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Fritz Pollard: Minorities should wait to interview with Dolphins

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation, the country's primary promoter of minority candidates for NFL front office and coaching jobs, is recommending that minority candidates not interview with the Dolphins for their general manager position until there is clarity from the team about what exactly the job entails.

Fritz Pollard Chairman John Wooten told The Herald's Adam Beasley (@AdamHBeasley) there is no clarity about what kind of job the Dolphins are offering and if that job is just for a talent evaluator rather than a general manager who has all the authority that job entails, he couldn't endorse minorities interviewing.

"If it's just going to be a personnel guy, my opinion is our guys don't need to be going in and taking those interviews, " Wooten said. "I don't know if the new people Ross is interviewing are going to be true general managers."

The reason for the lack of clarity is two-fold:

First, the Dolphins have not stated and have declined to answer what kind of structure owner Stephen Ross wants for his football operations going forward. Secondly, in speaking to the NFL and the Dolphins, Wooten came away unclear what that job would entail.

Wooten is concerned the Dolphins are simply holding interviews for the "general manager" job that was offered to Jeff Ireland as a demotion before he departed the team. The club offered not to fire Ireland, but wanted to take away much of his decision-making power on personnel matters.

"Are you now going to have the same position that you're offering Jeff Ireland?" Wooten asked. "Then our guys need to stay where they are."

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation coordinates with minority candidates and teams so that teams can identify, interview, and ultimately hire the best available minority candidates.

The Dolphins have asked and received permission to interview Tennessee's Lake Dawson,  Marc Ross of the New York Giants, and Cleveland's Ray Farmer. They requested permission to interview Pittsburgh's Omar Khan. Green Bay personnel scout Alonzo Highsmith is also on the radar.

All are minority candidates. But rather than endorsing those interviews go forward as soon as possible, Wooten is tapping the brakes.

He described the situation as in a "holding pattern."


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Y'know what this means...Brian Gaine it is!!

Was he the Assistant GM or the Assistant TO the GM?

Indecision, waffling, uncertainty, doubt...that's the Dolphins for you. Who's the GM? How will a new GM work with an existing coach? Is Tannehill going to work out or not? Who's taking over the drafting and FA signings?

Hey, Mr. Ross, here are a few questions for you. Why do I follow this team? Why should I spend any money on following them?

At least Jeffrey Loria brought us a World Championship BEFORE he asked for charity! Ross wanted charity before he had one winning season!!

to add to my post he has been a QB coach , not TE, WR or RB coach. He could really improve Tannehill.

Firing Ireland only uncovered more fungus. Ross should have cleaned house in 2011, and he didn't learn. Now he makes the same mistake.

Now he can't even decide on what he is looking for.

All that Ireland hatred has found a new home.

Pretty good summary Phillie

It's certainly amateur hour in Miami

Lazor Eh? OC then HC Eh?,But What QB Oscar Eh?

Seems that Philbin did not play, or very little, Ireland's draftees. So, it seems that Joe thinks Ireland's draftees su-k. We'll see if he can do better than Jeff did in that respect. That's our situation now, Ape.

we will get a better GM than we had. I am really concerned about OC and the more I think about it this guy Lazor seems right. Great with qb and young and aggressive offensive mind.

"•Bill Lazor, Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach - Seen as a potential head coaching candidate, Lazor could be a target for the Dolphins at offensive coordinator if none of those top level jobs materialize. He's been a quarterbacks coach most of his coaching career, though he did serve as the offensive coordinator for Virginia from 2010 to 2012. In 2013, Lazor oversaw the rise of Nick Foles as the Eagles' quarterback."

to add to my post he has been a QB coach , not TE, WR or RB coach. He could really improve Tannehill.

Some how I really do not think that Dawn Aponte is worried about Chauvinists on this site. Perhaps Ross does not want to give personnel power to one person. This team will be better off because maybe out of the top 4 draft picks 2 of them will start and actually play....the Dolphins still have cap room thanks to the Capologist....so let's see what happens.

The Miami Dolphins Organization has hit a new record low, like the stock of a company whose product has been associated with death.

Oscar.My brothers live down there by you Eh?do you know why the are HEAT Fans Eh?,Because they are also Dolphins fans and the Heat helps then forget about the barbies Eh?

Who ever the GM is it would be nice to bring back Dan Marino in a VP roll. He must be bored with the CBS gig by now? He may be what is missing here like Elawy in Denver. Bring the fire home......

Ross also gets 3 happy endings a week thanks to the capologist (and by happy ending, I mean they tickle those giant ear lobes)!

Also, I bet you Phillis plays Jordan and Taylor next year!

AH! When the pathetic barbies are 2-14 TAMPON will start to worry about the chauvinists on this site and all of the others Eh?

Having Marino around the building and around the team may be somewhat inspiring.

