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Fritz Pollard: Minorities should wait to interview with Dolphins

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation, the country's primary promoter of minority candidates for NFL front office and coaching jobs, is recommending that minority candidates not interview with the Dolphins for their general manager position until there is clarity from the team about what exactly the job entails.

Fritz Pollard Chairman John Wooten told The Herald's Adam Beasley (@AdamHBeasley) there is no clarity about what kind of job the Dolphins are offering and if that job is just for a talent evaluator rather than a general manager who has all the authority that job entails, he couldn't endorse minorities interviewing.

"If it's just going to be a personnel guy, my opinion is our guys don't need to be going in and taking those interviews, " Wooten said. "I don't know if the new people Ross is interviewing are going to be true general managers."

The reason for the lack of clarity is two-fold:

First, the Dolphins have not stated and have declined to answer what kind of structure owner Stephen Ross wants for his football operations going forward. Secondly, in speaking to the NFL and the Dolphins, Wooten came away unclear what that job would entail.

Wooten is concerned the Dolphins are simply holding interviews for the "general manager" job that was offered to Jeff Ireland as a demotion before he departed the team. The club offered not to fire Ireland, but wanted to take away much of his decision-making power on personnel matters.

"Are you now going to have the same position that you're offering Jeff Ireland?" Wooten asked. "Then our guys need to stay where they are."

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation coordinates with minority candidates and teams so that teams can identify, interview, and ultimately hire the best available minority candidates.

The Dolphins have asked and received permission to interview Tennessee's Lake Dawson,  Marc Ross of the New York Giants, and Cleveland's Ray Farmer. They requested permission to interview Pittsburgh's Omar Khan. Green Bay personnel scout Alonzo Highsmith is also on the radar.

All are minority candidates. But rather than endorsing those interviews go forward as soon as possible, Wooten is tapping the brakes.

He described the situation as in a "holding pattern."


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Oscar.Devlin has a long ball.Wallace can Catch a long ball as long as TCHOKE isn't chucking one of those LAME ducks Eh,If your boney arse "HC".is on the line don't you go with the QB who can score more TD's Eh?

dashe is a dumbo because he is the only one who hasn't figured it out yet LOL.

My favorite thing right now is people commenting on how bad Stephen Ross is.. seriously? Would you rather have Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones? Just because he is not making it clear to the media what he wants, ever think he is making it clear to the candidates when they interview? So, don't interview. That doesn't matter to me as a fan, because if the prospect of this job for the sake of an interview is not good enough. Than You are not the right person for the job.

Most people couldn't tell you what it is Aponte does.. good thing? No. But don't bash the woman for it. It is not her prerogative to explain to ever Joe Blow what she does.

I just want what is best for the franchise and i will trust multi billion dollar businessman until he does something to prove he isn't looking out for the best interest of the football team.

Aponte will not be involved in scouting personnel, relax everyone.

this is crazy, letting your gumar run the football team!

There are few optimists on this blog. Only guys that are optimists are nemo,MIT,odin,orlando,dashi,oscar,darryldunphy, and a couple of others

I don't understand. You guys bash anybody who predicts optimistically. Well we all have opinions i suppose.
Dolphins schedule is rough. So i cant really give a record it would not be accurate.
Dashi the best thing to do is wait for the new GM and OC(hopefully both good) and for free agency and the draft to take place. Then i will see the direction of the team
I just heard ross said the GM will have "the final say" in the entire roster. I guess those 3 words kinda end the speculation that the GM will have no power in roster decision.

Dashi predicted 11-5 last season LMFAO!!

Ross is giving Loria competition as worst owner of a sports team.


How much money have you made this year recruiting athletic talent last year? Just wondering!

Transferable skills refers to projecting that a player is perhaps quick or strong enough to compete at the NFL level.

Posted by: promichael | January 09, 2014 at 08:08 PM

I've never been in the talent acquisition business I have however followed this Sport both Collegiately and Professionally for over 30 Yrs. and before 1993 you could afford to take bigger chances on potential because there was NO FA! If you had a set core in place you rode them for a decade while you tried developing those diamonds in the rough. In the FA ERA this just isn't afforded anymore!

A perfect example is Ahmmad Brooks (OLB for S.F.) who today is one of the steadiest if not more underrated at his Pos. Back in 05 he hit the supplemental draft and was a player BIG on Nick Saban's radar coming out Va. he needed time to develop so Saban had him pegged in Rd-4 but the Bengals jumped the gun a Rd ahead and took him with the 3rd Rd pick (there 06 3rd Rd pick) He started some games for them but became a salary cap casualty now blossoming for S.F. (for them less investment) In other words the text book def. of "making your money this Yr. gambling on yesterdays athletic potential"

These days time isn't on your side so you need to acquire the best system fit even if you view his ceiling lower than the player you can develop! Those players are the ones you gamble on in the lower Rds were the reward outweighs the risk. With regards to a committee approach is you'll end up with a group who can't agree on one player while later compromising on one in order to get the one he wants with you compromising on his, IMO it doesn't work!

