own HC. Probably only a Talent evaluator to work alongside Philbin.

Orlando Dolfan,

You are over reacting. Ross can do what he wants; define his organizations needs, title of the position and requirements. He can even pay more if he wants. Ross wants a talent evaluator, someone who can figure transferable skills of a player in college to the NFL. Moreover I thinks he wants to give the decision making to three people instead of just one on player personnel. What's wrong with that?

So Oscar,ANOTHER WAsTED Season Eh, See you in 2015 Eh?

I can understand warning anyone away from interviewing for a position with the Miami Dolphins; it's a terrible organization. However, that a group whose sole purpose is to promote the interests of only minorities decries a front office position for not being good enough for a minority person irks me, to say the least. MLK Jr day is coming up. You know what? I have a dream that people won't be judged by the color of their skin too Dr. King. It ain't happening yet.

Ross' 1st move.....do away with traditional fight song, install a horrible remix by T-payne and an even worse Fins to the left song by an intoxicated Jimmy Buffet.

Step 2.....install orange carpet and gather more celebrity minority owners who also know nothing about football.

Step 3....try to hire good coach while STILL having current coach.

Step 4....extend current coaches contract since we didnt get the good coach, and cause a rift between coach and GM (who until then got along well).

Step 5.....fire coach year after extending him (cause he sucks again) and pay him thatxtra year.

Step 6.....tell everyone who will hear that you are going to get Peyton Manning, and he doesnt even come in for a visit, u have to go to him for him to listen to ur pitch, then laugh in hour face.

Step 7.....hire Magoo the zombie, when the GM u keep tells you to hire a more qualified person.

Step 8.....change tho logo!

Step 9.....fire GM, cause now he sucks but keep Magoo and introduce my new side piece Dawn Aponte-ahi y mama melo.

Step 10........ TBD

Good thing its only a 10 step process, I guess.

That is why true Dolfans hate the owner of this team, not the team itself!

How many Black owners are there Eh?

What a mess! Looks good on them.....

All this time it was 'Ireland this' and 'Ireland that'......well good. He's not here to kick around any more. Lets see how great things are after hes gone. I don't think Ross has any clue what he's doing. He's taking his advice from a capologist, an ex- President and GM in Peterson who's had the game pass him by and a guy who couldn't cut it as a HC TWICE in the NFL now.

I truly believe this team is heading towards 4-12 with a bullet!


When in the HISTORY of ALL professional sports as a national organization recommended not interviewing for a job with a professional sports organization?


Today: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/01/09/fritz-pollard-alliance-advises-minority-candidates-to-pass-on-dolphins-job/

The problem is at the very top and won't be resolved until Ross is gone.

And when it happepns, 2-3 years after the fact, guys will STILL be blaming Ireland.....



As they say "Be careful what you wish for"

For years people wanted Ireland gone. They got their wish. The celebration didn't even last 24 hours. Now things are worse.

we will get a better GM than we had. I am really concerned about OC and the more I think about it this guy Lazor seems right. Great with qb and young and aggressive offensive mind.

"•Bill Lazor, Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach - Seen as a potential head coaching candidate, Lazor could be a target for the Dolphins at offensive coordinator if none of those top level jobs materialize. He's been a quarterbacks coach most of his coaching career, though he did serve as the offensive coordinator for Virginia from 2010 to 2012. In 2013, Lazor oversaw the rise of Nick Foles as the Eagles' quarterback."


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