I liked Ross better when he tried to hire Harbaugh, still having Sparano as his HC. At least then he had a plan. With this there is no plan. Guaranteed whatever Ross does he gets it wrong. So he's the coach that HE hired (cause I'm sure Ross knows EXACTLY what it takes to be a successful HC in the NFL, from all his years in football) and possibly the best capologist in the game.

BRILLIANT!!! At this rate we'll be sure to give the Browns, Jags and Raiders a run for 1st pick in the 2015 draft.

QB? I don't know, Ape. But Philbin has publicly stated he likes Pat Devlin's abilities(he's my kind of QB) although I think he will go with a later Rds QB in the Draft.

Well everyone on this site can continue to wine and be delusional; Site GM's can continue to be delusional and think that what they indicate really matters and will make a huge difference. Sorry but face reality and realize Ross is not dumb, perhaps naive regarding some football protocol but he will soon get it right thanks to advisers you may not even know about. Do not believe everything you read. The media has something to sell also.......

Coaches 'like' all their players. It helps them get trade value.

You guys are about to find out what REAL draft. Busts look like. You thought Jordan and Egnew were bad? You ain't seen nothing yet.....

Johnny BumFuck? Oh yeah, my kind of player, luv the kid.

Calling it now. The Phins will make the Playoffs in 2014.

Go ahead. Start with the Dashi hate.

Just know that Dashi is the only one predicting a winning season this year.

So none of you should get mad when the team performs exactly how you expected. 4-12, 6-10, 1-15. You should all be happy that the team exceeds your expectations.

Take Salguero for example. He predicted this will be a 6-10 team. Yet he scolds the team when they exceed his expectations. A bit hypocritical if you ask me. But what else is new when a person flip flops their opinion from day to day.

Oscar,wouldn't be surprised to see Devlin have some 1st team SNAPS all Offseason Eh?


You were predicting 12-4 last season, then 10-6. You told us Dansby was no good. You told us Ellerbe and Wheeler were better than Dansby and Burnett. You know what your 98% wrong predictions mean?


We have had worse picks than Egnew. And that's barely possible.

Just know that Dashi is the only one predicting a winning season this year.

Posted by: Dashi | January 09, 2014 at 07:55 PM

Wonderful. Just like you did last year. You are blinded by polka dots and moonbeams.

Most supremely gifted athletes are horrible at making personnel decisions. Guy like Elway and L.Bird are the exception. Marino could turn out to be like Jordan.

Also, Marino is as smart as a Rock. While Elway went to Stanford.

Ross wants a talent evaluator, someone who can figure transferable skills of a player in college to the NFL. Moreover I thinks he wants to give the decision making to three people instead of just one on player personnel. What's wrong with that?

Posted by: promichael | January 09, 2014 at 07:34 PM

Good luck on that regarding "trasnferable skills to the NFL" The truth is you draft the best system fits for what your team does and pray he has the drive to develope them while with your team in the FA ERA. The rest of the time your going on a board your Scouts put together and you (The G.M.) put in order of BA after watching tape and weiging Vs. athletic ability. In reality we were this Yr. the GLOWING example of drafting BAD system fits with Jordan drafting for a 4/3 scheme.

On the 2nd part of your post regarding 3 decision makers in the process will be accountabilty on the one hand while compromising on the other with nobody sold on the player drafted hense a Coaching staff stranding a Pos. on the team like what we saw this Yr. again with pratically the entire draft class. At least we now know that Philbin did indeed strand these players on the roster.

Dashe will predict a winning season every single year. Then when we finally have a winning season, he will give us 6 months of 'I told you so Dashe is 95%' right.

Get ready.

I agree Aponte has done a stellar job as the capologist, and I wish she'd keep on doing that great job, but do you want her running the franchise?

Marino would not be here for personnel decisions. That would be the GM job.

Fin4 yes I agree. Leadership is accomplished by boldness, not consensus opinion.

Dashi, if we fix the o-line, draft Hyde or the kid from Auburn, resign Grimes and Starks (or draft Nix to rpl one) and if we can develop Jordan and Taylor we can compete and be better than this year. Big IF tho. Also depends on Tanny continuing to develop and getting an OC thats actually worth a damn.

Do you have confidence in Ross to hire the people who will be in charge of doing all this though?

We are not delusional and we don't go by the Media, we go by facts. Philbin is here to stay, that's a fact. No GM will come here demanding his own HC, another fact. Philbin did not like Ireland's draftees, another obvious fact. Less solid but probably also true, Philbin will be mostly responsible for this year's draftees along with some minor GM.

Mr. Ross has made a total laughing stock of our Dolphins. How difficult is it for an absentee owner as he is to simply hire the absolute best available experienced football person and him at the top of the organization's football side of the business and let him hire the best available to report to him? Please no more, sell the team now!!!