It's why you have a Scouting Dept. who builds the G.M. a tally sheet he later needs to place in order of BA by position in order to make a decision on the players available at his pick and were the best value is regarding the different positions of need.

Playoffs doesn't have to equate a winning record.

Agreed. My 95% rating has taken a hit. But Dashi is still a grade A student. Over 90% correct still.

On predicting the Playoffs now? That is a way of Dashi throwing some optimism on the constant negative vortex that surrounds this fan base.

Everyone knows the rules. Real Predictions on the season are made after the last preseason game.

Dash I just wants to go into the off season with a positive state of mind.

And Again. If the Fins don't make the Playoffs shouldn't Dashi be the only fan that should be angry. Because the team didn't meet my expectations.

By the way. Orlando you seem really down that Ireland left. Its ok man i didn't hate the guy either. He did good and gave us some nice pieces(grimes, clay, thill, wallace,gibson,etc) for the mew GM to work with.
Dawn Aponte did her job the cap situation is very good for our dolphins.
I did not like our coaches
Philbin brings his friends to coach. And has no emotion.
Coyle is the king of regression. I hope the team does not get worse against the run
Sherman could not use his talent on offense and his play calling was terrible at times. He has gotten to old for the game its not his fault

Thill cant throw the deep ball thats been established. However his pocket awareness improved this season. At the beginning he walked into some sacks, but he learned from this and improved(except buffalo). This is why i have faith that he improves to a great third year.
I wanna imagine 4500 yds and 30+ Touch downs(this is if my stud offense dream comes true). Hey one can hope he develops right?

The boycott is over since Ireland has been fired. BUY DOLPHIN TICKETS!


The point is that 'transferable skills' and recognizing as such is paramount. Moreover Ross just defined the GM position he is searching for in more detail. The GM will have final say over the entire roster, so I guess the site GM's will have to worry, whine and debate about something else.


Did this team have the talent to go 11-5 this season? Yes or No?

Say what you wantwould've s a winning season. So by your own accord Dashi was the only one that was right and new this teams true potential.

I also bet that the Fins would've been better off Drafting Lacy #12 than anyone else. They would've went 11-5 even with Sturgis missing field goals.

Now will you admit that E.Lacy was the Best Offensive Prospect in 2012. Or is that to muchcrow for you to eat.

I've been optimistic about this team for years and years, but at this point I'm the one starting to feel foolish for continuing to believe in every new start they keep throwing at us every 2-5 years. It's getting old.

All around the league year after year, I see teams rising and falling and still my Dolphins languish in mediocrity, year after year. Every year I screw up my optimism and believe in another season and another group of people.

Are we getting any closer to respectability? No, every year we get more embarrassing then the last. Is there any hope in sight? What's so different about this time?

The Dolphins are now the franchise Jeff Ireland quit on! Congratulations! Here's to optimism!

Let's just drink some Kool-Aid! It'll all be alright!

Dashi was right about E. Lacy. He's a Beast.

Oscar Canosa,

I have also posted that the competition for starting QB will be more open now that OC Sherman and GM Ireland have bitten the dust. T-hill did not win the position he was anointed or given the Franchise QB label when he was not one. If he can not improve his accuracy he will be replaced.

Mando the stories and info the fans probably want. Is who is this Dawn Aponte.

I would like to know does she live in Miami. They say she flies back to New York with Ross?? Very bad to have absent owner and Assistant G.m. if that is what we are doing.

Is she married. Found that she has three kids, but fans keep bringing up the fact that she is sleeping her way to the top. So husband info might be important.

Read that while in Cleveland she had problem with agents, Cribbs, with low balling. Seems high level free agents do not want to come to miami because of low balling, seems that causes riffs in current locker room.

Maybe bad player rep comes from her and not Ireland. Maybe Ireland wanted a couple of those linemen but Aponte who as you report was bad cop wouldn't allow for the money. In that case she is more responsible for personnel missteps than Ireland. And the person with the money is the one making decissions. And I know we spent ton of money, but Ross Demanded the money be spent of WR. Hartline, Gibson, and Wallace were issues pushed by owner.

The other big question for me, was Philbin choosen because he had ties to Holmgren tree and the Cleveland conections that she previously had? Sherman also.

And did she and Mangini have tight relationship?? Ross likes Mangini, maybe she is the little birdy wispering in the ear of the owner.

But basically the big story is Dawn Aponte and was she the glue that kept Ireland from pulling the trigger on some of the linemen.

Ross likes her because she is a hard nosed low baller just like any Real Estate Buyer. Might not be the best thing for getting good free agent talent though. We all like to talk about how much money we spent in free agency, but how much money did we cut, and how much of that 100 million will never be spent as players are cut and traded??