I support hiring Omar Khan.

This organization has become the joke of this league.

Can you imagine once Aponte becomes GM. This winch is going to be standing next to Bill Bellichick at the senior bowl scouting talent. What an embarrassment!

What the heck qualifies her to do the things that a guy like Rex Ryan and Bellichick have spent a whole lifetime doing.

What about during the NFL combine. When she is interviewing 330 OG Cyrel Richardson or OT Cameron Erving, what kind of football questions can she ask these guys? Does she have any credibility?

The snickering from other coaches is going to be tremendous. Bellichick is probably laughing his butt off right now.

Dashi, you may be right that this team will go to the playoff next season. This is an 8-8 team (50/50). They could go either way of the .500 mark. There are too many unknowns right now. Can the new OC improve the offense? Can Coyle improve the defense? Will THill progress better? Will the new GM bring in better talents? Will the OLine finally solidify? And right now, can Ross find the right GM? Following this team is like watching soap opera with too many cliffhangers. Stay tune till next season.

I repeat, because it is shocking, if not deserved. There is a national organization recommending that others not apply for a job with our team. This has never happened in the history of American sports.

Ross only knows how to take things down a notch lower.

Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, maybe but the Steelers drafts haven't been that good lately.


How much money have you made this year recruiting athletic talent last year? Just wondering!

Transferable skills refers to projecting that a player is perhaps quick or strong enough to compete at the NFL level. No one knows what Rose is thinking but it certainly seems that he wants several people involved with decisions. Like I said he might be naive regarding NFL protocol but he's not dumb.


I gotta admit, Ray has a point. That 95 per cent accuracy thing must have taken quite a beating this year, no?

How can you predict this team will make the playoffs next year, when we don't know who the GM will be, we don't know who the coach will be, we don't know who the OC will be, we have no idea what FAs will leave and which will join and we have no clue what our draft will look like.

Bit crazy, no?

Well sometimes you just gotta hope tomorrow brings better news.

Goodnight Dolfans.

Forget the new coalition they are speaking of!!!
I hoping for gamble to be our new GM
Also i like lazor he helped foles get philly into the wild card!
With lazor(or any other good OC) the next step of the 2014 stud offense will be complete!!!!

Like I said he might be naive regarding NFL protocol but he's not dumb.

Posted by: promichael | January 09, 2014 at 08:08 PM

You would know this because dumb is you.

The people whispering in Ross's ear couldn't care less about the Dolphins.

Posted by: Emperor of Reason | January 09, 2014 at 08:09 PM

like both...those would be a win win....

Really you really trust Aponte's opinion on who is going to play LT for the fins this year? The most she has done in football is give gator aid cups to players during games. What he heck qualifies her to make football personnel decisions?

All of these guys that do this for a living have grown up since high school playing, coaching, scouting, eating and breathing football. All of the sudden a 110 pound snake is going to compete with those guys.

I can see her in FA interviewing a guy like Richie Incognito. He may end up groping her or using a golf club on her. How is she going to reel in some top FA QB to come to this franchise when she tells him don't worry I am going to make sure that I put together a good OL for you. What kind of credibility is she going to have?

I don't think Ross knows which advisers to listen to, and everyone has a power-driven, self-serving agenda.

When will this ever be about the product on the field?

How can you predict this team will make the playoffs next year, when we don't know who the GM will be, we don't know who the coach will be, we don't know who the OC will be, we have no idea what FAs will leave and which will join and we have no clue what our draft will look like.

Bit crazy, no?

Posted by: Craig M | January 09, 2014 at 08:09 PM

This is precisely the point. Predicting success at right now is nothing more than being drunk on kool-aid. History has shown that this kind of turmoil does not often lead to success.

Dolphins secondary couldn't cover New England's midget receivers .
No wonder Philbin thinks they suck.
Midget receivers averaging 30 yards a catch. WTF?!

To the new GM, Carroll, Wilson, Jones and Clemons all suck. And the rookies suck to.

Good Riddance Jeff Ireland!!

Oscar earth QUAKE Off of Cuba Today Eh?

Sporango = Moron

Maybe not at the beginning, Ape, but I'm sure it will be a fair competition between the QBs unlike 2012 pre-Season where Devlin demonstrated he could move the Team better than Tannehill and Moore did.

Blindly predicting success when all the current facts are against it is nothing but 'wishin and hopin'. I suppose one could get lucky with the prediction, but it would be only that, luck.

This is a ship without a rudder.

The 2014 season is over before it ever started. Stick a fork in them. They are done!

Jeff Ireland quit!


Don't let yourself be so gullible as to be fooled by sports science. Devlin is accurate in a studio by himself throwing at close targets.

He has a weak arm. He was undrafted for a reason.

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