I hope we get someone outside the organization just to give a new perspective on talent evealuation. Who cares the title so long as they can get the players.

Go Dolphins!!

It's beginning to seem as if Jeff Ireland was the big winner is leaving this mess of a team.

Dang, some of y'all are a bit too harsh on Aponte. She was instrumental in the departure of our favorite whipping boy, Ireland. Rather than give her some props, some of y'all are slamming her already. The last I check she hasn't been annointed GM yet, so chill, yo!

Mando, you got your answer http://www.miamidolphins.com/news/press-releases/article-1/Statement-From-Miami-Dolphins-Owner-Stephen-Ross-On-General-Manager-Search/4f5df8df-76d3-438e-b199-1f777236987a

Dashi predicted 11-5 last season LMFAO!!

Everybody keeps saying Ross has made us a joke, but when you get down to it the players are the ones that made us a joke.

They are the ones that didn't show up the final two games. They are the ones getting paid big dollars to do what most of us would do for much less if not free.

Ross has made mistakes, and probably is way to loyal, but he spends the money, the players just dont perform. And this strip club crap shows they need to get their heads more focused on winning than getting laid.

We are joke because grown men cant pull together as a team and want to party. We need to man up and demand profesionalism out of our team.

Maybe that is why they dont like Philbin. Tom Landry had much the same demeanor on the field as Philbin during games. Philbin is no Landry but probably deserves better play from the men he choose to go to battle with.


Any black candidate that is going to look to a racist, white-hating organization for career advice when they are being offered a chance to take prestigious job is not qualified or capable to run an NFL organization and should be mocked.

Fritz-Pollard Alliance, you are the reason that people can't stand dealing with blacks, not the blacks themselves. You are the reason race relations aren't better. It isn't the white man's fault. You do it to yourselves.

Are we really this bad? Nope, we'll rebound from a disappointing season that was still a slight improvement. Call me Simpson cuz I got my homer glasses on! Phins (still) up!

Why would it be so SHOCKING if the new GM doesn't have final say but defers to the coach. There are several teams that do that. I don't see why that is news and can't see why this guy has the authority to tell men not to interview for something that would advance their careers. I am hoping Ross doesn't do this as Philbin hasn't earned that kind of power and doesn't have a track record in personnel. I just don't see why this is national news. It's an organizational decision just like any other owner has to make....I am starting to believe that Aponte may be a bigger problem than I thought. It may be time to remove the last piece from the Parcells era, even though she doesn't make football decisions. What exactly does she do anyway for her to allegedly be such a roadblock to hiring a GM. Hire the best personnel man we can find, give that person final say on the roster and move on. It's not that freaking hard!

I'm going to repeat what I said a couple days ago.most people would agree that we needed a new offensive coordinator and GM. Still need a new online coach and maybe D coordinator. Bottom line: upgrade the line through draft and free agency. Add a quality rb to push Miller and move Thomas to special teams. Resign a couple key free agents. Boom problems solved and none of this crap matters. The Pats are getting older and outside if their hall of fame but aging qb and his line, they will have talent issues next year as we'll and not much cap space to work with.....one last thing. Make Tannehill practice deep balls to Wallace each day til his arm falls. If they can fix that flaw we may be the ones with the top qb in the AFC East for next 10 years.

Staying away from an interview is not a good way to get hired. If I were a legitimate minority candidate I'd do everything I could to interview and upsell myself. Who is this Wooten guy to say the job isn't good enough for a minority (or anyone). The job may not perfectly be described but I'm sure Wooten would be the first guy complaining if his guys aren't given a shot.

If John Wooten does not like what the Miami GM job entails so be it, that's your choice just like it is Ross's choice of what the job will entail. It's obvious he has people separated in his society as our guys and you guys.

They sure are picky.

J Cole has been a Dolphin hater from the get go, even while at the herald. He's worse now. His answers are always snide when referring ton the Dolphins.
I'm a former Browns fan (before the Dolphins came into existence), but John Wooten can kiss my shorts.
It's not enough black NFL players participate in nearly 85% of all advertisements and promos featuring NFL players. Now they want to dominate the coaching situation. I get it that the majority of NFL players are non caucasian. No problem there. I do have a problem with tha fact that blacks make up 14% of the population, but make up over 20% of the officiating crews, and nearly that in the coaching ranks, including assistants. Where's the problem?

Next you'll hear that playing for a white coach is tantamount to "plantation" mentality. Actually, several years ago, Larry Johnson, RB with the Chiefs said pretty much that to Bryant Gumble on HBO. There were NO repercusions.

The Rooney rule, if tested in the Supreme Court would most likely be ruled unconstitutional. Obviously, that's the last thing on the mind of Roger Goodell.

Give the gig to the RIGHT coach, regardless of race or ethnicity.

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